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Sep 10, 2011
Name: 9/11
Type: Memorial (for the deceased)
To Honor: Individual(s)
Location: NYC, New York United States
10 years;

From the sky came death in
chariots tamed by mankind
in deference to harmony.
Fire swept blinding and
the callous implicities of humanity
given to degradation of life
on promise of an eternity
in warm sunshine,
surf kissed beaches
and bless'd carnality!

10 years. The mem'ried
largesse; voices cry
for the gods. Yours; Theirs,
for deliverance, for the shock,
the pain. The enormity of the crime.
Simply, murder without conscience
far removed like an episode
starred in. Without credit
to chase martyrdom
and fuck the consequent demolition of the innocents...

Streets that ran red that day
as they had on other streets
in other towns, cities;
That burned with the guilt of misled fools
educated by brainless extremists
who forego humanity's dessert;
But life, indeed mankind, will endure,
persevere and rebuild. History has always shown.

Ten years;
The rivers of hate still flow
into the polluted lakes of desperate dispair
where peace, love and compassion
sink like scuttled craft,
such godless creations of devil-succoured eunuchs
regurgitating derision and aimless causes
where death is a welcome friend;
where death is an ONLY friend.
We, humanity, remain sickened...

The perpretrators are not welcome
in the halls of humanity.
They did not err on a righteous path.
They are inherently evil!

...And as the pinnacles of power
fell almost silently
in a cloud of choking death
on the collossus of representation to the
world, recognised
now perpetuated
to the realms of all time
fallen before and in demise,
they wear it like a decal
of some heroic triumph;

Yet, blinded are they
who failed to see the flags
that were flown
and still flying, almost defiantly
against those bred from hate and aggression.

We built; We rebuilt and we shall rebuild again.
New York. London. Madrid. Paris. Berlin.
Defeat is not negotiable. Nor acceptable.

We have all seen, bore witness or
been a part - as bystanders.
We all feel the shared pain.
Ten years for America it may be
but the whole world was blighted the same.

The death that rained down
from the cohorts of be-el-ze-bub
who did not see a new dawn,
denying that right to the innocent, those
souls mourned by parents, children,
brothers, sisters and friends. And a nation.

By remembering them we defend our right to live.
By remembering, our dead will live on in our collective heart;
By remembering, the murderers remain screaming in the eternal fire

And we remember so it never happens again...

© tcmoon 9-11-2011
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Posted: Sep 10, 2011 8:33pm
Mar 28, 2011

Everyday we hear people, me included, oh yes, banging on about peace and how we should have it in our time, well, not just our time, but our children’s and theirs!

But we have to ask ourselves the question, is such a commodity feasible? Is it really possible and could it be achieved in real terms?

The stumbling blocks are always there but, the fascinating yet intriguing part about creating, if that is the correct word to use, is to adjudge and recognise it, absolutely. You know as well as I do, to have peace we must first have conflict, or else why would we be asking for peace in the first place? Without conflict, war, violence or whatever, to know the concept of what peace IS and what it means, would not be relevant. After major wars in past years of history, yes, there are and have been many, a lull in hostilities is quickly proclaimed as peace, but is it? A ceasefire, for whatever reason, cannot be termed as peace, it is, as I said, a lull in hostilities, nothing more. Peace itself is really so fragile, cracks will and do appear almost at once and is easily shattered.

Why? It goes back so far, none of us really know about it and despite historians telling us how the world was shaped and mankind designed, how do they know, you know, really? They weren’t there. Neither were we, yet we believe what they tell us. That Mankind has always been violent, has always instigated war against his neighbour, that it’s a tribal thing and we will never be rid of that label. So. Who’s looking at labels?

Has there then, ever been a time when mankind, in human history where peace, on a global scale that we could honestly concur with, has been a constant? And as humans taking part in the new annals of history, do you believe there ever could be?

Mankind, like most of life, is a tribal animal. Adversity is burnt deep into our psyche, our very make up of life. Man is territorial and seems never to be sated. That’s what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom, we always want more, want what the other guy has, whether it leaves him with nothing, we don’t particularly care.

We own a piece of land next to another guy who also owns a piece of land. Your piece of land has green grass, some flowers, one tree and a pond. The guy next door has greener grass, more than you, many flowers, several trees and a lake. So guy one simply invades and kills. No more peace. And one piece of land overall. Why?

The need to conquer ranks high in a lot of peoples minds, especially despotic tyrannical sorts of people. They will protect their piece of land while all the time plotting to steal someone else’s because they just want piece and not peace. They want the power that will come with that land and perhaps the people who live within or upon it.


But some people ARE different and, while I don’t claim sainthood or any kind of super angelic type of clamouring and glory, I do believe and would like to see, in my lifetime, a peaceful realm within that timeframe and a knowing that, the world I live in can say I have helped in some small way to create, which will be a safe haven in which my grandchildren and their children, can grow up in and into, to continue living a harmonious existence where violence and adversity are very definitely, consigned to the history books whilst learning that they can go on living a peaceful life and ensuring that war and murder, terrorism and a such, remain far away as possible, in history.

There are bigger problems on the Earth that threaten our daily survival without everyone taking up arms against another and simply continuing to commit mass murder.

So, before you all disregard my every word and poo-poo my dreams and ideals, imagine if you, yes you too, followed me or my ideal and then the guy or gal next to you did the same until the room was filled with people with the same ideals, the same wishes, ambitions, could it not then be achieved?

