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May 5, 2009
Please forward far and wide! Received from Western Canada Wilderness Committee:
"Our Living Legacy: The Threatened Ancient Forests of Vancouver Island and BC's South Coast"
by Jeremy Sean Williams

26 minutes long, in 3 parts on Youtube:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

This is a powerful new documentary by Jeremy Williams about the campaign to protect the last old-growth forests and forestry jobs on Vancouver Island and BC's South Coast. The fight for ancient forests exploded in 1993 on Vancouver Island in Clayoquot Sound, where thousands of people joined efforts to save the old-growth rainforests, including Dr. David Suzuki and Australian rock band Midnight Oil. In recent years a resurgence in environmental concerns, partly triggered by Al Gore's climate change documentary "An Inconvenient Truth", has also been accompanied by a massive expansion of the ancient forest movement again on Vancouver Island, as thousands of environmentalists and forestry workers join together in solidarity at mass rallies in Victoria organized by the Wilderness Committee.
See spectacular images of Vancouver Island's enormous ancient trees, giant stumps and clearcuts, protests, and the export of raw logs to foreign mills.
Interviews/ speeches by Arnold Bercov (Pulp, Paper, and Woodworkers of Canada union), Gisele Martin (Tla-ook Cultural Adventures, Nuu-chah-nulth Nation), Eli Enns (Tla-o-qui-aht Tribal Park Coordinator, Nuu-chah-nulth Nation), Ken James (Youbou TimberLess Society), Valerie Langer (Friends of Clayoquot Sound blockade organizer and ForestEthics), Jane Sterk (BC Green Party leader), Bob Simpson (Opposition Forestry Critic), Carole James (NDP BC Leader), and Ken Wu (Wilderness Committee). Also includes a little-known quote by Barack Obama.
***NOTE: Although the film was originally released on April 13 on Google, this version essentially has removed the technical problems in the first release. Apologies for the delay.

Also, see the Wilderness Committee’s new opinion piece in the Times Colonist at:


Take part in UPCOMING EVENTS during the SPEAK-UP for ANCIENT FORESTS and BC JOBS – 10 DAYS OF ACTION campaign between May 2 to 11, including:


TOMORROW, Saturday, May 2:  BIKE RIDE AND RALLY for Ancient Forests!

If you have a bike, please join us!!

Meet 12:00 noon at the University of Victoria SUB (Cinecenta side), then ride to Mount Doug Park, arriving at 12:45 pm in the parking lot at the base of the mountain for a couple speeches among the giant Douglas firs!

Facebook Page at:

Organized by AFROG (Action FoR Old-Growth). Contact Marlie van Roy at 

***NOTE: This is NOT a naked bike ride – please keep your clothes on for this one!


Monday, May 4:  VICTORIA - Speak Up for Ancient Forests – FREE Bumper and Bike Stickers!

12:00 noon -1:00 pm, Wilderness Committee office and store, 651 Johnson St., Victoria

We have NEW "Save our Ancient Forests and Ban Raw Log Exports" bumper stickers and bike stickers, 250 each! We will be giving these away for FREE for those who show up between 12 noon to 1 pm on Monday, May 4 to our Victoria downtown office and store, and afterwards will sell them at cost. Please come down on Monday during lunch hour and show your support for our campaign!


Wednesday, May 6: SAANICH - Pre-Election Walk for Ancient Forests in John Dean Provincial Park

1:00-2:00 pm, parking lot of John Dean Park (at the end of Dean Park Road), Saanich

Come for a small hike with the Wilderness Committee’s Ken Wu in one of the finest old-growth Douglas fir ecosystems left in BC and find out what you can do in Saanich or anywhere else in BC to help the campaign to ensure that all politicians understand the need to protect our last old-growth forests and forestry jobs on Vancouver Island.

Facebook page at:



Saturday, May 9: BURNABY - Rally for Ancient Forests and BC Jobs

1:00-1:30 pm

Burnaby MLA Richard Lee’s office

1833 Willingdon Avenue (by Buchanan St., 1 block north of Lougheed highway and across from Brentwood Mall)

Come for a brief but important rally and petition drive to end old-growth logging on BC’s South Coast and to ban raw log exports!   Organized by the Burnaby and Coquitlam Ancient Forest Committee


Saturday, May 9: VICTORIA Benefit Concert for the Wilderness Committee, “The Forests for the Trees”, featuring Giraffe Aftermath, Fuzzcat, Day to Day, and Aegis Fang. 9:30 pm – 2:00 am, 1415 Broad St., Victoria  Events Center.  $13 advance, $15 at the door. Tickets at Lyle’s Place and Hemp and Company. Presented by West Coast Creative. Sponsored by CFUV, Hemp and Company, Camosun Students for Environmental Awareness.


