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Jul 6, 2010 Tsvi Misinai was born in Jerusalem, Mandate Palestine, in 1946 to Ashkenazi Jewish parents. He graduated in physics from the Haifa Technion in 1968.[1] He was the first Israeli to receive the Rothschild Award for industrial development in the field of software in 1992. Misinai founded Sapiens International Corporation and served as its president until 1994. He embedded the principal of Positive Thinking in computers and invented Rule Based Object Oriented technology for developing data processing applications, a project begun at the Weizmann Institute of Science in 1972.[2] He describes himself as a secular Jew and currently resides in Rehovot. A former pioneer of the Israeli software industry [citation needed], he now spends most of his time researching and documenting the common Hebrew roots shared by world Jewry and the Palestinians (including Arab citizens of Israel).[3] [edit] Work on the Hebrew origin of Palestinians Misinai first heard about the "Hebrew origins of Palestinians" theory from his father, Kha’yim Avraham, a German Jew who served in the Royal Artillery in the Second World War. He began to research the subject after the outbreak of the Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000. He left the computer world to search for Palestinians who acknowledge their Jewish heritage.[4] In the belief that his efforts can bring peace, he established a project called "The Engagement." He claims that the majority of the Palestinian people — including Arab citizens of Israel and the Negev Bedouin — are descendants of the ancient Hebrews, and that they themselves are aware of this fact.[5] According to Misinai, unlike the exiled Hebrew ancestors of the modern day Jews who were city dwellers to a large extent, the Hebrew ancestors of the Palestinians were rural dwellers, and were allowed to remain in the land of Israel to work the land and supply Rome with grain and olive oil.[4] As a result of remaining in the Land of Israel, the Palestinians partially converted to Christianity during the Byzantine era. Later, with the coming of Islam, they were Islamized through a combination of mainly forced conversions, but also nominal conversions (that is, conversions for forms sake to derive benefits as Muslims, and avoid tributes owed by non-Muslims, in Muslim ruled lands) and others yet out of genuine theological conviction. Conversion to Islam occurred progressively throughout the successive periods of foreign elite minority rule over Palestine, both on an individual basis and en masse, starting with the conversions during the various dynasties of Arabian Muslim rulers from the initial Muslim conquest of Palestine. Following these came rule by Muslim non-Arab dynasties such as the Ayyubids (Kurdish Muslim), Mameluks (Caucas and Turkic Muslim) and finally the Ottomans (Turkish Muslim).[5] This foreign Islamic rule over a local indigenous (now largely Muslim) mass was briefly interrupted by the European Crusaders, from 1096 until their expulsion by the Mameluks in 1291.[6] Standing before the Sapiens building, Tsvi Misinai and Ovadia Yerushalmi, a Jewish Bedouin activist from the Sawarika tribeMisinai states that of this gradual process of conversions (often accompanied by Arabization), the majority were forcibly converted during the Fatimid era under the reign of Caliph al-Hakim who was crowned at the age of 11, and reigned from the years 996 to 1021. Due to his young age, in practice, it was his ministers who wielded the actual power behind the throne for some time. They gave the young Caliph power to influence religious matters only, and appointed him as Imam. In 1009, the extremists among his ministers gained the upper hand and brought upon a series of decrees against Christians and Jews. In 1012, the al-Hakem Edict was issued, under which all Jews and Christians in Palestine were ordered to either convert to Islam or leave. This led to the majority of non-Hebrew origin Christians (i.e. foreign Christians) to leave Palestine, while over 90% of Jews, Samaritans (also of Hebrew origin) and Hebrew-origin Christians converted and became Muslims. They would also become Musta'arabim (Arabized), acculturated into Arab language, custom and culture.[7] Later, when the edict was finally repealed in 1044 during the reign of Caliph Al-Mustansir of Cairo, only 27 percent of the Jewish converts to Islam returned to Judaism openly, although they too would remain Musta’arabi (culturally and linguistically Arab). The remainder continued to live as Muslim crypto-Jews in order to continue enjoying the economic advantages of Muslims, such as exemption from paying jizya and kharaj, the ability to sell their agricultural products to the foreign authorities, or gain employment in the government machinery. Many younger persons of Hebrew-origin (Jewish, Christian or Samaritan) saw it simultaneously possible to lead dual lives, incorporating their prior faith while being outwardly Muslim, and accruing material benefits.[8] Later, with the advent of Mameluk rule, Judaism had reached a breaking point in Palestine.[6] [edit] Backing Tsvi Misinai validates his theory of the Hebrew origin of Palestinians on the basis of various findings in terms of historic-demographic, historic-geographic, national-territorial, genetic, behavioral-religious, nomenclature and linguistics, and Palestinian cultural and oral traditions.[9] In his book "Brother shall not lift sword against brother", he details numerous testimonies of their Jewish ancestry by Palestinians and Bedouins, and cites the anthropological studies conducted by Israel Belkind, one of the organizers of the Bilu movement, David Ben-Gurion and Yitzhak Ben-Zvi (both the first Prime Minister and the second prime minister of Israel, respectively).[5] Misinai also cites the following three genetic studies as lending credence to his theory.[5] Among the genetic studies referred to by him include recent genetic studies conducted by Professor Ariella Oppenheim of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem on the male Y chromosome which revealed that the present day Jews and Palestinians represent modern descendants of a core population that lived in the area now constituting the state of Israel and the Palestinian territories, since prehistoric times.[10][11] In 2001, the Human Immunology magazine published a genetic study conducted by Prof. Antonio Arnez-Vilna, a Spanish researcher from the University of Complutense in Madrid, who discovered that the immune systems of the Jews and the Palestinians are extremely close to one another in a way that almost absolutely demonstrates a similar genetic identity.[12] Furthermore, a 2002 test by Tel Aviv University researchers, determined that only two groups in the world - Ashkenazi Jews and Palestinians were genetically susceptible to an inherited deafness syndrome.[13] [edit] Classification of the Palestinians Tsvi Misinai separates the Palestinian people into three main groups; the "Descendants of Israel", "Brethren of Israel" and "Palestinians of miscellaneous origins". He states that until recently, there had been very few inter-marriages between these groups, as Palestinians usually tended to marry within their own clans or related clans.[14] [edit] Descendants of Israel The "Descendants of Israel", he claims, comprise descendants of the ancient biblical Hebrews which are native to the land west of the Jordan River (the West Bank, Gaza strip and Israel proper).