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Sep 5, 2008

The press is reporting they have not seen his congressional record.
Status                  Bill
Passed Senate
Jun 26, 2007
S.Con.Res. 25: A concurrent resolution condemning the recent violent actions of the Government of Zimbabwe against peaceful opposition party activists and members of civil society.
Passed Senate
Jun 24, 2008
S.Res. 600: A resolution commemorating the 44th anniversary of the deaths of civil rights workers Andrew Goodman, James Chaney, and Michael Schwerner in Philadelphia, Mississippi, while working in the name of American democracy to register voters and secure civil rights during the summer of 1964, which has become known as "Freedom Summer".
Passed Senate
Jul 13, 2007
S.Res. 268: A resolution designating July 12, 2007, as "National Summer Learning Day".
Passed Senate
Mar 28, 2007
S.Res. 133: A resolution celebrating the life of Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson.
Scheduled for Debate
Apr 24, 2008
S. 2433: Global Poverty Act of 2007
Scheduled for Debate
Oct 4, 2007
S. 453: Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Prevention Act of 2007
Jul 29, 2008
S. 3358: Improving Food-borne Illness Surveillance and Response Act of 2008
Jun 17, 2008
S. 3142: Preventing Stillbirth and SUID Act of 2008
Jun 3, 2008
S. 3077: Strengthening Transparency and Accountability in Federal Spending Act of 2008
May 21, 2008
S. 3047: Enhancing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Act of 2008
Dec 19, 2007
S. 2519: Contracting and Tax Accountability Act of 2007
Dec 6, 2007
S. 2428: National STEM Scholarship Database Act
Nov 16, 2007
S. 2392: National STEM Scholarship Database Act
Nov 13, 2007
S. 2347: Prev ention Through Affordable Access Act
Nov 8, 2007
S. 2330: Veterans Homelessness Prevention Act
Oct 24, 2007
S. 2227: Success in the Middle Act of 2007
Oct 24, 2007
S. 2224: Nuclear Release Notice Act of 2007
Oct 18, 2007
S. 2202: Renewable Fuel Standard Extension Act of 2007
Oct 4, 2007
S. 2147: Security Contractor Accountability Act of 2007
Oct 3, 2007
S. 2132: A bill to prohibit the introduction or delivery f or introduction into interstate commerce of children's products that contain lead, and for other purposes.
Sep 27, 2007
S. 2111: Positive Behavior for Effective Schools Act
Sep 18, 2007
S. 2066: Back to School: Improving Standards for Nutrition and Physical Education in Schools Act of 2007
Sep 12, 2007
S. 2044: Independent Contractor Proper Classification Act of 2007
Sep 6, 2007
S. 2030: A bill to amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to require reporting relating to bundled contributions made by persons other than registered lobbyists.
Aug 3, 2007
S. 1989: Pigford Claims Remedy Act of 2007
Aug 2, 2007
S. 1977: Nuclear Weapons Threat Reduction Act of 2007
Jul 26, 2007
S. 1885: Military Family Job Protection Act
Jul 25, 2007
S. 1873: Improving Emergency Medical Care and Response Act of 2007
Jul 19, 2007
S. 1824: Hospital Quality Report Card Act of 2007
Jul 19, 2007
S. 1818: Missing Mercury in Manufacturing Monitoring and Mitigation Act
Jul 19, 2007
S. 1817: A bill to ensure proper administration of the discharge of members of the Armed Forces for personality d isorder, and for other purposes.
Jul 18, 2007
S. 1811: Lead Poisoning Reduction Act of 2007
Jul 16, 2007
S. 1790: Communities of Color Teen Pregnancy Prevention Act of 2007
Jun 27, 2007
S. 1713: A bill to p rovide for the issuance of a commemorative postage stamp in honor of Rosa Parks.
Jun 7, 2007
S. 1574: Teaching Residency Act
May 24, 2007
S. 1513: Predominantly Black Institution Act of 2007
May 17, 2007
S. 1430: Iran Sanctions Enabling Act
May 14, 2007
S. 1389: Climate Change Education Act
May 7, 2007
S. 1324: National Low-Carbon Fuel Standard Act of 2007
May 3, 2007
S. 1306: Lead Free Toys Act of 2007
May 2, 2007
S. 1271: Homecoming Enhancement Research and Oversight (HERO) Act
Apr 25, 2007
S. 1222: STOP FRAUD Act
Apr 20, 2007
S. 1181: Shareholder Vote on Executive Compensation Act
Apr 18, 2007
S. 1151: Health Care for Hybrids Act
Apr 10, 2007
S. 1084: Homes for Heroes Act of 2007
Mar 29, 2007
S. 1068: Healthy Communities Act of 2007 < DIV>Introduced
Mar 29, 2007
S. 1067: Healthy Places Act of 2007
Mar 23, 2007
S. 976: Genomics and Personalized Medicine Act of 2007
Mar 15, 2007
S. 906: Mercury Market Minimization Act of 2007
Mar 8, 2007
S. 823: Microbicide Development Act
Mar 7, 2007
S. 795: Citizenship Promotion Act of 2007
Mar 6, 2007
S. 768: Fuel Economy Reform Act
Mar 6, 2007
S. 767: Fuel Economy Reform Act
Mar 1, 2007
S. 737: Voter Advocate and Democracy Index Act of 2007
Feb 28, 2007
S. 713: Dignity for Wounded Warriors Act of 2007
Feb 27, 2007
S. 692: VA Hospital Quality Report Card Act of 2007
Feb 16, 2007
S. 674: Transparency and Accountability in Military and Security Contracting Act of 2007
Jan 30, 2007
S. 433: Iraq War De-Escalation Act of 2007
Jan 4, 2007
S. 133: American Fuels Act of 2007
Jan 4, 2007
S. 117: Lane Evans Veterans Health and Benefits Improvement Act of 2007
Jan 4, 2007
S. 116: STEP UP ACT OF 2007
Jan 4, 2007
S. 115: Oil SENSE Act
Jan 4, 2007
S. 114: Innovation Districts for School Improvement Act
Jul 29, 2008
S.Con.Res. 96: A concurrent resolution commemorating Irena Sendler, a woman whose bravery saved the lives of thousands during the Holocaust and remembering her legacy of courage, selflessness, and hope.
Sep 17, 2007
S.Con.Res. 46: A concurrent resolution supporting the goals and ideals of Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month.
Sep 12, 2007
S.Con.Res. 44: A concurrent resolution expressing the sense of Congress that a commemorative postage stamp should be issued honoring Rosa Louise McCauley Parks.
Jan 31, 2007
S.Con.Res. 5: A concurr ent resolution honoring the life of Percy Lavon Julian, a pioneer in the field of organic chemistry and the first and only African-American chemist to be inducted into the National Academy of Sciences.
Nov 1, 2007
S.J.Res. 23: A joint resolution clarifying that the use of force against Iran is not authorized by the Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against Iraq, any resolution previously adopted, or any other provision of law.
Jul 25, 2008
S.Res. 628: A r esolution expressing support for the designation of Disability Pride Day and recognizing that all people, including people living with disabilities, have the right, responsibility, and ability to be active, contributing members of society and fully engaged as citizens of the United States.
Sep 5, 2008

