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Apr 28, 2011

Below is a rough of a strategy designed for Sydney Housing tenants needing bargains to survive-it can probably be adapted to most countries -

NB   In Australia you have yourEducation in advance then pay for ilater when you are employed--I put this here as I spent 3 hours trying to email it from Care2-It seems there is some limit or something else preventing Care 2 from sending long emails









It is a subject that interests you  I am

sure-It is a subject that interests everyone.


We all want to pay less so we can do more


Nowadays you can even be patriotic and

caring and tree hugging when you go for



As wise men have always

said ,if you concentrate

 on needs and necessities

rather than wants and desires

you are more likely to find the

 happiness you have always

dreamed of.


So I will start with necessities

Today I think everyone would

 agree that air, food ,water,shelter

(as we all on link housing know)

and protection ,and health and

 love are what we need

above that is bonanza



We cannot all afford air conditioners

 but plants placed by the window can

clean up our air supply.

This need not be too expensive

using old bowls, tins, the bottoms

 cut off plastic bottles and any pots

 thrown away on rubbish nights can

supply you with what you need.


If you are going rock bottom, save

 your seeds from any fruit or vegetable

 that you find and look up how to plant it

on the net-if necessary in the library.


Do not take their fertiliser hints too seriously

fertiliser is expensive .so is potting mix

Just use pee well diluted in water (about 20

times the water to the pee) if nitrates are

 needed. The most organic is

 your own anyway.


Use honey and water,(honey well diluted ) if

 they start to wilt, and water daily the

soil(any soil-forget ph value) that

 you have scraped from somewhere or

other for them to grow in.


Most of the seeds you have saved will

respond to being

 damped down daily in a jar

with a cover of cloth over the mouth

 to let them breathe. Just pour in water

and drain and hide in the dark in a cupboard

 till they start to sprout. Covers of cloth are

 best secured with elastic bands saved

from grocery wrapping ,however

 string will do the trick


If seeds and pips don't sprout chuck them out and

try with something else-You can't win them all


If you find any plant abandoned and dying

 on the street adopt it. And any cuttings your

 green fingered friends can give you


Honey stands in for sprouting mixes and

powders and works just as well



You can also if you are feeling luxurious

and cashed up try buying the reject plants at

the end of the week from Auldi or Woolworths


 Usually supermarkets neglect to water so

if you just add water and maybe a little

honey to that shrunken weedy looking

 thing on their bargain counter it is surprising

 what you can do. All plants incidentally

 love classical music.


Playing plants the ABC classical channel

or 2MBSFM-both on the FM band will cause

 them to flourish-try about an hour a day

 at least ; It will also relax your cells and

 heal them. Both stations

 are also on the internet.


The system is lotsa plants near windows

 and air outlets equals cleaner air and more health.

Just use your ingenuity.



We all know about Britta I hope-In

Sydney at least the water can give

 you almost as many problems as

that of a third world country; In

 any case you get a bonus of heavy

metals ,floride(a poison which contaminates

 your brain if taken in large amounts )and

plastics (carcegenic),runoffs of insecticides

and fertilizers (also carcegenic)

in every gulp you drink from the tap ;  Recent

research shows this applies to bottled water.too


If you Google “distiller” you will

 find methods of distilling your

 own water for next to nothing-

We may all need this information

in the future as privatization equals

more expensive and this is about to

 apply to our water too



Most know that the less food is processed

the better it is for you -also

of course the cheaper.

This is  because  GST adds ten percent

of anything processed to your bill


Bear in mind that the basic vegetable diet to be

digested requires A rather lewd combination

of vegetable-"root .shoot ,and fruit.";If you

do not get in all three of these together you are

unable to get full value from your veggies,

Get them as fresh as possible-


I personally recommend broccoli.

tomatoes potatoes

 and or carrots. But whatever

 turns you on in your

rooting shooting and fruiting way.


Incidentally if you are really hard up you

can fall back on the traditional Irish diet of

 milk and potatoes.or of course the Chinese

fall back of cabbage rice and soy. spiced up

 in Cambodia with insects ,snakes,rats

 and frogs and any fish you can find

 in the rivers-Personally this is not what

I recommend but it can get you through.