[15] They are more specifically descended from the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Judah, as opposed to the Samaritans who are mainly descended from the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Israel.[16] Misinai claims that the Descendants of Israel had ceased to call themselves Musta’arbim, when the Brethren of Israel returned to their homeland during the 18th and 19th centuries. Despite this, stories about the Jewish origins of the family were passed on among the Descendants of Israel, and a few Jewish customs were preserved. Both groups began seeing themselves as one people, although endogamous marriages with their own clans ensured the purity of their blood lines until very recently.[17] Samaritans Main article: Samaritans Samaritan High Priest with the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet Samaritan Torah, Nablus, c. 1920.The Samaritans are distinguished among Descendants of Israel, given that their ancient history serves as an analogous precursor to the present situation that Tsvi Misinai argues exists between world Jewry and the Palestinians — that upon their returns from exile and re-establishments of Israel, world Jewry misidentified as foreigners the descendants of those Israelites who had stayed behind, first in antiquity misidentifying the Samaritans as foreigners, and today in modern times misidentifying the Palestinians (Arabized Hebrews of the Muslim and Christian faiths) as foreigners. The Samaritans are Descendants of Israel, being descended from farmers among the Israelite Tribes, part of whom were never exiled by the Assyrians or the Babylonians during the period of the destruction of the First Jewish Commonwealth. Their maternal lineages, however, derive from the Small Nations (those who came from Cuthah and others) who were exiled to Samaria by the Assyrians and intermixed with their paternal Israelite ancestors. The alien minority who remained in the land, adopted the Israelite religion (Samaritanism, the sister Israelite religion to Judaism) in the course of time, after the destruction of the First Temple. A portion of the Samaritans exiled by the Assyrians, were later repatriated by the prophet Jeremiah in the days of the Judean king Josiah.[16] The Babylonians, who followed the Assyrians as the dominant entity in the Fertile Crescent, exiled many Samaritans but skipped over a significant part of the Samaritan population. By the time they arrived in Samaria, the Babylonians found many alien elements in the land of Israel. Consequently, they did not undertake a thorough ethnic cleansing expulsion from Samaria, since the Assyrians had led many areas to be viewed as places whose indigenous population had already been replaced by aliens and needed no further expulsion.[16] Later, when the exiled Israelites (now known as Jews) returned from the Babylonian exile under prophets Ezra and Nehemiah, they misidentified the Israelites who had stayed behind (now known as Samaritans) as foreigners. The reason for the misidentification was because the deportations had led the exiled Israelites and the Israelites who remained behind to develop in different ways. The Babylonian captivity had a number of serious effects on the exiled Israelites (Jews), their religion (Judaism) and their culture. Included among the most obvious of these changes was replacing the original Paleo-Hebrew alphabet (see also Samaritan script) with what is in fact a stylized form of the Aramaic alphabet (now commonly called the "Hebrew alphabet" because it is the normative form in which Hebrew is written due to Jewish numeric superiority), changes in the fundamental practices and customs of the Jewish religion, the culmination of Biblical prophecy (in the Jewish prophet Ezekiel), the compilation of not only of the Talmud and Halakha (Jewish religious law, absent in Samaritanism) but also the incorporation of Nevi'im (Prohpets) and Ketuvim (Writings) as a part of the cannon together with the Torah (in Samaritanism, only the Torah is canonical, see Samaritan Torah), and the emergence of scribes and sages as Jewish leaders (see Ezra and the Pharisees). These resulting differences in religious practices between returnees and those who remained in Israel led to a schism in the Israelites, and whenceforth the creation of separate Samaritan and Jewish entities.[16] Over the centuries, Judaism and world Jewry have come to the acceptance that the Samaritans are indeed descendants of Israelites. The Islamic conquest of Palestine in the first half of the 7th century, and the subsequent Arab rule, marked the beginning of the phase of decline and erosion of Samaritan identity, even more detrimentally than the extreme toll on Jewish identity. The passing of the aforementioned al-Hakem Edict in 1021, along with another notable forced conversion to Islam imposed at the hands of the rebel Ibn Firasa, decreased their numbers significantly, such that they decreased from more than a million in Roman times to just 712 people today.[16] For those who maintained a Samaritan identity and religious association into modern times, they too, like their Palestinian counterparts who had additionally adopted Christianity and later Islam, were nevertheless thoroughly Arabized in language and culture. After the establishment of modern Israel, Samaritans living in what became the State of Israel replaced Palestinian Arabic with modern Hebrew as their day to day language (although Samaritan Hebrew had always been maintained as the liturgical language, along with liturgical Samaritan Aramaic and liturgical Samaritan Arabic). [edit] Brethren of Israel The "Brethren of Israel", which is originally native to the land east of the Jordan River (the East Bank, that is, modern-day Jordan) comprise the descendants of the brother nations of the Hebrews, i.e., the ancient Edomites, Ammonites and Moabites who variously converted to Judaism and moved to Israel before the Roman invasion, and were later forcibly converted together with the "Descendants of Israel" first to Christianity and then Islam.[15] Misinai states that the history of the Brethren of Israel are mostly intertwined with those of the Descendants of Israel. The Moabites, the Ammonites and the Edomites were forcibly converted to Judaism and made an extension of the Israelite nation during the course of King David’s conquests. Despite this, their kings were allowed to continue to directly hold the reins of power, and they were not incorporated into any of the Israelite tribes.[18] In the case of the Edomites, their fierce opposition to Israelite occupation led King David to order the killing of all male Edomites. Thus, the women in Edom had no alternative but to marry members of the Israelite garrison and other Israelites. As a result, the bloodlines of Edomites from that point onwards were partially Hebrew.[18] After the destruction of the First Jewish Commonwealth by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, a considerable part of the Edomites and Moabites were exiled together with the Israelites. The majority of the Ammonites were exiled and those who remained were assimilated into the Moabite communities. The kinship between the Brethren of Israel, and the Israelites continued throughout the period of the Second Commonwealth and henceforth.