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Feb 26, 2011
I emphasize  the solution is not mine
But I asked a proffesional what he thought about the idea of blanketing the earth- Name Don Herbison Evans- who makes a hobby of knowing about a lot of things and is 
aretired academic also a highly trained   in several Sciences  and at least one Art

Quote in full

>You can publish the following amended email
>Note the more optimistic estimate of 50 yrs to spread the dust.
>I made an arithmetic error before.
>By the way, I am a  Chartered Engineer (UK).
>>Hi Penny,
>>Dont knock it just because it is "geoengineering"..
>>if you want to reduce global warming then that is geoengineering
>>Julia putting a price on carbon is geoengineering.
>>You can have too much or too little of anything.
>>The problem is getting just enough to do the job required.
>>That is what engineers do.
>>An engineer is someone who can build a bridge for
>>1 million dollars that any fool could build for 10 million dollars..
>>Krakatoa caused brief global cooling
>>by putting a mineral dust layer into the upper atmosphere.
>>Sadly it cut visible light as well as infrared,
>>so a sustained period of it would kill plants, then animals, then maybe us.
>>The proposal is to put special mineral dust in the upper atmosphere
>>that only reflects infrared but not visible light,
>>so earth is cooled but plants can live.
>>Krakatoa put about 20 cubic kilometres of rock into the atmosphere.
>>Maybe 5% of that stayed in the upper atmosphere.
>>That would be about 1 billion cubic metres.
>>and weigh about 5 billion tonnes.
>>This would supply a virtual reflective blanket around the earth
>>1 micron (1 millionth of a metre) thick.
>>It suggested using commercial airliners to spread the mineral dust.
>>Global air travel does about 10 billion kms/year
>>A 747 has a payload of about 100 tonnes,
>>and an average trip length of about 1000 kms.
>>Maybe they take 10% of this 100 tonnes as charity to cure global warming
>>So at this rate it would take 50 years to spread the amount of dust needed.
>>That might be too expensive and too late.
>>Nice idea though.
>>Maybe Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawaii
>>will blow and solve the whole problem.
>>Keep a torch by your bed.
>>Actually we dont need plants and animals.
>>Food can be synthesised chemically from carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water, and
>>various minerals.
>>It would need a substantial industrial plant to make enough for a billion people,
>>and would use a lot of energy, and need lots of extra coal/gas/uranium fuelled
>>power stations,
>>but it is chemically quite easy, just very expensive, and take years to set up.
>>It is probably cheaper to grow algae like chlorella under artificial light.
>>We could all build tanks for it in our backyards.
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Posted: Feb 26, 2011 10:52am
Dec 13, 2007
ry checkin these out and circulatin to those sceptical about global warming- We all want to live don't we? An we want the animals and the trees an all other people to live too-NOT so?
We need to work together on this one A huggy wish of happy Christmas to everyone
PS also recommend prayer as an underestimated and very effective method of getting anything done- Try getting  a prayer about global warming said in your local congregation - Particularly at Christmas
Also try checking out the  group sites for tackling global warming on Care2 - They have some good tangible suggestions
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Posted: Dec 13, 2007 5:32pm


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