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Apr 6, 2013

Hi Everyone! 

I guess you can tell by the title that Mystic is going to have a Birthday, hahaha! I can't believe she's gonna be 8 yrs. old! What I really can't believe, is that she's been with me for ALMOST 2 years!

On April 22, 2013, Mystic will be 8 yrs. old! She still plays like a puppy and she's very active when she wants to be. She's still as sweet, kind and gentle as she was the day I met her for the first time. The ONLY thing that's changed, is her TRUST issue. 

Mystic now TRUSTS me! I think, for the first time in her life, she finally has trust in someone. I'm so honored that it's me! When she's with me for our walks, she'll go up to anyone, as long as I say it's ok. She looks to me first, if I say yes, she goes to be petted. She's a very sweet natured girl and she loves everyone. She doesn't have a mean bone in her little body.

I know this share isn't going to change the world or help anyone, but it helps me. I love this baby so much! She has brought so much love and joy to my world, at JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT, that I don't know where I would be without her. We needed each other and we found each other, simple as that! I accepted her, knowing how long her breed lived on average. I had no choice but to adopt her, even knowing that they usually don't live past 12 years of age. I fell in love with her picture, before I even met her in person!

From the time I saw her, I knew she would love me too! So, here we are, almost 2 years later, and we're together, getting ready to celebrate her 8th Birthday! Did I mention how much she loves presents? hahaha! Oh, she does! She just loves presents, especially the ones for her! So, we'll have a cake (one just for her), and a birthday hat, candles on the cake, we'll sing "Happy Birthday" and she'll get to open her "PRESENTS"!


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Posted: Apr 6, 2013 11:51am
Mar 23, 2013

Well, as most of you know, IF YOU KNOW ME, Mystic is the gleam in my eye! So, it only stands to reason that if, there's a happy event, it would center around her! Especially if it's not about one of my kids or grandkids.

I'm a very proud MaMa that is announcing a Very Happy Event that took place on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2013. Mystic became engaged to her boyfriend, Gabe!
Oh, he's a fine young boy and I couldn't want a better fiance and someday, husband, for my girl!

Gabe is 8 yrs. old, a Golden Retriever AND he has a FULL TIME JOB! What mother doesn't want that for her daughter? He's very handsome, kind, loving, and a real gentledog. He treats my baby with the utmost respect and he loves his Mom! He's everything a girl and her MaMa could ever ask for!

For his employment, he had to go to and FINISH college. He's a working Service Therapy (Dog), Sssshhhh! We don't like to use that word, he doesn't describe himself as that. He prefers, Service Therapy Golden Boy, and we do too! 

Now, I know what you're all thinking....I'm describing him like he's PURRFECT! Well, as a matter of fact, we think he is! BUT.....HE'S NOT! You see, Gabe is definitetly NOT purrfect. Gabe only has 3 legs. YEP, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT AGAIN! HE ONLY HAS 3 LEGS! It's this IMPURRFECTION THAT MAKES HIM PURRFECT TO US! (BTW, I know how I'm spelling purrfect, it's a little play on the word for all the feline lovers). hahaha! 

We're not sad about the fact that Gabe only has 3 legs. What does make us sad, is the fact of how that came to be. You see, when he was only 4 months old, someone ran him over with a car ON PURPOSE and that's how he lost his leg! But, that was 8 yrs. ago and it doesn't bother him at all and it doesn't bother anyone that knows him because if you don't know it, you really can't tell!

Ok, they have NOT set a wedding date yet. Mystic is just enjoying being engaged and all of the attention she's getting from that. They're both just having fun with none of the stress right now. There will be plenty of time for that, right?

Well, I just wanted to add a little fun to the site for once. There is a lot of work we do on here and I thought I would bring some humor and enjoyment to my Sharebook. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed sharing it! They do have an "Engagement" photo and as soon as I can find it, I'll post it!  

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Posted: Mar 23, 2013 10:30pm
Jan 27, 2013

Well, it's been quite a while since I've updated my skin condition, so I thought I would do that now.

