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Feb 10, 2012
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Posted: Feb 10, 2012 11:42am
Jan 11, 2011

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Posted: Jan 11, 2011 7:22am
Mar 7, 2009

Because most poeple are considered to be "Christians" we basicly live by thier code of ethics in society. Or laws and society is set by the "christians" code of ethics and morals.

I have become very confused with "Christians" (and so societies)  idea of what we believe and how we live.

I have a problem with a God who changes His mind about what is good for me, what is ethical and acceptable.

Lets take eating animals for an example:

According to the Bible, God made humans and animals both vegeatarians. Time goes by, God gets disgusted with the evilness of mankind, and he destroys the earth with a flood.  He says at this point God tells Noah that mankind will not live to 800 plus years anymore but only 120 yrs. Also, God tells Noah and his family that now ALL ANIMALS even the crawling and creeping ones are for food. OOPs!!!! God must made a mistake when he created humans and animals as vegetarians?  Than down the line God uses Abraham to create the nation of Isreal. He tells this nation that they can only eat certian animals.  OOOPs !!!! God must have made another mistake when He said ALL ANIMALS were for us to eat? Time goes by and Jesus comes and saves the world, now God says, ALL ANIMALS are ok to eat again. OOPS!!!!  God makes another mistake and goes back to allowing ALL ANIMALS as food again?

I see a problem here. I see a God who keeps changing His mind about what I can and cannot eat. I see a God who is not perfect and can't decide what is good for mankind to eat for food. Or is it maybe not God changing His mind but "Christians"? Could it be "Christians" are changing what the Bible says?  

So why do the "christians" control what society thinks? and why is what society thinks based on a book that changes it rules? Isnt God suppose to be perfect? Isn't God the same yesterday , today and forever? Isn't God all knowing? So why would God change His mind about anything He orginally created and set up? Can God make mistakes? Does God decide according to the  evilness of man what is acceptable for man, instead of what God thinks is acceptable?

 So why are societies standards set up by "christians"? How do we know thier God isn't going to change His mind about whether it is acceptable to murder? Rape? Steal?  He changed His mind about eating animals, about divorce, about using animals for sin sarcarfices, and many other things God changed His mind about throughout thier "Bible". 

I see mankind making laws and rules that suit thier wants and needs and saying it is based on Gods' Word. (the Bible) Our constitution and most of our laws in the US are suppose to be basied on the Bible truths. How many things have been passed into law and are considered acceptable that God did not sanction or say? "Christians" for centuries said slavery was acceptable. Didn't allow woman equal rights, allowd child abuse and child labor. Just a few things God made a mistake about? And our government in the US is suppose to be based on " Christian" princples? I think it is time we take the "Christians" out of power and start using our compassion and our heads instead of our greed and own desires to set what society says is acceptable behaviour .

I don't care what person tries to say God allows eating animals, God does not change his mind, God does not make mistakes, so God would not make us vegetarian to make us meat eaters. How can anyone say they know and serve God who created the world and the galaxies and say God changes His mind? How can they say God makes mistakes?  

Was it God who said womans did not have equal rights, or childern could be abused, or slavery was acceptable, or humans could use animals for thier selfish greed?  No one who creates anything is going to allow that creation they love to be destroyed or abused, or exploited. If evil humans guard what they love why would God not love and gaurd what He has created? ?Why would God ever allow mankind to use the animals for thier own greed, and selfish desires. It is man who has said God allows this, not God. 

 It is mans evilness that decides what God allows and says is acceptable? Or does God set rules and laws that are unchangable, wise and meant for eternity? 

Isn't it time we start thinking with the minds God gave us? To start seeing the lies of society? To start living compassionately as God intended us to? To start treating all of creation with respect, whether it be the earth, the plants, animals or humans?

It is time to wake up and stop living the way things have always been. To stop living our lives the way we have been lied to and told things are suppose to be, and start living the way God intended us to live.

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Posted: Mar 7, 2009 3:16pm
Nov 24, 2008



I am writing this blogg for 2 reasons. First I need to express my anger and disgust at the way society treats animals, and to express my disgust at the attitude society has towards animals. Second, I need to let people know what is happening and try to make changes in our society.

