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Sep 13, 2009

 Dear Network Family and Friends,

     I know that every cause is a good cause.  But does every cause have an effect. Or should I say THE RIGHT EFFECT!.

     I only say this because I care about every person that has sent me a petition to sign. Or email exposing cruel methods, imposed on innocent human life. Or the torture of innocent animals.

     Friends reaching out from across the ocean needing my help to save a precious lives. Every organization desperately in need of donations. Facilities and shelters needing volunteers.

     All needing to keep their cause going and fearful that without help, they can not. Concern so great that it breaks hearts all over the world.

       Children dieing from malnutrition, polluted drinking water and malaria. Children dieing with AIDS because their mother was denied the life saving needed vaccine. Children sold as slaves, their tiny bodies being raped over and over. 

     Wolves's, dog's and puppies. Tigers, cats and kittens. Kangaroo's, sheep, baby seal's and whale's. All the wildlife all over the world. On the land and in the sea.

     Beautiful each and every single child. Beautiful every animal. All of them with a common interest. People knowing that all life is worth saving.

     Networks like Care2 and Facebook have provided a platform for everyone to reach out. Through communication we are all the more wise and educated with facts. We have accomplish this by keeping politics out.

    We do not have to rely on government's that promise us action. Only to find out a year later, that all the deal making and effort that was spent. Was to line the pockets that were needed to keep secrets. So we have come together in groups taking action.

    We have also learned that governments all over the world waver human life on an unbalanced scale and have no regard for the smallest of human life. The # 1 interest in every group is to save as many and trying to save all life.

    If we all start standing up for the injustices, question the fallacies. Confusion, distortion mixed with unfair compromise. Then some how the words special interest group carries the meaning harm.

    Fear spreading from a terrorist group that no one has heard of before. Is associated first with group, then the word radical gets thrown in and countries start bombing, killing innocent life.

    When all that was needed was an explanation from government, why they were letting our communities down.

    The best tactical procedure in any war. Is to divide and conquer. The more group's protest, the more poverty has increased. The more group's that are formed, the more deaf everyone becomes.

    Universal human need and the need of helping other human life breath living life. Has nothing to do with war or the threat of war. We do not need governments for a guarantee of peace and security.

    The will of a universe of people is not to spend more money on terrorism than fighting herat disease. Out of the hundreds of groups fighting to save the thousands of children that are dieing in poverty or wipe out a cruel poacher that skins an animal alive for more profit.

   Not one group has been big enough to do the job that is so desperately needed. Something is wrong. Something is terribly not right. There is power in numbers. There is force in magnitude. 

    There is only one ruler of society. Only one thing that can bend the knee and bring down every man, woman, child and animal life. That is anyone that causes human suffering.

   Media that won't promote what is good and useful to the will of the people. Has only slowed the progress of what people need and want. Propaganda campaigns are slowly making our societies that we love, build and invest our life in. 

  Turning them into the political platform that we want to get away from. Knowing nothing good can ever come from a system that puts saving lives up for debate.

   Profound is the multitude of the entire universe in the spirit of harmony and knowing the power of numbers, the effectiveness of one for all. Then keeping ourselves divided never living up the the real message at all. 

My Name Is...kasperay


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Posted: Sep 13, 2009 5:23am


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kasperay H.
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Bastrop, TX, USA
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