Monday, May 11: OAK BAY (Victoria) – PETITION PARADE and RALLY for ANCIENT FORESTS and BC JOBS - more details To Be Announced...



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Posted: May 5, 2009 3:14pm
Jan 28, 2009
Reading one wonderful story submitted on Care2 News, I came across this one, definitely worth sharing.  

In this forest village of India, every marriage ceremony is followed by planting two trees, one by the bride and the other by the groom. This is an excellent medium for generating awareness among villagers regarding environmental issues.

Maiti Van is a campaign launched by WWF-India in the state of Uttaranchal under the Terai Arc Landscape (TAL) Program. Started in February 2006, this innovative program encourages marrying couples to plant saplings during their marriage ceremony.

Whenever there is a marriage in any of the TAL’s target villages, two saplings, one of fruit and the other of fodder species, are given by WWF-India, as a gift to the bride’s family. The bride and bridegroom plant the saplings on their wedding day. This activity has helped encourage plantation on private land in target villages.

The local community has readily accepted this new tradition and suggested that WWF-India also provide them with saplings on other occasions such as the namkaran samaroh (celebrations of giving name to a new born child), grahpravesh (celebrating entry into a new house) and many other auspicious occasions.

A local villager says,"We believe that if the plant is healthy and growing well then the newlywed daughter is also happy at her husband’s home”. This belief motivates people to take proper care of the growing trees.

Earlier planting tree species on the edges of fields was thought to  have a negative impact on crop but now the approach is changing. The innovative idea of Maiti van is having a positive impact on local communities and should bear fruit for the future generations.

Each sapling is a reminder of these important events.

We should all do it!

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Posted: Jan 28, 2009 7:57am
Jan 18, 2009
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Write E-Mail
Location: Canada

Received from "Western Canada Wilderness Committee Victoria":

BC Liberal government proposes to revive deeply unpopular “Anti-Forest Protection Zones” previously killed by huge public outcry - Please SPEAK UP AGAIN!


This is serious. The BC Liberal government is looking to revive their old proposal to halt new forest protections on our public lands, including obstructing the protection of old-growth forests. They are calling these anti-forest protection zones "Commercial Forest Reserves". It is VITAL that we kill this plan before it gets going.


Many of you will remember our successful campaign a few years ago against the BC Liberal government's so-called "Working Forest Initiative", where tens of thousands of BC citizens spoke out and rallied against the vast proposal to pseudo-privatize our public forest lands, forcing the government to back away from legally implementing the initiative. This new proposal is essentially an attempt to revive the old Working Forest more sneakily by starting off small, and then expanding gradually over all of our biologically richest forest lands. It's a tumour that must be destroyed before it spreads.


Instead of helping forestry dependent communities by assisting in the retooling of sawmills away from the last, increasingly marginal stands of old-growth forests on the south coast and to handle the more abundant and accessible second-growth stands (which are generally exported as raw logs now), the BC Liberal government has instead chosen to obstruct new forest conservation measures as a false way to "save" the forest industry.


See the PRESS RELEASE below for more details.


*** IMPORTANT: Please WRITE and PHONE the elected decision-makers - be sure to include your home mailing address.


Let the politicians know if you believe they must:


- Toss out plans for a Commercial Forest Reserve that obstructs future protected areas on our public forest lands, or else face a major fight.

- Enact concrete timelines to quickly end old-growth logging on
Vancouver Island and the Southwest Mainland where old-growth
forests are now scarce.
- Ensure the sustainable logging of second-growth forests, which
now constitute most of the landbase on the south coast.
- Ban raw log exports.
- Assist in the development and retooling of sawmills for
second-growth logs and value-added wood processing facilities.

Write and Phone:

Pat Bell, Minister of Forests and Range

Phone: 250-387-6240

Premier Gordon Campbell

Phone: 250-387-1715

Both at:  Legislative Buildings, Victoria, BC  V8V 1X4

ALSO very importantly, your own BC Liberal or NDP Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) (ie. your provincial political
representative for your area) who you can find at:



Press Release


Proposed Commercial Forest Reserves will prevent new forest conservation measures on public lands, are another step towards pseudo-privatization of public lands for timber companies


The Wilderness Committee is preparing for an increasingly fierce battle against the BC Liberal government’s forest policies due to their plans to revive one of their most anti-environmental ideas – the designation of public lands that are off-limits to future forest conservation measures. Premier Campbell announced on Wednesday to the Truck Loggers Association Convention that he has instructed Forest Minister Pat Bell to start developing plans for a Commercial Forest Reserve where “forestry is the priority” and “harvested land will not be set aside for other uses” (Press Release, Ministry of Forests and Range, January 14, 2009)


“For a fleeting moment, I thought Campbell was talking about keeping out suburban sprawl from destroying private forest lands where he deleted the Tree Farm Licenses on our coast,” states Ken Wu, campaign director for the Wilderness Committee’s Victoria office. “Then I realized to my horror he was talking about public lands - about preventing future forest protections on Crown lands, such as for drinking watersheds, scenic viewscapes, deer and elk wintering ranges, endangered species protections, new parks, and old-growth management areas. This revived push to keep out ‘other uses’ on public lands to benefit private logging companies is fundamentally about eliminating the public’s right to choose what to do with their own public lands, specifically when it entails choosing options that keep trees standing for conservation. It’s a form of pseudo-privatization for the exclusive benefit of the major timber companies that hold logging tenures on our public lands”.


