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Mar 30, 2010

Another article, another rant.

I find it quite amazing that we now have to hire immigrants with lower qualifications to create the impression of a multicultural country, then we have to give them more breaks so they can pray, hire extra staff so they don't have to serve alcohol and contraception... The list goes on.

After doing all of this for immigrants what do we do to the citizens who have been paying taxes for years? Fire them because they wont remove their crucifix which has offended some poor immigrant.

Why not just make it illegal for all citizens to live here!
That's exactly whats happening with the current political situation.

The Holocaust never happened because the immigrants are offended by it being taught to their kids, and the immigrants are working while the families who have lived here for generations are forced out of work by some new equality legislation or by a recession.

Yet people wonder why the country is screwed up! We've in essence given up ownership of it to immigrants.

Don't get me wrong, the majority of them are good hard working people and its good that they are given a chance at having a good life in a new country but it costs citizens their lives and forces them to move away to find a better life.

The question has to be asked, who does the government work for? The voters or the immigrants? Oh wait I forgot they are the same thing in the eyes of the government. Invite them in, use the tax payers money to give them a house, a job, and then give them a vote so they can make sure their fellow countrymen can follow them in.

Such a sad state, such a ruined country.
It was nice knowing you England, next year you'll be called something else, all the history lost because it offends some poor new immigrant.

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Posted: Mar 30, 2010 8:06pm
Mar 28, 2010

After reading this article: I have to admit myself dissapointed in the justice system.

"One man caught with 24,000 indecent images, including serious abuse pictures, was given 12 months and not made to follow an intensive programme."

So mathematically speaking each picture is worth 21.9 minutes of jail time. Is this really sufficient for the crime? After all we are talking about images of underage children here.

The maximum sentence being 10 years, at the above rate how many images would that take to get the maximum sentence? 240,000 pictures. A quarter of a million pictures. Seriously?!? How many thousands of underage children would be photographed to get that much? Thousands of kids lives harmed and a slap on the wrist as punishment.

What a great justice system in the U.K.

"Napo's report uncovered jail sentences of less than a year and community punishment for those caught in possession of child sex abuse material."

So in this report people caught with child porn had the huge punishment of cleaning up some garbage? That's a tough punishment... Hardly. Surely the crime of possession of child sex abuse material should be worth more than a few hours of community service.

Its time to Act!

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Posted: Mar 28, 2010 10:19am
Mar 25, 2010

It's official. Political correctness is causing increased unplanned pregnancies. Just how far will politicians go to make immigrants feel welcome and citizens feel helpless?

In the U.K. they no longer teach the holocaust because Muslims don't believe in it, you don't have to sell alcohol if its against your beliefs and you don't have to sell contraception if its against your beliefs.

The worst part is that included within the definition on contraception is the morning after pill. That's great, the condom rips you go to get the morning after pill and get told to come back tomorrow when some one else is working who's beliefs aren't against the use of contraception.

To top it all off they wonder why unplanned pregnancies are on the rise and spend a few million pounds on an investigation as to why.

On the whole this doesn't sound to bad because there are multiple pharmacies and multiple places to buy all forms of contraception right? Well maybe in the big cities but take a moment to think about small little towns and villages which only have a couple local stores. What happens when the local pharmacist is against contraception? Every woman in town is now at risk for STD's and unplanned pregnancies.

But they couldn't they just go to the next town/village/city to get their contraception you may ask? Not everyone has transport. Not every town and village has public transport. Now what? They are left sitting there with a kid or STD for which they don't have the means to take care of it.

All of this because a bunch of people moved into the country and demanded it should be ran how they want it when they want it. The politicians bent over backwards to do it.

Britain is no longer under the control of the British, its controlled by the immigrants. Welcome to New West Islam, formerly known as Great Britain.

What does this have to do with anyone in North America though? They are 3,000 miles away that can't affect us! Well think again. Britain is the closest Ally to the USA, the brothers in arms in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here is the problem. What happens when Iran builds nuclear weapons? Where will Britain be then? They will be flooded with protests from former Iranians and they will be forced out of the fight to save their own skin from terrorism. That will leave the USA with the need to find other ally's who aren't quite so willing to help. That's where the real problems begin.

God save the Queen.

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Posted: Mar 25, 2010 11:03am
Mar 17, 2010

I recently read an article titled: Major Report Explores Staggering Impact of Meat Production and I this paragraph got me thinking.

“Because only a third of the nutrients fed to animals are absorbed, animal waste is a leading factor in the pollution of land and water resources, as observed in case studies in China, India, the United States and Denmark,” the authors wrote. Total phosphorous excretions are estimated to be seven to nine times greater than that of humans, with detrimental effects on the environment.

In the gardening world its well known that manure is an excellent source of plant food. Considering the above fact that two thirds of the nutrients that go in the front come out the rear it makes sense. The question I have to ask is why are we labeling it as pollution?

In rivers it can be labeled as such because it causes a large growth of algae and other aquatic plant life which harms the fish but on land where does the problem lie?

The first problem is that on the typical animal farm there is simply too much for what little plant life there is. Lets face it grasses and grains doesn't need a great deal of food to keep it growing. So what happens to all these excess nutrients? They get washed away into nearby lakes, rivers, and streams which is where the pollution label comes from.

The second problem is it needs to decompose for at least a year before it can be a good benefit to the soil. Un-composted manure has too much nitrogen which causes an effect known as burning. To keep things simple lets just say its not a good thing for any plant. Another problem with un-composted manure is that it can contain harmful pathogens including E.coli.

So the logical solution is lets just pile all the manure into a big pile in the corner of the ranch and let it decompose. The problem with that is there wont be enough air reaching the center of the pile and any composting expert will tell you a lack of air is a bad thing. When a lack of air hits the bacteria in a compost pile, they die off and they are replaced by a different group of bacteria which releases methane gas which we all know isn't a good greenhouse gas. To make matters worse those bacteria take longer to make compost.

So to keep the compost pile happy you need to keep turning it over but the average rancher doesn't have time for that so how do we deal with it then? The only practical solution is to scoop it up and send it to a local composting program. But where are the ranchers going to get the time to scoop it all up? We can't expect them to make time to scoop up every pile of animal waste on their ranches. It simply isn't practical nor is it ever going to happen.

The next issue is what if there isn't a local composting program around? There truly needs to be one in every village, town, and city across the planet because if people aren't composting we wind up with the problem of all this organic matter winding up in landfills and there it decomposes without air which in turn releases methane gas.

In the end the only solution is to set up local manure collection programs to collect the manure and take it to the local composting program.

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Posted: Mar 17, 2010 4:09pm
Sep 16, 2008

While you read this your computer is sitting at 99% idle cpu. Actually the majority of the time your cpu sits at idle because there is simply more computing power than needed. All modern cpu's are running at nearly a billion calculations per second or more simply put your computer can do 2+2 a billion times a second. Thats great now what can we do with all these calculations? put them to a good use. There is such a thing that allows you to do just that, its called distributed computing.

How does it work you may ask? well there are projects that require years of cpu time on a single computer but can be split up to run on multiple computers. So why should you care about these projects? Some of these projects include climate prediction, screening drugs to block hiv/aids, finding a cure to cancer, finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease, finding radio evidence of E.T.I., and many more.

So by leaving your computer on 3 hours a day you can help find a cure for many diseases or help predict climate change and at the same time your pc will be carbon neutral with a single click on the race to stop global warming.

These projects do not compromise the security of your computer and they use very little of your internet so what's to loose? You don't hurt the environment plus you can save lives.

For more info: or

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Posted: Sep 16, 2008 9:04am


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