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Nov 15, 2006

Every day members like you are busy shaping the news that gets featured on the Care2 News Network front page. Now it's possible to get the top stories, popularly determined by our members, delivered to your inbox every day.

The Care2 News Network is fast becoming our most popular service. And it's no wonder – our members are making news history by choosing news the mainstream media ignores. Head on over to C2NN, and look for the signup form with the "sign me up!" button at the bottom of the Front Page. And, did we miss any stories that are important to you today?

Head on over to C2NN and submit a story, and note other newly submitted stories to get them promoted to the Front Page.

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Posted: Nov 15, 2006 2:59pm
Oct 31, 2006

From Care2 Host Announcements:

Care2 strives to provide you with a rich variety of newsletters, calls to action, discussions, and other features over email. But, as many of you have pointed out, these messages don't always make it to your inboxes. So, we're launching a drive to clean up our database and make sure we deliver everything you ask for - and we need your help!

What's to be expected?

If our system has detected that emails to your account are bouncing, we'll let you know with a prompt to update your address. You may update it right away and you will not be prompted again unless your emails are bouncing at the new address. If it's a bad time, you have the option to select 'No Thanks' and you will not be prompted again for 24 hours.

If you are signing a petition and your signature information does not match what is in your account you will be given an opportunity to update your profile information to match your signature with a single click.

Henceforth, to keep your information up-to-date, we will be providing you with a bi-annual reminder o update your information. Changing your email address or selecting 'No Thanks' will silence the reminder for another six months.

Being prompted may be an indication that you have requested to receive mailings from us. If you wish to review your notification settings, we recommend that you check them here . You might also like to update your newsletter settings at this time too here.

The clean up is scheduled to begin tomorrow or the day after. If you have any questions, please join the discussion within Feedback & Suggestions called Newsletter and Alert Address Clean-up: Q & A.

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Posted: Oct 31, 2006 9:56pm
Oct 24, 2006

From Care2 Feedback and Suggestions: Host Announcements:

We recently did a soft-launch of an important new feature for Care2 Groups: Every group now has the opportunity to have its own mailing list (often called a "listserv"). We'll soon be doing the "full launch" of the service, so we wanted to give you a little more insight into where we're going with all of this.

Why Mailing Lists?

We surveyed Care2 Group Hosts and leaders of small nonprofit organizations and identified this feature as one of the most important tools we could add to our site. Most members of groups, whether here at Care2 or elsewhere, frequently check their email but only occasionally visit the group's homepage. Thus, the best way to help keep the most group members informed and connected is via email.

Listservs also traditionally come with associated hosting fees/hassles, so by bundling this with our free group tools we hope to provide a simple, effective solution.

Mailing lists vs Discussion Forums

Our new mailing list service is an extension of our popular discussion forums. If you like the way the discussion forums work today, nothing needs to change - you can choose to interact with them exactly as you have been. But now, in addition, you can also receive the discussion posts directly in your inbox, or post to a discussion from your email. The mailing lists functionality is simply more convenient for some people.



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Posted: Oct 24, 2006 10:16pm


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