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Feb 23, 2013

Below, the list of 55 international artists who created the 55 sculptures 

 "Eagle Bonelli

  • Antonio Alberti
  • Claudia Albuquerque
  • Hector Alfaro
  • Roberto Barni
  • Anouk Bérenguer
  • Caroline Bergonzi
  • Charles Billich
  • Fanny Blanchelande
  • Patrice Borrello
  • Silvie Brière
  • Éric Brocchi
  • Martin Caminiti
  • Cartier
  • Carlo Cerlati
  • Anna Chromy
  • Horacio Cordero
  • Cathie Cotto
  • Doat
  • Élèves du Lycée Albert I
  • Ottavio Fabbri
  • Sylvana Gainier et amapei
  • Nanou Herman
  • Spencer Hodge
  • Kamil
  • Avi Kenan
  • Kenzo
  • Nataly Cnyrim Kimmel
  • Peter Klasen
  • Le Temps de Vivre
  • Alexandre Mari
  • François Maurin
  • Sylvie Maurin Powers
  • Adeline de Monseignat
  • Roland Moreau
  • Moya
  • Frédérique Nalbandian
  • Nall
  • Inez Oludé Da Silva
  • Owanto
  • Philippe Pastor
  • Cyril de la Patellière
  • Gitte Peters
  • Marie Solange Raymond
  • Janine Ricketts
  • Ritta Nelimarkka
  • Olivier Roche
  • Placido José Simoes & Jurgen Krauss
  • Sosno
  • Davide Tirelli
  • Virginia Tsakalotou
  • Renaud Vassas
  • Bruna Viale
  • Martina Wagner
  • Milena Zevu
  • Zivo
Album: Eco Art Parade 2009
From june, 8th 2009 to October, 8th 2009 was held the first edition of Eco Art Parade, also known as “EAGLE ECO ART PARADE” as charity fundraising event for the Bonelli’s eagle, protection a common rapacious bird of a species endangered living on the Mediterranean coast. The objects of representation are 55 pieces of white eagle in resin, created by contemporary artist who are sensitive to environmental cause. For these artists and buyers, the Eco Art Parade is first of all a human and friendly adventure. The artistic expression is the link driver, some of the famous artist names of contemporary art who have responded to the call are: the german <strong>Peter Klasen, patron of the “figuration narrative”, the famous artist and designer <strong>Kenzo, Nall, Sosno, Roberto Barni and Many Others. Interpreted by manu artists, the exclusive creations representing the eagles have decorate Monaco gardens and squares for 4 months until their final destination, an extraordinary auction sale, which gave a chance to the concert, with Kevin Costner & Modern West, and involved more than 500 participants, the auction, directed by sotheby’s at the grimaldi forum, had as godfather Kevin Costner, who was happy to be a witness of this event, Costner reminds the difficulties in u.s.a., to protect the American eagle.

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Posted: Feb 23, 2013 12:15pm
Feb 11, 2013

Eco Art International is a "non-profit" organization, whose purpose is environmental protection, nature conservancy and everything is related to it.
The basic idea to connect the principle of art with the environmental protection is created in 2007, under the high patronage of HSH PRINCE ALBERT II OF MONACO, through performing artists, achievement of sculptures and jewelry, the eco-friendly message came ever more strong, up to have international importance.

In 2009, the Principality of Monaco welcomed the 'ECO ART PARADE and its 55 "Eagles" resin that reproduced the known species of Bonelli, common prey that lives on the Mediterranean coast and threatened with extinction. Interpreted by many artists creations "aquilesche" have graced gardens and squares of Monaco for several weeks until their final destination, a sale at the auction, which gave a pretext for the extraordinary concert, led by Kevin Costner & Modern Band, and involving more than 500 participants, collecting as many as 1 million dollars in total, fully allocated to the projects of the Foundation Prince Albert II de Monaco.

In 2010, "the 'Eco Art Parade Bijoux", an event which will offer a' display of unique creations of jewelry, inspired by two other species threatened with extinction in seriously short: Falco cherrug also called Sacred or Saker and great, and colored hornbill Grande.

Eco Art International, aims to create artistic events dedicated to birds and to preserve their survival and to raise funds dedicated to international organizations related to the protection of the environment and nature.

Learn more about the activities of Eco Art International visit the website

Support us on Facebook, click "Like" on page

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Posted: Feb 11, 2013 11:12am


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