Sprouts(from dried lentils or beans) which are created the same way

 that you sprout pot plants,(in a jar with an

 old stocking or a piece of cloth over the opening

 to let them breathe.and sprinkled with water

daily  then drained) ,are also a complete food

They take about three to four days in

a dark cupboard to mature


Also bear in mind that when the experts totted

up the necessities in food they did not

 always include all the amino acids because

 they did not know nearly everything

about them till recently.


The best and easiest source for amino

acids is unfortunately still meat-and

there may be more to this meat

thing than meets the eye.

In other countries they eat

cats ,dogs,rats ,and rabbits.


I do not recommend trying that

 here. particularly in link housing.

But if you join with some neighbors for

 a weekly buy of a hogget, minced, cut

into chops, corned,and as a roast

-prepared as you ask any wholesale

 butcher, you will find your meat bill

 will shrink and you will also get fresher meat.


Today is the age of Aquarius which

means group action is becoming more

 important than individual action at least

Astrologically so you might as well begin

 a meat buying team.


A couple of people with a couple of

suitcases can do the carrying for a

 whole building and it is possible to rotate

the effort or pay off the carriers with

free meat.


If you are really bent on going solo

you could try picking up ready roasted

chickens at the roasting counter in your

 local supermarket after 10 to 11 pm

they are a fraction of the price

minimally half often a tenth.


They are not good food value however

 but better than no protein at all


To be healthy you should aim at some

protein with every meal


One very good source is of

course eggs. Organic

eggs are best and hard boiled

 eggs can be carried

with you fairly invisibly

 when you are foraging

 far from home


They not only will fill you

up but also slim you

as they take considerable

 energy to digest


Chicken livers are also a good buy

 though not as cheap as they once

 were with a little bacon(bacon pieces)

 and rice you can make a delicious meal

which can last two or three sittings

 with vegetables. Lamb liver and cows

liver can also be used-best to chop it up


Fish is best bought at markets like

 Paddys Market or I believe the fish

 market. The problem with fish is

that a lot of it has lead in it ,some

people try to get deep swimmers

or small non-carnivorous fish as

 that way they avoid the build up

 of lead nearer the surface and in

 fish close to the top of the food chain


I take risks and use sandwich tuna.

But tuna is a fish that eats other

 fishes which have eaten other

 fishes which have eaten other  fishes etc

Tuna is very close to the top

 of the food chain

Chicken is also near the top of cheap

 foods,however a lot of breeders feed

chickens food which is made from

their dead relatives not only making

them into cannibals but unhealthy

enough to have started at least one virus.

We all know about bird flu


Organic chickens are very expensive

So are free range chickens which is

why I do not recommend these here


Honey is more healthy than sugar

and it is claimed to have anti biotic qualities.


Honey Combined with olive oil makes

an excellent hair conditioner and if you

have eggs you can use the yokes of two

 eggs in hot water to make you a first rate

fresh and organic shampoo-This perhaps

should come under health but eggs are

 food after all


Cheese and yogurt are also good protein standbys

If you get a tiny pot of yogurt you

 can put it into a thermos of powdered

 milk at blood temperature overnight

Usually the whole contents of the

 thermos will turn into yogurt that way.

Bye the bye to get blood temperature

Try the same way you would prepare a baby’s bottle

Put in your finger and if you find it neither

 feels hot or cold then it is the right

 temperature for baby or for yogurt


Cheese can be created by using

junket tablets in blood temperature milk

then draining the liquid from it by putting

 the junket mixture into a clean cloth and

 using it as a sieve. You can get cream

cheese that way- I haven't tried it with

 evaporated  milk in water yet.


Junket is difficult to track down

You may need to get it online from

S Australia-Just Google it


As far as cooking is concerned you

are best off cooking everything in butter-

virtually everything tastes better with

 butter as the French know ; Half kilo

 slabs from Woolworths home brand are

 as cheap as a  "to cook in" substance gets


Olive oil keeps and is best bought in bulk

 tins and coffee Real coffee is also

 best in bulk as far as price is concerned



I mention here cheap methods of

getting your food prepared as

properly prepared real coffee can be cheaper

 than powdered coffee and much

better for your health

Powdered coffee was legally allowed to

 be up to thirty percent cockroach

last time I looked it up

; The probability is that it is still

so.. However in” Man versus Nature”

Beare makes it evident insects are

edible and he recommends them as 40

 percent protein more than meat.