[18] However, after the destruction of the First Commonwealth and the absence of the hegemony of an Israelite regime, the Moabites and Edomites discarded their affiliation to the people of Israel and left Judaism en masse. To bring them back into the fold, the Hasmonean leaders decided to re-convert them a second time. The mass Judaization campaign was started by John Hyrcanus with the conversion of the Moabites and was ended by Alexander Jannaeus who completed the conversion of the Moabites and also the Edomites after he added their territory to his Kingdom. For the next 1,600 years, these Brethren of Israel continued to be an inseparable part of the People of Israel. The Edomites and Moabites participated in the First Jewish–Roman War and inflicted more damage on their enemies, relative to their small numbers, than the Jews.[18] Since the Edomites and Moabites ancestral lands were located east of the Jordan River, this made them more close to Arabia and more removed from the Jewish people. As a result, they were more susceptible to conversions to Islam, and hence, subsequently became Musta’arbim. When devastating famines broke out at the beginning of the 16th century, many among these Brethren of Israel emigrated to Persia. As a result of juggling different religious identities to avoid persecution, they eventually forgot their Jewish and Musta’arbi origins and became radicalized, and started considering themselves to be Arabs.[19] Later, as things improved in the 18th and 19th century, many of those who left returned from Persia, Yemen and Sudan, shifting residences between present day Jordan and Israel, with the former mountain dwellers returning to their ancient homes, and the Edomites, Moabites, etc, settling in the plains. It is these "Brethren of Israel", Misinai contends, who constitute most of the Palestinian population east of the Jordan river and the Palestinian refugees (both within the Palestinian territories and outside), while the majority of Palestinians who did not flee and remain in Israel proper, West Bank and Gaza area, are "Descendants of Israel".[20] Misinai traces the beginning of the Arab-Israeli conflict and a Palestinian "Arab" identity to the simultaneous immigration of the Jews from various places and Brethren of Israel (from the east), to the land west of the Jordan river from 1840 to 1947. He states that by 1914 the Brethren of Israel became a very large group among Palestinians there and would remain so, until they were mostly expelled during the Palestinian exodus in 1948.[21] He argues that that these people have now returned to their ancestral homeland east of the Jordan river, and possess no right to the land of Israel.[22] Misinai states it is this group that are the most anti-semitic and most active in terrorist activities in the intifada, with their objectives being to return to the lands they abandoned in 1948.[5] He claims that the leadership of the Palestinian militant organizations such as Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Fatah al-Islam, Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, etc, are primarily internally supported by over 1,300,000 Brethren of Israel, who all reside west of the Jordan river. The victims of such terrorist acts tend to be the People of Israel, the Descendants of Israel and a small number of others.[22] According to Misinai, the Brethren of Israel are the smartest group among the Palestinian people and make up the majority of the Palestinian leadership. He states that the early leadership of the various Palestinian nationalist organizations such as Fatah, PLO, PFLP, etc, came primarily from among the Brethren of Israel refugees in the 1948 exodus.[23] While he acknowledges that the Brethren of Israel have suffered more than any other Palestinian, he blames the Brethren of Israel leadership of perpetuating the problem for more than 50 years in order to gain camp followers both among those of their brethren who continue to suffer and among the Arabs and others who feel sorry for them.[23] [edit] Others In addition to these two main components, there also include a significantly small percentage of Arabs, descendants of the soldiers who served in the occupying Roman army after the destruction of the Second Temple and even some survivors of the ancient Canaanite and Philistine who are idol worshipers that live in Gaza and in the village of Jisr az-Zarka, near Haifa.[5] A minuscule percentage of Palestinians are also descendants of 500 European Crusaders who stayed behind in Palestine and converted to Islam. These Crusaders, he indicates, are the source of the smatterings of blond haired and blue-eyed Palestinians one witnesses today.[6] The various entities among the neighboring small nations of gentiles, such as the Philistines, Canaanites, Jebusites, Amorites, Hivites and Perizzites inhabited the remainder of the historical region of Canaan, from which the Hebrews under Joshua had driven them off and carved out a nation for themselves called Israel. These nations were all eventually vanquished by King David and made a part of the Kingdom of Israel. A large number were later exiled by King Nebuchadnezzar in the course of the destruction of the Kingdom of Judah and the Babylonian exile. A mass Judaization process in Israel in the course of the Hasmonean Period left only a handful of Philistines, Canaanites and other members of the Small Nations. Since conversion was not imposed on remnants of these Small Nations who had been Hellenized, they continued to worship Greek deities. They were forced to nominally accept Christianity during the Byzantine period, and later finally expelled by Caliph Al-Hakim during the Fatimid rule, together with the majority of the Christian descendants of the Roman Army and almost all the Christian Arabs.[7][24] A few hundred, however, remained and their descendants constitute the small numbers of idol worshippers who live in Israel in modern times. These include a few Canaanites that reside in the village of Jisr az-Zarqa near Caesarea, a few thousand Philistines and Canaanites in Gaza, and descendants of the Phoenicians in the form of Maronite Catholics (primarily the refugees from Ikrit and Kafr Bir'im).[24] [edit] Proportion of Hebrew-descended Palestinians Tsvi Misinai claims that nearly 90% of the Palestinian people living in Israel proper and the occupied territories are of Hebrew descent (with the percentage among the population of the Gaza Strip being higher than 90%)[5], but a greatly reduced percentage among Palestinian refugees living outside those areas.[25] In his book "Brother shall not lift his sword against Brother'', Misinai puts forward the following statistics pertaining to the proportion of the "Descendants of Israel" and the "Brethren of Israel" populations among the Palestinians and Arab Israelis, as of December 2007. It is detailed as four main areas (Judea and Samaria, Gaza strip, East Jerusalem and Israel proper) and are as follows: In Judea and Samaria – not counting East Jerusalem, the number of permanent residents was 956,000, of which over 580,000 (61%) were Descendants of Israel. Another 27% were 259,000 Brethren of Israel (of whom were 158,000 descendants of the Edomites and 101,000 descendants of the Moabites). The remainder included 43,000 Arabs (4.5 percent), 44,000 descendants of the Roman Army, 24,000 Christians from Distant Places and 6,000 Kurds.