I lived most of my life like most people, Living in my own little world, job, kids, husband, home, family and friends. I did not know all the cruelty existed. I did not care to look to see if it existed.

I was too busy living my own life.

This past summer I was trying to make money with some kind of internet business. I was doing searches for business opportunities, and I ran across a site about the Chinese Fur Trade. I clicked on the video out of curiosity. I had no idea what I was going to see, I did not know what to even expect. From the instant the video started to the end I sat in horror, disgust, & rage. I was so sickened and stunned I could not even turn the video off. Than after violently vomiting and sobbing for hours, I thought I could not have seen what I saw. I have to be mistaken. Those animals were not alive while they were being skinned. I sat and watched in horror the video 2 more times to be sure I was seeing and understanding what the video was showing. I was so outraged, sickened and upset I could not sleep for over 3 months. I would cat nap and wake up shaking and sobbing from nightmares. I was barely eating. I thought I was going to go insane from wanting to stop this horror and could do nothing about it. Everyone I talked to , or wrote to, said the Chinese government denied this cruelty existed and would not do anything about it. I was told outsiders could not go the fur farms except under cover and if caught they would be beaten and even killed. What upset me even more was how in the video their were people standing around ( even little children) watching, laughing and talking as these animals were being cruelly slammed to the ground just hard enough to break bones and render them unable to get away, but hard enough to kill or make them totally unconscious. They want the animals to be alive. Their theory is it is easier to skin a live animal who is whimpering and struggling in agony and pain than a dead one. The Chinese people are so used to this cruelty the dogs and cats are taken to public markets and cruelly slammed to the ground stunning them and than hung by their back leg and literally skinned alive. The video shows in clear detail that these animals feel, and know what is happening to them. They in vain, struggle in agony and terror to get free. Then are beaten or stepped on for trying to escape the pain and terror. People stand around, (even little children) and watch this horror as though it were a Disney movie they are watching. NO ONE TRIES TO STOP IT OR EVEN SEEMS TO THINK IT IS WRONG. The animal after it is skinned and still alive is thrown into a pile with other dogs and cats who are still alive to slowly die in agony. The video showed dogs still breathing and blinking their eyes for up to 15 minutes before finally dying of shock. One dog actually lifted it’s head and looked into the camera, soft gentle eyes filled with pain, terror, and confusion . These animals not just dogs and cats, but ferrets, mink, foxes, rabbits, every animal of every species is raised and killed this way.

The video showed farms where they are raised. They are kept in tiny cages so small they can barely move, left out in the rain, snow, cold and heat. They showed animals chewing their own bodies and slamming themselves against the sides of the cages in despair and insanity. The hell they live in before they are killed is worse than the horror of being skinned alive. China is suppose to be an educated, leader in our world. I only see them as being barbaric and cruel. Ads show China’s beautiful mountains and scenery and people who are suppose to be gentle, friendly and sociable. What a farse!!!!! I do not believe China has a right to be considered a civilized country. They should not be allowed to trade with the United States or any civilized country.

We have to start getting people to become aware of the horrors in our world. Until we band together and demand not just China but all countries to stop the cruel practices committed against animals these abusive and disgusting acts will continue. Even when public option goes against a act of cruelty it does not always stop the act. Thousands of people voted to not allow that bull in a small town in Spain to be set on fire. They did it anyway. Money is more powerful than peoples conscious, humanity or caring. People will do anything for money. NO matter how disgusting or cruel. MONEY TALKS!!! We have to do more than say we don’t like it, we have to demand change, and fight for change to come about. We have to fight for the animals as they can not fight for themselves.

Watch this heart breaking video if you can. You need to see with your own eyes the horror and cruelty these animals suffer. Than go sign petitions against the Chinese fur farms. Sign petitions against every and any animals abuse. Report any animal abuse no matter how minor to your local Humane Society. If it is severe abuse and needs instant attention call your local 911 number. Begin looking around you where ever you go and start watching for and becoming aware of abuse. We can change things but it takes DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.



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Posted: Nov 24, 2008 5:37pm


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