For food and drink preparation

cheap electronics are

 invaluable. Use the Salvation Army

 and Vincent de Paul-As everyone knows

 electronics from these sources can

 cut out at any moment. So you

always need a backup; Whenever

 possible buy two of the same.

You then have something to use

 when the crash comes.


For instance real coffee in one of those

1930's-40's coffee percolators is far better

 for you than Nescafe(remember 30 percent cockroach)

you just start in that metal basket

with a table spoon percolating then later

in the day add water and repercolate or

 if you are feeling wealthy another table

spoon of coffee with the first and

percolate again. These sort of gadgets do

not take up much electricity and they

 certainly perk you up too.


Another good buy at Vinnies

 a yogurt maker.

Mine cost two dollars and saves

the time taken trying to get the

 insides of a thermos clean


People with big families could also

invest in a fruit juicer or something

that will whip up and or cut stuff electronically

The last two strike me as unnecessary

luxuries but then I haven't got five children,


At this point I suppose it is worth mentioning

 Aldi is cheaper than any other supermarket

and also stocks when it feels like it the cheapest

and best electronics on the market- I got

a vacuum cleaner there for forty dollars -tough,

well designed and runs forever.

 I have seen

drink fridges there for about a hundred dollars

 which would cost four hundred dollars up

 anywhere else. And a drink fridge holds

 an amazing amount I get my food in

monthly to six weekish-mind you that

is for one person.


Now I have covered MEAT,



DESERT(yogart cheese

fruit are enough for gourmets and yogurt and

honey is always delicious)


You also need daily BREAD or some

 sort of filler. I recommend

Sticking out for really good bread,

 and getting it at a health store if a

supermarket is the only possibility

 get black bread or rye(was Riga now Helga)

Get your bread as thick and

 heavy as possible


If you do get the cheap bread and it is

a temptation at a dollar a loaf reduced-

 at least have some vegemite with it.

Cheap bread often lacks B12 vitamin

and when this happens you get a vitamin B

deficiency and can even make a good start

 at growing your own Diabetes or Chronic

 Fatigue syndrome. you can even manage

to get your own first rate

depression that way


You can also make bread -It is very

 easy but time consuming

and seldom as pleasant to

 eat as bought unless you get

very expensive ingredients 

which makes nonsense of

saving that way


It is somewhat cheaper

and a lot more healthy

to make your bread rather

than to buy the cheapest

readymade loaf





vegetables-(root shoot fruit)

fruit in season


honey 1 1/2 kilos cheapest way

butter I/2 kilo blocks home brand

evaporated milk powder(biggest cheapest  packet)


soy sauce

bread or the means of making it


 and  or tea

huge jar of vegemite


Sandwich tuna in tin

Large tin of diced homebrand tomatoes

-add milk and a bit of

soy and you have a huge pot of soup

 or a base for adding all the vegetables


large homebrand.rice

lentils red  and brown

these combine to make

a second rate protein


red can be cooked in

 half an hour you do not

need to soak them for twenty

 four hours like the brown ones


Brown lentils sprout in four days

 and are  a complete food.

though incredibly dull

they cost less than vitamin


Dried Beans can also be used this way

If cooking dried beans you need

 to soak them for 24 hours first.

Check you have everything on the

 basic list each time you shop


The list above will get you

by and simplify your shopping

You just use each ingredient till it

 has gone and then replenish it

you generate next to no waste.

and do not have to throw out

 thirty to forty percent of your

food like most Australians



Tea can be scrapped and if

you can buy cheap herbs most

 of them with boiling water poured

over them will make a hot and often

surprisingly delicious drink


Add honey to anything you want

to sweeten and a honey and soy

source is delicious with meat cooked

 in butter.