Because you might believe what I say could NEVER be achieved and everyone else is saying exactly the same, then obviously, nothing gets done. The people are the ones with the power. The people are the ones who elect those with the resources, the powers to do what YOU want, it ISN’T the other way around as they would have you believe. With complete and utter lateral thinking, everything is subject to change, whether you harbour dreams like I do or simply feel it wouldn’t work, aren’t you even willing to try?

Imagine a General Election. The candidates are all canvassing around but because your father or grandfather voted for a particular party that these days aren’t doing as good, do you look at another party? I doubt it. Do you also say and have been heard to say “they’ll never get in because nobody votes for them”. And if all the people who made such a statement changed their vote, what do you think would happen then? It bears thinking about.

So just because most people wouldn’t listen to what I’ve said, and I’m not forcing anyone, it is STILL a free world, does it really mean then, that I am not right?

Think seriously before you answer, even to yourself. Whatever road you choose to follow, you WILL, make no mistake make a difference, one way of the other. Instead of condemning me and others like me, who are, after all, only vying for a better world for ALL of us, you included, no matter which road you choose to take, think of what you could offer.

We need to attain a certain level of consciousness, after all, we only get this chance ONCE at life, and baby, this is it!

Bugger this up and that’s yer lot, death comes and sweeps you up and everyone forgets about you. We share this planet, we need to ensure we can share it peaceably, and remember, we’re only tenants here….

Make a difference – today….
Thank you.

© tcmoon 2011
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Posted: Mar 28, 2011 8:06pm
Mar 8, 2010
Now,  I may be alone in thinking, or not, about what the future holds for any of us, if not all of us. But, when  I was a child, firstly aged around six, the very mention of the word “nuclear”, sent me into panic stations and I was frightened to the core. Now I’m older, perhaps wiser but with definitely more comprehension of what all this information actually entails and although there is still a fear, the reasoning is more logistical inasmuch less paranoiac but with the knowledge of knowing what damage could be inflicted and yet with, probably, a different outlook on the possible survival rates and options given that concept.

I’m also, you could say, quite disappointed;

For those of  a like minded disposition, nature, science fiction isn’t as much as science fact as we were led to believe when young, it would be, for us it could, should have been a natural reality that would see the onset of into our twilight years. And make us all immaturely gleeful. What happened?

As a child, much like any other little boy of my ilk (or girl), I watched in awe at movies and TV of men travelling through space; at hover cars parked above streets; laser guns; a relatively trouble free society where even the rat population was afraid to procreate and expand.

It was a projected vision of a life where almost everyone was happy (without the aid of drugs). A life where no-one was poor, no-one ever again went hungry, no-one was sick, at least for long and everyone had a position in society and job too whit.

The atmosphere was clean and blue. There was no litter on streets on anywhere and all the rivers ran with ‘clean’ water. Everybody had somewhere to live and weather came moreorless on  demand. There were no worries about energy and where it came from, everything was run by nuclear fusion, trouble free, clean energy. And cheap.

There’s that nuclear word again...

In those movies we became embroiled and encompassed in or your parents and even your grandparents had probably watched, we were taken to worlds of sheer bliss and fantasy, into a future the thought of which didn’t really have us thinking we were living in but could live in. They somehow, especially to ‘us’, it was all as if it was ‘just around the corner’ and that we, as the new generation of the workforce, would be working, perhaps, in one of these new fusion centres or at the very least, dreaming up new ways to advance mankind in fantastic progression that was of benefit to all, to bring the human race into those movies we still remember with such fondness but without all those wobbly sets, z-list acting and 5th rate special fx.

If, like me you expected this and more by the onset of the 21st century, that it would all be ‘common or garden’ and in everyday use, and all done without corrupt governments and similar emissaries, you too will feel, perhaps slightly apprehensive but in the main, disappointed that these achievements have, not only been reached but with seemingly no ‘real’ inroads to what still remains as ‘the imaginations of six year old's’ and more...

So why disappointed? With several reasons that could be mentioned and pertinently so.

We’ve seen a man on the moon, allegedly, yet we have the common cold and cancer is still rampantly killing mankind.

With so many options for fuel alternatives, we’re still dependent on oil and coal.

Personally I think that’s probably more about money and righteous power than forward thinking on an alternative energy source that we could enrich our lives with.

There aren’t too many bucks to be made from cheap power that’s affordable to EVERYONE!

Greed and lauded gentrification of a few implicate the poorer of the world’s
population to the bottom of the ‘to do’ file.

Criminals, albeit corporate and ministerial, are the ruling elite and as such, control the world as we know it via the gun, drugs and inflicted misery as well the greed of misuse of funds with controlling banks and corrupt governments. And what is done? Nothing!

Now it is decided by whosoever that the time is right to build what a lot of us have waited for since our far off childhood of imagined dreams and projections. At last, a nuclear fusion energy plant.

And yet, I still remain somewhat reservedly disappointed. Why? Because I may well have shaken this mortal coil and departed before I see fruition of this fantastic plan or, at the very least, too old to care or feel the benefits of; unless of course, some of the other objet’s of science fiction may have been heralded in from the sci-fi medium such as freedom from illness and aging and we all get to live for hundreds of years just like in Star Trek. Just who knows what the future may bring, even in the foreseeable future there may  be unforeseen surprises and in that respect, perhaps my generation may still have something to look forward to.