by Anne Kilkenny

I am a resident of Wasilla, Alaska. I have known Sarah since 1992. Everyone here knows Sarah, so it is nothing special to say we are on a first-name basis. Our children have attended the same schools. Her father was my child's favorite substitute teacher. I also am on a first name basis with her parents and mother-in-law. I attended more City Council meetings during her administration than about 99% of the residents of the city.

She is enormously popular; in every way she's like the most popular girl in middle school. Even men who think she is a poor choice and won't vote for her can't quit smiling when talking about her because she is a "babe".

It is astonishing and almost scary how well she can keep a secret. She kept her most recent pregnancy a secret from her children and parents for seven months.

She is "pro-life". She recently gave birth to a Down's syndrome baby. There is no cover-up involved, here; Trig is her baby.

She is energetic and hardworking. She regularly worked out at the gym.

She is savvy. She doesn't take positions; she just "puts things out there" and if they prove to be popular, then she takes credit.

Her husband works a union job on the North Slope for BP and is a champion snowmobile racer. Todd Palin's kind of job is highly sought-after because of the schedule and high pay. He arranges his work schedule so he can fish for salmon in Bristol Bay for a month or so in summer, but by no stretch of the imagination is fishing their major source of income. Nor has her life-style ever been anything like that of native Alaskans.

Sarah and her whole family are avid hunters.

She's smart.

Her experience is as mayor of a city with a population of about 5,000 (at the time), and less than 2 years as governor of a state with about 670,000 residents.

During her mayoral administration most of the actual work of running this small city was turned over to an administrator. She had been pushed to hire this administrator by party power-brokers after she had gotten herself into some trouble over precipitous firings which had given rise to a recall campaign.