[26] In the Gaza strip, there were 891,000 permanent residents, including Bedouin. Out of the non-Bedouin, 275,000 were Descendants of Israel, 520,000 were Brethren of Israel (approximately 270,000 descendants of the Moabites and approximately 250,000 descendants of the Edomites), 43,000 descendants of the Roman Army, 4,000 Arabs who live in the Jabali’ya refugee camp; 3,400 Canaanites and 2,700 Philistines all living in Gaza city, and 3,000 Druze that live in the Dir al-Balakh refugee camp. Among the Descendants of Israel in the Gaza Strip, 30,000 are descendants of the Samaritans and 245,000 (27.5%) are descendants of authentic Jews. The population of the Gaza Strip also includes 40,000 Bedouin. The internal distribution of the Gaza Bedouin is 18,000 descendents of Moabites, 14,000 descendants of Edomites and 8,000 Descendents of Israel. In addition to the Bedouin, the total number of the Descendants of Israel is 283,000 (32 percent), of the Brethren of Israel is 552,000 (62 percent, 288,000 or 32 percent descendants of Moabites and 264,000 or 30 percent descendants of Edomites).[26] Of the 200,000 non-Jewish residents of East Jerusalem, 82,000 are Descendants of the People of Israel, out of which 2,000 are descendants of Samaritans living in the Samaritan neighborhood, A-Sumera or Al-Abid. Out of this group, 7,000 are Christians. Some 48,000 are descendants of Kurds who came during the reign of Saladin. Over 32,000 are Brethren of Israel (24,000 descendants of the Moabites and 8,000 descendants of the Edomites). Some 27,000 are of Arab origin, and constitute the main concentration of population of Arab origin among Israeli citizens today. This includes 9,000 members of the veteran Arab settlers, and 14,000 descendants of the Arab Army living in the Mount of Olives neighborhood. There are also another 11,000 inhabitants who are recognized as non-Arab citizens: 5,000 Armenians and 6,000 non-Arab Christians from various distant locations.[26] Within Israel proper, 642,000 (45.5%) out of 1,413,000 non-Jewish residents within the Green Line (not counting East Jerusalem) are Descendants of the People of Israel. Some 457,000 are Brethren of Israel in the State of Israel (and another 32,000 in Jerusalem), or 36 percent of all the Palestinians there (489,000 or 34.5 percent, including Jerusalem). A further breakdown of this figure shows that the descendants of the Edomites number 166,000, and constitute 13 percent (of the Palestinians in the State of Israel, or 174,000 or 12.5 percent, with Jerusalem). The descendants of the Moabites number 291,000, and constitute 23 percent (315,000 or 22 percent with Jerusalem). The sum total of veteran inhabitants who are neither Palestinian nor Jewish is 140,000 and includes 121,000 Druze and 19,000 foreigners from Distant Places. The descendants of the Roman Army number 150,000, or 12 percent (10.5 percent with Jerusalem). The rest, some 16,000, or 1.25 percent, are Arabs, (43,000 or 3 percent with Jerusalem). The number of Palestinians within the Green Line is 1,273,000. Among the Palestinians (i.e., those without Israeli citizenship) within the Green Line (not including East Jerusalem) the percentage who are Descendants of the People of Israel is close to 50.5 percent.[26] [edit] Views on Palestinian identity and the Arab Israeli conflict Tsvi Misinai denies the existence of a separate Palestinian people as a historical identity and dismisses it as an utter fabrication. He views the Palestinian nationality as a modern socio-political construct propped up by imperialist Arab Baathist regimes, as a means of claiming rights to the land of Israel and fight the Jews. He also blames them for accentuating hostilities between the Jews and Palestinians. In his book, Misinai asserts that the Palestinian people are a part and parcel of the people of Israel, and that no other party, including an Arab one, possesses the right to compete with the rights of the People of Israel over western Eretz Yisrael and their historical kinship with most Palestinians.[27] Misinai claims that the Palestinian national identity is not developed, for most Palestinians think of it in religious terms, not territorial. He states that their identity today is only Islamic and that there is a need for them to obtain a modern identity, which is Israeli. He asserts that this modern identity can never be Palestinian, as the country never had such an historical identity and as most Palestinians are themselves the progeny of the ancient Hebrews.[28] Misinai labels the name "Palestine" as two huge bluffs, both a semantic bluff of the name Palestine and a genetic bluff as Palestine indicates that the modern day Palestinians are scions of the Philistines.[28] Misinai puts forward widespread ignorance about the true Jewish identity of the Palestinians or attempts to hide it, coupled with terrorism, as the root causes in escalating the conflict. He asserts that this is what prevents their liberation and preserves their enslavement within an occupation by a false Arab identity.[27] Misinai claims that even though, many Palestinians are aware of their Jewish origins, they rarely speak about this, and their vast majority does nothing to change their status. Those living under a Palestinian terror regime are deterred from speaking on this subject openly, for fear of being harmed. Many Palestinian parents who aware of their Jewish origins usually don’t tell their children. Furthermore, families suspected of Jewish origins are forced to prove their loyalty as Arabs by aiding terrorists and giving their children patriotic names names such as Jihad. Such behavior deters Jews from establishing ties with such families. Even among Israeli Arabs there is a fear of discussion, primarily due to conventions on both sides and particularly the disbelief they would encounter among Jews. They fear that if they try and promote their claim, the Jews will think they are trying to improve their inferior status under false pretenses.[29] He believes that both his findings and the genetic evidence gathered by Ariella Oppenheim and others render the Israeli-Palestinian conflict redundant, as it proves that that the whole of Israel and the occupied territories belong to both the so-called "recognized Jews" and "unrecognized Jews".[30] Misinai also believes that given the option, most Palestinians would support a one-state solution[28]. He also claims that most Palestinians do not hate Jews and are interested in peace with Israel. He claims that many are opposed to the Jewish presence in the Palestinian territories, because the issue has been hijacked by groups - the leadership of the Arab world, and Palestinians (both the Brethren of Israel and the Descendants of Israel) who have forgotten their Jewish origins.[5] The primary sin of Zionism, according to Misinai, is the suppression of the historic truth about the Jewish origins of the majority of Palestinians, and ignoring his findings and its ramifications.[31] He asserts that most of the Palestinians who together with the Jews possess historical rights to Israel have become hostages of descendants of foreigners in their own homeland who control their lives, force terrorism upon them and control the cash designated for Palestinians.[27] Misinai also states that the number of refugees has been deliberately blown out of proportions and that there are far fewer refugees than is widely believed. To this, he attributes the Palestinians' taking advantage of UNRWA's largesse, which gives out free food and aid without asking questions and deliberate gross inflation in the number of refugees by Palestinians themselves.