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Jan 12, 2013

I believe that we as humans have a great responsibility to the earth and all within. During times like these, when major parts’ of our world is in such distress, I feel we are failing in our job to take care of what our Creator has given.
For the most part, what I see is powerful people fighting over the very blood of this earth we live on. This blood {OIL} does not belong to man it belongs to the world. It flows through the earth’s veins and keeps it alive.
Just imagine someone taking gallons of blood out of your veins to feed into something else, every day until your veins began to collapse. This is what we humans are doing to This World, Our World, and Our Planet. This is why we, Canadians may be called to fight in a war with no reason. A war prompted by men who have no rights to what they are fighting over.
Do We Really Need To Be Fighting Or Should We, Humans Be Learning To Do What We Are Here To Do.

“Caretakers For Our Creator!”
by Angel Femia
of LoveCry

On the edge of a cloud
I sit and watch
The world goes by

On the edge of a cliff
A young girl wanders
In awe of the glory

By the shore of the Ocean
An old man walks
In amazement of his life

When I think of the glory
In visions such as this
It makes me question

Why we the Humans
Sent to this earth
To care take for the Creator

I work for understanding
And pray for change
We need to learn

To respect without destruction
Love without rejection
Care without obligation or payment

Be considerate of all
Take responsibility
And be honest with our words

Forgive and grow
Accept all differences
And heal what we have harmed!
Angel Femia

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Posted: Jan 12, 2013 2:19pm
Jan 12, 2013


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by 52 new, 4491 totalKoty Lapid (1013)
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Posted: Jan 12, 2013 2:03pm
Jan 12, 2013
Focus: Health
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Location: Canada

December 17, 2012

Recovery/ 12 Step Series

How To Walk the 12 Steps with The HuMethod™

Article 2- Surrender to Your E.G.O.’s Mind Thoughts

By Certified Life Coach Deborah Giddings


Namasté Soul Friends,

Welcome to the next blog in the series “How to Walk the 12 Steps with the HuMethod™.  Remember, these HuMethod™
exercises don’t replace the proven 12 Steps.  They are a bridge that you can take that will introduce you to advanced tools to enhance and accelerate your recovery journey.

Starting with Step 1, I am using terminology that may cause your E.G.O. [Edging God Out] to say “Hey, wait a minute there.  I’ve been using the 12 Steps in my recovery journey for ‘x’ years and it’s worked just fine for me so far.” I agree because the 12 Steps have worked for me as well, and I am here to share some additional recovery tools that you can use to enhance this journey.  Join me with a coachable beginner’s mind and give yourself permission to soar even higher with these empowering tools.

Step 1 states that I am powerless over alcohol (people, places and things) and because I could not accept that powerlessness my life had become unmanageable.  When I take this step using the HuMethod™, I am learning how to dis-identify with my ego-mind thoughts. I’m dis-identifying with my job titles and roles that kept my life unmanageable.  I am saying that “I’m ready to change”.  I have a beginner’s mind and I’m ready to do something different. I may not yet consciously believe it, but I am making contact with a power greater than me.

I don’t know about you, but my ego-mind thoughts could tell me anything was true, and since I functioned solely in my ego-mind, I would believe these thoughts, and then react to them based on the history of me.  This caused my life to be unmanageable because I always thought I had to ‘do’ something. I could not ever just ‘BE’.

As I continue my Journey Home to my Self, I wanted to learn how to tell when my ego-mind thoughts were speaking to me vs. my Higher Power.

