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Jun 6, 2007

The Usual Way to Take Care of Myself
My pregnancy and birth with my daughter, Murren, were very healthy. She was a healthy, happy, sweet baby. Shortly after her birth my grandmother came to visit and brought Reliv products for me. I was very skeptical about trying Reliv, so I shelved it.

A couple of months following Murren’s birth, I became severely anemic, which I tried to remedy with natural supplements and diet. I also quickly lost most of my pregnancy weight down to a few pounds below my ideal, but kept losing weight. Then, after spending two months on antibiotics and then a hospitalization when my daughter, Murren, was about 5 months old, I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. So, in October 2002 I got serious about Reliv and started taking 1 scoop Now and ½ scoop Innergize twice a day.

A New, Better Way
Though, the only thing about my healthcare regimine that changed was adding Reliv, by November 2002, my iron levels started to slowly get better. I'd been on iron supplements (more & more kinds and higher dosages) since July, but my levels had not been improving - until I began Reliv. I also gained a few pounds.

In March 2003 I was hospitalized for sinus surgery. It wasn't until then that I realized that I hadn't been sick at all since September 2002. For the first time in my life, I had not only stayed off any antibiotics all winter, but I had not even a sniffle the whole time. This was despite my husband, John, having endured at least three flu bugs. Not only did I enjoy immunity to the viruses, but so did Murren. Planning to keep my baby with me, I took my Reliv to the hospital and my recovery time from the surgery was shortened, even with a nursing baby that woke me up in the night.

In August 2003 I had to go on an oral antibiotics for another sinus infection so, I doubled the scoops in my shakes and took them faithfully four times a day. When I finished the antibiotics, not only was I feeling well, I was not suffering any of the normal side effects of extreme fatigue, blue circles under my eyes, yeast infection, thrush mouth, and loss of appetite. Neither did Murren suffer any yeast overgrowth (from the small amount of medicine leaked into my breastmilk), as in the past.

During the Fall of 2003 I was in good health. I did not need a tune-up before starting school as always in the past. I even made it all semester without a single sick day – for the first time in my entire life! I was well all winter yet again, even as my husband, students, and fellow teachers caught viruses. I needed a couple of rounds of oral antibiotics in the summer of 2004 and ended up in the hospital for a tune-up in September(2004) – 18 months after my previous hospitalization! That was the longest I’ve ever had between hospital stays. Reliv has also simplified my medicinal regimen. Though I still take my digestive enzymes, Prevacid and my breathing treatments, Reliv is the only nutritional supplement I need on a daily basis. I no longer need vitamin B, ADEK vitamins, multi-vitamins, or Miralax and my need for antibiotics, oral or IV, continues to diminish.

The Life I've Always Wanted
I've found that when I neglect taking the shakes, for whatever reason, I end up needing naps twice a day in addition to sleeping all night and am STILL tired. But, if I am faithful, I can make it through a whole day going full steam without ONE nap. I take 1 heaping scoop Now (instead of Classic - Now contains vitamin K) and one scoop Innergize three times daily, with 1/2 scoop Fibrestore once a day. Now that I have begun swimming laps, I have added 1/2 scoop Provantage to two shakes a day on the days that I swim.

Just a note, I showed the shakes to my dietician, who was unenthusiastic, though not prohibitive. She just didn't understand what I had found. But, the proof is in the results. I not only have a level of health and quality of life that I've long desired, but rarely if ever experienced, and was convinced was not sustainable because of CF. I am able to be a full-time mom to an active 3.5 year-old, a wife, AND work part-time! I hope the dietician will see my health steadily improving and be convinced of the merits of Reliv. My experience with Reliv is far from unique. So many people's lives are being transformed by improved health and strong immune systems. I introduce it to everyone I know and I plan on using Reliv as my prenatal next time!

2007 Update
Each year since starting Reliv, my health has improved and stabilized more. Now, 4.5 years after starting Reliv, I have been in the hospital only 3 times. The last time was July 2005 and was due to an infection in my port-a-cath. The time before that, was September 2004 and was a tune-up. I haven't even taken an antibiotic since July 2005! A couple of times I thought I might need to and even got a prescription filled, but ended up not needing it.