Sarah campaigned in Wasilla as a "fiscal conservative". During her 6 years as Mayor, she increased general government expenditures by over 33%. During those same 6 years the amount of taxes collected by the City increased by 38%. This was during a period of low inflation (1996-2002). She reduced progressive property taxes and increased a regressive sales tax which taxed even food. The tax cuts that she promoted benefited large corporate property owners way more than they benefited residents.

The huge increases in tax revenues during her mayoral administration weren't enough to fund everything on her wish list though, borrowed money was needed, too. She inherited a city with zero debt, but left it with indebtedness of over $22 million. What did Mayor Palin encourage the voters to borrow money for? Was it the infrastructure that she said she supported? The sewage treatment plant that the city lacked? or a new library? No. $1m for a park. $15m-plus for construction of a multi-use sports complex which she rushed through to build on a piece of property that the City didn't even have clear title to, that was still in litigation 7 yrs later--to the delight of the lawyers involved! The sports complex itself is a nice addition to the community but a huge money pit, not the profit-generator she claimed it would be. She also supported b onds for $5.5m for road projects that could have been done in 5-7 yrs without any borrowing.

While Mayor, City Hall was extensively remodeled and her office redecorated more than once.

These are small numbers, but Wasilla is a very small city.

As an oil producer, the high price of oil has created a budget surplus in Alaska. Rather than invest this surplus in technology that will make us energy independent and increase efficiency, as Governor she proposed distribution of this surplus to every individual in the state.

In this time of record state revenues and budget surpluses, she recommended that the state borrow/bond for road projects, even while she proposed distribution of surplus state revenues: spend today's surplus, borrow for needs.

She's not very tolerant of divergent opinions or open to outside ideas or compromise. As Mayor, she fought ideas that weren't generated by her or her staff. Ideas weren't evaluated on their merits, but on the basis of who proposed them.

While Sarah was Mayor of Wasilla she tried to fire our highly respected City Librarian because the Librarian refused to consider removing from the library some books that Sarah wanted removed. City residents rallied to the defense of the City Librarian and against Palin's attempt at out-and-out censorship, so Palin backed down and withdrew her termination letter. People who fought her attempt to oust the Librarian are on her enemies list to this day.

Sarah complained about the "old boy's club" when she first ran for Mayor, so what did she bring Wasilla? A new set of "old boys". Palin fired most of the experienced staff she inherited. At the City and as Governor she hired or elevated new, inexperienced, obscure people, creating a staff totally dependent on her for their jobs and eternally grateful and fiercely loyal--loyal to the point of abusing their power to further her personal agenda, as she has acknowledged happened in the case of pressuring the State's top cop (see below).

As Mayor, Sarah fired Wasilla's Police Chief because he "intimidated" her, she told the press. As Governor, her recent firing of Alaska's top cop has the ring of familiarity about it. He served at her pleasure and she had every legal right to fire him, but it's pretty clear that an important factor in her decision to fire him was because he wouldn't fire her sister's ex-husband, a State Trooper. Under investigation for abuse of power, she has had to admit that more than 2 dozen contacts were made between her staff and family to the person that she later fired, pressuring him to fire her ex-brother-in-law. She tried to replace the man she fired with a man who she knew had been reprimanded for sexual harassment; when this caused a public furor, she withdrew her support.

She has bitten the hand of every person who extended theirs to her in help. The City Council person who personally escorted her around town introducing her to voters when she first ran for Wasilla City Council became one of her first targets when she was later elected Mayor. She abruptly fired her loyal City Administrator; even people who didn't like the guy were stunned by this ruthlessness.

Fear of retribution has kept all of these people from saying anything publicly about her.

When then-Governor Murkowski was handing out political plums, Sarah got the best, Chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission: one of the few jobs not in Juneau and one of the best paid. She had no background in oil & gas issues. Within months of scoring this great job which paid $122,400/yr, she was complaining in the press about the high salary. I was told that she hated that job: the commute, the structured hours, the work. Sarah became aware that a member of this Commission (who was also the State Chair of the Republican Party) engaged in unethical behavior on the job. In a gutsy move which some undoubtedly cautioned her could be political suicide, Sarah solved all her problems in one fell swoop: got out of the job she hated and garnered gobs of media attention as the patron saint of ethics and as a gutsy fighter against the "old boys' club" when she dramatically quit, exposing this man's ethics violations (for which he was fined).

As Mayor, she had her hand stuck out as far as anyone for pork from Senator Ted Stevens. Lately, she has castigated his pork-barrel politics and publicly humiliated him. She only opposed the "bridge to nowhere" after it became clear that it would be unwise not to.

