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Apr 2, 2007
Such a brave bunny and happy ending!

Lightweight cart gives Sombra the rabbit a new lease on mobility

Sombra was rescued almost three years ago from a yard littered with gasoline cans, car parts and the corpses of friends who perished due to horrible abuse and neglect.

Today, with those painful memories far behind her, Sombra is still apt to encounter a few familiar components of cars-now working with her instead of against her.

Sombra has a new lease on mobility, thanks to a two-wheeled cart. And, while her tires are not nearly the size of those carrying a Prius or pick-up truck, they suit her just fine.

The cart's two modest wheels are attached to flat rods of metal that fit into a lightweight frame. The metal rods allow the wheels to adjust up and down, and flaps of fabric keep Sombra's legs from dragging the ground. The frame is secured to her body by a strap that fits across her chest.

California shelter staff pay special attention to Sombra and her new ride, making adjustments to her cart as needed to ensure comfort and mobility.

Sombra's wheels mean an increase in activity and quality of life for the lovely white rabbit, who was sometimes sidelined by problems with her legs, especially her back ones.

Sombra's leg problems were first noticed last spring, when she was found in the rabbit barn unable to easily walk. We didn't know why her legs had weakened, and after a visit to U.C. Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, we discovered that neurological damage was causing the problems.

The veterinarian recommended we continue giving Sombra special care, as well as medication for any pain associated with her condition. In addition, Sombra receives physical therapy from shelter staff to strengthen her legs and keep them loose.

The sweet and personable rabbit is ambulatory by primarily using her front two legs to get around. The cart is utilized during those times when her condition prevents her from moving easily about and helps her enjoy life to its fullest potential.

The first time Sombra was in the cart, it took a moment for her to figure it all out. But then the light went on, and Sombra quickly realized the wheels allowed her to zip around the rabbit pen, munching the choice grass and picking the best spot to hang out with her best friend Goldie.

Now, with or without the cart, Sombra enjoys a quality of life unimaginable during her early days among the trash of her "caretaker's" yard. Her new wheels help give her access to all the joys of life-and put even more distance between her present and her terrible past.

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Posted: Apr 2, 2007 9:16am


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