In the last year (since April 2006), my lung function has come up 30%!!!! I attribute this to several things. Because of Reliv, my lungs have not suffered inflammation or illness in several years and my sinuses do not get infected easily (but I have found a remedy for when I do get a sinus infection) anymore. This has allowed my lungs to rest and heal and become stronger. I think this set the stage for my new medication to really improve my lung function. Last April I began nebulizing 7% hyper-tonic saline twice daily. I noticed a difference almost immediately because stuff that had been rattling around deep in my lungs started coming up. The hyper-tonic saline also helps my lungs stay open longer after my albuterol. I notice a difference when I do not take it. My weight has remained stable since starting Reliv and my blood work always comes back normal. I am due for a bone scan soon, so I will post if my bone density is still stable. I'm terrible about drinking lots of sodas, so we'll see.

Though I still take all my enzymes, prevacid, aerosols, and do my vest as prescribed. Everything works so much better and helps me so much more now than it ever did before Reliv. I will never stop taking Reliv and I'll keep my children on it. In fact, the first thing I plan to do when our new children join us is get them used to taking their shakes! I take Reliv phone calls often and each year I get more phone calls from people with CF who are getting results like mine. Some people's results are not as dramatic and some are even more dramatic than my own. I encourage everyone to at least look into it. It can't hurt and it might make a huge difference.

To this day, Murren is the only child I know that has never had the flu or an ear infection. She's always healthy and when she does catch a little virus, she bounces right back. I attribute this to two things--13 months of exclusive nursing and 31 months of supplemental nursing with daily Reliv shakes from the time she started taking liquids other than my milk! I still plan on using it as my prenatal next time and wonder if that child's health might be superior even to Murren's.
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Posted: Jun 6, 2007 2:31pm
Jun 2, 2007

Focusing on Goals

Grace Ling of Singapore started with Relìv on the advice of her sister. She went immediately for the highest profit level although she was not very keen on the opportunity.

“I thought I would not be able to do the business nor consume the products as I was never on supplements. But I was astounded at the results. I got increased energy, a better complexion and better resistance to stress. My mother's cholesterol levels have also normalized.”

This full-time homemaker has earned a net profit of more than SG$1000 working Relìv part-time in the past seven months.

“I'm more sensitive to needs of people now. My husband, Frank, and I communicate more as we have more common goals with Relìv. I would like to reach the level of Senior Director next year, travel to New Zealand with my family, and eventually have the freedom to make the best choices for our family,” Grace notes. “I want my husband to quit his current job and do Relìv full-time.

“I will do this by focusing on my goal and overcome any hindrance that comes my way. Everyday, I will build a list of people to call. I have learned that to be successful, I need to change my attitude - look at difficult situations as challenges,” says Grace.

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Posted: Jun 2, 2007 1:36pm
Jun 2, 2007

Senior Directors Succeed Through the System

New Senior Directors Saymond and Joanne Matanguihan of Las Pinas City, Philippines, are working Relìv part-time but because of their full-time attitude their organization started growing. “That's when our checks started to grow, too. We gave our downlines full support and led by example.”

Saymond says getting to this level is really a team effort. “We're more excited than ever for our whole team now and we plan to step up to the next level.”

Saymond credits their success to consistency and using the Relìv Success System. “We took advantage of every opportunity meeting where new people see a big picture of Relìv. The monthly recognition also provides leverage where the opportunity gets very real. We make it a point to bring along as many guests as possible to these events.”

Critical to the Relìv business is upline support. “When we came in, our upline was new in the business so we had to rely on our Distributor's Manual,” Saymond recalls. “We were actually teaching our upline! What we did was to approach Ambassadors and started learning from them. We also realized that the upline support goes up five levels. We learned from our upline and we will do the same and work with our downline”.”

Twenty months in the business, Saymond and Joanne were able to set aside a portion of their earnings as savings. They aim to earn a million through Relìv and buy a new house.

Saymond sees himself working Relìv full-time soon. “I have no doubts that Relìv could replace my income as an electronics and communications engineer.”

Achieving success has given the Matanguihans confidence to set the goal to reach the Ambassador level. “In a year's time, we're looking at a more proactive organization with most of our downlines advancing. As long as we do our part, we can achieve our goal.”

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Posted: Jun 2, 2007 1:30pm
Jun 2, 2007

Success Begins at Home

When Salina Bilong of Miri, Sarawak, learned about Relìv during her birthday celebration, she was eager to find something that would help alleviate her migraine headaches. However, the business opportunity didn't interest her, because she had been involved with a number of multi-level marketing companies wherein she wasn't able to recover her investment.