Any vegetables you can grow

yourself are of course a real

 saving and they taste better

just go onto the web and have a

 look at the gardening program on


It is a tremendous resource


That covers food-you can add in fish

and other luxuries and it is best to stack

 up on stuff while it is cheap and buy

the largest container of anything

 that will keep


If you want to make your own

 bread you need cumin(get all dried herbs

if you must buy them in packets

and look for the cheapest

never buy them in a jar

 if you can avoid it)

you also need sugar

and yeast (get large pack)and oil

preferably olive oil


I can supply diagrams and

instructions for anyone wanting

to make bread.


The SPICES that you might like to get are:-

Garum Marsala

Good on rice and in bread


Added to fruit with some

 honey when boiling will

 make nearly all fruit delicious


Bay leaves

Add one to lentils or beans


A huge thing of homebrand tomato

 sauce and  a large thing of curry powder

 can also help make things edible

remember buy big if anything will keep

it works out lots cheaper








If you get a USB stick from the

 post office you can download information

from any web connection

and use the lot on your computer

 at home  or print it out in the library

-they charge about twenty cents per page


You can also set up your own browser

on your USB stick from the Post Office

cost 10 or fifteen dollars

This can mean that you

can directly access your e-mail

 account and any social sites you

are involved with- Personally

I recommend Care2 which is

like Facebook but has lots of

really good recipes and articles

 on things to do and make and

 important news and a free page

 with lots more to offer than


Also unlike Facebook

it tends  not to have

 wanky people though some

 Care2 people are world famous.

This brings me to



Most of these come from other people.

I therefore recommend getting to know

as many as possible and finding those you like.


The easiest way to do a lot of this for

 people on a low budget is to access

 the internet.


You can of course do this from

 a library or internet cafe..

But there is nothing so

time and money saving as

having your own connection.


There are people like  People Telecom

which can get you a broadband service

-slow and copper wire for about thirty

 a month -a dollar a day

You need to research the cost

 of a provider(ISP) ask a librarian

 to help you if you are on

a pension you can get a ten

dollar rebate on this which makes

 it even cheaper.


You can get computers through charities for about $250

  and also if you are eligible for a university

course and on a pension you can get given one free

quite often.


I have been given two-(actually one and a half).


There are programs which are

almost as good as commercial

programs sometimes better for

 free on the web eg Open Office-

which many universities use is better

 than Word -and Artweaver is

 almost as good as Photoshop.


It is well worth investigating both studying

and going on line if PROTECTION

.LOVE and SAFETY are things you need.

Universities have an excellent

 support and health system as

well as thousands of interesting people

 to meet and fascinating things

to learn and it doesn't matter

what age you are.

While you are learning you

are also being trained in all sorts

of job skills which will serve

you well later.


At present this is free-you pay

later-how long this will last as

with the social habit of giving

 pensions is anyone's guess

So it's not a bad idea to start investigating now.


The support systems if you haven't

studied for yonks are excellent as the

university now makes it's money on

foreign students and in many cases support is so

essential for them  that an excellent

tutorial support system can be found

 on any campus.


An Education as it now stands is

the most excellent bargain you

 will ever have offered to you.



And don't worry about your intelligence-


 It is well known that IQ can go up as

much as ten points when the brain is

used a lot  and we even grow new brain

cells when we need them.


 The difference

 incidentally between an idiot and an

 average person is ten points.

and with effort an average person

can pass university- another ten

 points and you are in the range

of someone who  is capable

of doing very well at times and a

 further ten points and you are in

the range of the average university



Like athletics university study takes effort

and practice and concentration

and your ability improves over time.

Constant practice makes it

delightful and enjoyable and something

you do well -


Just as practice improves

 football  it improves study and with study  like

 football you have to keep up the

 practice to perform well.


You can also attend university on the net

I think you might find full immersion

more satisfying anything face to face

is often more interesting and involving


Another educational option is the trades. At present

there are people in Australia getting a thousand

dollars a week after they emerge from trades training -

and even in some cases being employed  at fairly

high wages while learning at places where the

mines for instance need mechanics..


Taking up a trade like plumbing or dental

 assistant can give you skills that you can use

anywhere in the world.


The main trouble with the trades

 is that you usually get paid very

 badly while studying and get laid off

 before you qualify as employers do

not like to pay you anything like the

full wage. You also have often to

work terrifyingly long hours.