As Governor, she gave the Legislature no direction and budget guidelines, then made a big grandstand display of line-item vetoing projects, calling them pork. Public outcry and further legislative action restored most of these projects--which had been vetoed simply because she was not aware of their importance--but with the unobservant she had gained a reputation as "anti-pork".

She is solidly Republican: no political maverick. The State party leaders hate her because she has bit them in the back and humiliated them. Other members of the party object to her self-description as a fiscal conservative.

Around Wasilla there are people who went to high school with Sarah. They call her "Sarah Barracuda" because of her unbridled ambition and predatory ruthlessness. Before she became so powerful, very ugly stories circulated around town about shenanigans she pulled to be made point guard on the high school basketball team. When Sarah's mother-in-law, a highly respected member of the community and experienced manager, ran for Mayor, Sarah refused to endorse her.

As Governor, she stepped outside of the box and put together of package of legislation known as "AGIA" that forced the oil companies to march to the beat of her drum.

Like most Alaskans, she favors drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. She has questioned if the loss of sea ice is linked to global warming. She campaigned "as a private citizen" against a state initiaitive that would have either a) protected salmon streams from pollution from mines, or b) tied up in the courts all mining in the state (depending on who you listen to). She has pushed the State's lawsuit against the Dept. of the Interior's decision to list polar bears as threatened species.

McCain is the oldest person to ever run for President; Sarah will be a heartbeat away from being President.

There has to be literally millions of Americans who are more knowledgeable and experienced than she.

However, there's a lot of people who have underestimated her and are regretting it.

•"Hockey mom": true for a few years
•"PTA mom": true years ago when her first-born was in elementary school, not since
•"NRA supporter": absolutely true
•social conservative: mixed. Opposes gay marriage, BUT vetoed a bill that would have denied benefits to employees in same-sex relationships (said she did this because it was unconsitutional).
&bullro-creationism: mixed. Supports it, BUT did nothing as Governor to promote it.
•"Pro-life": mixed. Knowingly gave birth to a Down's syndrome baby BUT declined to call a special legislative session on some pro-life legislation
•"Experienced": Some high schools have more students than Wasilla has residents. Many cities have more residents than the state of Alaska. No legislative experience other than City Council. Little hands-on supervisory or managerial experience; needed help of a city administrator to run town of about 5,000.
&bullolitical maverick: not at all
•gutsy: absolutely!
•open & transparent: ??? Good at keeping secrets. Not good at
explaining actions.
•has a developed philosophy of public policy: no
•"a Greenie": no. Turned Wasilla into a wasteland of big box stores and disconnected parking lots. Is pro-drilling off-shore and in ANWR.
•fiscal conservative: not by my definition!
&bullro-infrastructure: No. Promoted a sports complex and park in a city without a sewage treatment plant or storm drainage system. Built streets to early 20th century standards.
&bullro-tax relief: Lowered taxes for businesses, increased tax burden on residents
&bullro-small government: No. Oversaw greatest expansion of city government in Wasilla's history.
&bullro-labor/pro-union. No. Just because her husband works union doesn't make her pro-labor. I have seen nothing to support any claim that she is pro-labor/pro-union.


First, I have long believed in the importance of being an informed voter. I am a voter registrar. For 10 years I put on student voting programs in the schools. If you google my name (Anne Kilkenny + Alaska), you will find references to my participation in local government, education, and PTA/parent organizations.

Secondly, I've always operated in the belief that "Bad things happen when good people stay silent". Few people know as much as I do because few have gone to as many City Council meetings.

Third, I am just a housewife. I don't have a job she can bump me out of. I don't belong to any organization that she can hurt. But, I am no fool; she is immensely popular here, and it is likely that this will cost me somehow in the future: that's life.

Fourth, she has hated me since back in 1996, when I was one of the 100 or so people who rallied to support the City Librarian against Sarah's attempt at censorship.

Fifth, I looked around and realized that everybody else was afraid to say anything because they were somehow vulnerable.

I am not a statistician. I developed the numbers for the increase in spending & taxation 2 years ago (when Palin was running for Governor) from information supplied to me by the Finance Director of the City of Wasilla, and I can't recall exactly what I adjusted for: did I adjust for inflation? for population increases? Right now, it is impossible for a private person to get any info out of City Hall--they are swamped. So I can't verify my numbers.

You may have noticed that there are various numbers circulating for the population of Wasilla, ranging from my "about 5,000", up to 9,000. The day Palin's selection was announced a city official told me that the current population is about 7,000. The official 2000 census count was 5,460. I have used about 5,000 because Palin was Mayor from 1996 to 2002, and the city was growing rapidly in the mid-90's.

