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Dec 7, 2009

please read the heartbreaking story behind these pictures in mary's share :

have a look at katrin's news and follow the link to the story about a dog market in china : 

large amounts of cats and dogs are killed for meat consumption in china; reportedly in one chinese province alone, guangdong, 10,000 cats are eaten every day ! many cats and dogs are stolen pets from other regions.  they often don't get any food or water during the long journey to the meat markets, crammed together in crates that are far too small, so many die on the way - but they are the "lucky" ones, for the killing process is appalling : they are skinned alive, and then (still alive or not) thrown into boiling water ! this is done on purpose : because the believe is that the more the animals suffer, the tastier their meat will be !
so this is not about a cultural difference ("in the west people eat pigs and cattle, in the east they eat cats and dogs"), but about the enormous cruelty behind this, on an enormous scale; plus the fact that also in china cats and dogs are loved companion animals, members of the family - imagine having yours stolen for a fate like this...


please help me with this - it will only have a chance to succeed if all of you pull out all the stops  - keep on sending protest emails to the chinese authorities, forward this to all your friends, post it on facebook, whatever you can think of - but please help the animals in china ! they need you !

more information on the eating of cats and dogs can be found here :

ACTION : prefab protest email to send to chinese authorities : please flood them with emails !

PETITIONS to sign :

please give what you can, any amount is welcome ! donations are badly needed ! go to :
and click on the "donate" link, or go to :
and click on "Donate to Tianjin Cats".

website :

pdf-docs about rescues :

this is the thank you email i got back after my small donation :
"Dear ekeim, 
Thank you for your kind donations of xxxx EUR for the 720 rescued cats on Nov 25 2009 in Tianjin China by Tianjin Cat’s Hope.
The cats been placed in several classrooms in an unused school, there were only 3 cats passed away, many injured and all of them are well cared for the routine medical check up and treatment. During the time, the media and the website had the news spread and quit a lot of loving Vets and volunteers whet to shift the care of cats, there were 3 Vets even travelled from Beijing to go to offer there help!

Over the passed weekend on Nov 28th -29th they’ve hold an open day to public for adoption. They prepared an Adoption Form, people need to fill up this form with all their contact information and they need to show their personal ID and have their ID number recorded; the cat lovers will also go visit the adopted cats after a while to make sure that our cats are beloved family member after the adoption.

But there were only around 20 cats be adopted in the weekend and the cats are still with Cat’s Hope for medical cares)

The Tianjin Police Officers have forced The Cat’s Hope to have all the cats moved out from school on Monday, Nov 30, so they have to rent a place urgently to replace all the cats to the new rental place today, hopefully there is the heating systems to keep the cats warm in the winter. They plan to hold the cats and have them spay/neuter and recovery before release them to the living areas (where the loving people will keep them feed) around March next year, since the weather is too cold to have them released right away in the winter with their injured body.

The animal rescuers in Tianjin Cat’s Hope are really appreciate it for your loving concern and great support for our poor, suffering, cute cats over China! We thank you so very much for our beloved cats!

Please see the attached photos of the rescued cats which I've just got from Ms. Wanghan, they were taken at the school they've been stayed before moving them to a new rental place, Wanghan said the new rental place is very nice with 4 big rooms all facing North with sunshine, is much better than the old school which without any sunshine.

With best wishes

Joy Gao on Behalf of Tianjin Cat's Hope"



Album: Tianjin Cat’s Hope
read the story behind these pictures here :

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Posted: Dec 7, 2009 4:31am


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