I have known apprentices

 dropping to sleep

over their desks in class because

 they had worked over

thirty hours straight.

These were apprentices

in the building

 and electronics trades

If you are on a pension you get

training at TAFE free


Education options can provide you with

increased options for protection  love, safety and



If you are considering studying purely

 for vocational purposes  check out the

value of the qualification you are

about to study for on the job market first.


Ring up the sort of people who might

employ you and either say that you have

the qualification and find out if they are

 interested or ask if they would be

 interested in employing you if you had

 that qualification


All too often you can spend even years

Studying something then find no-one

wants to employ you.


Studies it can be well to avoid are

 those most advertised in a newspaper


Usually the advertising comes because

There is a big turnover –often the work

 is seasonal and people are laid on and off



Accounting and most work with

 computers comes into this bracket.


Any training with computers has a built

 in redundancy because the occupation

 is moving so rapidly and the equipment

and programs are constantly being upgraded


Unless you adore reading computer

manuals and spending your spare time

 upgrading yourself forget them.


Medicine in any of it’s forms can be

renumerative and it is one of the

 few occupations in which you can be fairly

 sure of permanent

paid employment




Safety can also consist in looking like

other people and looking fashionable

or looking like someone well

 worth respecting



Bargains in this area are best found

 in Vincent de Paul.ans Salvation Army shops.

But it is best to have cash in hand

when you go as they frequently will

 not keep anything for you


The system for this sort of buying is to

 get it while it is there, knowing that there

 are no refunds if you make a mistake

and the reason why anything is there

 is usually because  someone else

found something wrong with it which

you may well be about to discover.


One very handy way of valuing what you buy

Is the cost per wear system. Something

 slightly more expensive that you can

wear many times or even daily and

everywhere works out by that

 frequency as much cheaper than

something you may only wear once

or twice-While selecting bear this in mind

A good rule overall is always to buy

 natural fabrics and to collar any top

 brands that fit you.

Top brands are so because

they are flattering


You will always look slimmer and

more with it in a top brand and you

can be certain you could never afford

 a new one anyway.


They can be dyed, tops and bottoms

 of two different ones can be matched.


They can be invisibly-or almost invisibly

mended if you use a piece of fine

 fishing line or human hair to do it.


You don't need to be a home

economics expert or a craft freak

 to make something of what you

 have bought in a couple of hours

and you do not need to know

 dress making though that would of

 course be nice


Good fabric and good cut can always have

 something done with them and if the

worst comes to the worst you can always

 cut them into squares and make scarves

of them or combine them with platting to

 make rugs ,or make quilts, curtains, pillowcases

,sheets duvet covers, kids clothes dolls -you

name it ,of them (a good fabric can be

made into or combined with anything).


If the thing is a sweater you can

 pull it apart and knit it into something

 or other-there are dozens of free

knotting patterns on the web and

 even a pub in Redfern where you

can go and knit and if you are broke

 drink water or I imagine coffee.



These are the biggest cost and most difficult to get

For anyone on an extreme  budget.

If you find a pair that fits is comfortable and

 preferably flattering buy it immediately!

Even if you have to cut back to emergency

 rations that week


The advantage of Vinnies or the Salvation

Army is that you know you are helping someone

 else when you buy there, You are also helping

 the planet and combating global warming

 by recycling


I would suggest that you look

 for the specialities of that particular shop you are in

In divulging this I could alter

 my own facts if enough people pay attention

 because they will rush the speciality


North Sydney Vincent de Paul (off the Pacific Highway)