Anne Kilkenny
August 31, 2008
Sep 4, 2008


By Bobbi Miller-Moro


Bobbi, her husband and her five children


Not only is this a strait forward open letter to Sarah Palin, but included at the end is the facts on WHERE THE CANDIDATES STAND ON THE ISSUES.  No one can claim ignorance. This is about facts, truth and lies.




I am a 35 year old working, middle class mother of five living in So. California. I have been a Republican since my great ancestor Richard Stockton, signed the Declaration of Independence. I am an ex-police officer, and now I own my own business. This is the first time I changed my party. I am voting for Obama and Biden. I saw Sarah Palin’s speech last night. I have watched both conventions closely. I have studied on the issues. I have read articles on major news networks, and blogs. I have listened to NPR, radio talk shows, and television shows. This election, I am making the right choice.


My family got hit with the economy’s upward spiral of surging gas prices, and we have no health care. We have felt it at the grocery store. We now shop at the 99 cents store. We have lost one of our vehicles, on the verge of losing our home and are three months behind an astonishing amount of debt that we once was able to afford.


This election, I am taking my life back, I am taking my country back. I have heard the arguments on both sides. I know Obama’s back story, I know McCain’s back story, and I got to know Biden’s. Now it was Sarah Palin’s turn. As I watched last night, I was waiting just like the rest of us to see what she was going to say. Now I was going to get to know her. The fact that she has five children (weather or not the fifth baby is hers or not), and she has this unbelievably fortunate position of running for Vice President, I cannot help but to root for her.


Sarah, her husband and her four out of five children

I know how hard it is to raise five children. I have a 16 year old, 15 year old, 12 year old, 4 year old, and 2 year old. I know how hard it is to juggle between working and raising my children. I have tried the stay at home route, especially when the children were months old-but always had to go back to work to have the extra income. I chose to own my own business, because that was the only way I can make enough to meet the high cost of a family of seven.


I want to see a woman in office. I want to see a mother of five showing America, “it can be done”. Of course I have concerns about how the children will manage without their mother. I know that a baby with Down Syndrome will take a lot of time, love and patience that as Vice President there will be no way it will be physically possible for her to be there the amount of time needed. So essentially, her husband will take on that role, or her family. As any mother, you cannot help to have your attention focused on your kids, your family-even while you work.


It doesn’t mean you cannot perform excellently. It does not mean that a mother cannot make powerful decisions, and be completely reliable and competent. I was a single mother with three children and a police officer. It can be done.


 I created a blog, Thank God For Mommy (

where I dispel the notion that just because you are a mom you can’t reach for your dreams. That you can’t have it all. I talk about everything from paintings to

filming two movies pregnant as a co producer one here in the states and another in Cuba. I talk about how I continue to make films, and I continue to pursue my physical fitness, continue to educate myself and live a life for myself and my children. My four daughters and one son see that I make it happen.


So, when I saw Sarah Palin on the ticket, I thought ‘wow, this is validating’. I loved the fact she was a mother of five, and worried at the same time. This is a huge country. This is not Alaska, population 9,000. I cannot, we cannot, afford another four years and I am scared to death to let a Republican in the White House, but Sarah-she might be the one to make a difference.


So she gets on stage, and she looks great. Then she starts to talk. I waited for her to talk about her family. But, all she did was talk about how many kids she has, and the fact she has a special needs baby. She talked about her husband, and what a normal guy he was. She talked about being a pit bull hockey mom. But, I was still waiting. I remember listening Michelle Obama’s speech. Talk about her family, her roots, her beliefs, her parents, and grandparents. I got to know Michelle Obama that night.


Half way thru Sarah’s speech, she starts to lie, blatantly. Like really aggressive lying about Obama. The way she spoke about him, making fun of community service (wow), and that he has ‘devoted followers’, the stage he stood on, him trying to save the planet (like a world leader), how she twisted the words of things he said about running his campaign, etc and on and on. She said we have no idea where Obama stands on anything, um…anyone who has a computer can just Google it for Godssakes. My jaw dropped. I thought she would take the higher road. I thought I was going to hear about who she is, but she talked about Obama, Obama, Obama. On and on she went, it got uglier and uglier and she got uglier and uglier.


Oh, no. I thought. This is more of the same. She fed the hate mongers in the crowd raw hate. They gobbled it up. Where was the speech about what type of person she was, her belief system, her values her promises to our country? She seemed completely inauthentic, and smug. ‘Shrill’ is how one person put it.


