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Apr 29, 2012 

Bloomberg News – South Korea warned that North Korea may test a nuclear weapon after a planned missile launch this month that has raised regional tensions and drawn U.S. warnings on the eve of parliamentary elections tomorrow in the South.

North Korean activity at the Punggye-ri atomic testing site is consistent with preparations for previous detonations in 2006 and 2009, a South Korean intelligence report obtained yesterday by Bloomberg News said. Korean Air (003490) said it will divert flights serving Indonesia, Philippines and Beijing from April 12-16 because of the launch planned for then, according to an e-mailed statement today.

China, South Korea and Japan expressed concern over North Korea’s plan to put a satellite into orbit with a long-range rocket, which the U.S. says would scuttle a food aid deal. The launch, which will mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of state founder Kim Il Sung, comes less than four months since Kim Jong Un succeeded his father as head of the totalitarian state.

“The timing is impeccable,” said Park Young Ho, senior research fellow and director at Korea Institute for National Unification. “Kim Jong Un is taking advantage of the domestic North Korean celebrations of Kim Il Sung to aggressively influence South Korean elections.”

South Korea’s benchmark Kospi Index rose as much as 0.7 percent after yesterday falling the most in a month. Defense- related shares fell after rising yesterday by the daily limit of 15 percent.

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Posted: Apr 29, 2012 6:10pm
Apr 29, 2012

Filing bankruptcy does not discharge your debts like student loan alimony, child support and so on. Your IRS tax debt might not discharge even after filing bankruptcy. If you have an option to get relief from tax obligation then avoid filing bankruptcy. You can successful discharge your IRS tax debt if you meet certain requirements. You can read further to know the eligibility requirement to file bankruptcy in order to discharge debt.

Know the chapter under which you can file:

When you plan to discharge your IRS tax debts through bankruptcy then you are required to qualify under chapter 7 Bankruptcy in order to clear your debts. In case you are unable to qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy then file under chapter 13 to eliminate your financial woes. You are required to undergo strict eligibility criteria despite you qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

What are the requirements of the filing procedure?

Before you file under chapter 7 bankruptcy the IRS requires you to fulfill five requirements.

1. You are eligible to file bankruptcy if your IRS debt is a result of an underpayment of personal income taxes. Remember that other debts like delinquent payroll taxes, estate, gift, sales or fuel taxes, penalties or a federal tax lien will not be discharged under chapter 7 bankruptcy.

2. If you avoid paying IRS taxes by providing a false Social Security number then you might not qualify filing under chapter 7 bankruptcy to discharge your IRS tax debt.

3. In case your debts are not more than 3 years old then you might not qualify for discharging your IRS debt through chapter 7 bankruptcy.

4. If you have incurred debt on your tax return then remember that the debt must be a minimum of 2 years old.

5. Make sure that you maintain a gap of 240 days between the day the IRS first issued a bill for the debt and the day you file for bankruptcy.

What are the alternative options you have?

If you are unable to file your IRS under chapter 7 bankruptcy then you can propose for Offer in Compromise. Remember that this option will not discharge your debts but if your offer is approved by the IRS then it will help to lower the amount you owe. You can pay off the owed amount through a lump sum payment. If you are unable to make a lump sum payment then a 24 monthly installment payment plan can be beneficial for you. You can also opt for a deferred periodic payment plan by extending the repayment plan from the date IRS approves your application till the statute of limitations for collection ends.


Make sure you hire the services of a bankruptcy lawyer in order to know whether your IRS debts will be discharged through bankruptcy

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Posted: Apr 29, 2012 5:07pm
Apr 22, 2012

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Federal Reserve said on Wednesday: U.S economic actions kept growing moderately in the late winter months, however, the rising energy prices makes the manufacturers be anxious  as well as the retailers across the country

In the reports showed in Eldridge Financial Blog the economy continued rapidly make an expansion at a self-effacing from mid of February through the late March.