Nuclear fusion, we’re told, is a clean and safe source of energy and will be a great beneficial revelation for the needs of every nation. Providing the ‘money’ men don’t hold all the aces and use it as another source of exploitation. But in respect of our own children and their children, their futures will benefit differently for the Vernesc and comic book future that impacted our young imaginations; that gave us such hopes. And dreams. It is a start one would suppose. At long last.

Locally for me, there is a power station in our town, fed by fossil fuels to generate electricity that adds to the National Grid.

Also locally, we have installations chocked with scientists working towards the goals our imaginations sought, some probably who viewed such futurescopes as I did. The possible annotations of this new project are, in the main, astounding to many people, people denied the visions a lot more of us were not only privy to but force fed on.

It has been announced, this week in my local newspaper that a new nuclear plant is to become a reality and while I feel somewhat pleased for the onset at this stage of advancement I still have reservations at the time scale offered for its ongoing construction, time I feel could have been started earlier or even ‘hurried’, time I had not previously envisaged, mind you, at six years old, everything seemed to arrive on the ‘next bus’!

I am now in my 52nd year. The forward thinking protagonists believe the plant would be fully operational, i.e. contributing to the National Grid, by 2050, building being completed by 2030 and, once a business case is compiled and completed (by next year – 2011) projectedly, technical thinking and preparation can begin in the interim years up to 2020 when the first stages of construction can begin in full, only 64 years after I had the initial privileged vision on my TV set of a fully working model when I was aged just six years old.

Am I right to be or feel disappointed while quietly being excited about what is, a big step in the progression of mankind and for the benefits of us all? You all?

Well that is my right.... (and your too if you so wish).

Advancement that occasions benefit is good, sometimes we have to wait a wee while? If we look gaze back into history and more especially, recent history, advancement has taken major strides, especially in technology.

Given that, at six years old and in those movies, we saw computers that were bigger than houses and let’s face it, couldn’t do that much. Today, you can hold a computer in the palm of your hand and can do so much more than anyone really could have thought possible 40 or 50 years hence.

We can telephone someone on the other side of the world. Wirelessly!

We have photographs beamed, from extreme outposts of the known universe, back to Earth to view on these hand held icons of technology giving us never-before-known concepts about the stars that make up the universe and teaching us more about how the Earth was initially formed and came to initialise life. Us.

And yet, children still die in thousands on a daily basis from simple ailments and the foregoing of the elixir of life, water, clean water. Rivers still burst their banks and create floods at the very hint of rain. A sometimes expected modicum of snowfall disables an entire road infrastructure, causing loss of life and/or liberty to many while children grow up without learning the basics of life or survival and work towards joining a queue once their education term is over. For dole!

Hospitals, created and built to heal and save lives are dirtied with disease that takes a fatal swipe at the healthy sick. There is no protection against increasing prices while the ‘operators’ are getting very rich on extreme and obscene profits purloined because of the needs of their customers.

There are no safeguards to ensure all are enabled the necessities of life, food and water, sometimes it being priced out of many people’s range of affordability.

Everyone has a right to life, comfortably so.

Obviously this nuclear fusion plant cannot be ensconced to ‘mend’ the aforementioned logistics but when the projected outcome has been operational and indexed, the benefits will provide for all nations, so much so that the other &lsquoroblems’ can be addressed more simply and hopefully, cheaper.

This project will create many jobs to begin within its first days of construction.  As an ongoing scheme, jobs will be safe for a couple of decades. That can only be good.

But, I think we may have missed the opportunity to have implemented this at an earlier stage, previous plans must have been commissioned and perhaps shelved. I don’t know, I’m just guessing but I’m sure the information isn’t something that’s just boiled. It’s been simmering a long while, hence those old Sixties movies and outlandish ideas. Many good things have been born of outlandish ideas.

Maybe some inauguration could have been enacted when the ideas first came to those clever enough to envisage what could come of simple doodles on notebooks from disenchanted science students wallowing in boredom at the back in lecture halls throughout the country’s universities. In simple terms, implemented from the very imaginations of children who were once six years old with avid interests in old B-movies on TV and the resulting imaginative renderings that came as they learned and understood.

If such things we hope for the future were only  written and displayed, even if only for entertainment purposes, why was it or is not, have been possible for someone to have nurtured a vocation, a dream to good for all? They did.

Unfortunately Mankind’s mental progression has been held up but it seems, it is now getting there. But was it viable before now? Was it deliberately delayed? And if so, why? The only answer I can think of is – sterling – the dollar – the yen – and the bloody euro!

Maybe I have an unhealthy cynical viewpoint. Perhaps so but given the ammunition, is it so surprising? War and controlled misery seems a much more paramount option to a world choking on it's own vomit...

However, we should openly welcome this new stride into progression of the planet’s resources and ensure that ONLY good can come of it. It must be stringently manned and not abused by those still Neanderthal enough to want to destroy their fellow man.

In an age that has seen the onset of death and destruction by, first, the atom bomb in 1945 and the consequent build up of weapons through mistrust of each other, culminating in a major stand off – the Cold War – and now a new threat that wants to sanitise the world by the very concept we know and will eventually see, benefit the whole of mankind.

We must stride forward and nuclear fusion is indeed the first step, a very major step but necessary for our ongoing survival on what is a sickening planet. Yep, it’s that word ‘nuclear’ again, only I’m no longer six years old. I know the dangers and while reserving a little private fear, I can see the benefits as well as the dangers in equal balance. We all will.

We must do this together. Everything else will come in all good time...