I want to rally on the side of a working mother of five. I want to have compassion for her teen daughter’s pregnancy. I do. But, the Right wing conservatives have been such a proponent against that. Wasn’t also Sarah’s stance also against it? Now, what? They are covering for one of their own?

 Author Bobbi Miller-Moro

Due to the fact that there is rarely any specific information on where the candidates stand, I put this together referencing from a non biased site. I did not put all of it here, due to reading time and space. But, the major topics I did put. I was surprised to find how little information on where Sarah Palin stands on issues, and on some (like immigration) there was just nothing. Obama’s in comparison was very lengthy. There is no excuses as to where the candidates stand on the issues. Here it is in black and white.


The Issues.

A List of all four tickets stance on the issues.


Barack Obama


Expand access to contraception; reduce unintended pregnancy: Favors topic 1

Rated 100% by NARAL on pro-choice votes in 2005, 2006 & 2007: Strongly Favors topic 1

Voted against banning partial birth abortion: Favors topic 1

Stem cells hold promise to cure 70 major diseases: Favors topic 1

Trust women to make own decisions on partial-birth abortion: Strongly Favors topic 1

Extend presumption of good faith to abortion protesters: Favors topic 1

Pass the Stem Cell Research Bill: Favors topic 1

Protect a woman's right to choose: Strongly Favors topic 1

Supports Roe v. Wade: Strongly Favors topic 1

Sponsored bill providing contraceptives for low-income women
: Favors topic 1

Rated 0% by the NRLC, indicating a pro-choice stance
: Strongly Favors topic 1

Ensure access to and funding for contraception
: Favors topic 1

NO on prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion: Strongly Favors topic 1

NO on defining unborn child as eligible for SCHIP: Favors topic 1

YES on $100M to reduce teen pregnancy by education & contraceptives: Favors topic 1

NO on notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions: Favors topic 1

YES on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines: Favors topic 1


Racial equality good for America as a whole: Favors topic 2

Fight job discrimination to give women equal footing at jobs: Strongly Favors topic 2

Include class-based affirmative action with race-based: Favors topic 2

Better enforce women's pay equity via Equal Pay Act: Strongly Favors topic 2

Supports affirmative action in colleges and government: Strongly Favors topic 2

Opposes CA Prop. 8, one-man-one-woman marriage: Strongly Favors topic 2
America's race and class problems are intertwined: Favors topic 2

Get minorities into home ownership & global marketplace
: Favors topic 2

Ending racial profiling is part of fight for justice
: Favors topic 2

Sponsored bill for a Rosa Parks commemorative postage stamp
: Favors topic 2

Rated 100% by the NAACP, indicating a pro-affirmative-action stance
: Strongly Favors topic 2

Re-introduce the Equal Rights Amendment
: Strongly Favors topic 2

Reinforce anti-discrimination and equal-pay requirements
: Favors topic 2


Gays should not face discrimination but should not marry: Opposes topic 3

Decisions about marriage should be left to the states: Opposes topic 3

Homosexuality no more immoral than heterosexuality: Favors topic 3

We need strong civil unions, not just weak civil unions: Favors topic 3

Opposes gay marriage; supports civil union & gay equality: Favors topic 3

Marriage not a human right; non-discrimination is: Favors topic 3

Include sexual orientation in anti-discrimination laws: Favors topic 3

Increase funding for AIDS treatment & prevention
: Favors topic 3

Rated 89% by the HRC, indicating a pro-gay-rights stance
: Strongly Favors topic 3

Provide benefits to domestic partners of Federal employees
: Strongly Favors topic 3

NO on constitutional ban of same-sex marriage: Strongly Favors topic 3


Reduce recidivism by providing ex-offender supports: Opposes topic 9

No extra penalty for gang association: Opposes topic 9

Passed 150 laws to toughen penalties for violent crime: Favors topic 9

Supports alternative sentencing and rehabilitation: Strongly Opposes topic 9

Rated 75% by the NCJA, indicating a mixed record on criminal justice
: Neutral on topic 9

YES on reinstating $1.15 billion funding for the COPS Program: Opposes topic 9


Respect 2nd Amendment, but local gun bans ok: Opposes topic 10

Provide some common-sense enforcement on gun licensing: Opposes topic 10

2000: cosponsored bill to limit purchases to 1 gun per month: Strongly Opposes topic 10

Concealed carry OK for retired police officers: Favors topic 10

Keep guns out of inner cities--but also problem of morality: Strongly Opposes topic 10

Bush erred in failing to renew assault weapons ban: Strongly Favors topic 10

Ban semi-automatics, and more possession restrictions: Strongly Opposes topic 10

NO on prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers: Strongly Opposes topic 10