From October 22nd until January 8th, NOTHING changed at all, with the exception of a relapse in December. Three (3) days after Christmas, the sores started to get worse again, but I concluded it was because I was on a schedule to wean off of the steroids I was on. I had been on 40 mgs. of Prednisone to start with and by Dec. 27th, I was down to 20 mgs. On Dec. 28th, I was to start 15 mgs. and I did. Within 24 hrs, I could see a BIG change! The sores started to become inflamed and painful to the point that I couldn't sleep, sit right, stand, etc. to get comfortable. Of course, this was a weekend and a Holiday, to boot! Needless to say, my Dr. was NOT IN and I didn't expect her to be.

I don't self medicate, but I did figure out it was the drop in the steroids that was the culprit and knew I had to call my Dr. Monday morning, first thing! OF COURSE, being in the middle of the Christmas Holidays, she wouldn't be back until AFTER the 1st of the New Year! GREAT! I explained it to the front desk receptionist (maybe she was a nurse?), and she said she would tell my Dr. and maybe she would get back to me before then. RIGHT!!!! DID NOT HAPPEN, so I went back up to 20 mgs. on my own! Again, within 24 hrs., there was a noticable difference! 

By the time I received a call back, 3 days later, they told me to go back up to the 20 mgs. REALLY? OK, but I already did!

So....on Jan. 7th I had an appointment with my Pain Specialist and I got a prescription for my pain meds., one of which was MS Contin. I've had to change from Oxycontin to MS Contin when I lost my Medical Insurance in August, 2012. I was ok with it, I had taken it years ago and never had a problem with it. And I still didn't for Aug., and Sept. 

In October, however, when I got the script filled, I noticed it was a different color. I called the pharmacy immediately when I saw them and they said it was the same thing, just a different Manufacturer. They "ASSURED" me it was EXACTLY the same. OK, I took it. 2 weeks later is when this rotten condition started! I was taking dark purple pills and these were light violet pills. As soon as I started to break out, I thought of them right away and even STOPPED taking them for 10 days, to see if there was a difference. Now...10 days may not sound like a long time, but PLEASE...believe me, when you've taken pain medication for as long as I have, there is WITHDRAWAL from it! 

And, to no avail, there was no difference when stopping the meds. Or was there? Because this month, Jan. 7th, I couldn't get them filled from my regular pharacy, they were out of them. I had to go to a different one who, very luckily, would match the price. They had the original dark purple ones,, also! Needless to say....Within 2 weeks, my body is healing almost to the point where you wouldn't even be able to tell anything had been wrong with me.

I am NOT a Dr., which you know, but I've seen at least 10-12 of them now and NOT ONE OF THEM can tell me or even hint at what is wrong with me. But I think I know what it is and always have known. I'm pretty sure it's the "DYE" in the light violet pill! JUST THE DYE! THAT'S IT, NOTHING ELSE! I think if the Dr.'s would just look at the Zebra's when they hear them, instead of insisting they're horses, they could figure things out more quickly. 

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Posted: Jan 27, 2013 11:07pm
Jan 2, 2013

This Christmas with Mystic was so different than last year. Last year, she wasn't sure, 1) what this holiday was 2) if she could even trust me yet 3) WHY was this day different than the others.
 Until November 2012, Mystic never really showed real happiness. She was content and had everything she needed, but she didn't show "happy". After I became ill and was admitted to the hospital, her whole attitude shifted. When I came home, it was like she wanted to show me just how happy she's been the whole time she's been with me!
Christmas morning was no exception! She did things that she's NEVER done. She started by waking ME up, which shocked me! I ALWAYS had to wake her. After that, I would go downstairs, she would wait 5-10 minutes, come down, go up on the couch and lay there for 10-30 minutes before going for our walk.
NOT THIS DAY! She actually JUMPED on me to wake me up! SHOCKED! I laughed and laughed! She couldn't wait to get downstairs and neither could I! I hope you enjoy the album, it tells a story of just how happy she was and still is. I think she finally knows that I love her, this IS her home and she's NOT going anywhere (without me), she's here to stay and snugglecuddle with her MaMa! 

Christmas day with Mystic. She was very excited and happy this Christmas. She really knew it was a special day for her.

by 1352 new, 34983 totalBarbara F. (56)
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Posted: Jan 2, 2013 2:06pm
Nov 28, 2012

Ok, I can NOT compose a message for some reason, so this is the ONLY way I have of communicating with everyone at one time.
I spent Monday and Tuesday in the hospital. I had extensive blood work done and a skin biopsy taken. 8 Doctors came to see me when I was in the ER and NOT ONE OF THEM KNEW WHAT I HAD! EVERYONE OF THEM TOOK PICTURES OF EVERY PART OF MY BODY. I EVEN HAD TO SIGN A RELEASE FORM IN CASE THE PICTURES WERE PUBLISHED! OH BOY! Leave it to me to have something no one's ever seen or heard of!

