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Jul 23, 2011
He only wanted to be let in.. To be loved.. To be treated right.. When he first shook hands with Oprah and opened his heart for the first time to a closed world, Michael Jackson only wanted to be let in-when he showed her, lovingly around his ranch, the amusements, the movie theatre, the beds for sick children, he only wanted to be let in. When he clutched hold of a small teddy given to him by a member of staff, a gift bought in the spirit of fun and frivolity was transposed into a blessing. He held on tight to that small gesture of compassion and love. He only wanted to be let in. When he clapped encouragingly, radiating humility and grace as he taught Martin Bashir to moonwalk, he only wanted to be let in. When he shook Bashir’s hand in gentle and loving trust at the end of the interview, filled with hope at his closing words, “I see the truth, I understand, I won’t deceive you,” and innocently unaware of the heartbreak, the pain, the betrayal that would ensue, he only wanted to be let in. When he was driven into giving a final set of shows by those more concerned with protecting their own profits than protecting the rights, health and happiness of a fellow being, he still smiled with compassion and humility-there was no hatred for the decades of gross treatment, of mockery and judgement that had come before. A lesser person would have collapsed inward in bitterness and anger, relinquishing support for a world so cruel, but Michael’s humanity never faded-he just wanted to be let in. Alas, tragically, one so gentle, so loving, so kind, so compassionate was never allowed entry to the human race. Preserved as we are in our own world of avarice, hatred and bigotry, so many kept him locked out-their defense against him-a lifetime of rumors, lies and innuendos built to form an impenetrable wall around the minds of a public no longer willing to think sideways. But, don’t you see that the greatness and the beauty in the world can only be seen from that altered perspective? Those that carry the most glorious gifts almost always stand on the outside looking in-they laughed at ridiculed and mocked Da Vinci because he had a great affinity and respect for the natural world, an affinity which ran counter to a society conditioned to think along narrowed lines of barbarism. But, what were Da Vinci’s views if not a precursor of the modern world? Forebears of the environmental activists and supporters of the modern day? Here was a person standing in the full warmth of the light whilst thee rest of the public shuffled around in the darkness. The same is true of many geniuses-Mozart, Michael, they just want to be let in. We must stop annihilating souls that we should treasure. Have you ever considered that the common view may not be the correct one? Whoever said it was “normal” to engage in promiscuity, to drink yourself beyond rational understanding, to routinely fight wars and commit acts of genocide, to hate each other and to carelessly destroy the planet-the only home we have and, perhaps, are ever likely to have. When did that become “normal?” When did we begin to stop dear Michael getting in? When did it become “weird” “bizarre” or “crazy,” to choose to shine your humanity in life as brightly as you possibly can, to travel the world bringing comfort, reassurance, guidance and financial and emotional support to families who have nothing, whose lands have been left ruthlessly raped by the avaricious aims of others. When did it become “strange,” to choose to climb a tree or sit atop a roof and gaze in awed reverence at the stars, held as they are in the vastness of a universe which cradles us in its infinity. To watch the swallows dance in extended flight as they fish for insects in the night air, or to revel in the cumbersome journey of the bee from flower to flower. Michael Jackson lived and breathed these sentiments, these beliefs, which, when you glance beyond the superficiality of man-made gadgets, electronics and concrete, are what truly colour the experience of humanity-it is these elements which form humanity. The official definition of humanity is the condition of being human-to be human one must acknowledge their individual place in the beauty, grandeur and splendour of the natural world and humble themselves before its divine qualities. To be engaged in humanity is, also, by definition to be kind and benevolent. What form of humanity exists at present then? If we are none of these things, can we still define ourselves as humanity? And dear Michael-one of several came-he tried to remind us what that word means-he tried to illuminate the darkness by embracing what it is to be human-by revering and respecting natural wonders, not as a means to an end, but as glorious ends in themselves. He tried to illuminate the darkness with benevolence, with love, with kindness. But, this cold world just wouldn't let him in.. Instead, all they could do is believe the lies, show him injustice, and show him hate. How could such an angel as Michael deserve what this world did to him? It's so sad. Rest in peace Michael. At least you no longer have to deal with such unbearable pain. Those ignorant people may never understand or love you.. But I do, with all of my heart..

L.O.V.E, Jeannie Peterson

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Posted: Jul 23, 2011 8:17pm


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