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Dec 15, 2013


Happy December, Everyone! Some of my more current petitions to sign, in case you missed them, and are interested in signing. I hope you are having a good Season, where ever in the world you are, or whatever holiday you celebrate! All the best to you, Warm Regards- Nyack

This is a group link to my friend Michela's group, please join! Some group invites are working, while others are not! (sigh)

Orangutans: Men of the Forest


Stop the World's Largest Animal Sacrifice in Nepal

Stop Nicotine Experiments on Animals

Ban Livestock Grazing in Mexican Wolf Recovery Area

Say NO to Chinese Greyhound Racing Stadiums

Save the Last Intact Habitat for Tigers in Thailand

Save Orangutans from Barbaric Cruelty and Abuse

Tell MARS Candy- Stop Animal Experiments

Stop Sponsoring Circus Cruelty

Ban Canned Hunting in Arizona

Ban the Import and Export of Tiger Bone Wine

Stop Permits for Florida Bull Run

Save the Malayan Tiger from Extinction

Keep Grizzly Bears Protected with Endangered Species Act

Federal Ban on Steel Jaw Body Gripping Traps

Stop the Barbaric Whale Massacre in Faroe Islands (WARNING- graphic photo)

Keep Wolves Listed as an Endangered Species

7 Ways to Help Polar Bears

Ban Horse Carriages in NYC

Stop the Illegal Slaughter of Leopards for Religious Clothing

Air France- Stop Transporting Research Primates

Stop Hunting Cougars with Hound Dogs in South Dakota

Say NO to Hound Hunting and Baiting Black Bears in Montana

Don't Kill the Liger found in Indonesia

Stop the Cruelty of Fox and Coyote Penning

Stop Spain's Fire Bull Fiesta

Stop Using GPS Collars to Track Tigers

Release Captive Spirit Bear Back to Great Bear Rainforest

Stop Selling Dog Fur

Philippine Airlines- Stop Transporting Research Primates to Laboratories

Stop Permits for Live Exports from Australia

NO Permits for 18 Captive Beluga Whales

Stop Testing Botox on Animals

Ban Drift Nets in California

Ban Moose Hunting

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Posted: Dec 15, 2013 8:13am
Dec 2, 2013

Here's another list of petitions, some sent to me by very dear friends (and I'm happy to share and spread the word), some received through newsletters and some I found on the web.

As usual, I added some explanations to the ones not written in English and hope they can be helpful.

Please check if you have already signed or not the ones of your interest. Thank you and have a nice week!


(a case of dog poisoning in northern Italy)

(for US citizens)

(for US citizens)

(for US citizens)

(for California residents)

(for US residents)

(for US citizens)

(for US citizens)

(for California residents)

(although the target is not clearly written, the text is very exhaustive and I do hope our signatures will be submitted to local authorities)

(for US citizens)

(against the promotional tour of weapon-manufacturing Italian companies on board of ships of the Italian Navy to promote the sale of their &ldquoroducts&rdquo.

(inviting these companies to send their biscuits to the victims to save them from starvation)

(for Maine residents)

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Posted: Dec 2, 2013 5:44pm
Nov 15, 2013

Please, sign:

"The weather changing in the United States and other places around the world. Whether it is getting cold or warmer. Please do not forget your pets. If it is hot, please make sure they have shad and water at all times. It it is getting cold, please inside where they can get warm. Or supply them with warm blankets. Always make sure they have fresh water and food. Take care of your best friends because they can not do it themselves. Pledge to do this. Love them and they will love you more."

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Posted: Nov 15, 2013 4:19am
Nov 8, 2013

 THNX!! Please enjoy your day and be happy!! TTFN Cher~

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Posted: Nov 8, 2013 7:26pm
Nov 8, 2013

 It's for US citizens, so please note and share even if you cannot sign.

Here are the others:

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Posted: Nov 8, 2013 4:44pm


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