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Oct 27, 2009

Travellers, Seekers & Wandering Ways – Web Radio – Oct. 29



Join us LIVE on Thursday, October 29 @ 1:30 pm EST when our guest will be Sam Pasco, pianist and composer. Sam has studied and extensively researched the healing effects of music. With this knowledge he has compiled tranquil melodies to evoke harmonious feelings within the listener. Come join us on as we discuss the path to
wellness and discover music’s universal power in speaking to your body… as well as to your soul!

Here’s a sample of what others have said about Sam’s music;

“Your music is rich and resonant very well done”

Kelly Preston & John Travolta

“Your music is beautiful and deeply moving”

- Marianne Williamson



Travellers, Seekers & Wandering Ways’ launched in September with Laurie Huston of Intuitive Soul Radio as our first guest. LISTEN NOW as Laurie talks about clearing and meditation work, a blessing that has been channelled to create a clear path to your Divine Consciousness.


Peace & light,

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Posted: Oct 27, 2009 9:19am
Nov 9, 2008



Only human beings can change their evil ways, their ups and downs, pitfalls, shortcomings, anger, pride—all their bad qualities. Then they can experience their own divine nature.”

Paramahamsa Hariharananda



In Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying, Sogyal Rinpoche states, “Hatred and anger, when truly recognized, arise with diamond like clarity, free from grasping; this is the ‘mirror like wisdom.” Here is the wonderful imagery of the mirror, a reflection upon the surface. When we are not in front of the mirror there is only the reflective surface; it is only when we stand in front of it that we see a reflection of our physical self. There are many surfaces upon which there are reflections, whether a mirror, a conversation, or words upon a blank piece of paper. Each of these allows us the opportunity for realization and an unfolding of awareness of the self. To that end, when we fight or argue, we are arguing against and with ourselves; the mirror absent of the divine self.


Anger and resentment can manifest with righteous indignation. A recent posting, titled “The Secret & Law of Attraction as Fabrications of Greed”, elicited the following response:


“I read the article you posted and thoroughly agree with its central precepts. These are concepts that I have felt inwardly to be true for a long time.


However, the downfall of the materialism which you mentioned, that the Gnostics and Cathars considered to ruin the souls of men and lead them away from the path of light, can only be achieved by the demise of world Jewry and the final destruction of 'man-centred' Judaeo-Christian thinking everywhere.


The Jew is the archetype of capitalist man and only stands to gain from a sterile economic worldview. That is why you find them as the the spiritus rectus behind globalisation and the New World Order—the ferment of decomposition of peoples and nations.”


In this response we see a concept that singles out a cultural/religious group in order to place blame. To be true to the facts, this group was given, by another religious group, the fiduciary responsibility that these ‘Christians’ were unwilling to shoulder based on the dogma of their belief system. Even then, there was an occlusion from society for those that were given this usury provision. Historically speaking, there has always been a division based on class, economic background and heritage, whether the kings and queens of ancient Egypt, the caste system of India, or the hierarchy of any other society, old or new. The only concern involves the society that creates this segregation and separation and continues to maintain the illusion of elitism.



A ‘man-centred’ ideology is not limited to Judeo-Christian belief—it is a fact of the world around us, no matter the cultural or religious background. It is this ‘man-centred-ness’ that prohibits forward movement and progress. It matters little what we say ‘against’ current belief systems; it matters little that we point fingers or argue and feel resentment towards any group. It is what we can do individually to change our self, our immediate circle of influence in terms of acceptance and tolerance offered with compassion, that is important.


The manifestation of anger can result from something as trivial as squeezing a tube of toothpaste from the top. Again, the egocentric person feels resentment when their preferences are seemingly disregarded. This resentment unleashes anger. The tube of toothpaste has no feeling whether it is squeezed from the top or bottom. It is within the self that these emotions are created with various ego-centred rationalizations. These too are illusions of the mind, the distorted reflections of the mind upon the mirror.


Anger and resentment are currently observed every day as ‘road rage’. There seems to be a sense of entitlement to space and an inability to have patience (i.e., tolerance, consideration and empathy). The space is not ours, as space itself is an illusion and we are merely here to ‘tend’ to this world and each other. We are integrally connected to all that is around us; cause and effect is a ‘two-way street’—that which is given out is returned.


I have seen cars weave in and out of traffic to get to the ‘head of the line’, speeding as if in a race. There is little difference in the minute or two gained, or reaching the next street light before someone else. If we are moving we will get to our destination. In the meantime, if we appreciate all that is around us, we realize acceptance and tolerance.


Many times I have been cut off while riding my bicycle in traffic. Luckily, on a bike you can stop pretty quickly, and being out in ‘space’ you are able to breathe. It is within this breathing that we are able to manifest tolerance and compassion, and experience the wonder of the world around us.


We can only change our self. We can alter how we react to the mirror in front of us. It is with awareness that we can transmute anger and resentment—whether they stem from economic or cultural factors, religious elitism, or simple daily stressors—into a realization of compassion, tolerance and acceptance on a Path to Light.





©T.S. (Tim) White, 2008

All rights reserved.

Oct 15, 2008

One of the true joys in life is to earn money doing something you are passionate about, which also makes a great contribution in the lives of others.


If you are passionate about health (yours as well as other people’s) AND you'd like to earn money helping others with their health, then you'll need to read further.


It's an invitation for you to check out a new Health Coach Business Program created by the folks at Hilton Johnson Productions Inc. (If you are not familiar with HJP, they are a well respected training company which has specialized in training entrepreneurs for the past ten years.)


Frankly, Professional Health Coaching is one of the most exciting and unique business ventures I have seen in many years.....and I am happy to offer you the opportunity to check it out for yourself.


        Tuesday, October 21 at 2:00 pm ET (New York Time)


On this 90 minute class, exclusively for my friends, you will learn how to become a Professional Health Coach and create an income stream of $191.00 per hour (based on an independent study) working over the internet and phone.


Join us Tuesday, October 21 at 2:00 pm ET New York Time for a unique 2- part teleconference/web tour by Hilton Johnson entitled:


         "Earn Multiple Streams of Income as a Health Coach"


(This is a 2 part teleconference/ web tour, and you must be on your computer and telephone at the same time.


During this 90 minute class you will learn:

1. How to earn $191.00 per hour without having to leave home

2. How to find coaching clients

3. How your life can take on a new meaning as you begin to make a HUGE difference in people's lives.....and the Health Care Industry in general

4. Why corporations are currently seeking out Health Coaches to coach their employees

5. How you can immediately make money as a Professional Health Coach

6. Why Health Coaching is such a unique opportunity and why the timing couldn't be better


If you believe in preventive health, like helping people and would enjoy working over the phone and Internet full or part will not want to miss this training call.


You'll get to experience an actual demonstration of how simple and effective Health Coaching is, and also take part in a live web-tour of the Virtual Coaching Office you can use to simply and easily manage hundreds of clients at a time.


Secure your spot now!!

To register for the yowl part presentation, please click on the following link, or copy and paste it to your browser (be sure to complete the entire registration process._)


(You will receive the bridge line instructions via e mail after registering, as well as web tour instructions if you have completed the entire registration process as prompted)


Wishing you all the best!


PS To secure your space on this powerful call please click on this link now or copy and paste into your browser to register



Laurie H Davis
Empowerment Consultant Teleclass Leader
LOL Laurie on Line


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Posted: Oct 15, 2008 9:19am


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