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Feb 11, 2008
This is Aquapressure for depression- That is what to press keep pressing several times a day and at least one the efects are accumalative and rather goog- I have also included some other stuff on depression that may be useful

B38 Vital Diaphram
between shoulder blades and spine at level of heart-balances emotions relieves anxiety grief depression emotional inbalance

Lie on floor with 2 tennis balls underneath your upper back  between shoulderblades If balls hurt put folded towel over them.
Lie and breathe deeply 2 minutes

indentation bridge of nose and center of forehead
Sit with spine straight eyes closed chin tilted down slightly palms together lightly touch third eye point. Take long slow breaths visualising a place which is calm and restful-can also image indigo
BENEFITS relieves depression glandular and emotional inbalances

B10 and GB20
B10 is on the ropy partone halfinch from spine andone half inch below base of skull
GB 20 is below the base of the skull inbetween the two neck musclestwo to three inches apart depending on size of skull
BENEFITS pressing together
relieves depression burn out exhaustion headaches heaviness of head emotional distress

K27 Lu1
Indentation between first rib and lower border of collarbone
BENEFITS relieves anxiety depression grief repressed emotions breathing sore throats premenstral tension
upper chest 4 finger widthsup from armpit one finger width inward
Press both one minute eachanxiety depression grief +skin probs breathing asma coughing sore throats

on center of breastbonethree thumbs up from base of bone

Use all fingertips of one hand to press breastbone center- take several long deep breaths

relieves grief nervousness chest congestion hysteria emotional inbalances
GV19 Gv21 GV20
POSTERIOR SUMMITGV19 ONE HUNDRED MEETING POINT GV20 GV21 ANTERIOR SUMMIT- depression and concentration headaches and memory Place right fingers behing right ear left fingers below left earMove fingers up towards top of head and feel for  hollow top center(GV20 then find two other hollowsone inch in front(GV19) and one inch behind(GV21Place yourfingertips on center top of head briskly rub with your finger tips stimulate these antidepressant points for onwe minute

Four finger widths from spine at waist level
make fists and place your knuckles against your lowerback two inches apart on iether side of the spine. briskly rub your back up and down for one minute
BENEFITS relieves depression anxiety trauma and fear
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To find measure 4 finger widths from finger widths below the kneecap
 one fingerwidth from the outside of the leg strenghens body benefits joints relieves fatigue
placing your fingertipsone inch outside theshinbone. On the correct spot a muscle flexesas you move your feet up and down. Use your fist to massage up and down the thighbone for one minute
Back of head base of sculltwo to three inches apart are two hollow areas apply pressure with your thumbs as you tilt your head back
Firmly press for one minute
GB2 is the official nomination

Depression is a state comprised of sadness inactivity grief difficulty concentrating,feelings of loss or emotional numbness and withdrawal.. It can be a sign of something in our life missingperhaps a sense of purpose,or close nurturing relationships.

It can go into a loop where depression starts self  defeating,self destructive behaviours and this is ablow to our morale which leads to further and deeeper depression. This leads in turn to a mental and physical shutdown.

It is best to decide if it is a short term ,or long term deep condition. With the latter counselling is often recommended.
Aquapressure can benefit the lighter sort of depression.And deep relaxation can also help as can meditation.
Depression canresult from repressed energies and aquapressure can free them.. It can bring these repressed emotions to the surface and let you deal with them.

There are also other aspects of how you live that can be important..
1 Self love- Creating situations where you can fulfil your needs encourage growth and foster self esteem
2 Supportive relationships
Become involved with people who give to you and support you and receive gracefully and are positive
3Worthwhile work
Find work which contributes to your sense of purpose and identity
Goals and visions for the future visualise meaning ful changes and work towards them.
5 Diet
Low blood sugar levels(hypoglycemia) can cause depression and fluctuating emotions from extreme highs to extreme lows. It can be caused by too much sugar in the diet.

In the short term sugar gives a quick burst of energy, To balance thissurge the pancreas overproduces insulin-as a result depression,anxiety and fatigue are generated.

People who have hypoglycemia should avoid sugar ,alcohol coffeee and fruit with a high sugar content, Fresh vegetables,whole grain miso soup whole grains,sprouts and seaweed can help balance the condition.

Deficiencies of vitamins C and E can also cause depression.Parsley in salads and cucumber dressed with fresh lemon juice can help this.
Shallow breathing can also cause emotional inbalance including depression as it makes for a shortage of oxygen in the blood.. Shallow or constricted breathingrequires a strong concentration to adjust and sometimes just breating deeply and concentrating on that can counteract depression

Another thing you can do is scream and curse into a basin of cold water after telling yourself you are cleaning out the negatives(this works for anger too)- keep your face under water as long as you can , When you conme up you will automatically start breathing deeply..

Close your eyes while doing thisAim at four breaths per minute and do this for five minutes- It can change the way you feel..