© tcmoon 2010  aka Ron
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Posted: Mar 8, 2010 2:46am
Jan 3, 2008
I think, at least once in all of our lives, we have felt oppressed and even, dare I say, poorer than others. But, today, you have to look at yourself and ask that question, do ya feel lucky?

OK, so I plagiarised Clint Eastwood's famous line while play Harry Callaghan but I'm not going to add the "did I fire five" suffix. But by taking stock of your own lives, the neighbourhood you live in, the quality of your friends, the prices you are willing (or not) to pay to keep yourself and your family's head above water. The fact that you have a roof over your head. The fact that the country you live in isn't aloud with the crescendo of bombs and guns; that in your street there are not young starving children on the sidewalk picking up bits of blown grain in order to encourage some sort of sustenance, a meal.

That's what I'm going to talk about in this passage;

Sometimes, and probably for most, only sometimes, we feel hard done by. Looking at the individual economies of some countries, I think we have the right to feel aggrieved.  Prices being hiked without good reason every now and again and we know, we believe, it is only through the insatiable greed of those who wield the power sticks; that we don't get much choice and we still continue to pay despite our reluctance. Because we have to.

We waste food at astronomical rates. Our standards are usually set so high we feel, as purchasers of that food, retain the right to discard it as we see fit, if it does not fit a criterion we have selfishly become accustomed to. That may sound harsh and cruel, but I'll bet if you sit and think about it, you'll know it's right. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that's how it is.

The same can said for our homes. We are, in the western world, lucky enough or, as many of you would rather see it described, worked hard enough to have a roof over our heads. It isn't a luxury, it's necessity and one, NO-ONE should be without. Just like,  at least, a daily meal

Many of you will own a car. I own a car and don't know how I'd cope if I didn't have one. I have trouble walking any reasonable distance without agony. My car is my lifeline to the outside, the physical world (as opposed to the world I inhabit via the internet).  If I had to walk six miles for water, for my family, we'd all die of thirst.
Simple really. So I guess, in a way, I'm lucky enough to have taps in my house which save me that walk to a far off communal well probably infested with microscopic health threatening creatures, something we have filtered out before it reaches our homes.

For lighting we have electricity. That, like our water, like our gas, is 'iped' into our homes as if by magic. It isn't magic, it's cables and piping but, we don't need candles to help us see. In fact, we have candles, usually scented, that smoke all day, eliminating niffs and whiffs we are not particularly fond of.

When winter settles in, I have central heating in my home. To keep us warm. If I lived in a tin hut in the middle of nowhere with just a candle for light and heat, I guess we all perish.

Is that lucky? Is this because the hand of fate dealt me from the bottom of the pack, allowing me the comforts and luxuries to which I have become accustomed, that I possibly could not now, live without? What do you think?

The world is full of a mish-mash of diverse peoples. It has ultimately become a world of them and us. They are the poor, the destitute, the sick, the frail  the dying, the homeless, the war ravaged.

We are the  us, the us that could, if we so wished to, do something about it but we are governed by people who shout a lot about poverty in what is colloquially known now as "The Third World". And we put those people into power, or at least, most of them. I didn't want to go into a political reformation plea bargain, that just occurred as I wrote, so do forgive me. But, it doesn't change the fact that, those elected officials made untold promises to us, not only change our lives for the better, but would see that those in the afflicted parts of the world would have their lives changed for the better too. Has it happened? Has it heck as like!

Why is it called "The Third World?" where is the second? And, more importantly, the first? Who is it  that makes the decisions to donate funds to help those in countries who, perhaps for no fault of their own, cannot balance their economies and have their people starving and dying in abject poverty? What's so lucky about that?

A small child on a desert highway somewhere in the war torn region of, lets say, the Sudan. He or she is walking through the dust and sand, with a bucket hanging from their neck, maybe on a yoke, off to find water to bring back for their family, either to drink, to wash, to bathe stricken and skeletal bodies or to cook with. Have we any real conception of this scene. These are scenes we don't see in our everyday, probably, mundane existences. We don't see the agony of this child, walking miles and miles just for a bucket of water.

We fail to comprehend this sort of life when, in comparison to our own, ample lives, bears no resemblance whatsoever. Is this child lucky in the hike to seek water? I don't think they'd call it luck but on the other hand, this child is probably lucky because he or she is ABLE to walk the distance to the well. IS able to bring water back to their family, for whatever they will use it for. Lucky enough to be alive?

During a water shortage a few short years ago, people queued at street standpipes to bring water to their homes, their families. And guess what? There were raised voices, protests, angry people, because water was in short supply. Were we lucky to have the standpipe in the first place?

There is a message here and, if you are followers of any particular religion, you'll know exactly what I mean.

So, here we all are. We have money to shop with. And many of us have jobs to earn that money. We have cars that probably help clog up the atmosphere and donate the symptoms of asthma to our young. We have homes of bricks and mortar in which to live, to shelter, to sleep and to keep us warm. We have supermarkets and corner stores in which we can buy consumables to feed us whenever we like; when hunger bites us just four hours after breakfast, we are able to sate our rumbling tums with a snack of a portion or junk food while "experts" continue to bleat about what we are eating and how it is bad for us.  While in another country, on another continent, children are starving to death, in agony. Parents there are giving up their  meals to sustain their weakening children. And we toss half eaten burgers into trash cans.

Those same people would fight for that half eaten burger, despite all it's E numbers, acne and clogged artery creating saturated fat.

