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Oct 15, 2012

I think I finally understand the women's movement, and the rise of feminism. It's a topic that is very complicated and nobody talks about it so most of my thoughts and reason come from my understanding of women in the work place, and from the text books from school which I'm only half way done with so please consider my viewls and current understanding temporary or under construction. So America has gone through enormous economic and technological changes and have included women in that. And at the very beggining house wives were asking themselves "Is this it?"
So what that tells me is that number one, women are expected to contribute to society economically, and number two women are feeling as if there role in the home is not an equal contribution to society because they are expected to contribute demestically as well as just work that has to be done. So now, we have to include men in the picture, we can assume that men usually contribute economically as their main role in the family, and women contribute with unpaid work as mothers and wives as their main role in the family. So even though these roles are not the same, they are equally important in family structure, epecially as a foundation for civilization, are they not?

Then we analyze what happends when wives/mothers step into the work place. Should they be considered equal workers as men? Even though they certainly don't experience the work place equally?

Are companies providing maternity leave and child care services in order to keep their women staff? So isn't that considered evidence that women don't experience work equally, therefore why should women be considered equal economic contributors when they are doing so much more?

So then I go back to that question that house wives were asking themselves "Is this it?" That is a poor way of looking at womens work. Because I think what women do as mothers and wives is more important for family and society than what she or he could do with any career...

And so bottom line is, even though the work that women do is unpaid and its not the same as what men do doesnt mean its less of  contribution to society... So why do women feel they need to contribute economically to be considered equal to men?

And there the man is having a family and persuing his dreams. Well could he do that without a woman? And if the woman is single parent doing both domestic roles and public roles, why isn't she praised for doing both like men often are? Society believes women who have children should be at home taking care of them, and they should have a man to take care of her. So we can expect for a single mother to both work and take care of the children because someone has to do it! Nobody expected her to do it alone, but somehow she ended up that way, and that is why it's important to have a man in the relationship if a woman is going to be a mother, in order to keep the family structure.

So even if its same sex partners, someone has to be the mother figure, and someone has to be the father figure.( i think thats why usually one partner is considered more feminin than the other? or why gay men act like women to gain the attraction from other men) even though gays don't want to be gendered, they still live under gendered circumstances when it comes to family and children. So living life in seperate genders is key to family structure and child development as equally important contributions to society and humanity but certainly not the same. Do not get them mixed up.  

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Posted: Oct 15, 2012 8:34pm


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