Added 20,000 children to Illinois healthcare: Strongly Favors topic 5

Increase competition in the insurance and drug markets: Opposes topic 5

National Health Insurance Exchange for private coverage: Opposes topic 5

National insurance pool & catastrophic insurance: Strongly Favors topic 5

The market alone can't solve our health-care woes: Favors topic 5

Crises happen in our lives and healthcare is necessary: Strongly Favors topic 5

Believes health care is a right, not a privilege for the few: Favors topic 5

Will expand health coverage & allow meds to be re-imported: Favors topic 5

Ensure access to basic care: Favors topic 5

More funding for Rx benefits, community health, CHIPs
: Favors topic 5

Preserve access to Medicaid & SCHIP during economic downturn
: Strongly Favors topic 5

NO on means-testing to determine Medicare Part D premium: Favors topic 5
YES on increasing Medicaid rebate for producing generics: Favors topic 5

YES on negotiating bulk purchases for Medicare prescription drug: Strongly Favors topic 5

YES on expanding enrollment period for Medicare Part D: Favors topic 5

YES on requiring negotiated Rx

prices for Medicare part D: Favors topic 5


Stop any efforts to privatize Social Security: Strongly Opposes topic 6

Privatization puts retirement at whim of stock market: Strongly Opposes topic 6

Stop any efforts to privatize Social Security: Strongly Opposes topic 6

No privatization; but consider earning cap over $97,500: Strongly Opposes topic 6

Stock market risk is ok, but not for Social Security: Strongly Opposes topic 6

$2000 tax credit for Working Families Savings Accounts: Opposes topic 6

NO on establishing reserve funds & pre-funding for Social Security: Opposes topic 6


GovWatch: $150B for electric car batteries & new technology: Strongly Favors topic 18

GovWatch: Supports nuclear power if it's clean & safe: Opposes topic 18

Reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050: Strongly Favors topic 18

Aggressively address accelerating climate change: Strongly Favors topic 18

3-way win: economy, environment, & stop funding terror: Strongly Favors topic 18

Cap-and-trade is more specific on reducing greenhouse gases: Strongly Favors topic 18

20% renewable energy by 2020: Strongly Favors topic 18

Invest in alternative energy sources: Favors topic 18

Increase CAFE to 40 mpg: Strongly Favors topic 18

Renewable Fuels Standard: require ethanol in fuel supply: Strongly Favors topic 18

Sponsored legislations that improve energy efficiency: Favors topic 18

Sponsored bill for tax credit for providing 85% ethanol gas
: Favors topic 18

Sponsored bill raising CAFE by a 4% per year until 2018
: Strongly Favors topic 18

Rated 100% by the CAF, indicating support for energy independence
: Favors topic 18

Designate sensitive ANWR area as protected wilderness
: Favors topic 18

Set goal of 25% renewable energy by 2025
: Strongly Favors topic 18

Let states define stricter-than-federal emission standards
: Strongly Favors topic 18

YES on reducing oil usage by 40% by 2025 (instead of 5%): Strongly Favors topic 18

YES on disallowing an oil leasing program in Alaska's ANWR: Strongly Favors topic 18

YES on banning drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Favors topic 18

YES on factoring global warming into federal project planning: Favors topic 18

YES on removing oil & gas exploration subsidies: Strongly Favors topic 18


I will raise CEO taxes, no doubt about it: Strongly Favors topic 11

Trillion dollar giveaway: the Paris Hilton Tax Break: Strongly Favors topic 11

Bush tax cuts help corporations but not middle class: Strongly Favors topic 11

Tax cuts for the rich do not create jobs: Favors topic 11

Rated 100% by the CTJ, indicating support of progressive taxation
: Strongly Favors topic 11

NO on raising the Death Tax exemption to $5M from $1M: Strongly Favors topic 11

YES on increasing tax rate for people earning over $1 million: Strongly Favors topic 11

NO on allowing AMT reduction without budget offset: Favors topic 11

NO on extending the tax cuts on capital gains and dividends: Strongly Favors topic 11

YES on $47B for military by repealing capital gains tax cut: Favors topic 11

NO on retaining reduced taxes on capital gains & dividends: Strongly Favors topic 11

NO on permanently repealing the `death tax`: Strongly Favors topic 11

NO on supporting permanence of estate tax cuts: Strongly Favors topic 11

NO on raising estate tax exemption to $5 million: Strongly Favors topic 11

NO on repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax: Strongly Favors topic 11


