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Jan 31, 2006
Hi, Care2. Here's the latest update on the members' "Most Wanted" list.

Members want:

(1) Choice about what to see on the My Connect page (turn off/hide specific modules; choose whether to display all messages, blogs, etc. or ONLY blogs, messages, etc.)

(2) Customization of the My Connect page (to be able to use themes, like we can do with our groups, profile pages, and blogs)

(3) Options to delete or edit their own posts in groups (this has been a long-time request from members)

(4) Group owners to have the ability to delete or transfer their groups (this is an ongoing request. When will we have this ability? Or is this being worked on and we just don't know it yet?)

(5) An option to hide groups that are sensitive from their profile. Perhaps a button that says "Show" and "Hide" on our profile page?

(6) Group owners and/or Co-Hosts to have the option to email or netmessage group members only. This option would make it much easier for owners and Co-Hosts of large groups to stay in touch with their members, rather than having to discuss group business with the entire network. It would also save time: Group Hosts wouldn't have to search out email addresses or send Introductions to people who aren't on their Friends list.

(7) A larger or better-placed email alert. As it stands right now, the email alert in the top right corner of the "My Connect" page is all but invisible. Perhaps it could be placed more in the middle of the page, similar to how it was on the previous format?

(8)To have the "Create new topic" and "View all topics" moved - perhaps it could be returned to the bottom of the discussion list, where it was on the previous format? Accidentally clicking the "track all topics" link is annoying and irritating, and because the link size is so small, it's too easy to click that link instead of the "view all" link. Also, to move or enlarge the "Track all topics" link. It's too small, and it's too close to the "Show all" link. UPDATED

(9) To have the option to send e-cards, messages, and green stars directly from the "My Friends" list.

(10) Group Hosts to be able to include a reason for deleting a post, so the poster knows why their post was deleted.

(11) To have a few choices to check off when we send someone a green star, so the recipient knows why they're getting the star.

(12) To change the default font size from 2(10pt) to 3(12pt). This has been a long-time request from Care2 members, as there are many with impaired vision who have a great deal of trouble reading small fonts.

(13) For the BETA areas on Friends lists and Group Members lists to be completed.

(14) An optional questionaire that can be filled out when people leave a group, for the purpose of providing feedback to the Group Hosts, so that they (Group Hosts) can guage how well their group is working for their members.

(15) Enforce the Code of Conduct IN EFFECT

(16) Provide "BCC" option in personal messaging

(17) Greater consistency on the part of Care2 IN EFFECT

(18) E-card link to profiles

(19) Resolve existing site problems before bringing in any more new features

(20) Add a click-to-donate button to help fight violence against men

(21) Time & date-stamping of personal messages

(22) Allow for more than one green star per week

(23) Response from Care2 Support staff when requested, or a specific Tech/Customer Support group run by the Support staff, and limited strictly to site issues (better yet, clean up the Suggestions and Feedback group and allow only for site issues and feedback. Anything NOT site-specific could be removed) IN EFFECT

(24) Remove the necessity of adding someone as a friend in order to respond to a message they've sent

(25) The ability to send green stars to all friends at once, without having to click on each profile

(26) Ability to use address book in email to send a message simply by clicking on a person's name

Thankyou for all the work you've done so far, Care2. And thanks for taking the time to stay up to date with these updates.

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Posted: Jan 31, 2006 8:36pm


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