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Jan 2, 2008
This is a cookbook you can compile which will save you a lot of time-I will also include some covers I have drawn to chose from-in the next blog
This book may not entirely be for those who are interested only in staying healthy and slim. The food is delicious and I have lifted most of it from books which are not in print or difficult and or expensive to come by-I do not think I am breaching copyright laws
The main thing that these recipes have in common is that they take about 10 minutes to prepare and are gourmet standard
= cooking in water at temperature of 212 or more.
To quickly cook have a pan of boiling salted water ready heated.
The time limit requires the food to come in small pieces. The smaller they are the quicker they cook.. vegetables take longer to cook but noodles and small dumplings can be cooked in this time.

If you are prepared to spend fifteen minutes- practically any vegetable can be cooked in this time if it is chopped small. Beans that have been soaked can also make the grade. Most recipes however assume you are using a tinned vegetable.
It is best to boil potatoes whole every two days so that you a;ways have some ready.
= cooking in fat at temperature  of 392 or more-  It is quicker Heat the fat to maximum. The temperature is right when smoke is rising, At this moment put in food, otherwise fat decomposes and makes substances which are not good for the meat and will damage it.  Contact with food lowers the temperature and prevents this.

Remember to slice potatoes and only use small bits of fish. Food to be fried should be dry as it will spatter and can do unpleasant things to you otherwise.. Your clothes too can suffer. Cover frying things with a lid if you can.
Dip naturally wet things like fish into flour. This makes it safe to fry.
Put food in smoking fat approximately 5 minutes. Then lift it out .Put back on high heat till fat smokes again and put food back in.. Wait 2 minutes take it out and drain it. Sprinkle with salt then eat hot and crunchy.

Dip a feather is the classical way to brush with oil or butter before exposing to heat . This means be sparing with oil before grilling but cover lightly.
A successful grill is brown outside and rosy in the middle.   All the juices should be inside   .Expose meat to a high temperature as you start the grill as this will seal in the juices. Preheat the grill. After 5 minutes put in the meat and leave for 5 minutes. Turn salt and serve.
Roast can only take place in a frying pan in 10 minutes using slices You can cook meat,fish and vegetables this way.
Put butter or fat in pan . Do not begin to cook till fat is smoking. In order to avoid unpleasant smells open the kitchen window.
Take food out as soon as golden brown . Once both sides are brown lower heat. When you lift out the meat there is a coagulated mass in the pan this is known in the gourmet business as a glace – It is caramelized albumen for the most part, You can use this with different liquids eg water,white wine,port or Madeira, brandy ,beer meat broth ,red wine.
Adding a little flour to the liquid can turn sauces more velvety.
Starch thickens when it comes in contact with heat. If you throw flour in abruptly you therefore just get globs swimming in a watery liquid.. To add flour therefore put some butter in frying pan with the glace Add a teaspoon full of flour. Mix the flour and butter with a fork. Wait till the mixture browns slightly and you have made a roux. Pour the liquid you have chosen bit by bit into the roux. Warm slowly stirring all the time. The starch them thickens slowly from contact with the liquid. At first it is very thick. It becomes thinner as liquid is added. When it is of the desired consistency stop.
One can thicken a sauce or a soup by adding one or more yolks of an egg, Note the yolk of an egg thickens at 144degrees. Above this temperature it hardens and coagulates and the liquid curdles.
Only add egg to lukewarm liquid. Put on moderate heat and stir frequently. When heat gets too warm reduce it.   Dip finger in liquid from time to time. To check this.
Do not try to make the mixture too thick. It will thicken as it cools anyway.

1 set of aliminium sauce pans which fit into one another ranging from 5”’ to 9”’ and all with lids A small enamel saucepan of 41/2 “ diameter
2 iron frying pans with absolutely flat bottoms
A pan for eggs A kettle hold in a pint and a half.
A colander
A pan for deep frying and a draining basket
A funnel
A ladle
A skimmer
A wire frying slice
A wire whisk
A large kitchen knife
An ordinary knife
Kitchen spoons and forks
3 small bowls;
A salad bowl
A small coffee percolator
A coffee mill
This will allow your cooking equipment to use up minimum space, Put them in cupboard on top of frying pans.  The deep frying pans need the most space. This is the only bulky thing. If you use oil for frying you can use a funnel to pour it into a jar and keep it.
Ladle,knives,spoons,forks whisk and wooden spoons can be kept in drawer.

If you have a gas stove you can incidentally clean it with soda water just pour it down the pipes.
Bi carbonate of soda will do the same job it needs to be made into a mush and spread on and the mush need to be kept damp every so 4 hours or so overnight then just wiped off . It has not the poison or nasty taste of commercial cleaners..
While cooking open the window as much as possible.
Use luke warm soapy water on kitchen walls once a week or so.

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Posted: Jan 2, 2008 6:19pm


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