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Feb 1, 2012

We have a very elderly neighbour and although she loves her privacy we tend to  go and see if she is ok if we dont see her around.  We have a key to her place which she gave us after much pleading.  The paper boy came and told me that she was not answering her door and when I phoned she did not answer so we grabbed the keys and let ourselves in.   Thank goodness for the key.  We found her laying on the floor in a pool of urine where she had been all night.  She had tripped and fell over a carpet and had been unable to get to the phone.  Called an ambulance and went with her to hospital.  She has a fractured pelvis and was unable to go home as she lives on the third floor of a building without lifts.  We eventually found a nice care home for her where she has gone to recuperate until she can get back home.   In the meantime we have found her a small studio on the ground floor where she will be able to manage. 

This is not the first time it had happened and when the paramedic came in he commented on the fact that she was lying in the same place as he had found her last time.  I commented that it was exactly the same piece of carpet as well.  We have now removed all the odd bits of carpets and spring cleaned her house for her which had gotten into a bit of a state.  We have also arranged for her to get a panic button.

Hopefully she will be back soon and we have organised a group of people to look after her so that someone will always be there to help if she needs it. 

We had to beg her to let us have a key even though she had known us for years but thank goodness she saw sense.  

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Posted: Feb 1, 2012 1:20am


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