Cheap sunglasses  high fashion glasses

frames eg Guchi high end sneakers-

sometimes good cheap books and coats


Saint Vinnies Chatswood -in arcade next

to station

 good fashion middle brands

,often nice pure wool sweaters and slacks,


St Vincent de Paul Crows nest-high fashion

 brands shoes glasses(eye) good leather

goods not overpriced can include Dior, St Laurent,



Salvation Army Neutral Bay

very good quality

 most things but pricey excellent computer

 book section and classics


Salvation Army Chatswood

well priced

electronics good for percolators, drinkheaters

,electric fry pans very little furniture but always

good quality excellent small tape recorders and wirelesses


Sheets pillow cases good sometimes

 good blankets,excellent kitchen accessories

like plates,silverware glasses and cooking

 utensils like saucepans fry pans


If you buy at these stores make

sure you buy mentholated spirits

and wipe everything with it before

 using it-preferably wash anything you can,


Dubbin will restore any leather goods

 and most things made of wood . It costs

about five dollars in Woolworths.;.Scratches

 on furniture can easily be concealed with

colored shoe polish-the cheapest Woolworths

 brands you can get


Any bits of good material big enough

 to wrap round you can be used that

 way with a good belt-most fashion

models have been known to dress in

that manner



If you can, avoid it.

It costs money and is bad for your health. If you must

 have some focus on the eyes and get long lash

mascara and khol- khol comes cheap from Indian shops.

It is a black smudgy fat that Indian women rub

on their eyes and will pick up the appearance

of virtually anyone.


If you match the colors of your face

without makeup with a lipstick that looks good

 you can use this lipstick to double up as an

eye shadow or to go under your eyes shadow

 to intensify it's effect.



You may well find that “discovering your

natural palette” and in what century your looks belong

is the key to effective cheap dressing-All

sorts of shapes and sizes and looks have

been fashionable and therefore desirable in the past.


There is pretty good evidence that even recently

 decidedly buxom if not downright fat

women have been popular and one

was even described as the world's

most beautiful woman while she was

grossly overweight. I am talking

about Elizabeth Taylor; Simon

Signoret, Sophia Loren and even

Marilyn Monroe were on the pudgy

side. It did not stop them

being sex sirens


In other centuries Ruben's women

 were very large by todays standards

Renaissance women were sturdy so

were Greek Goddesses for the most part.


Tai women in temple decorations were

often squat as were many of the Japanese

 and Pacific Island beauties.


Many of the pillow ladies (Japanese women

known for their sensuality )and used in pillow

illustrations to decorate the bedroom and

 illustrate the erotic were long waisted yet

appreciated for their sexual flavoring.



There are many tastes

 in the appearance

of women and it is

probably still in men's

genes to appreciate

a Gibson Girl who is

well presented.







The essence often is to

study your type and

your coloring.

and to keep to the

colors that really suit you


One way to do this is to

wear the colors in your

face and hair. Matching hair color

 and dress is an old Parisian trick

Also dressing in the same tones as your face and hair,


Another French trick is to use

 the smell of your pubes behind the

ears rather than any bought scent-

It apparently turns men on better

and after all it is if an expensive

scent made from more or less

the same thing in polecats anyway


The best  way of arriving at your

 palette is to get a kids paint box

 from Coles-two or three bits of

 computer printing A4 paper and

to get a ruler or a good piece of

cardboard and divide each sheet

into at least sixteen rectangles then

label each of the sheets" Spring"."Autumn"

."Summer" and "Winter" respectively ;

Then very carefully with a [paintbrush and

 water mix the color of each square till it

feels right and fill it in  each square

 in a separate color. You should end up

with a unique set of co-ordinated

colors which really suit you.


Ther is of course a commercial

 version of this –but it will not

 be as good as the one you cook

 up and yours will cost nothing


Look for these colors when you shop

You will be surprised how well they suit you

and the beauty of this method is that

you can look your very best and yet

 unique and be to some extent independent

of fashion.


If you really want to be fashionable

you can go into the State library or places

 like Est Sydney TAFE library where they

study fashion and look for magazines like

"L'Officiel" which are the magazines that

 designers use-they will tell you ahead of

time what the fashion is about to be and

you can swoop down on Vinnies and get

things that look that way.before anyone

knows that they are about to become



Australia is about a year and a half

 behind the fashion world of Europe.



You can also for the mere investment

of fifty dollars per year become a member of

 the Power House Museum -this means

that you can go there free at any time

and look at their fashion archives and

 go to the members room and help

yourself to free real coffee and top

 brand tea and dried fruit and biscuits

 whenever you feel like it as well as

 looking at their huge range of

really nice magazines


You can also get into all the exhibitions

free and some are very expensive otherwise.


