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Jun 17, 2013
Need your help to save Paw Town Cats under attack by Imperial County Animal Control officer Rudy Mesa

First of all Paw Town Cats is not a 501 (c3) non-profit (that is in the works) it is a labour of love an90% of the cost comes out of my pocket I am a 55 year old hippie also a army veteran who value all life human an non-human I took this job in march of 2007 as care taker an land cleaner for the owner of a two story three bay steel building which was a auto repair shop an junk yard my job was to cut up an removed the junk cars an old school buses but my main job is to be a body on the grounds to keep the scraper from stilling an taking the building apart as I starting cleaning I found that there wore 20+ cats living in the junk cars an buses on Mar 21st 2013 the editor at catster as me to wright a story about Paw Town Cats for there website an this is when my life an the lives of 53 forgotten Moggies I love an care for became a holy hell some sick SOB called the Imperial County Animal Control an said there wore sick skinny an unfed cats and kittens here I do not have a sign out front saying Paw Town Cats an I am not in the phone book Paw Town Cats is a under ground rescue. PLEASE PLEASE read my story this is the URL an check out the Paw Town Cats blog an see what I have bend doing URL for the Moggies I love Check out Paw Town Cats facebook page for more details. here is where I need your help the officer from "HELL" Rudy Mesa this guy is "NUTS" his mission is to take all the cats an have them killed an make me an my better half of 30 years homeless he brakes the law makes up his own laws on the fly that how cops are here in the good old USA I have jumped all the hoops he has laded in front of me an he just keeps making up more today he is now calling Paw Town Cats a "kennel" an lied to the building inspector telling him there wore stalls an cages here the inspector came out looking for stalls an cages an found none but just like the government in this country he had to make up something now this steel building is unsafe because there no power coming into the building from the power pole but there is power we have solar an if the demand gets to high we have a 15.000 kilo watt generator putting in power an laying power lines was one of my jobs when I was in the army if I was a bad guy I could hook into the main power line on the pole bypass the power meter an no one would know. This is what I would like you to do for me to save My Moggies an our home I want the friends of Paw Town Cats an all cat lovers to email fax send letters call animal control asking them to leave Paw Town Cats along an let them keep doing what they are doing saving the forgotten cats that some how find there door "PLEASE BE NICE". =^..^=

Animal Control main phone number (760) 339-6291
Officer Mesa (760) 339-6441
Fax: (760) 399-6522
address Imperial County Public Health Department
1329 S. Sperber Road
El Centro,CA 92243

Thank You

Quinton Smith
Paw Town Cats
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Posted: Jun 17, 2013 1:24pm
Mar 25, 2013

If one would like to see what this old hippie is doing to help make life a little better for the forgotten cats an kittens read my story you will find it on Catster or just cut an paste the URL below enjoy an If you would like to help me with my work please do so because all help is needed an please share my story with your friends an all on care2 Thank you. =^..^=

Take in a Moggy (stray) kitty today save a life an make a life long friend

Quinton The Crazy Cat Man

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Posted: Mar 25, 2013 12:34pm
Aug 11, 2012

I found Oscar kitty or she found me on 12/12/2004 it was cold and raining she was a sick little 8 week old kitten puss all over her eyes poop all over her fur. I was going to the store for food and on the way there I saw Oscar it was raining an real cold. I said to myself if I see her on the way back I would take her home with me. On the way back I stop to see if that sick little 8 week old kitten was still there the rain was coming down real hard I saw her curled up in a ball on the side of the bike trail out in the rain I came over to her an she started to meow an purr she was so wet and cold I pick her up and she gave me a kitty kiss on my hand that's all it took I made room in my wet suit bag for her open the top of the bag an she jumped right on in I closed the top of the bag to keep her warm and dry an I think to this day this little wet sick 8 week old kitten know that she now has found a human that will give her a forever loving home. That was eight years ago an now I have the sweeties loving cat in the world. Oscar also open my eyes to how loving stray cats an kittens can be an to the number of homeless abandon an unwanted stray cats an kittens an older cats are in this world. An thanks to my sweet Oscar i started Paw Town Cats a rescue for strays abandon, homeless, older cats, an unwanted cats and kittens i also care for feral cats..

Please if you can help the Paw Town Cats by going to paypal an giving to or an click on the chipIn button.

Thank you

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Posted: Aug 11, 2012 2:26pm
Dec 25, 2011

Happy X-Mas to all of the loving and caring people here at Care2 May there be Peace an Happiess to you and your family.  =^..^=

Your Friend Quinton Smith an all the Kitty's at Paw Town Cats Rescue. =^..^= Laughing

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Posted: Dec 25, 2011 8:05pm
Dec 25, 2011
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Write E-Mail
Location: California, United States

If you go to the site now and click on the link at the bottom for So Cal Edison's comment form, it will take you directly to a form you can fill out and send. Please urge them to rescue Gunner immediately. You do not have to be a So Cal Edison customer to send the form.


From the alert authors:

"Gunner is a beloved indoor cat who got spooked, ran outside, and is now stranded high atop a Juniper Avenue utility pole in Twentynine Palms, California. Gunner’s panicked owners asked various agencies for help, to no avail. They were then referred to the power company Southern California Edison, which has promised to help Gunner next week. But by then, this terrified cat will have suffered the effects of dehydration and hepatic lipidosis—a liver disease contracted by felines when they do not eat for several days in a row. Gunner also faces the risk of falling off this precarious &ldquoerch” to his death in the meantime. He needs your voice now!

Please politely urge Southern California Edison to rescue Gunner immediately from the utility pole in the 6900 block of Juniper Avenue in Twentynine Palms so that he can be safely reunited with his guardians. And please forward this alert widely!"

Southern California Edison
Submit comments here:
Please also call and fax:
1-800-655-4555 (dial zero)
626-302-2517 (fax)

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Posted: Dec 25, 2011 7:25pm


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