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Nov 1, 2012

*~ To all who have welcomed me many,many thanks ~*

                                                                CHEROKEE DAWN


I awaken to the silence,

Softly it wraps around the world;

Dreams still float upon the air,

Not yet ready to loosen their memory.

Quietly I step outside,

The sleeping world unaware that I am there;

Above me the sky is still dark,

Stars still glimmer, but the moon is low.

All about me the air is hushed,

Breezes gently ruffle my hair; caress my cheek

First morning song of the lark gently wafts across the valley,

Seems for me she sings alone.

In the east there now is a faint luminescence,

A hint of pearly tones etch the edges of the tree crowned hills;

Strong and tall they await the coming,

Of a new day, filled with promise.

More light gently flows westward,

Now across the valley I see a vision;

The hills are wreathed in a living mist,

It moves, touches each thing in it's path.

The sky now is filled with glorious colors,

blue, cerise, lavender, the hues of dawn;

Mists slowly ebb backward into the forests,

Retreating, going home to await the night once again.

My prayers are now said,

Sage smoke still spirals to the heavens;

I touch the ground gently in a gesture of gratitude,

As Grandfather Sun now has risen over the hill tops.

The wispy mists now are gone,

No longer can they be seen anywhere;

Birdsong echoes from hillside to hillside,

The morning well greeted.

Day has come to Cherokee,

Peacefulness surrounds the Great Smokies;

Was it mist I truly saw,

Or was it old ones, keeping watch through the night?

-- Unknown
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Posted: Nov 1, 2012 9:39pm


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