The HuMethod™ Spiritual Distinction Meditation was a key exercise for me because it trained me how to feel the difference between my three core spiritual distinctions:

  • The distinction between how my Spirit feels, as opposed to how my ego mind feels. My Higher Power speaks to me through the language of feelings and my ego-mind speaks to me through the language of words.  Until I learned how to tell the difference between Spirit (Higher Power) and ego-mind, my ego-mind had me re-acting to life vs. surrendering and allowing my Higher Power to guide me.
  • The distinction between “thinking” thoughts about my “feelings” vs. actually feeling and releasing my feelings. This was a huge distinction for me to learn because the two main feelings my ego had me believe I had were ‘fear’ and ‘anger’.  Everything fell under these two categories.   When in actuality, I wasn’t feeling ‘fear’, I was blocking my feelings of fear with anxiety and always acted uncertain about everything I did. I blocked my feelings of anger with blame and felt betrayed by people.  Today I know that I can feel my feelings of anger which help me protect me and my boundaries, learn what I need to learn about the feeling and then release the energy. I’ve learned that my feelings aren’t good, bad, right or wrong.  They just are!  Today I know that when I learn how to feel and release my feelings the better I’ll feel and the faster I’ll heal.
  • The distinction between the… Being and the being’s behavior. This distinction helped me to start to learn
    to distinguish when my history was being replayed to me so that I didn’t react like a wounded child.  I was able to
    connect with my Higher Power and respond like an adult.  My ego-mind will do anything it needs to do to protect me from harm.  Because of the trauma I experienced as a child, my ego mind created defenses to help me feel safe, sane and secure.  Today, it is important for me to differentiate the uncomfortable feelings that are still rooted in my childhood from my spiritual powers that I now possess when I connect with my Higher Power.

There are three phases to this exercise which are:

  • Phase One relaxes you while it also begins to train your Ego-Mind to obey your Spirit as you command your mind to override your normal way of breathing.  These beginning steps started to teach my ego-mind that my Higher Power is more powerful than my ego.  This helped me to start to become more awake to my actions and reactions and their affect on others.
  • Phase Two quiets your mind-talk by directing your attention to your senses so that you can rehab your feelings by practicing how to process your environment through your five senses and feelings. This helped me to start
    to feel my senses vs. processing them through my mind which had kept me hyper-vigilant and always on a defensive alert.
  • Phase Three teaches you how to FEEL the difference between your composite parts; specifically the difference between your Spirit (Higher Power) and body; body and vision; Spirit (Higher Power) and Ego-Mind.  I love this part of the exercise because this is where I really learned how to feel my connection to my Higher Power.

In the beginning, this wasn’t a comfortable exercise for me to do.  My ego-mind thoughts were trying to talk me
out of it and even tried to convince me that I didn’t need to do the exercise
anymore, that I had it down and could now move on.  I can’t tell you how many times this same ego-mind
told me that I didn’t need to keep pursuing a path of recovery.  Thank God I didn’t listen.

I am a Spirit who has a mind and a body. I have thoughts, but I am not my thoughts. I have feelings, but I am not my
feelings. I have human identities (roles) such as woman, man, mother and doctor, but I am not the roles I play. I display behaviors, but I am not my good or bad behaviors.  I am a spiritual being having a human experience.

When you master the Spiritual Distinction Meditation you, too, will reap these recovery benefits:

  • The ability to feel the difference when your Ego-Mind is attempting “drag you into your past” with “rational lies” and any number of illusions that seem real, but which are only false projections to make you feel safe, sane and/or emotionally secure.  This helped me to start to recover my true Spirit self from the wounded victim role that my ego-mind had me playing.  When I started to recover my Self, I started to feel safer in my own skin.
  • The ability to be more aware when your “job titles” cause you to IDENTIFY who you are based on the roles that you play.  With practice, you’ll be able to feel the difference between who you are (Spirit) from what you do.  This will help you to be less co-dependent on others because you will be standing in your own truth.
  • The Spiritual Distinction Meditation will help you to master who you are now, an adult with adult powers and let go of who you were as a little, dependent child.  This will help you to differentiate your uncomfortable feelings that are rooted in fear, and your spiritual powers of Self-mastery that you now possess as a Self-empowered
    adult.  Mastering this meditation, by practicing it daily for over a year, I started to permanently heal and recover
    from the affects of alcoholism in my life. The wounded child trigger buttons slowly got dismantled, and though they
    can still appear, I don’t react as quickly and can now respond like an adult.  Mastering this meditation is taking the first
    step using the HuMethod™ exercises with my recovery program.