[32] [edit] "The Engagement": A solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict [edit] Concept Logo of the Engagement Movement.In contrast to the two commonly discussed solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — a two state solution (i.e. two states for two people) vs. a one state solution (i.e. a binational state, one state for two peoples) — Misinai believes that the only solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a third option: a "one state solution for one people." This "one state" integrates Israel proper with the West Bank and Gaza Strip as one territorial unit, while the "one people" consists of both groups being bound and re-defined as one united Israeli-Hebrew nation.[4] To this end, he argues it is imperative that the majority of Palestinians reclaim their ethnic Hebrew heritage, although he states that this does not mean reverting to Judaism (neither de-Islamization for Palestinian Muslims, nor de-Christianization for Palestinian Christians, etc.), nor does it mean cultural de-Arabization. Instead, it means the adoption of a national consciousness that acknowledges a common Hebrew origin that embraces all those of such a descent, no matter what their current religion, be they Jewish, Muslim, Christian, or Samaritan, and no matter what their culture.[4] Indeed, already, among the different Jewish ethnic divisions, each has its own traditional community language and distinct traditional culture. It is the amalgam of this diversity that forms Jewish Israeli culture. Likewise, the "Jewish" Israeli culture would continue with this process, but will add the Palestinians' history, culture and religious diversity, and integrate them as aspects of the Hebrew national consciousness.[4] In order to do so, he believes that the whole concept of Jewishness as the defining factor in Zionism must be re-framed in terms of ethnicity, as opposed to simply religious.[33] Misinai concedes that "The Engagement" might seem like a surreal project, but so too did Zionism initially. "The Engagement", he admits, is a process that requires participation by both sides and mutual acknowledgement of the "other" as a part of oneself.[34] [edit] Uni-lateral Engagement As a prelude to creating conditions to make the re-integration of the majority of Palestinians with the Jews possible, Misinai advocates a "Uni-lateral Engagement" in which autonomy is granted for the Palestinian territories and the present Palestinian leaderships are removed.[35] He states that Israeli operations in Palestinian areas must be designed not only to ensure the safety of Israeli citizens, but also to liberate the Palestinians from the yoke of the Palestinian leaderships whom he accuses of subjugating them and making their lives wretched, feeding them lies, and leading them from one Nakba catastrophe to another, causing untold damage to the entire region and igniting terrorism around the globe. Their entire terror apparatus must be dismantled, and they must be replaced by a new Palestinian leadership devoted to peace. Should any peace loving Palestinian leadership fail to appear, Israel must enforce its own authority upon all factions in the Palestinian population.[35] [edit] Re-engagement process Holding copies of The Engagement Movement booklet, from left to right, Tsvi Misinai, Mordechai Nisan, Asher Shlein, and Mounir Al-Krenawi, the first Bedouin member of the Engagement Movement. January 1, 2004,Misinai states that the re-engagement will take one of two forms: Residents without citizenship, or Re-engagement with the People of Israel. The process will be carried out on a family-by-family basis, and in certain instances on an individual basis. In the first stage, which will be carried out gradually among all the Palestinian population, each and every Palestinian (except those suspected of terrorist activity) will have three choices: Loyal Residency: An oath of allegiance to the State, and declaration of waiver of citizenship rights for oneself (if the individual declines to opt for the second course of action that follows). This is equivalent to the American green card, but where additionally, one's status is passed to children on the basis of jus sanguinis (by contrast, children of American non-citizens born on US soil are automatically citizens due to jus soli, whatever the status of the parents). Children of individuals (who are Descendant of Israel) who chose this first option may circumvent status of "loyal residency" passed on by their parents if they themselves opt for the second course of action that follows. This choice is available only for those Palestinians who do not wish to rejoin the People of Israel, or who are not Descendants of Israel. Re-engagement with the People of Israel: The expressed desire and willingness to rejoin the People of Israel via an oath of allegiance to the State of Israel and its people, the People of Israel, and declaration that one does not belong to the Arab nation. Emigration: Emigration and purchase of the émigrés’ house by the State at a fair price (in order not to cause injury to émigrés due to fluctuations in market prices, likely to be depressed by an exodus and surplus of real estate). This choice is available for those Palestinians who, if eligible for the first, or both the first and second options, want neither.[36] In the event of either of the first two options, neither de-Christianization nor de-Islamization, nor cultural de-Arabization are components of The Engagement. Furthermore, if an individual person wanted to revert to Judaism, this is strictly a personal matter which would be done through the relevant religious channels, which The Engagement process is not a part of in any form. The Engagement is of a national re-unificationist nature. Most importantly, it is thus far the first that is specifically religiously pluralistic (that is, it acknowledges the People of Israel are today of many faiths), an aspect that lends to its very controversy. Citizenship sought by members of world Jewry would continue to be dealt with by the requirements and specifications of the Law of Return. Persons who are neither Jews nor Palestinians, and are seeking residency or citizenship, would follow naturalization processes and requirements separate from both the Law of Return and The Engagement. [edit] Requirements Under the scheme while each new member would not be required to convert to Judaism, they would, however, be required to gain mastery of the following: The Hebrew language (including reading and writing). The culture of the People of Israel. The history of the People of Israel, including the forced conversion of their ancestors. The history of Eretz-Israel. The Bible. Jewish religious tradition.[37] The scope of knowledge or proficiencies required would be equal to that of most secular Jews, and would ensure that the act of re-engagement would have sufficient quality and depth. The scope of knowledge would actually be far greater than that required in conventional conversion to Judaism, and would not exclusively focus on matters of faith and ritual. This is in order to provide a cognitive counterweight to the hostile education and incitement that Palestinians have been subjected to in the past in regard to Israel. Moreover, it will serve to enhance the level of education of participants to enable them to successfully integrate into Israeli society without being marginalized or becoming second-class citizens. Such education, outlined in Option Two above, will continue for a number of years and will be accomplished in a framework similar to the Hebrew language ulpans (intense six month ‘total immersion’ crash-courses designed to inculcate basic mastery of Hebrew by new immigrants in Israel).