We help, we all have helped to, hopefully, ease some of the suffering by whatever means open to us via donations etc. Should we do more? Could we do more? Can we afford it ourselves. Looking at price hikes, the fat cats getting fatter on the proceeds we spend in their stores, is it possible for us to give more and again I ask, should we?

After all, it's not our responsibility, is it? Is it? We have a duty to one another as brethren. It matters little how some holy texts are translated, they all have the same basic message and I see no mention of luck. No do I see any mention of allowing millions of people to become homeless, to fall victim to killer, incurable diseases, to starve to death in an agonising and undignified way.

At the end of any day, we are all one union. One faith if you like. Humanity! We are lucky enough not to be afflicted by the injustices many around this beautiful world of ours are. If you look at Africa, the biggest problem that needs attention forthwith. Darfur and Rwanda prime examples. Look at Asia and it's separate nations,  India and Pakistan in particular,  the plight they have suffered for one reason or another. Brazil has problems with people suffering in poverty as do many other nations in the South American continent.

 There are too many nations to list them all. There are too many people who have died, are dying, to list here also.

In the world, there is a lot of money. A LOT of money! But it all belongs to a few people, only hundreds in a world population of six billion! When Communism reared it's head, the ideals weren't all that bad, but, they were handled wrongly. People suffered when they shouldn't have.

All this money is secreted away in invisible accounts. Why? How are these people going to spend all they have accumulated? Why not share a little, give to places that need  it now. I've said it before, I'll say it again, when you die and you will, eventually, what will happen to all this treasure you've troved? You cannot take it with you!

Still feel lucky? Or not lucky at all?

I think we're all lucky we have our lives. We're lucky in the sense that we don't have to grovel in the dirt looking for a meal. We're lucky that we  don't have to walk miles for water, that we are blessed by invention, electricity. That we are tapped into gas, that we have doctors and nurses in hospitals and surgeries the world over, who are willing to help us, they have pills for this and another for that, that we have bread in our bellies and a roof over our heads. We have luxuries of TV on which we can now see, piped into our living rooms, the plight of people who really are not among the lucky people of this cruel, cruel world.

So, do ya still feel lucky?

© tcmoon 2007
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Posted: Jan 3, 2008 5:47pm
Dec 25, 2007
Hi all I've been out of commission a while, just out of hospital and recovering but I hope you're all having a great holiday and look forward to a great New Year for us all
Ron XX

Merry Christmas
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Posted: Dec 25, 2007 4:44pm
Aug 11, 2007
I know and am aware that a lot of people, even throughout Care2, harbour bad thoughts about the case of missing toddler Madeleine McCann. While I respect the fact that everyone is entitled to an opinion, I am appalled at some (only a very few) of the messages I have received because of my supporting of this situation.

The consequences that led up to this alleged abduction have already happened. We cannot change that they occurred, they just did. But there is no point in spending time and energy while filling oneself with negativity in apportioning blame on the parents etc., the fact remains , A CHILD IS STILL MISSING AND IN DANGER!!! And THAT should be the case in question. We are all human and all prone to mistakes, sometimes with devastating conclusions, but should it not matter more that we ALL lend a hand when and where we can to bring a fruitful conclusion to this case and the many thousands of others where children or people are missing or in distress? I think so. But I'm not important, what IS important is the fact that a child is missing and according to this report below, may well already be dead.

Imagine if this is the case while the odd few prefer to heap blame and more misery at the door of the parents. What if it were your child? It matters little that you NOW say it wouldn't happen because, because, because. A lesson has been learnt here and everything in hindsight is always different. It is pointless to continue to condemn the parents, if this report has nay truth, they will be devastated AND will feel enough blame and guilt by themselves. They won't need anyone else heaping yet more and making pariahs out of them publicly.

We are all supposed to belong to the human race. Where comes the catalytic word? HUMAN as in HUMANITY. Do you know what humanity means? I'm disappointed in the handful of people that have written to me with abuse and no doubt, after this, there will be more. Personally I don't know how you can live with yourselves. But do ask yourselves, what if it HAD been YOUR child?

My daughter went missing at five years old for SIX HOURS. Let me tell you, that was the worst six hours of my entire life! Both my wife blamed ourselves. We blamed our 11 year old son and his friend, with whom our daughter was on a fairground ride with, not 50 yards from where my wife I stood chatting with an RAF servieceman. (We were attending an airshow). Fortunately for us, a high ranking airman saw our daughter wandering away from the main arena, picked her up in his jeep, took her to an area already set aside for lost children. They fed her crisps and Coke and other goodies and then she told them who she was and it was announced over the tannoy system.

Maybe our case was minute compared to Maddie's and every other misper case, but it just showed how easy it is.

Furthermore, personally, I think some people believe this is the only case of it's kind I have been involved with. Not so. Just because I'm not 'seen' as such, doesn't mean I been idle, I have worked hand in hand with others in distribution etc., but then I don't believe I have to justify my part.

For those of who with varying faiths will be always doing their part, but using God in such a case as this as I was told, "God has done this. It's His punishment!" That is appalling and most of you I know, will agree with me.

So please, remove those thoughts from your minds if you're ready to blast me for my actions and attempts to help, not only Madeleine but many many others I have also tried to highlight. You are human beings, you should have humanity and caring. Why are there so many social problems on this planet? Because people forget about humanity and their duty to one another.