After I was admitted to my room, they took 10 vials of blood, which was fine, BUT THEN, THEY TOOK 5 BOTTLES, YES, BOTTLES OF BLOOD ALSO! They looked like mini milk bottles. That's the only way I can describe them. I NEVER would have thought I had that much blood, but I did and I'm still alive! hahaha! After that, they took me to the Operating Room, put me to sleep and took a nice little piece of meat from my arm. In it's place, they left 4-5 stitches. IT'S UGLY and it's gonna SCAR UGLY, TOO! But, hey, who's complaining? It's NO UGLIER THAN MY SKIN RIGHT NOW! hahaha!

One bit of almost good news...the Rhuemotologist THINKS it might be a FORM OF LUPUS. If you want to call that good news? Well, in a way it COULD be. It's NOT the form that's FATAL, SO THAT IS GOOD NEWS!! She said there are MANY DIFFERENT FORMS OF LUPUS AND THIS MIGHT BE ONE OF THEM. In a way, it would be a relief to know what's going on, as long as it's the one that's NOT GONNA KILL ME! At least it can be treated, she said, WHEN we find out what it is. We should know something by Friday or Monday.

So....for now....I'm on Prednisone, a steroid, which lowers my Immune system even more. GREAT! Sarcasm. I just want to know what this is! It hurts and I'm tired of looking like this. I can't go any place or be around anyone. But, I wanted you to know WHY I haven't been on in the last couple of days. I'm sorry if I haven't answered you or sent you anything, but that's the reason. I would like to send you all a message but I can't, AGAIN! I was able to do it ONE TIME and now I can't do it again.

I will keep you informed if anything else happens. Thank you for your understanding. 

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Posted: Nov 28, 2012 4:45pm
Nov 22, 2012

I went to the Doctors on this past Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012, at 1:15 PM. She took me right in and she was with me for 1 hr. and 15 minutes. She earned her fee on this office visit, for sure! I was NOT feeling good when I went to see her that day and she didn't rush me, she took her time.

I asked her if she noticed that the sores on my body have doubled, at least, maybe even tripled. She said she did! I said, "NOW WHAT"?  She said, "To be honest with you, they look so much better than last week. Your back is healing very nicely, so is your face, neck, chest, and so on and so one". WHAT??? WAS SHE KIDDING ME?? I asked her that, if she was kidding, she said she wasn't. She said it really was getting better! Gosh! I'm in big trouble! IF THIS IS BETTER, WHAT IN THE WORLD WILL I LOOK LIKE IF IT SHOULD GET WORSE?

There was talk of going into the hospital, but I wanted to nip that in the bud right away! I asked her what I had to do to stay OUT OF THERE? What I had to do is get 5 new prescriptions. I got a different Antibiotic, an Anti-Itch in pill form, Prednisone Dose Pack (steroids) and 2 different strengths of Hydrocortisone Creams, 1 for my face and ears and another for the rest of my body. So, that's where I am right now. If anything, it looks like it's become worse to me!


I  will keep you posted!       

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Posted: Nov 22, 2012 7:16pm
Nov 18, 2012

Hello Friends!
Well, this is NOT going to be an easy road to travel down! This started as a very small rash on my leg, near my knee, about the size of a dime. As you have seen, by now, it's covering my body and it's NOT A PRETTY THING! I've already told you that it started on 10-22-12, that will be 4 weeks tomorrow. After the first week, it just started spreading like a wild fire. I had no control over it at all!  Now, I've been on antibiotics for 9 days, anti-itch medication for the same length of time and the steroid dose pack for 5 days, with one more day to go. It doesn't look TOO MUCH BETTER!

