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Oct 6, 2007
Name: Manhondas K Gandhi
Type: Memorial (for the deceased)
To Honor: Individual(s)
Location: , India
gandhi was one of the greatest men to ever walk this earth, in my opinion anyways.
i have read his book my experiments with truth(an autobiography), and it was amazing, just his views on everything and everyone inspire me so much.
i realize that in this day and age it is nearly impossible to live how he did, complete nonviolence requires more self discipline than most people are capable of, but he did it, it nearly cost him his life most of the time but he did it without complaint because it was what he truly believed to be right.people may argue that it did actually cost his life to live the way he did but that isnt true, ignorance is what caused that man to shoot him, it killed him just like the holocaust killed so many. people dont realize that ignorance is still responsible for death even today. gandhi was truly remamrkable as a human being and if i had to chose to meet one person alive or dead it would deffinatley be him.
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Posted: Oct 6, 2007 6:12pm
Oct 6, 2007
ok so im basically retarded, i posted my quitting thing in the news section because i thought there wasnt blogs on here, they are hard to find but that still is no excuse.

os so ive quit smoking, one of my girlfriends convinced me too do it, i was already thinking about it but it isnt exactly the easiest thing in the world to do. i made and agreement with her that if she went vegetarian than i would quit smoking, she agreed so im doing it, its been 4 days i think and i havent had a cigarette yet, wanted one? deffinatley but i havent because its better for the environment and everything in it so its best for everyone really especially me =).

so if you have read my profile then you already know that im vegan, i care about animals a lot, more than just about anything.

this blog is going to get pretty long because im gonna turn it into an about me basically to say something about me to everyone on here so if you dont like reading that much then just stop know but i hope you will read this.

i do however, love to read, i do it a lot more than most people i know, some people like my grandma read more than me but thats only because thats all she does all day.

im gay, and i love it, its apart of me so how could i say that i didnt like it. a lot of people hate me for it but hey thats there thing and i dont really pay attention to them anyways, i try not to at least but sometimes they do get to me harldy ever though. my dad supports me because hes just all around cool and has always supported me no matter what i chose to do, my step mom is cool to shes nice but shes a bit to hyper for my mom doesnt like it along with my step dad and seeing as they are the people that i have to live with its not really easy coming home everyday.

beauty is one of my favorite things and along with it comes make up and fashion etc. the whole aspect of cosmetology fascinates me and thats what i plan to do with my life, i want to be a cosmetologist and i plan on going to Toni & Guy hair academy for my 1600 Cosmetology course. i really like the fact that with makeup and redoing your hair and stuff you can essentially reinvent yourself and be who you really want to parents over here really dont like my make up obsession and in fact they told me flat out that i wasnt aloud to wear makeup while i was under their roof. my dad on the other hand buys me makeup so thats just another way that he shows his love for me, i guess he figures that im his son no matter what and if i wanna wear make up then thats my choice, i think all parents should be like that because then they would get along with their kids way better, and me and my dad get along just fine for people who live in different states.

ummmm what else, idk if you want to know more then just ask, i joined this site so that i could meet new people who had the same interests i did and they actually cared about something othere than themselves, because everything i do i believe is for the greater good of everyone and others might not care about my views but thats why their not on here right, so  talk to me plz i wanna here from other caring people.
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Posted: Oct 6, 2007 5:55pm


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