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Feb 12, 2013

Hello, I am sincerely plead with you that hopefully you'll can help me to help my family in Philippines. I’m trying to raise money for my mother medical expenses, my niece colleges tuition fees and income opportunity for my siblings to help their financial problems and also for helping us buy plane tickets to surprise my mother on her 65th birth day with my best gift for her ( my kids. Thank you very much for your kindness sir and madam.

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Posted: Feb 12, 2013 7:07am
Jan 30, 2013
My mother had stroke 2 years ago and thanks to almighty God because shes still alive from the stroke she had, but unfortunate, shes unable to do something, she can still stand up and walk but not the same walk like the way before, and after that stroke she is no longer to work anymore, she is 65 years old this coming may 10 this year 2013.


My brothers and sisters can not provide her medicine because the lack of income, they support our mother needs as they could, but about the medicine for her illness, not really affordable. They earn only about $7 in a few months, sometimes nothing. Their low income is just enough, just enough for their meals three times a day and their needs for the household. In the town where they live now, there is really no proper job to earn money for your daily needs, except for those who are rich in there.  


My niece and nephew are now the one look after my mother, my mother is just stay in the house because of her illness, she can't do any physical job. My niece is still studying and she will be graduating from her 4th year high school this year. My husband and I also helped them with our best, but at this time we really focus on to saving for our first house. I know, God provided as for our everyday needs, but also God Knows that we are also having a trouble for our financial, at this time we can't give even a little for my mother medicine and for her everyday needs. I told to my mother and explain to her our situation here, and she understand it. But still, I'm pity and worry about her, how I wish Philippines Government have pension for those all elders there. I love my mother so much, especially even more deeply after my father passed away. I consider my mother as the most important woman in my life and show my love to her. I will try my best to let my mother spend her remaining years in happiness.


That's why, I dared to made this fundraising campaign to help my mother and give siblings some thing to help them for their income, so they can help our mother and for their everyday needs. I am hoping for that someone full of kindness to help and support my fundraising campaign, every contribution you'll make, it possible for me to reach my fundraising goal. I am not going to made this and ask help from others if I can just do it alone. 



    • Plane tickets and mother ill: Plane tickets to visit in Philippines and so, I can see my mother again this year of 2013, take her to the doctor to examine her health to find out exactly what kind of ill our mother have, and give the right medicine for her illness. Also my mother will definitely glad when she see her two grand children (my kids) this year before her 65 years old birthday this coming May 10th. She really want to see my kids while shes still alive, that's what she told me. There's really nothing I can do but just pray for her. I just can't imagine how can I accept if she will pass away and not seeing her for long time. My husband and I can not actually afford for plane tickets because of the sense reason.

    • For their income: While I am there, I am going to buy them some box of rice field, coconut farm and farm land, land that they can grow vegetables and chicken, pig etc. for so, they can make money from it. And also, sari-sari store is suitable for my mother inside to her house.

    • Colleges tuition fees: To help my niece for her colleges tuition fees, she will be graduating from her 4th year high school this coming march, she is prepared to study college and finish her dream course, if there is a chance. After her colleges she will be able to have a good job because of your help. 

But I can only do these things with your kindly support and generosity. Your contribution will help my mother and siblings for their everyday living and needs, and be able to buy a medicine for mother illness. This campaign is so meaningful to me, with your kindness and generosity donation, it can make a big differences into their lives. I am going to make sure that the amount you provided us will went to a good deeds. My siblings will be doing farming and doing things for their income and I will be back here in Canada with peace of mind because my mother will have her medicine and her needs. My mother and nephew will handle the sari-sari store while my niece attending her college studies.


Please help me to achieve my fundraising goal of $60,000.00, I need your generosity support to make these things happened. You can donate as much or as little as you want, every little bit will helps much!


$5,000 enough for my niece colleges tuition fees and her everyday expenses.

$13,000 enough for my mother's illness. Doctors in Philippines nowadays are really expensive. 

$17,000 enough for our plane tickets and everyday expenses,(hopefully).

$25,000 enough to buy coconut farm and farm land and farm animals,vegetable seeds,etc and some box of rice field and also my mother sari-sari store.

$60,000.00 total.


Thank you so much in advance for helping me out to reach my fundraising goal during these very difficult times. I can't thank you enough for your generosity and kindness. Thank you for helping me to help my families. Without your help and support, I don't know how can I help them, and also, maybe I can't see them again this year of 2013 nor not until 10 years. Again, thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate your generosity. May you all be blessed as much as you bless others and even more.


Pay it forward and endless gratitude to all of you,




Ps- Please share this campaign with your friends and family if you can't contribute, thank you so much. 


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Posted: Jan 30, 2013 3:57pm


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