And as I belong to many social networks, I along with many others, have tried to keep Maddie and others in the public consciousness. "THE MORE WHO SEE, THE MORE WHO SEE" basically meaning that the more WE see the more WE can prevent. Don't let me down. Don't let those in peril down and most importantly, please, don't let yourselves down.

This may be the last thing I do at Care2. As some of you will know, I've suffered my own personal traumas of late and some of the messages I've received concerning one or two things I tried to do have been personally abusive. I joined Care to help make a difference even creating a successful group "Make A Difference-Smile", but I have been disappointed recently. Most of you who have written to me have been honest. Sometimes brutally but thats OK. The ones who have been abusive are the ones who are sadly destroying everything I have ever tried to achieve in life and that is sad.

As I said, only a few, very few have been abusive. The majority of my friends are wonderful people and I am so pleased to have to know them. But I think you all know who you are.
Thanks for reading and blessings to one and all.
muito amor

Get well soon Agnes and Dreama. much love.
Keep smiling Laurie. I love you all...

Ron (or as some may know me too on MySpace etc., tcmoon) XXX

Just had this over the wire, you may already have seen it:

Portuguese police investigating the disappearance of four-year-old Madeleine McCann acknowledged on Saturday that she might be dead.

Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa, one of the detectives leading the inquiry, told the BBC that recent evidence had prompted officers to pursue more intensely the theory she might have been killed.

Madeleine, from Rothley, Leicestershire, disappeared on May 3 during a holiday with her family in the resort of Praia da Luz, in the Algarve region of southern Portugal.

"In the past few days there have been some developments and clues that have been found that could point to the possible death of this child," Sousa told the BBC in an interview.

"All lines had been open but this line is now checking with a little bit of intensity," he said, speaking in English.

The clues to which he was referring were traces of blood found inside the apartment where Madeleine was sleeping, at the Mark Warner Ocean holiday resort, the BBC said on its Web site.

"We are waiting for lab results that have been collected," he added.

The traces of blood were being analysed in Britain to find out whether they matched Madeleine's.

Sousa refused to confirm or deny reports that police sniffer dogs had detected odours of a dead body in the apartment.

It was the first public acknowledgment by the police that Madeleine might have died, rather than been abducted.

He said her parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, were not considered suspects, following media speculation that they were under suspicion. Neither were friends who had been with them on the night Madeleine disappeared, he said.

The family marked the 100th day since her disappearance with a special church service on Saturday in Praia da Luz.

Despite the publicity, so far only one suspect has emerged, Briton Robert Murat, while sightings and reported breakthroughs have come to nothing or proved to be hoaxes.

The McCanns launched "Don't You Forget about Me", a channel on the video-sharing Web site YouTube to help trace missing children, to mark 100 days without their daughter.

Lets hope this isn't true and keeping praying...

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Posted: Aug 11, 2007 11:20am
Jun 16, 2007
Name: Driff_Wood
Type: Memorial (for the deceased)
To Honor: Individual(s)
Location: Famagusta, Cyprus, Cyprus

For those of you have crossed paths with Drifter on Care2 and beyond, will know what a caring soul he was and how he dealt with the tragedy that befell his life. He was experienced in life which made him interesting to know, always full of snippets and a very caring soul.


His life in Cyprus revolved mostly around his pet dog, who was his constant companion. He joined Care2 after joining an MSN group I run and also many other mediums I have been,  or am, involved in. A compassionate man and one who I’m sure, will be greatly missed by all who knew him, whether in the physical of cyberly.

Drifter passed away at the end of May, quietly and peacefully in his sleep. He would have been 57 on June 21st  tc/Ron X


Not many of us knew him well,

only friends in cyberspace

but Drifter or Driff as some would know,

was always welcome to our place


his life is enigmatic but lived and brave

his courage to carry on brought respect

and he'll be missed for his words

a man of talent and quiet intellect.


his life had suffered trials and tribs,

loneliness he carried as a scar

that served only to show us all

just what life is for thus far.


and now, he'll be watching

reunited with the loves he lost,

free from the agonies of death served

his subtle sins never covered that cost


but we learned from his manner, his way

to deal with what life carved in stone

but I feel sure and blessed that drifter

came into my life, so glad that I had known


such a gentle man who navigated rapids

deep and awesome, his courage, his life

and now on some heavenly avenue, in sunshine

he walks again with his children, his wife.


bless you mate wherever it is you might be

I’m so glad that our paths crossed

if only for a short while, a dear friend

and I pray you've recovered that which you lost.


stay safe now somewhere we shall all succumb

touching hearts and souls alike

missed? you betcha my old son

and we'll meet up when we all take that hike....


bless you Drifter, you suffered long

but you are a one-off, a masterpiece.

Privileged to have know ya my old mate

but I’m smiling because I know, at last

you've found that long sought piece.


Go safely unto the sun and walk upon moons

we all can only ever dream about.

Go unto your lord and your family who’ve waited

and when you're 'drifting' close by, gives us a shout...


© tcmoon 2007-06-14  (aka RonM.)

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Posted: Jun 16, 2007 4:53pm
Jun 13, 2007
OK, so I’m 49 years old, as of 6 am anyway. That’s about the halfway point of my life expectancy of the 140 barring any accidents and more maths exams at which I have been, and am, a dismal failure. Not sure anyone would notice tho’.

However, I’ve been walking and talking for the last forty eight of those years, excepting for when I died in a year that also involved an eight which virtually bears no relevance to the crap that I’m writing now.