Libraries museums and Art Galleries

are some of the best bargains you will find.

The State Art Gallery for instance again

for fifty dollars lets you go into their


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Posted: Apr 28, 2011 9:03am
Jul 11, 2010

Hi This is Nyack's petition below

However I have added my own meditation on turtle saving
1 According to the media in my country they are even collecting the eggs now to give the turtles a chance and stop them bolting into the oil spill.

Could maybe be a good day for turtles care BP.

2 However there seems to be room for a campaign to start on electricity generating  for non petroleum cars -we might save more than turtles by way of using all the technology that has been there all the time.

By which I mean:




hydra ;

wind ;

If we could work the electricity on some sort of grid ,preferably international as Edison and Buckminster Fuller suggested -failing that a national grid, we might still save a lot of life on this planet now scheduled for extinction including ourselves.

It isn't entirely a universal panacea but if we could use these low cost and low maintenance technologies , I have listed,to provide power and energy, we might be able still to save most seaturtles and people currently being destroyed by oil and coal. Don't forget iether in their various pollutive and carcagenic forms such as the release of carbon compounds into the air and earthlastic poisoning of children ;fertilizer blockages of rivers and oceans with algae and chemicals;insecticide,herbicide poisoningof all life;the threat of global warming,from various activities that can be traced to petroleum  ,coal and derivatives.

Compensation given to petroleum companies which are even now overreaching themselves over the law of diminishing returns could surely start these companies on the track to making even bigger and better profits in alternates ,and perhaps bring us and the animals and trees and fishes back towards life and health.

The carcegenic products from coal and oil we now use in the kitchen and bathroom and gardens and farms could well be something we could find substitutes for; and perhaps as  well  those coal derivatives we use on our faces and on our walls for both cosmetics and paints are also created from coal and oil.

A further advantage might be the gradual slowing down of the inevitable series of natural and technological disasters which we are currently generating. The natural ones I refer to are those associated with global warming.Earthquakes,unpredictable and dangerous weather etc.,Hurricanes floods ,fires,tsunamis.

Such a direction of energy towards generating electricity via alternates and locking it into an international grid might also remove the necessity that is upon us at present to participate in oil wars like Afghanistan and Iraq and oil wars disguised as internecine strife as in Uganda and Sudan and other parts of Africa. Yes I do say Afghanistan is an oil site-in our country they have actually declared this on the media and have let slip that the Chinese are already using Afghanistan as a source of oil coal and heavy metals source

That grid might even have the further advantage of creating a sufficient condition for investment in other countries where there might be low cost labor

NB THis is what I mean by the alternate energy sources I mentioned above

steam turbine generated via suns heat as used in 1940's kibutzes for instance.

tidal  -ie. ebb and flow pattern as well as that using the direction and or the meeting place of hot and cold tides;

solaras with solar cellsand mirrors as well as minor installations

thermal as in ground heat using that of the earths core as well as  hotsprings;

hydra as in waterfalls and also in strong moving currents anywhere and even in old fashioned water wheels;

wind as in high and also low tech windmills;

What do you think of my turtle saving and people protection plan Nyack?

Original Message:

Butterfly Credits For Animals Affected by Oil Spill

Save the Sea Turtles in the Gulf

Original Message:

Butterfly Credits For Animals Affected by Oil Spill

Save the Sea Turtles in the Gulf

Apr 3, 2008



13 shoulder meeting point
Upper arm one thumbwidth back from base of upper arm muscle
First stimulate between webbibg of fingers then press with all fingers together and curved on upper part of arm. Rub your finger on outside of arm to feel for sore spot. Press on sorest spot for 2minutes and breathe deeply till tenderness subsides

No3 No6

ST6Jaw Chariot Between upper and lower jaws on the muscle in front of the earlobe relieveslockjaw dental neuralgia tootrhaches jaw pain spasms

ST3 Facial Beauty At bottom of cheekbone directly below the pupilst3 relieves toothache head congestion and nasal pain

place thumbs between upper and lower jawsThis is no6 thenwith fingers curved place your index and middle fingertips beside your nose and press up

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Posted: Apr 3, 2008 4:18am


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