Actions that can kill depression-two of them are often sufficient.
1Aerobic exercise-bicycling,swimming dancing,running,brisk walking- with dancing if you have the space and privacy put on some good music which indicates how you feel about things take off your clothes and dance. Express yourself to the universe
2Take a stimulating shower-
start with warm water gradually make it hotter. Then decrease the temperature as low as you can bear it.- do not do this if you have a serious illness or are menstratingor premenstraul
3Deep breathing exercises
Will oxygenate your body- try “Omm “or” Hu” or “Ani Hu.”.Ani _in Hu out.  Hu is announced Hugh and is the ancient name of God . “ Oh ah hum  Benja Guru Pena Siddi hum”- a Tibetan energising chant
Movement breathing and meditation.
TM- transcendental Meditation costs but checks you are really getting the meditation brain wave of alpha- It takes a week to learn in short daily sessions and  is an excellent way of learning how to access that part of the brain- It is nice but a bit like ersatz coffee as opposed to the real thing- It paves the way to easy mastery of more complex meditation systems that can take years . Even the readers digest recommends it and there has been loads of research done on it's benefits..
Chanting as above(deep breathing) also works there are a variety of chants.
And visualisations
Most visualisations rely on you imaging a safe place and mentally going to it and they incorporate into it a sequence of color which goes through the colors of the spectrum fron red to orange to yellow to green to blue to purple to ultra violet to white-In the white sector many require you to visualise something nice like a time you succeeded , or someone you love or a phantom ideal lover
or a set of gadgets like phials of Happiness, energy,peace,excitement talents that you can swallow.
Or spirit guides, or your personal angel,or Christ .
Often there is a combination involved You start with the color cycle in strict order of the spectrum starting with red and you travel in a garden ,up a mountain , along a beach,through a shopping mall etc seeing objects of those colors- The most stripped down ones require you to visualise the colors full stop- One took a person down successive escalators from a rooftop each room was successively the colors of the spectrum and bathes one in light. Potentials unlimited has a series of these on sale online as tapes. I particularly recommend the one on finding love.

However usually after the color cycle or some sort of relaxation you are taken to a “safe place” which you have been encouraged to create for yourself- ideal location and furnishings which generally include
a stage-
for practising various activities trying out your new talents and rehearsing and even taking off for an astral or time past lives etc
a magic TV
where you can playback scenes from your life and edit and change them
a desk
you can write and type on and which has magic drawers- one with all the facts about people who ever existed
one with the facts on everything that is
a telephone
On which you can talk to anyone past or present
A wardrobe
Full of costumes and gadgets that you need to exercise any talent you have.
A people mover for bringing in your spirit guides angels people from the past or present you want to talk to etc

Some Visualisations have a warm up set of exercises where for instance you lie on your back  legs apart and hans palms upward and separate from your body and focus on the fact that each part of your body is progressively becoming heavy. And warm You start with your right arm then move to your left then do each leg move to the belly then chest then spine then top of head and down over the muscles of your face after visiting your brain.- If you ever try this start with your right arm only for about two weeks daily for atleast ten minutes - when that genuinely feels heavy and warm then move to the left etc.-It is in any case an excellent way of overcoming insommnia and gaining deep relaxation.
Keep telling yourself my---- is getting warm and heavy.- This incidentally is an excellent warm up for self hypnotism and autogenics which are akin to meditation and often used in training athhletes- In their case they visualise their new trick on the bar a new way of moving their ankle when swimming etc  It is very successful.

The visualisations  border on autosuggestion self hypnosis and autogenics as I said.
Another warm up for them is to  lying down on your back as previously suggested and
progressively tighten your muscles- starting at the toes - hold each as long as you can bear it- cycle is toes foot lower leg- thighs belly fingers, hands ,lower arms ,upper arms chest neck face.
This will ensure relaxation if it dooesn't work immediately do it again
One of the few instances where failure is inevitably followed by success

Other meditations like Tai Chi,Karate, Paqua, Judo, Kung Fu and Yoga can also help.-
So can Kabala and Buddist and Hindoo and Muslim and Christian meditation systems.

Another visualisation system that works well is drawing and painting “Drawing on TheRght Side of the Brain “by Betty Edwards can introduce you to this,skill. Ruskin said that drawing anything was a way to understand it in depth. What learning to draw does anyway isto train your eyes- most people cannot see or make a deep connection to the beauty to be found in virtually every square inch of the universe- Learning to draw can open you to pleasures that are sitting under your nose
and costs next to nothing. It requires effort at first and consistent  and consistent application like any skill..
In any case just plain contacting what is driving you bonkers and drawing it can shift the mode from indignation to concentration to exhilaration or at least deep involvement where you are no longer so conscious of what or who is bugging you because you are immersed in the drawing per se.

The Artist's way is an excellent book which can guide you away from depression and blockages too.

Of course Love is the answer to depression as with everything else. Some theorize you have been putting out bad vibes or doing nasties and that they have come back as all karma to roost.

Certainly the traditional ways of avoiding the backlash of sins and Karma apply to depression
do something for someone else. Giving can be good- It really is more blessed to give than to receive. Deeds as gifts can be as useful as things even thoughts and prayers can help and if praying do not forget to pray for yourself too.
Do something for the world too even if it is just clicking up a few trees on care2 and the Hungersite or To plant an Oak or signing a petition or forwarding stuff for someone or putting useful stuff into a blog or praying deeply or sending love mentally to someone who needs it.
There are also zillions of charities needing help some in your vicinity or you may have skills you can share on line or at your local church or religious center or school or adult education group or by mentoring or coaching or you could even make  yourself into a listener. At least try smiling.

You don't have to go toCalcutta and join Mother Theresa's group the poor are everywhere and will we have been assured be with us “even to the end of the earth.”.

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Posted: Feb 11, 2008 12:16am


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