[37] The children of such Palestinians will be enrolled in the Israeli school system, compulsory education just as their Israeli counterparts.[36] The other requirements of enrollees in the scheme are as follows: Declare their renunciation of their association to the Arab Nation. This, Misinai asserts, does not mean dis-association from Arab culture. Take a short bath in a Mikveh to remove influence of potential intermarriage with people other than the people of Israel during the generations. This, Misinai states, has a purely national meaning and does not impose any religious undertaking on the person taking it. Take an oath of allegiance to the People of Israel and the State of Israel. Palestinians who complete the process of re-joining the People of Israel and are not yet Israeli citizens will receive Israeli citizenship. All re-joining Palestinians will be registered with either an Israeli or a Jewish nationality according to their choice.[37] [edit] Benefits Those who choose the first path (loyal residency only) will have the option to choose an Arab Islamic (or Christian) education school track, with an abridged Israeli curriculum. The children of those who choose the second path (re-engagement) will be required to enroll in the regular Israeli school system. Only those who complete Israel education and belong to the second option (the re-engagement path) can progress to the third step – service in the IDF, taking an oath of allegiance to the Jewish People.[36] At the beginning, the IDF will establish special units for this population (similar to separate minority units of Bedouin, Druze and Circassians in the formative years of the IDF). Palestinians who are above draft age will undergo abridged military service (current policy for older new Jewish immigrants), then be integrated into the IDF reserve system. Only Palestinians who will serve in the IDF will be eligible for Israeli citizenship (except for those with serious health issues or those are too old who receive exemptions). Only the army will have the prerogative to decide which candidates for military service should do civil service in place of military service. Citizenship will carry eligibility for certain civil rights including the right to vote for the Knesset and benefits such as receipt of better social benefits for veterans including higher children’s allowances. A citizen who betrays the state will lose his citizenship and be harshly punished. Similarly, a loyal resident who will abridge his oath of allegiance will lose his or her Residency rights and be deported, in particularly serious cases, after offenders complete their sentence.[36] [edit] Exceptions Only those considered to be Descendants of Israel would benefit from the scheme. Tsvi Misinai states that only a small minority of the Palestinian who are presently outside of the Land of Israel (i.e. the refugees or diaspora) have significant rights over Western Eretz-Yisrael. That right belongs to the original Descendants of the People of Israel (i.e. the Jews, a majority of Palestinians presently in the Land of Israel, and a minority of Palestinians presently outside the Land of Israel), and to the Descendants of the Roman Army (whose historic rights in Eretz-Israel are, however, much lesser than those of the Descendants of Israel).[38] The majority of the Descendants of the Roman Army are presently in Jordan, and despite their long-standing seniority rights in Israel, they must remain there, as most emigrated to Jordan of their own free will after the Six day war of 1967. The only exception to this is specific cases of family reunion.[39] On the other hand, Brethren of Israel, being native to the land east of the Jordan river, only those who are presently in the Land of Israel will be eligible for "loyal residency", unless they opt for emigration. Those Brethren of Israel who are presently outside of the Land of Israel (a majority among Palestinian refugees) will not be eligible for "loyal residency", nor a right of return to the Land of Israel. They possess a right of return to Jordan. This is because they are not ethnically Jews, and their historic Jewish identity came about by forced conversions to Judaism, as is the case with Islam. Furthermore, their rights to Israel goes back only 170 years, and is superseded by those of the Jews and Descendants of Israel, who have a historic connection to the land, spanning several thousand years.[38] [edit] Response [edit] Support Tsvi Misinai's theory does have its supporters among some Palestinians, including Suleiman al-Hamri, a Fatah official from Bethlehem,[4] and former Palestinian Authority minister Ziyad Abu Ziyad, who asked Misinai to prepare Arabic language versions of his thesis and the Engagement booklet.[40] He has also gained support among some Jews, including at least one Israeli Government minister who so far has remained unidentified.[4] Additionally, some Haredi Jewish settler leaders welcome the idea with great enthusiasm, since they believe that once the entire biblical land of Israel is populated with Jews, a new era of peace on Earth will be ushered in.[4] Rabbi Dov Stein, secretary and one of the seven-member leadership council[41] of the current nascent Sanhedrin (a Jewish religious council of 200 rabbis modelled on the biblical Sanhedrin rulers of Jerusalem), also supports the Hebrew origin of most Palestinians.[4] Stein, however, as an Orthodox Jew, differs with Misinai on its implications, since he sees Jewish nationhood as primarily defined by religious affiliation to Judaism, even where one may not necessarily be of Hebrew ancestral origin, and not defined by Hebrew ancestral origin. Stein asserts that it's because the Jews uphold the Torah that they have the right to Israel.[4] Therefore, in order to be accepted, Stein argues that the Palestinians must give up Islam and embrace Judaism as a prerequisite for re-joining the Jewish people.[42] Among Israeli academics and intellectuals, Tsvi Misinai has received the avid support of Mordechai Nisan, a professor and scholar of Middle East Studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Nisan was also asked by the Sanhedrin to serve as its professional consultant on this issue, while Elon Yarden, an attorney who has written a series of books about the land of Israel and its inhabitants, has also reached the same conclusion as Misinai.[28] [edit] Criticism Misinai's thesis and work has also garnered controversy, both at home and abroad, among some Palestinians and Jews alike, with the criticisms mostly coming from the Palestinian side. One Palestinian intellectual, Ismail Al-Shindi, professor of Islamic Jurisprudence at Al-Quds Open University denied that Jews ever maintained a sizable population in the land of Palestine, or that they were forcibly converted by the Ottomans, and he even went as far as to accuse Misinai of "falsifying" history to Hebraize Palestinians.[43] Another Palestinian, Kamel Katalo, professor of Sociology at Al-Khalil University in Hebron, has stated that he has read Tsvi Misinai's booklet and come to the conclusion that Misinai makes strident generalizations and reaches spurious and completely erroneous conclusions based on questionable premises, pointing out that there is no such thing as Jewish genes.[43] His most notable Arab Israeli critic has been the former Balad MK, Azmi Bishara, who dismissed his thesis as yet another Jewish plot to remove the Palestinians from their land.[40] Tsvi Misinai has accused both the Israeli and Palestinian authorities of being indifferent to his findings