Immigrants are scapegoats for high unemployment rates: Strongly Favors topic 12

Support granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants: Favors topic 12

Reform must include more border security, and border wall: Opposes topic 12

Pathway to citizenship, but people have to earn it: Favors topic 12

Give immigrants who are here a rigorous path to citizenship: Favors topic 12

Extend welfare and Medicaid to immigrants: Favors topic 12

Comprehensive immigration reform without amnesty
: Strongly Favors topic 12
Provide funding for social services for noncitizens
: Favors topic 12

Rated 8% by USBC, indicating an open-border stance
: Strongly Favors topic 12

YES on continuing federal funds for declared "sanctuary cities": Strongly Favors topic 12

YES on allowing illegal aliens to participate in Social Security: Strongly Favors topic 12

YES on giving Guest Workers a path to citizenship: Strongly Favors topic 12

YES on establishing a Guest Worker program: Favors topic 12

YES on building a fence along the Mexican border: Strongly Opposes topic 12

NO on declaring English as the official language of the US government: Strongly Favors topic 12

YES on comprehensive immigration reform: Strongly Favors topic 12


Grow size of military to maintain rotation schedules: Favors topic 15

Give our soldiers the best equipment and training available: Favors topic 15

Sponsored bill for Iraq budget to be part of defense budget
: Opposes topic 15

YES on limiting soldiers' deployment to 12 months: Opposes topic 15


Can't do anything at home with $12 billion a month on Iraq: Favors topic 17

US policy should promote democracy and human rights: Favors topic 17

$2.7 billion each week of Iraq spending is unsustainable: Favors topic 17

War in Iraq is "dumb" but troops still need equipment: Strongly Favors topic 17

We are playing to Osama's plan for winning a war from a cave: Strongly Favors topic 17

NO on redeploying troops out of Iraq by July 2007: Strongly Opposes topic 17

YES on redeploying US troops out of Iraq by March 2008: Strongly Favors topic 17


This is an excerpt of much more.









Joe Biden



Make every automobile sold be a flex-fuel automobile: Strongly Favors topic 18

Rated 95% by the LCV, indicating pro-environment votes
: Strongly Favors topic 18

Keep efficient air conditioner rule to conserve energy
: Strongly Favors topic 18

Establish greenhouse gas tradeable allowances
: Strongly Favors topic 18

Sponsored bill raising CAFE by a 4% per year until 2018
: Strongly Favors topic 18

Rated 83% by the CAF, indicating support for energy independence
: Favors topic 18

Designate sensitive ANWR area as protected wilderness
: Favors topic 18

NO on do not require ethanol in gasoline: Favors topic 18

YES on reducing funds for road-building in National Forests: Favors topic 18

NO on defunding renewable and solar energy: Strongly Favors topic 18

NO on ending discussion of CAFE fuel efficiency standards: Favors topic 18

NO on preserving budget for ANWR oil drilling: Favors topic 18

NO on terminating CAFE standards within 15 months: Strongly Favors topic 18

YES on targeting 100,000 hydrogen-powered vehicles by 2010: Strongly Favors topic 18

YES on removing consideration of drilling ANWR from budget bill: Favors topic 18

YES on reducing oil usage by 40% by 2025 (instead of 5%): Strongly Favors topic 18

YES on disallowing an oil leasing program in Alaska's ANWR: Strongly Favors topic 18

YES on banning drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Favors topic 18

YES on factoring global warming into federal project planning: Favors topic 18

YES on removing oil & gas exploration subsidies: Strongly Favors topic 18

YES on addressing CO2 emissions without considering India & China: Favors topic 18

YES on tax incentives for energy production and conservation: Strongly Favors topic 18


Take away $85B in annual tax cuts for 1% of top earners: Strongly Favors topic 11

Rated 15% by NTU, indicating a "Big Spender" on tax votes
: Strongly Favors topic 11

Rated 100% by the CTJ, indicating support of progressive taxation
: Strongly Favors topic 11

NO on raising the Death Tax exemption to $5M from $1M: Strongly Favors topic 11

YES on increasing tax rate for people earning over $1 million: Strongly Favors topic 11

NO on allowing AMT reduction without budget offset: Favors topic 11

YES on Internet sales tax moratorium: Opposes topic 11

NO on requiring super-majority for raising taxes: Favors topic 11

YES on eliminating the 'marriage penalty': Opposes topic 11

NO on prioritizing national debt reduction below tax cuts: Favors topic 11

YES on reducing marriage penalty instead of cutting top tax rates: Favors topic 11

YES on spending $448B of tax cut on education & debt reduction: Favors topic 11


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