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Jun 8, 2008
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States

                         Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe

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{This Alert Cited From the Care2 News/'Animals'}:

Blazing Cruelty - Villagers Laugh As Bull Endures Flame Torture In Firework Fiesta

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StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 5 hours ago -
PLZ SEE PETITION IN COMMENTS: A panic-stricken bull tosses his head in terror as jeering men turn him into a sickening live firework display.He rushes about bellowing in agony for 30 horror-filled minutes.

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Posted: Jun 8, 2008 1:41pm
Apr 5, 2008

Please help stop the monster who did this!

tied 2 wall 2 die
death comes but no one cares
no food no water just the people watchingUpload a Photo or Video

You may recall fro a few months ago, the petition (that is set to be done in May!) created to protest this monster for this cruel 'art show' last year. Sadly, he is going to do it again.

Please help me stop this disgusting excuse for a human being! I know it can be done!

Please forward these petitions & if you have not signed...

Also, if anyone has information on this artist, the art exibit etc., please pass it on.

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Posted: Apr 5, 2008 12:25am
Oct 17, 2007

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Posted: Oct 17, 2007 11:10pm
Oct 17, 2007
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Various
Location: United States
Yet another puppy burning and this time it’s a three month old beagle in Paterson, NJ, that someone threw some caustic substance on and left to suffer!

If anyone knows of a petition for this poor little puppy, please leave post (a comment with the link).


See the VIDEO:

Please see 'For the Love of the Dog' website. It is full of helpful tips, articles and links & also (sadly), abuse/cruelty alerts as well.

Thank you to all of those who have taken the time to read this.

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Posted: Oct 17, 2007 8:30pm
Oct 14, 2007

From Puppy Impaled Anally&Tortured 2 Deathetition - Pets in Need -

      Puppy Impaled Anally & Tortured 2 Death: Petition

"Our Lives Begin to End the Day We Become Silent About Things that Matter"---PET-ABUSE.COM

Hi Everyone:
     This is a petition from Professor Coqui Montiel from Canadian Voice For Animals Argentina. It is in Spanish, but here is the translation.
Please note that Coqui will see this through to the end. She will not rest until these miscreants are judged.
PUPPY BEATEN, TIED, IMPALED ANALLY WITH HOT STEEL ROD AND BURNED TO DEATH BY TWO TEENAGERS. PETITION FOR JUSTICE. A puppy ran up to two high school students for affection and one of the boys began kicking it till it lay immobile. The other boy came to his friend and helped him tie the puppy's paws together to keep it from struggling. They proceeded to kick the puppy together until one of them grabbed a steel rod from a can which had burning embers in it and flames, proceeded to impale the puppy through his anus, and thus flipped the puppy through the air tossing it into the flaming can and burning it to death. PLEASE sign the petition below to be presented to judges at a Naval Base in Argentina, proving to them the WORLD COMMUNITY will NOT STAND for this horrible abuse and demand JUSTICE. Sign This petition demanding the maximum punishment for this horrible abuse. Please forward.
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Posted: Oct 14, 2007 10:36pm
Oct 13, 2007     

Please feel free to forward these (including the 'Beagle Puppy vivisection' post). I have been following the situation(s) in China for a while... it is really bad. I have a great deal of info on the following:

Including photos, video, 'df.' brochures and flyers that I can send your way if you want...a lot of it is REALLY sad & frankly, it is difficult to watch (graphic & heart-wrenching).

'Evil MADE in CHINA' 
{my main folder's title for China; anything sent will have this header}

*dog/cat/rabbit/seal fur trade
*dogs for (live)meat
*puppies used for (live)sharkbait
*turtles butchered alive for meat (& tortoises)
*dolphin/whale hunting/slaughter
*shark finning
*horses 'death-fighting' (China's newest 'death' sport trend)
*primate killing (mutiple situations)
*cow slaughter
*pig/hog/boar torture & slaughter

***other issues as well, but I would need to pull up the files. PLEASE let me know if you or any of your friends would be interested in aquiring the subject matter. 
I spend aproximately 5-6 (or more when possible) hours a day reading and searching animal welfare issues & I have aquired so much data, but I have not been able to really orgainize it to get it out 'there'... unfortunately, there are always new issues I am exposed to and I lose track.

Thank you for your time.

Julie S
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Posted: Oct 13, 2007 10:04am


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