There is a VERY SLIGHT IMPROVEMENT in the way I'm feeling. I'm not itching AS MUCH as I was, some of the sores are faded a tiny bit, and they are a little LESS PAINFUL then they were. I think I told everyone that I don't have Medical Insurance, so I couldn't afford the prescription cream that cost $450.00, even with all of my discounts. Well, last night, MY SON PICKED IT UP FOR ME AND DROPPED IT OFF! GOD BLESS HIM, HE'S A LIFE SAFER!  I didn't know he was doing that, I would NOT have let him, he knew THAT! But, he did and I do Thank God now, b/c this cream was greatly needed. After just one application, I can feel the difference. Not a big difference, but a difference none the less. Now, I just have to finish my medications, which will be tomorrow, and I will go back to the Dr.'s on Tuesday or Wednesday.

It's going to be a LONG, HARD ROAD TO RECOVERY!! I understand this and I'm willing to go down this road, but I needed to at least feel something was changing. It is, and I don't know how long it will take, but I WILL be Mystic's MaMa again! She doesn't know what's going on, she's very confused. She doesn't understand where I am when I don't take her on her walks or outside  to do her business real fast. But....she DOES UNDERSTAND that I'm sick! She stays right next to me in the house and she doesn't go anywhere if I'm not going too!  Please don't stop the prayers? I so appreciate them, and I thank you so much for all the prayers you've said and all the future prayers you will say.

I put up a photo of Mystic this time, wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you have that image in your mind on Turkey Day and NOT the last one that I posted. Mystic is MUCH CUTER TO LOOK AT!!


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Posted: Nov 18, 2012 11:06am
Nov 16, 2012

In my last share, I thought I was having a very bad allergic reaction to something, I wasn't sure what, but maybe to one of my pain medications by a different Manufacturer.
I couldn't have been more WRONG!!!

Until just TODAY, I still didn't know what I had, but I knew what I DIDN'T HAVE! It wasn't an allergic reaction to ANY MEDICATION. It also WASN'T IMPETIGO, as the Dr. in the ER thought it was. I'm not a Dr. and I've NEVER had any medical training, but from the 1st day, I NEVER THOUGHT THIS WAS IMPETIGO!! THIS I WAS SURE OF! I had Impetigo when I was a child, I have 4 children, who have also had Impetigo as children and I ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE AND HOW TO TREAT IT! NEVER, NOT ONCE, DID I THINK THAT THIS WAS IMPETIGO!! 
This started on 10-22-12 with a very small rash and intense itching. From there, it took on a life of it's own. Within one week, I was covered from head to toes! LITERALLY! I had sores covering my entire body and they itched so bad, I was scratching myself raw. The worst of it is my back. That's the most painful, because it's so raw. It burns and hurts so bad no matter if I'm in the shower or applying cream to the affected areas. I think burn patients must feel similar pain. IT'S HORRIBLY PAINFUL! 
Today, I FINALLY know what it is! It's a Staph Infection. I don't know how or where I got it. I don't know WHY I got it. I haven't done any research on it yet, but I'm going to. I know that I'm on the right medications to treat it for now. I know, because I can feel the improvement and even see a small improvement. Feeling better, even just a little, is doing wonders for me. I'm not as depressed today, because I'm feeling hopeful that I'm heading in the right direction.

Thank you, EVERYONE, for your kind words, well wishes, cards and most of all, PRAYERS! I believe in the power of prayer and I THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PRAYING FOR ME!! I love everyone of you that has helped me get through this! I don't know how long it takes to recover from this, but I'm going to try my best to do whatever it takes to recover as quickly as possible. It's been 3 weeks now and I have a feeling that this Infection will be the boss until I can over-throw it. I'm gonna give it all I can. It might take a while, but I'm not gonna stop until this Infection goes away! I pray it won't be too much longer.


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Posted: Nov 16, 2012 10:55am
Nov 7, 2012

Ok, Usually I would be talking about Mystic when talking about an allergic reaction. BUT....NOT THIS TIME! 
This's about me! I included a picture of Mystic, because right now, I look hideous and no one would like to see that. It took me 3 weeks to figure out exactly what was going on with me. I don't know if I'm just dumb, stupid, thick headed or what. But, by the time I figured it out, the damage had been done!

You see....I've been taking 2 different pain medications for my disabilities for the last 5 years. Every day, for 5 yrs., I took 2 / 30 mg. oxycontin a day. Well, starting in August, I lost my medical coverage and I could NOT afford this pain medication. I was also taking Percocet 10/325 mg. 1 pill every 6 hrs. That, I could afford. The oxycontin, however, was going to cost $626.00 a month. So...what my Pain Specialist did was to switch my medication to ms contin, still 30 mg., same dose, 1 pill 2 times a day. Both pills do the same thing, they are both time release and long lasting. This medication cost me $35.00 a month and I could afford it. So far so good!