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Visit HLC’s virtual bookstore and purchase an MP3 of the Spiritual Distinction Meditation. Try this exercise
and share any differences you are feeling.  For those of you already experiencing the Spiritual Distinction Meditation, let us know how this has helped you.  Next time we’ll talk about how, in Step 2, when I started to discover my beliefs I could ‘come to believe’…     Keep coming – it works if you work it!

Coach Deborah Giddings,
CSLC and Recovery Trainer

If you seek Recovery Coaching help for yourself or for a family member, if you
are an HLC CSLC or CIT, an addiction counselor or a recovery coach, or if you
are in Al-Anon, AA, OA, GA, NA, SLAA and you want to mastermind with Deborah you
can contact Deborah directly via her email  Deborah is also available for speaking
engagements to share how her recovery journey was transformed by emotionalizing the HuMethod™ exercises.

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Posted: Jan 12, 2013 11:53am
Jan 28, 2012

And the men who hold high places
Must be the ones who start
To mold a new reality
Closer to the heart
Closer to the heart
The blacksmith and the artist
Reflect it in their art
They forge their creativity
Closer to the heart
Closer to the heart

Philosophers and ploughmen
Each must know his part
To sow a new mentality
Closer to the heart
Closer to the heart
You can be the captain
I will draw the chart
Sailing into destiny
Closer to the heart

Jan 9, 2012

A message to all genders and races of God’s country, America…


As you may have already noticed, our once great Nation is being controlled by bankrupt imposters acting on behalf of foreign interests.

The Armed Forces do not agree with D.C. policies  so, I sent out a message a few days ago about a direct, non-violent course of action we can take here in America right now to give them the authorization to secure our borders from the from this secret invasion of America and the deceitful occupation by politicians serving foreign interests.
Out of 500 patriots notified, we had about 16 quality people from 14 different locations contact me, and that’s a relief, but not good enough...Here’s the news:

The people of America have now authorized 24 new, lawful constitutions for American Nation-States but, we want to give the military a simple majority of 26 lawful, organic State Constitutions which gives them authorization to protect the American people from the foreign troops, so I’m calling on you to act on this immediately.


Authorizing a Nation-State Constitution is a simple paperwork process that will identify your region as a fully Peaceful American Nation-State, outside the jurisdiction of the U.S. corp. The ramifications of authorizing these documents for your region is of Global and historical proportions and will put the power back in the hands of the people.

So, I’ve been asked by the National Nation-State coordinators to invite American members of the Sovereign Family Network to participate in this most historical event.

I know you’ve been working hard to protect your rights and our nation’s security and this is literally the most important thing you could do to repair this country.

The opportunity is on the table right now. I know I’ve been waiting for this moment and this event specifically for 22 years, so, of course I’m gonna encourage every one of my best contacts to step up here. Now’s your chance to make the difference you’ve always dreamed of.

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Posted: Jan 9, 2012 9:25am
Jan 9, 2012


Helping Others Helps the Helper


by Bottom Line Secrets Staff

Helping hand
It feels good to be a Good Samaritan, of course. But there’s more to the story­because science reveals that being of service to others brings numerous health benefits. Maria E. Pagano, PhD, an associate professor of psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, has investigated the Helper Therapy Principle (HTP), which is based on the concept that when people help others, they are also helping themselves­articularly when the helper and the recipient of that help share a common malady. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly published her recent review article on the topic. Among the evidence cited were studies showing that...
v   People with chronic pain who counseled other pain patients reported a significant decrease in their own symptoms of pain and depression.

v       Multiple sclerosis (M patients who were trained to have monthly 15-minute supportive phone conversations with other MS sufferers showed improvement in self-confidence and self-esteem as well as reduced depression.