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Jun 1, 2010

Tell me who are your supporters/organize rs and I’ll tell who you are!

Israel’s Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center sheds light on
the nature of Turkey’s IHH, the chief organizer of the flotilla to
Gaza <http://www.terroris il/malam_ multimedia/ English/eng_ n/html/hamas_ e105.htm>:

1. The radical Islamic, anti-Western IHH - the chief supporter of the
flotilla to Gaza - poses as a humanitarian relief fund (Turkish
Humanitarian Relief Foundation), while supporting Hamas and several
Jihadist organizations in Bosnia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya,
Algeria, Chechnya, etc..

2. The IHH initiated a number of “humanitarian aid” convoys to anti-US
Islamic terrorists in Iraq’s Fallujah Triangle.

3.  According to the Danish Institute for international Studies, IHH
is connected to Al Qaeda and global Islamic terrorism. The Istanbul
office of IHH was raided, and IHH activists were arrested, by the
Turkish security services.  Explosives, IED (Improvised Explosive
Device) manuals, weapons and Afghanistan- oriented documents were
confiscated during the raid.

4.  According to a French intelligence report, Bulent Yildirim, the
president of IHH, recruited “Jihad warriors” and transferred money,
firearms and explosives to Al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists in
various countries. Yildirim made telephone calls to European “shelter
apartments,” which were used by Islamic terrorists, including Abu
el-Ma’ali, known as “Junior Ben-Laden.”  IHH produced documents, which
facilitated air travel by Islamic terrorists, posing as relief
workers. IHH was connected to Ahmed Ressam, an Islamic terrorist, who
attempting to smuggle 1320 pounds of explosives and plant them at the
Los Angeles International Airport.

5.  Bulent Yildirim embraced the world view of the Muslim Brotherhood
(the mentor of Hamas in Gaza) and has been a systematic supporter of ­
and collaborator with ­ Hamas. He has transferred significant amount
of money to Hamas and its “charitable societies” and has promoted ­
during major Hamas events in Turkey ­ armed struggle against the
Jewish State.


1.  Gaza is a bastion of Iran and Syria-supported Hamas terrorism,
launching thousands of missiles at Israel, kidnapping Israel’s Gilad
Shalit and smuggling into Gaza terrorists, more precise and longer
range missiles, explosives and other lethal elements. Efforts have
been made to minimize such smuggling via Sinai and from the

2. Israel’s aim of cooperation was demonstrated by Jerusalem’s offer
to allow the “Gaza Flotilla” to reach its destination (in spite of the
daily flow to Gaza ­ via Israel - of food, oil, cement and multitude
of products) following a thorough examination of its content.

3.  The “Gaza Flotilla” aim of confrontation was demonstrated by its
rejection of Jerusalem’s offer and by the handguns, knives,
screwdrivers, iron pipes and a gun employed by terrorists on board.
Confrontation has been the goal of the “Gaza Flotilla,” as evidenced
by the campaign of anti-Israel incitement carried out by its personnel
and sponsors.

4.  The Israeli soldiers were prepared for a peaceful-takeover in face
of (erroneously- assumed) civil disobedience.  Therefore, they were
equipped with paintball guns as the primary weapon and handguns as an
emergency weapon, to be used only if facing death. They resorted to
handguns in response to an attempted lynch by the scores of
terrorists, who assaulted the soldiers with iron pipes, knives,
screwdrivers and a gun. Handguns were snatched from soldiers, by the
lynching mob, and were directed at the soldiers. Five boats were taken
over peacefully and one (with 600 passengers) became an arena of
confrontation between Israeli soldiers and terrorists. Israeli
restraint minimized fatalities among terrorists.

