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Sep 26, 2013

The menu has so much pain, bitterness and sorrow. Romanians, I know that among you there are wonderful people. People who currently suffer the same as the majority of the world's population. Your country is rich in natural resources. Too bad most people in the world, which had intended to visit your country, foot will never set foot on your land. Your politicians, the president, and all the other suite ... this act proved how powerless to guide you through life. As of today, in your country you have a red carpet, the carpet on which other nations will not tread. Romania, countries in the region, is now erased from my memory.

      I'm sad friends!

  I want to go somewhere far away, to cry.

  Every little friend to the grave instead of flowers leave my tears.

  Tears of pure, sincere ... dripping over them.

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Posted: Sep 26, 2013 12:01pm
Jul 28, 2013

Any sense of fulfillment in itself, makes a man happy. Love as something sublime, the only honest and clean.
This love I felt in a small shelter. Balkan. Serbia. Subotica.
When I'm sad, I think that there is no salvation for the people, go to their site.
Cheerful dogs barking, smiling people.
When they can not see material wealth, because it nema.Ali, all their dogs are clean. All are healthy, because they were in a big concern. Their wealth is in love, their 600 dogs that are in the shelter, and all the other animals that are on the street.
Animals that can not find a home for because they lack material wealth, they are managed in their own way. Feed them. In these hot days of care to have water to drink. If an animal is sick, at a cost of water at the vet.
They are grateful and the smallest things. Live in a country where people are living very difficult. But he is always on a man who can give, bar bang against fleas.
They ask for nothing. It was weird, because I know that all the other asylum seeking, and just looking.
Now they pulled up asylum. Diligent hand, with a smile on his face, they worked from dawn until dusk.
Like all good people, and they gather around good people. The older and more experienced, help in settling asylum.

Younger volunteers, its valuable hands can handle bathe dogs. In these deep-seated feeling that it is not enough just to play with them, set a concern for them.

And so, when I'm sad, I go to their site.
I look at the picture. I look at these little snout, happy little eyes.
Then again, sad because we only thought running through my head:

Why I have no money with which I could to help them!?

"Shelter Alex Subotica" makes me happy.

Thanks to all the people who come to my page, thank you to all the people who will read my blog.

This is my first blog.

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Posted: Jul 28, 2013 3:30am


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