When she noticed results with the products, her own salon became a Relìv hub. “I had Relìv products in my salon. When a customer came in, I would tell them Relìv stories,” Salina says. “Two weeks before the month ended, I sold all the products! I was thrilled when people started reordering and wanted to join me in the business.”

On the last day of April 2005, Salina went Master Affiliate. “I got my first check of RM411 and I couldn't believe it. My husband, Lian Giak however, wasn't convinced.

“When I earned a cash bonus of RM8000 for placing first in volume in June, Lian suddenly became a silent supporter. He let me attend the meetings and even joined me during the Conference. I noticed that he's starting to work with me as a team.”

“Sometimes business at the salon is slow, so my Relìv income is a big help to cover expenses. My salon rental costs me RM 1550 and add to that the salary of my three workers. Relìv has really provided for us on those off-peak months,” Salina notes.

“This is great and stable company. This is a business that you can do from home, wherever you are. This is a global opportunity. Anyone can succeed in this business whatever your goals are.”

As for the future, Salina's goal is to continue reaching new levels in Relìv. “Paying for my children's college education and a new house continues to be my motivation.”
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Posted: Jun 2, 2007 10:32am
Jun 2, 2007

Sharing Good News ‘You Can’t Help But Earn’

Jose Rufino “Ting” and Suzette Jocson, new Relìv Distributors from Bacolod City, Phillipines, have invested a lot of time and energy into their careers as an obstetrician and surgeon, respectively. Still, they both had health concerns of their own, and were open to trying preventive measures with nutrition to solve them.

After hearing some impressive results from a friend who had serious medical concerns, the couple decided Ting should try the Relìv products. To the couple’s delight, Ting’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels normalized. Like any Distributors, they were excited to share the products with friends and family, and a part-time business was born.

“Unconsciously, we were doing the business,” Suzette says. “Our careers are the first priority, but we really like the notion of sharing with people. We really want to share the products. By doing that, you can’t help but earn.”

Suzette and Ting started sharing the products with people in July 2005. She says they don’t believe their medical training gives them an edge over other Distributors.

“I think the people who are closer to us trust us,” Suzette says. “And our church strengthens our resolve to live right, too.”


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Posted: Jun 2, 2007 10:12am
Jun 2, 2007

Back to Life With Relìv

Justin Harris of Parowan, Utah, recently took a week-long vacation with his family to Disneyland® — something he wouldn't have even considered a year ago.

“Back then, I didn't have the energy or desire to travel — let alone take a trip that involved walking theme parks all day,” Justin states.

Justin attributes his lack of physical energy and mental drive to the rock-climbing accident he suffered in 2003.

“I wound up spending two months in the hospital, with multiple infections in my leg,” Justin recalls. “And despite 13 major surgeries — and more in-room procedures than I can count — I lost my leg from the knee down. Over the next two-and-a-half years, I dealt with depression and a lot of life-changing issues. I didn't have the energy or motivation to do the things I once enjoyed.”

In June of 2006, Justin began taking Relìv's basic nutrition. “Within a couple of weeks, I was sleeping much better and noticed that my heartburn and acid reflux weren't bothering me anymore,” he recalls. “And, over time, I felt increasingly better overall — both emotionally and physically.

“These days, I'm back to enjoying my life and being the person I want to be,” Justin adds. “I thank Relìv for giving me back my life.”
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Posted: Jun 2, 2007 10:06am
Jun 2, 2007

A Brilliant Opportunity

Since joining Relìv in August 2005, Senior Directors Andreas and Britta Bullman of Schermbeck, Germany, have seen what they call the “brilliant business opportunity” of Relìv.

“Our success with Relìv thus far has exceeded our every expectation,” Britta says. “We sponsored three Master Affiliates in our first month alone, and advanced to Key Director level by achieving a volume of 20,000 PGPV. Our total Relìv income for our first month, including our Key Director bonus, was †3,816.

In addition to their monthly income of †3,000-4,000, the Bullmans — whose organization now includes nine frontline Master Affiliates and five second-line Master Affiliates — have also earned three Dr. Ted Awards and a Relìv cruise to the Bahamas.

“We’re also grateful for the opportunity to work our business together and spend time with our children,” Britta adds.