Previously in 2001 the BC Liberal government proposed to implement a “Working Forest” designation on all of BC’s Crown lands outside of parks that would have obstructed new protected areas and forest protections. However, a massive public outcry spearheaded by the Wilderness Committee resulted in the BC government backing down from the legal implementation of the plan in the summer of 2004  (see media release and Vancouver Sun article  )


Forest Minister Pat Bell has stated that the Commercial Forest Reserve would be different from their previous Working Forest proposal in that it wouldn’t include all of BC’s Crown lands, but instead would at first be limited to areas that are “ particularly   productive ” and “ start small and grow ” (Prince George Citizen, January 14, 2009)


“At this point it looks like a sneaky, foot-in-the door, scaled-down version of their previous Working Forest proposal - at least to begin with. They remember how unpopular their previous proposal was, so they know they need to start small at first. But it’s like a tumour – once it’s in place, it’ll grow and spread. They even admit this. We’re calling on all conservationists and recreationists, hunters and anglers, tourism operators and First Nations, to kill this tumour before it takes over and destroys our public forest lands, ” states Wu.


In particular, the Wilderness Committee is concerned about the proposed Commercial Forest Reserves obstructing the protection of old-growth forests, as well as areas with the highest biodiversity, most of the salmon and trout, and the largest trees which usually coincide with the most productive growing sites in the valley bottoms. The Wilderness Committee is calling on the BC Liberal government to enact concrete timelines to quickly phase-out old-growth logging from Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, ensure sustainable second-growth logging, ban raw log exports, and assist in retooling and developing mills and value-added wood processing facilities for second-growth forests which now constitute most of the south coast and interior.


Satellite photos show that about 75% of Vancouver Island’s productive old-growth forests have already been logged, including 90% of the valley bottoms and 99% of the coastal old-growth Douglas firs. Only 6% of Vancouver Island’s original productive old-growth forests are protected in parks.  See maps, stats, and photos at and


The movement to protect Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland’s old-growth forests and to ban raw log exports is the largest movement in the province. Almost 3000 people showed up at the last Wilderness Committee rally in October ( ) and last week over 30,000 signatures had been gathered on the petition (see and )


“How backwards, anti-environmental and reckless can the BC Liberal government get with their forest policies? Right now we have the largest, active grassroots movement in the province. The Commercial Forest Reserve runs precisely counter to our goals. With this proposal Campbell and Bell are saying ‘lets go to war with conservationists’. If they are serious about pursuing this, they are committing themselves to the fiercest conflict only four months before a BC election,” states Wu.


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Posted: Jan 18, 2009 5:14pm
Sep 3, 2008

Public Event Vancouver Sept 10 - GE trees and crops for biofuel: Industry Conference hits Vancouver

 - Please distribute widely - Public Event

Nightmare Biofuels?: How biotech corporations are cashing in on the climate, energy and food crisis to push dangerous new technologies

Come and hear reports from the biotech industry conference!

Wednesday, September 10, 7:30 pm
Heritage Hall
3102 Main Street, Vancouver

Josh Brandon, Agriculture Campaigner, Greenpeace; 
Lucy Sharratt, Coordinator, Canadian Biotechnology Action Network;
with others reporting from the conference

All are welcome. Free Admission. Donations accepted.

Biofuels have pushed up food prices and are failing to cut greenhouse gas emissions.  Now big oil, seed, forest and chemical corporations are teaming up to promise salvation through new fuels from genetically engineered trees, new GE crops, synthetic biology, and nanotechnology.  These products threaten to expand the disaster of genetic engineering and agrofuels into new, uncharted territory.  What are the new technologies that corporations are pushing and how far will they go to get their way?

Monsanto and the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) are meeting in Vancouver, September 10-12, at a major industry conference to plan the next phase for biofuels. 

Join the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, Greenpeace and GE Free BC for an evening of discussion and action.  Come hear direct reports from panelists attending the conference, about Monsanto's latest plans to turn life into fuel.

For info or to get involved:
For more information see:

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Posted: Sep 3, 2008 8:29am


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