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Dec 31, 2006
2006 has been a year of challenge, and a tremendous opportunity for learning and growth. I feel very strongly that 2007 is going to be a year of great change, both in our personal lives, and globally. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every human being on this site for everything you do to make a positive difference in this world, and for continuing to fight for what you believe in, no matter how hard that fight has been.

On a personal note, I want to thank all the people who have sent me green stars, Christmas wishes, New Year wishes, Stickies, and little notes to let me know you're thinking about me. I know I haven't been very good at acknowledging your kindheartedness (sometimes, I just completely forget to say thanks), and that's something I know I need to work on. But I want you to know I've truly appreciated each and every gesture of kindness. When I'm feeling blue, or when I'm sick (like now - fighting a fever and a bad cold), I come and read all the notes you've left for me, and those notes just make my day so much brighter. I owe you all far more than I feel I can repay to you...

I want to wish each and every one of you a year filled with love, joy, and true and lasting peace and happiness. May your road rise to meet you, and may the wind be always at your back...

Happy 2007, everyone...

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Posted: Dec 31, 2006 8:51pm
Dec 25, 2006
As another year draws to a close, we look back at the past twelve months and ask ourselves what we have accomplished. Some will look at personal achievements; others will look at how the world has changed (or remained the same). From deep within our hearts and minds, a part of us will be looking at this past twelve months with sorrow, for 2006 has been a year of death, chaos, and poverty peppered with only intermittent rains of life, peace, love, and contentment. War has dominated our lives in one form or another, creating a landscape of emotional, spiritual, and physical poverty in the lives of far too many.

But, for many of us, we'll be looking at the past twelve months with joy, for this has been a year in which the struggle to create peace has become more pronounced than ever before. For as much as it has cost in lives (and economics), the war in Iraq has driven home the need to stop the fighting and try to work out differences.

Because of the war in Iraq, people's eyes have been opened wider than ever before to the need to find a better way to live.

In a mere seven days, we will have the opportunity to start over. We will have a chance to wipe our personal life slate clean and start over. We will have a chance to make peace within ourselves, with our friends and family who have hurt us, and who we have hurt. But, why wait that long? Why not start making peace now?

It is with only love that I offer this Christmas message to you:

* Love is not jealous, or greedy, or uncompassionate. It is giving and understanding - and it begins within each and every one of us. Strive to manifest love within, and love will spread outwardly.

* War of any kind achieves nothing positive. It is but a means to establish control over another, at the price of human lives and hearts. Peace accepts and appreciates all differences, and does not require control over others; difference is what makes humanity unique. Strive to be more accepting of differences from within, and peace will begin to spread outwardly.

* Whether by circumstance or by choice, poverty of any kind is unnecessary. Strive to enrich your lives by serving others, and love will spread its healing power to a world in pain.

* Words have power. When spoken with the intensity of anger, what is wished for at that moment may come to pass. Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.

* Love with all your heart. Waste not one moment of your life on negative emotions such as anger, greed, jealousy, or hate.

* Finally, listen to your heart and let your spirit guide you in the direction it wants you to go. If you do this - even when it means going against the dictates of society - you will discover true and lasting happiness, for Spirit leads us only in positive directions, never negative directions. If you would be truly happy, no matter what your physical circumstances, follow your spirit. This is the meaning of the adage, “To thine own self be true.”

From me and my family to you and yours, may the present and the future bestow upon you love, peace, and true and lasting happiness.

With love,
Wolf Singer

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Posted: Dec 25, 2006 12:26pm


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