Anyway, because I was abducted by aliens aged 18 months, which is quite an odd thing considering our (Earthborn) astronauts don’t get to go into space, (not to be confused with MySpace as it appears it has with some), until they reach the age of at least seventy three, and I was returned at 15, no age 15, not quite the cute and good looking specimen I became, at least, until I died in an horrific RTA and only learned to dance after that time.

So, birthdays. Just why do we celebrate them? I mean, come on, we look at life and all it’s hazards and miseries; all it’s faults and complaints; all the nuisance factors that herald themselves into our psyche on a thrice daily basis, why ever would we, do we, celebrate the day we were born. It’s not as if aliens do it. So I’m told anyway…

As children, birthdays were usually fun, unless you’re a child now, what do you think? Is it, are they, still fun? And cake? Why on earth do we create humongous chocolate cakes, humming with sweet, sweet icing in the hue of technicolour dreams, maybe with sweet angelica paraded upon their surface, all which, once neatly sliced (or not) melt in the tongue in a delightful array of taste splicing beauty. Then candles. Candles? Why do we light candles as a way of celebrating, or remembering the bloody age we’ve reached. Obviously there won’t be candles on my cake. Would need to have the fire brigade on hand, just in case. But that’s assuming I have a cake of course.

Perhaps no-one thinks I want on. Do I? I’m not sure, the smoke alarm is damned sensitive as it is and that’s just when the missus is cooking salads!  

But I undress. Sorry, DIGRESS! Birthdays are marked on calendars so that once a year we have a bloody excuse to get bladdered, and no-one argues about it. It also saves nicking notches into our bodies like we would a piece of wood, marking a calendar if we were shipwrecked alone on a desert island.

When we’re children, it’s a great way to have friends round that your parents wouldn’t normally have you associate with, to eat lots of stuff that government and other nosey old codgers tell us bad for us.

When we’re teenagers, it’s a statement to effect a condition to our elders and peers that we have ‘made it’, we’ve stepped up top that plate of life ahead, lovingly called, the future. A codicil that we are now fully aware of all those adult conditions we’ve been, for whatever reason, veered away from, like alcohol. And other stuff.

In our twenties, we kind of like to show everyone, we’re still young enough to have birthdays because we are still young, basically.

Thirties begin to get a bit scary, we are, quite by surprise, reminded that we’ve reached the point of no return. That our children are now doing what we did as children and somewhat overbearing teenagers. But we know that the big FOUR – O isn’t all that far way.

Then the forties. The age when life begins(?). Right! It’s said often enough to have people believe it. I don’t think it’s true tho’. Why would want to wait until we’re all or at least, pushing forty, to begin a life we’re already lived?

But the numbers now, seem to slow down. They have a will all their own. We begin to drop one year, then two, four, eight until we’re bloody 29 again.

At forty nine, I am much younger than my father was at this age. At forty nine, I look back with nostalgic feeling, at school days and old friends. Even at this, still somewhat tender age, people I schooled with have already left the planet, which has a sadness all it’s own. But it does make one look more definitively at oneself and the lifestyle we have created and exist in. we have memories we can call our very own, no-one else can or could live them. They are unique. They are exclusive. They are ours.

So by 6 AM, give or take a few minutes, can’t remember, I know I was there but it’s not always easy to recall such events with clarity, anyway, six AM, fourteenth of  June in the year two thousand and seven, I shall pass the landmark of forty nine years of age. I’ve lived a life, even if only half of a projected figure yet to be approved by whosoever fills in the logbook and experienced highs and lows. Have had some horrendously sad moments and some horrendously happy times. Whether pf which outweighs t’other, cannot be decided simply by trying to judge, I have at least, lived while trying to achieve much, maybe the goals have been set to high but don’t we all try all the same? ‘Course we do.

So will I celebrate this birthday like any other, for example, as I did as a child? Well yes. And no. yes because those close to me, family, friends, seem to insist it is so. Can’t ask for much more really can I ? and if there had to be a no, it would be because of those who are no longer with us, family, friends, even acquaintances whose paths have crossed over the past forty nine years.

But also because, as a child, it was as much as your Mum would do to ensure the day passed without fuss but successfully happy. My Mum is no longer with us, as in earthbound, but she’ll be watching from somewhere not too distant to ensure this one passes also without a hitch, just as it did at around 6 AM forty nine years ago.

And that’s why we have birthdays. For our Mums….

© tcmoon 2007-06-14

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Posted: Jun 13, 2007 6:15pm
Jun 3, 2007
Tell me, why does Britain need to spend millions of sterling on upgrading the Trident (nuclear) missile project (arsenal)?

Why does Pakistan, India, Iran or North Korea feel the need to join the arms race and own a nuclear arsenal?

And why does America flagrantly ignore the wishes of, firstly, their own electorate and the whole of humanity, refusing to make approaches that would lead to total global disarmament. The same applies to Russia?

I fail to see the need for ANYONE to own an arsenal that boast items of mass destruction, if ever used, would wipe out mankind. I fail to see why mankind lives in such a inharmonious lack of trust and insistence of tribal and territorial mentality. That everyone else are enemies and never can be friends.

It isn't just one or two nations, tho' at present, it is one or two who pose the biggest threat to the world peace secured in 1945.