v       Alcoholics who helped other alcoholics were almost twice as likely to stay sober in the year following treatment...had lowered levels of depression in the three months after they started helping other alcoholics...and had significantly improved self-image. Dr. Pagano explained, “Helping others with a desire to live sober transforms the helper’s dark past and pain to greater good and enables him or her to be uniquely helpful to a fellow sufferer.”
While service to fellow sufferers is a cornerstone of 12-step programs of recovery, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Dr. Pagano noted that it is not necessary to share a common health problem in order to benefit from doing good. For instance, helping others in general has been linked with longer life, less depression, higher self-esteem and greater life satisfaction.
Bottom line: For a “helper’s high” and a significant health boost, lend a helping hand to someone in need.

v   w v    w   v   w   v    w     v   w v w    v w   v

Maria E. Pagano, PhD, is a psychologist and an associate professor of psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland. She also is a recipient of a career

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Posted: Jan 9, 2012 9:23am
Jan 9, 2012

Our aim should be directed towards our endeavours to create a peaceful and sustainable civilization/world. The first immediate question we usually ask is: Is it possible for a 'small and insignificant person', to help in saving us?


The answer is YES, it is possible, and in fact, it is indispensable for you and your friends to get involved as soon as you can. Humanity is in the process of transition into a new matrix of relationships and a new paradigm of life. There are different routes this transition can take and as a result we may expect different outcomes. What the future holds depends on our personal involvement in the coming changes.


The initial cornerstone of understanding what the future will bring is, very simply, what people desire, design and build. This is simple enough. But who will be this visionary, designer and builder of the new civilization? Will this be YOU?


Are YOU going to get involved in the global sustainability programs (large and small)? Or would you rather wait for someone else to do the work? If you find yourself in the latter category of people, then you will probably loose interest in visiting this site very quickly. Here we understand that the favourable change can only be affected by true and diligent effort of many people sharing a vision of a sustainable world/future.


We must take a look at the major flaws that still remain in the current system/laws/etc - The ones that are old/outdated and down right PATHETIC (Would you ask someone to pay for a brand new PS3 with a couple of sheep or pay one person 80% and the other 20% when they have both done equal amounts of work/etc/etc - I think NOT)

It is not properly designed for tackling the GLOBAL problems of TODAY. We MUST look at specific issues such as global economy and economic injustice, lack of non-sectarian spiritual education, human psychology and other problems, because the difficulties we face today are not economic, technological or governmental only. We need to understand the complexity of our predicament, which can only be solved by people with the integrated thinking ability. If you would like to take part or if you have some simple or more complex sustainability ideas then feel free to share links, post comments to this entry or site.


WE must ALL be in this TOGETHER!!


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Posted: Jan 9, 2012 9:20am
Aug 5, 2010
If We Want Peace
If we want Peace
We have to stop and look at what we are doing
We have to stop and listen to what we are saying
We have to stop and think about what we are thinking

If we want Peace
We have to stop fighting with ourselves
We have to stop the fighting with those we love
We have to stop fighting with those we don’t know

If we want Peace
We have to learn to care
We have to care and teach our children to care
We have to teach others to care

If we want Peace
We have to stop the violence in our minds
We have to stop the violence in our words
We have to stop being violent

If we want Peace
We have to think with love
We have to speak with Love
We have to act in Love
We have to Love!!!

Angel Femia
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Posted: Aug 5, 2010 11:45am


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\\nWe have just posted, as a news story (click here) this urgent call for humane, medical release for Herman Wallace of the Angola 3, recently diagnosed with liver cancer. Amnesty International has just launched a campaign calling for Herman\\\'s release...
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\\nI have been traveling cross-country, tent camping most of the way; and have been out of contact, for the most part now, about a month. Internet connectivity has been sketchy at best, but I have tried to keep up to some degree, particularly when it c...
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Well friends another year is just about gone and we still have War,disease,abuse in all formsand hatred in our world.    I think at times we are making ground in defeating all of these and at other times I feel frustrated that it seems ...
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Last week I missed a number of Birthday\\\'s due to  a Heart Attack but now that I survived I can not send messages from my Care2 Account and I know not whether its due to my computer or the site. Therfore I wish to wish a very Happy Birthday to an...