In fact, the first 2 months, I had NO PROBLEMS AT ALL! Everything was the same. Almost 4 weeks ago now, I had my prescription filled and when I got it home and opened it, I noticed it was a different color. I called the Pharmacy right away. The Pharmacist told me it WAS the same medication, just a different Manufacturer. OH, OK! No problem, right? OH SO WRONG!!

Little by little, as the days passed, I started to itch on different parts of my body. I thought I might have gotten bit by something, then I thought maybe the laundry soap I used was too harsh (it wasn't my usual brand), I had all kinds of excuses for why I was itching. Then I started to get the rash! Not just a little rash either, I'm talking EVERY WHERE on my body!  It really started to get out of hand though, when the storm Sandy hit us! It was like, BAM! TAKE THAT! The first day we lost electricity, it just went wild. As I know now, it's HIVES that I broke out in! It is NOT a pretty sight! My face looks awful and so does my body.

I looked up a variety of rashes, symptoms, etc. after we got the computer back up and it was nothing that I saw. FINALLY....just last Friday, I looked up an allergic reaction to medication (rashes) and then narrowed it down to MY MEDICATION. I'll be darn if it wasn't EXACTLY what I had on my body. I called the Pharmacist right away, explained what was happening, and he told me, YES, I WAS HAVING AN ALLERGIC REACTION. Because the meds. are generic, whatever THIS MANUFACTURER uses as fillers or dyes, was causing me to have it. He suggested I call my Dr. immediately and STOP taking the medication. Of course, my next phone call was to my Pain Specialist. She also advised me to STOP TAKING IT IMMEDIAELY, which I did.

Now, being on a narcotic pain medication for 5 yrs., every day, twice a day, I was prepared for some sort of withdrawal. Dr. said it shouldn't be too horrible because I still have the other pain medication that I take also. It has NOT been easy! Even though I do take the other pill, there is withdrawal  symptoms from not taking this one. My Dr.'s appt. is tomorrow, Thursday, Nov. 8th and I will be able to get everything back in order. 
What's bothering me now, more than anything....IS THE MARKS ON MY FACE AND EARS! The itching isn't fun either, but I know that will clear up given time.


I hope everyone has a great day today. Wow, I just looked out my window and IT'S SNOWING!! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?? BTW, I'm in NJ, where Sandy hit hard and we're supposed to get another bad storm today. But, WHERE DID THIS SNOW COME FROM?? HAHAHA! REALLY, HAVE A GOOD DAY!                 

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Posted: Nov 7, 2012 10:03am
Oct 29, 2012

Sandy was supposed to hit our area in New Jersey some time today, 10-29-12. This was going to be THE storm, THE hurricaine, THE ONE, to take seriously, if we've never before taken any seriously! 

At 2:00 PM, EST, all of a sudden, the TV went black, the computer turned dark and the phones went dead. The winds picked up, the rain came down in sheets, and it was almost "icy" outside. HERE SHE WAS! Already? Wait! I've been watching the news and weather all day. There was nothing on TV that said it was here already! STOP! What in the world was going on?

What was happening? How was I going to find out what was going on? I was totally blocked off from the rest of the world. We weren't allowed to drive on the roads, the Govenor had already said that. I had no idea what was going on, so I sat here and waited. I waited for this Monster Storm to wreak havoc on my town, my house, my car, my life, MY WORLD!

Well, while I waited, I put a video in and sat back and watched it. Not too bad. Now what? Just wait and see what happens, I suppose. That's about all I could do. Then, before I knew it....WELL HELLO! The TV came back on! The only reason I knew was because the phone rang! bbbbring, bbbbring! Hello? Hello? Yes? Hi Adam! It was my son, asking if I was ok, do I need anything? Well, no not now! I'm ok now Adam! Now I'm fine! I'm back in the world. I have the three things that keep me connected, my phone, TV and computer! I have my world back! YAAY!

You don't realize how much you depend on these things until you don't have them!  The big, bad MONSTER STORM SANDY.....changed course. It didn't come at me like it was supposed to! OH, THANK GOD! I REALLY WAS SCARED! But's over and we're safe.           

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Posted: Oct 29, 2012 5:07pm


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