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Oct 6, 2006
Hello, everyone. I have some rather frustrating news to share with you about the new Group Email feature, and its relation to Host Announcements:

It doesn't work.

I and several members at the Care2 Community Blogline Group have just spent the past hour testing the new Group Email feature, and when replies worked at all, new threads were started. In one case, when the member replied to the Host Announcement, they were referred to an entirely different group.

The Group Email system is badly glitched, and I am recommending that until the engineers can investigate the matter further - a report has been sent to Care2 - Group Hosts may wish to consider continuing to keep group members up to date as you have been all along, rather than use the Host Announcements.

What I discovered through all this testing is that if members don't have their Notifications set to track everything in a group, they won't receive the Host Announcements, either. I've been having this same problem in one group where I'm a member, and where my Notifications are set to receive only Host Announcements; the group owners have made three Announcements, and I haven't received any of them.

So, please be aware that the new Group Email feature has bugs, and that the problem is being reported to Care2.

Thanks, and have a great weekend.

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Posted: Oct 6, 2006 10:33pm
Apr 30, 2006
Below is a list of ongoing glitches that have been causing problems and no end of frustration for many members.  This list is being compiled and posted here to keep you, the community, and the Care2 Support staff and engineers informed about what's happening.  It also serves as a kind of back-up system for the Support and engineering staff, in the (unlikely, but possible) event that they lose track of their bugs list.

If you are having problems with specific functions on the site, please post them here in the Comments section.  Try to provide as much information as you can (what happened, when, what page/feature you were on, what page/feature you were trying to access, etc.). The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for the engineers to work on reproducing the bug in order to build a patch for it.

That said, here is the short list:

1.  The "Donna's Page" issue is ongoing in the Private Messaging Inbox.

2.  Friends aren't showing up on Friends Lists

3.  Can't message friends on Friends List - have to use Introduction or "Add as a friend" link

If you have other glitches to report, please be sure to report them in the Comments section, here, as well as at Care2 Feedback and Suggestions.


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Posted: Apr 30, 2006 2:16pm


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