It is said that some of the positive signs are the stronger manufacturing activity, steady hiring and improves retail business in most of the country.  Yet, there still a sense of threat specifically to the costlier energy and the increasing gasoline prices.

On the other side, the near -term outlook for household spending was encouraging, More than a few districts articulated their concerns that the staid increase of gas prices could limit the unrestricted costs in the coming months.

On the Eldridge Financial Blog report, on the collected data before April2 comes from business contacts in each of the 12 districts that have regional Fed banks and is thus seen as a real-life set off to the supplementary academic speeches and analyses that flow from the central bank.

The reserved to reasonable pace description of growth was unchanged from the preceding rundown issued at the end of February.

The 120,000 jobs created in March was heard a bit more upbeat about the job market after having the last week’s Eldridge Financial Blog government report. It was said that Employment was firm but there is still a difficulty in looking for qualified employees most specifically for the high skilled positions. This information will be used by the Fed policymakers in order for them to assess the economy when they reach April 23-24 regard as whether to change interest-rate policy

Atlanta Fed Bank President Dennis Lockhart, a voting member of the policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee, said on Wednesday he would be “somewhat reticent to consider another round of quantitative easing” at this time.

The Eldridge Financial Blog Beige Book’s concern about the rising energy prices seemed to be borne out in separate Labor Department data showing imported petroleum costs were still on the rise. Labor Department said that the import prices in March scaled by the most in nearly a year on sharply higher petroleum costs in which was increased 4.3 percent that also marked as the biggest gain since April 2011.

Economists polled by Eldridge Financial Blog had expected import prices to go up 0.8 percent last month. February’s data was revised to show a 0.1 percent decline instead of the previously reported 0.4 percent increase. The data emphasize the size of the price shock that is cutting the Americans when they refuel their cars. U.S. data scheduled for release on Thursday is expected to present a reclaimed price pressures at a wholesale level, with producer prices seen mounting 0.2 percent in March when stripping out food and energy.

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Posted: Apr 22, 2012 6:43pm
Apr 22, 2012

  • One day after Lawrence Township voters defeated both the school budget and a municipal budget referendum to exceed the 2 percent state budget cap, 50 aggrieved voters confronted the Lawrence Township Council to demand tax relief without “arrogant threats” that their trash collection would be cut.
  • They called for a review of the $43.3 million municipal budget and suggested more “belt-tightening,” even if it means laying off municipal employees, at Wednesday’s public hearing on the budget.
  • And they got swift action.
    The council agreed to meet with three local residents with financial backgrounds who stood up and volunteered their expertise free of charge to assess and cut the budget.
  • Ira Marks, a certified public accountant and certified financial planner, got the ball rolling by suggesting a financial committee of volunteers and offering his free services. He was joined by Max Ramos, a sales manager, and Marvin Van Hise, an attorney with banking experience as a state employee.
  • Councilman Michael Powers initiated the formation of the financial review committee after noting the audience was still, waiting for the council’s response, following the close of the 40-minute public session, where they aired their tax concerns.
  • Earlier, Municipal Manager Richard S. Krawczun said the municipal budget is being reviewed by the state and would likely be acted upon at the council’s next meeting on May 1. Had the electorate approved hiking the budget above the 2 percent cap, it would have added 14 cents to the municipal tax to close a $2.2 million budget gap.
  • The school budget will also be reviewed by the township council for appropriate cuts, which drew the ire of resident Andrea Pennington, who raised four children in local schools and works as a realtor.
  • “The school budget prepared by Tom Eldridge (school business administrator) was under the 2 percent cap, but it was defeated because voters were angry about the municipal budget and the threat that they would have to pay for private trash pickup if they didn’t agree to raise the municipal budget and tax rate,” she said. “Maybe you should you should take your municipal budget to him.”
  • The school budget, which was defeated 1,982 to 1,770, required a 3-cent school tax hike to compensate for the township’s loss of $38.3 million in tax ratables due to successful 2011 tax appeals.
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Posted: Apr 22, 2012 5:30pm


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