The Bullmans most important business-building advice is to plug people into the Relìv System, particularly Relìv Opportunity Meetings, right from the start.

“Don’t try to share Relìv one-on-one with everyone,” Britta advises. “Instead, invite as many people as possible to Relìv events... and let them hear the stories!

“I’m a housewife and my husband is self-employed in a nerve-wracking job,” Britta adds. “We look forward to building on our success and showing others that absolutely anything is possible with Relìv!”

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Posted: Jun 2, 2007 9:38am
Jun 2, 2007

Sharing Health and Wealth Across the Country

When Relìv came to the Philippines in December 2000, Rose and Albert Blancaflor of Manila were waiting at the starting gate. They had been taking the products since 1993 after Rose's mother had life-changing health results on Relìv. Over the years, their belief and passion for Relìv grew and they were anxious to share Relìv's many health and financial benefits throughout their own country. Now there's no stopping them. In their first four months in the business, they reached Presidential Bronze Ambassador. That first year, they made 4.4 million pesos (US $80,000). After two and half years, they have totaled 11 million pesos (US $200,000).

"Our defining moment was when we looked at a Relìv check we received after just three months in the business and realized it took Albert 18 years to achieve that size of paycheck as an executive of the largest food and beverage company in our country," Rose says. The Blancaflor's success is fueled by their passion. "The key to our success is to share the Relìv benefits with undiminished passion at every opportune moment and to keep the business simple so others can duplicate us," Rose says. "Because of Relìv, we¹re able to help people's health and put food on the table of those who really need Relìv's financial benefits. That gives me a great sense of satisfaction. Relìv also allows me to extend more financial help to charities I work with."

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Posted: Jun 2, 2007 9:35am
Jun 2, 2007
"A Simple Solution for Optimum Health" Thursday, 1:44 AM

A Simple Solution for Optimum Health

Although she appeared healthy on paper, Rosemary Biehn of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, knew her body was not functioning the way it should.

“I had chronic problems with my digestive system — everything I ate went right through me,” Rosemary explains. “My doctor ordered a battery of tests, including a check of my liver, but he couldn't find anything wrong.”

While Rosemary learned to live with her digestive problems, the migraine headaches that would strike every month left her completely unable to function.

“The pain, nausea, and diarrhea were so severe that all I could do for an entire day was lie in a dark room,” she recalls.

“I tried all kinds of nutritional supplements but couldn't find the right balance,” Rosemary continues. “So, when I found out about Relìv — and I saw that I could get everything I need by simply taking two shakes a day — I decided to give the products a try.

“Within three days of starting on Relìv, I felt much better,” she says. “And, in the eight years since I started on Relìv, I have had improved results with my digestion and migraine headaches!”

Rosemary adds, “In Relìv, I've found the simple solution for optimum health!”  [ send green star]
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Posted: Jun 2, 2007 8:44am
Jan 28, 2007


 Are you eating yourself sick? Most likely you are. In today’s fast food, convenience-oriented society, 70% of us don’t eat the minimum recommended daily intake of key nutrients. By depriving our bodies of these building blocks, we leave ourselves vulnerable to illness, disease and nagging fatigue.


Without good health, where will you be?


Meet Dr. Carl Hastings in person, and hear him tell you how the Reliv products can affect your long term health and change your life!

Come and listen to Dr. Hastings at SHERATON FOUR POINTS HOTEL, 8368 Alexandra, Richmond, B.C. on Tuesday, February 13, 2007 at 7:00 P.M.

Dr. Hastings is the driving force behind Relìv's innovation in balanced nutritional supplements, neutraceuticals and functional foods. He received his Ph.D. in food science from the University of Illinois.

Since joining Relìv in 1988, Dr. Hastings has translated his 30 years of research experience in food science into nutritional products that have impacted the lives of people all over the world. He is a noted authority on the use of soy foods and a leading figure in the development of functional foods. To date, Dr. Hastings has received five U.S. patents for Relìv product formulations and pending applications for several others.

Relìv International Inc., an 18 year old food science and research company was recently ranked # 14 in Forbes magazine’s list of “The 200 Best Small Companies” based on a five-year average of return on investment, sales growth, profit growth and market value.

You are invited to learn more about this research-based company dedicated to helping people like you help others achieve good health and in the process develop a full time business with a great income potential, or earn extra income to uplift your lifestyle … or retire early.

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Posted: Jan 28, 2007 6:04am


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