North Korea is run by a dictator who turns all the lights off at night. And I DO mean ALL the lights, the entire country falls into darkness. Should he be applauded for what may be seen by some as taking a major stance in the growing trend of aiding the battle against global warming? I hardly think so. This is about power. And I hardly think someone who believes to be seen as performing the, then why he is he so intent on developing his own nuclear arsenal, warheads he believes will counteract the possible insurgence of American forces into his country? I'm sorry Kim, but I just don't figure how you have come to such a conclusion. North Korea has no real tactical importance. It has nothing to offer the world by way of energy or oil, so why is Kim so paranoid? Power.  Aww, diddums, did liccle Kimmie chuck his dummy outta his pram?

By developing a nuclear weapon, Kim will certainly get noticed, he will be ensuring his tiny nation becomes a target. And just what have his people done to deserve that? Or does he somehow believe that, with the added strength and threat of a nuke at his fingertips, that his neighbour, China, will fall in on his side? Oh do wake up Kim!
Pakistan and India have always had grievances against each other. I cannot see the logic of the wish to bomb the merry hell out of each other tho'. Maybe I'm not seeing the full picture here but come on, lets face it, they're both cut from the same cloth for goodness sake just as are North and South Korea; just as are North and South Dakota; just as are East and West Sussex!

And Iran. Who's agenda do they claim to be following?  In a region that is a hotbed of political and religious fervour and unrest, they too want a bomb. Why? If they needed to do anything against the world as such, they could halt the oil supply. But why do they need to attempt to hold the world to ransom by any method? And why do they need to threaten THEIR own part of world with complete and utter annihilation?

As a leading country in the very cradle of civilisation, you'd have thought they'd have caught up with the rest of the world by now. Do they want the bomb so they can instil their medieval practices on the rest of the world? To have every man turn on his neighbour and kill them? To treat people as THEY see fit? To treat women like third class citizens, covered and speechless? There are no crusades anymore because other nations are not interested in anyone not prepared to help themselves first or admit they just might be wrong.

WAKE UP! This is the 21st century. Peace reigns over 97% of the world. 50% of that world are happy with their lot, so long as they left to live it. The remainder are only complaining, rightly, because of greedy governments and insidious tax hikes.

It is about time, long overdue, that, once and for all, man, whatever, whoever, stood alongside his neighbour, from wherever, and screamed "ENOUGH!"

This applies to ALL nations. We under the NATO umbrella MUST be seen to be doing something. That's why I question the ethics of a government ready to shell out millions of pounds on what they call a "nuclear deterrent" while millions are starving and dying. While millions have nowhere to live and millions suffer through disaster and hardship. We should ALL be concentrating on global warming and how to halt it. Nuclear missiles would only add to the breakdown of nature and our Mother Earth…

I know my words won't even scratch the surface of the inequity that surrounds anything political or military. They will ruffle the brows of the despotic and cretinous morons who, for whatever reason, are in charge in this creation forsaken world of ours, so it's probably a waste of my time for writing, and yours for reading so I've wasted my breath, my ink and my computer space but I'm still saying it to you all who have read and digested it, we should be unfettering ourselves from the shackles placed around us by our illustrious leaders and speak out.

To reiterate why I began writing this…

Why, why, why does ANYONE need a nuclear arsenal? If they are even contemplated as being used or are, indeed, used, there will be no victory because there will be no victor. There will be no-one left to ensure it never happens again either. So what is the f****** point?!

NB. Answers on a postcard to bunker A. DC. That's district of  Chiswick not Columbia.

© tcmoon 2007-06-01

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Posted: Jun 3, 2007 5:40pm
Dec 18, 2006

I remember Christmas as a young girl
When all I ever wanted
Was the dollie in the run down store
Next to Macey’s window glamour.
She had matted hair,
Only one eye and a  torn dress.
Mama had consumption
And Poppa died back in the war.
I never got that dollie
Tho’ Mama said she’d try
But I passed away on Christmas Eve
And became a preacher man.

I remember Christmas as  a padre,
Bible tucked under my arm;
A tiny wooden cross hung around my neck
And a phial of holy tincture
Under my smock.
I prayed with the living
I prayed for the dying
As the bullets and bombs
Raged all  around. All
I ever wanted was peace on Christmas Day
But I passed away on Christmas Eve
And became a miner’s mule.

I remember Christmas, I was working,
My job was to pull the coal trucks
Three hundred feet underground.
That’s when I first met my father
Who tended and fed us.
With lungs full of dust
And eyes blanketed in black,
I plodded on, down the tunnels
And back again,
Hauling black gold to warm the world.
All I ever wanted for Christmas
Was to breathe real air
In some flowered pasture above
But I passed away on Christmas Eve
And became a starving desert child.

I remember Christmas as my family and I
Prayed for rain
To raise our crops, that we
Might eat to ease our
Distended tums. And I prayed
For my brothers and sisters
Of the Earth. That the world
Never have to suffer as I have,
As I did. I would wish more at Christmas
Because they told me
That was when dreams came true
But I passed away on Christmas Eve
And became a swaddled babe.

I remember Christmas as a babe
In swaddling, men travelled
From afar and brought gifts to bestow
Upon me, to a lowly stable below a bright star,
Where animals lay before me
And angels sang in harmony
And the world rejoiced in my name,
And on Christmas Eve?

That’s when
I am that young girl.
I am that padre.
I am that mule.
I am that desert child.
I am that babe.
I am one and I am all,
Not just for Christmas,

But everyday….
© tcmoon 2006-12-11 aka RonM
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Posted: Dec 18, 2006 7:13pm


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