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Feb 6, 2008
I want to share my Petition with you all, as this is a hard reality many of us are going thru.

Please read and give me your opinion or tell me your own story.

I whish you a beautiful day.
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Posted: Feb 6, 2008 12:36pm
Aug 29, 2007
We have a swiming pool at home, it has been empty to clean it. As the weather is crazily changing around the world, here too, so it has been raining most of the summer, the result, the swiming pool got filled some centimeters up; The consecuence is that once in a while a small mouse fall down into the pool and get drown.

A few days ago the weather got some warm and I decided to do some gardening. Passing by the pool I showed inside and I saw a small mouse swiming  and jumping on the blue wall desparated trying to get out.
I went back home with his image in my mind, so helpless...

I thought: "It will grow up and will be a disgusting rat, infecting and spreading all kind of illneses" I sat on the sofa... his image on my mind... Suddenly I jumped out, looked for a net and ran to take him out of the swiming pool. He was so scared that jumped out of the net and swam away from it.
Finally I could catch him, once inside the net start climbing up the stick of the net. I got scared, looked at him, he stoped, trembling kept looking at me with a pair of big round eyes. Y spoke with soft voice and said: "Hey dude, I am more scared than you and trying to help, stay there"

I got the net out, walked some 20 meters to the garage door, opened it, walked some 12 more meters and easily dropped him on the grass of an empty terrain near home.
Once on the ground, he doubt for a second and then ran fast untill got lost.

I doubt that I will be able to forget those minutes, that sight and the sensation of understanding and confidence between both.
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Posted: Aug 29, 2007 8:27am
Aug 23, 2007

Have you thought humans have to practice yoga for self control (one of the reasons) take medication to control moods, breath and count 100 to not to hit someone´s face, and so on...? 
Now...  Have you seen some people screaming to their dogs, beating them, disburdening thenselves over their dogs, all the bad mood for some wrong things happening during their day, hurt them in any way... and many others...
But the dogs are always happy to see their "owner", wag their tales, lick hands when being spanked, go out when been screamed untill they are called back, cry, but rarely bite when being phisically hurted.
Dogs are always standing by for us, loyal there for us, loving, caring and happy there for us!
Even if I could give to only one dog all the love that I´ve received from so many of them, I would never consider myself out of debt.
Bless the dogs!!

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Posted: Aug 23, 2007 9:13am


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