5.  The responsibility for the fatalities and casualties lies at the
doorstep of the IHH, other supporters of the “Gaza Flotilla,” the UN
and multitude of governments, which could ­ but would not ­ stop the

6.  Would NATO allow a “humanitarian aid” convoy, organized by the
radical Islamic anti-Western IHH, to travel unchecked to a Taliban
stronghold?! Would Germany, Italy or France allow such a convoy to
reach “Baader Meinhoff”, “Red Brigade” or “Action Direct” terrorist

7.  The “Gaza Flotilla” highlights the role of the Jewish State as the
outpost of Western democracies in face of Islamic terrorist offensive.
De-legitimizing and weakening Israel ­ the role model of counter
terrorism ­ would be a tailwind for Islamic terrorists ­ the role
model of international terrorism - facilitating their assault on the
Free World. It’s not a clash over Gaza; it’s a clash of civilizations!
Video taken by IDF naval boat shows the passangers of the Mavi Marmara, one of the ships in the 'Free Gaza' Flotilla, violently attacking IDF soldiers who were trying to board the ship after having sent repeated requests for the boat to change course. ...
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Jun 1, 2010

There is no lack of people who jumped on the Israeli piracy attack wagon. Few sort to find out the truth according to international law. For Israel this is no suprise. It is the costom of such Anti semites to jump at the slightest excuse and ram propaganda down peoples throats. Many would deny Jews the right to peace taking an active part and support to terrorist organisations.  Its Harvest time. Time to seperate the whey from the chaff as they say.

San Remo manual on international law applicable to armed conflicts at sea

Feel free to read and study it online:,+12+June+1994:&printsec=frontcover&source=bn&hl=iw&ei=bPYETJ9yhZM405PthQU&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=4&ved=0CCAQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q&f=false 

According to the


Neutral merchant vessels

67. Merchant vessels flying the flag of neutral States may not be attacked unless they:

(a) are believed on reasonable grounds to be carrying contraband or breaching a blockade, and after prior warning they intentionally and clearly refuse to stop, or intentionally and clearly resist visit, search or capture;

(b) engage in belligerent acts on behalf of the enemy;

(c) act as auxiliaries to the enemy s armed forces;

(d) are incorporated into or assist the enemy s intelligence system;

(e) sail under convoy of enemy warships or military aircraft; or

(f) otherwise make an effective contribution to the enemy s military action, e.g., by carrying military materials, and it is not feasible for the attacking forces to first place passengers and crew in a place of safety. Unless circumstances do not permit, they are to be given a warning, so that they can re-route, off-load, or take other precautions.

NOTE: the San Remo Manual is not a treaty, but considered by the ICRC to be reflective of customary law.

Also, on piracy: the definition of piracy under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, section 101, is clear that piracy can only occur where there are “illegal acts of violence or detention” that are “committed for private ends.” Israeli actions were legal under the law of armed conflict (as evidenced by the San Remo Manual) and in any event, were not committed for private ends. Anyone using the term piracy to describe the Israeli action is clearly not aware of international law on the subject.

Here’s the bottom Line:

A maritime blockade is in effect off the coast of Gaza. Such blockade has been imposed, as Israel is currently in a state of armed conflict with the Hamas regime that controls Gaza, which has repeatedly bombed civilian targets in Israel with weapons that have been smuggled into Gaza via the sea.

Maritime blockades are a legitimate and recognized measure under international law that may be implemented as part of an armed conflict at sea.

A blockade may be imposed at sea, including in international waters, so long as it does not bar access to the ports and coasts of neutral States.

The naval manuals of several western countries, including the US and England recognize the maritime blockade as an effective naval measure and set forth the various criteria that make a blockade valid, including the requirement of give due notice of the existence of the blockade.

In this vein, it should be noted that Israel publicized the existence of the blockade and the precise coordinates of such by means of the accepted international professional maritime channels. Israel also provided appropriate notification to the affected governments and to the organizers of the Gaza protest flotilla. Moreover, in real time, the ships participating in the protest flotilla were warned repeatedly that a maritime blockade is in effect.

Here, it should be noted that under customary law, knowledge of the blockade may be presumed once a blockade has been declared and appropriate notification has been granted, as above.

Under international maritime law, when a maritime blockade is in effect, no boats can enter the blockaded area. That includes both civilian and enemy vessels.

A State may take action to enforce a blockade. Any vessel that violates or attempts to violate a maritime blockade may be captured or even attacked under international law. The US Commander’s Handbook on the Law of Naval Operations sets forth that a vessel is considered to be in attempt to breach a blockade from the time the vessel leaves its port with the intention of evading the blockade.

Note that the protesters indicated their clear intention to violate the blockade by means of written and oral statements. Moreover, the route of these vessels indicated their clear intention to violate the blockade in violation of international law.

Given the protesters explicit intention to violate the naval blockade, Israel exercised its right under international law to enforce the blockade. It should be noted that prior to undertaking enforcement measures, explicit warnings were relayed directly to the captains of the vessels, expressing Israel’s intent to exercise its right to enforce the blockade.

Israel had attempted to take control of the vessels participating in the flotilla by peaceful means and in an orderly fashion in order to enforce the blockade. Given the large number of vessels participating in the flotilla, an operational decision was made to undertake measures to enforce the blockade a certain distance from the area of the blockade.

Israeli personnel attempting to enforce the blockade were met with violence by the &ldquorotesters” and acted in self defense to fend off such attacks.

The laws of the sea indicate that Israel was withinin her bounds when she boarded the ship

The Gaza Flotilla and the Maritime Blockade of Gaza Legal Background – May 31, 2010 (From Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

1. A maritime blockade is in effect off the coast of Gaza. Such blockade has been imposed, as Israel is currently in a state of armed conflict with the Hamas regime that controls Gaza, which has repeatedly bombed civilian targets in Israel with weapons that have been smuggled into Gaza via the sea.

2. Maritime blockades are a legitimate and recognized measure under international law that may be implemented as part of an armed conflict at sea.

3. A blockade may be imposed at sea, including in international waters, so long as it does not bar access to the ports and coasts of neutral States.

4. The naval manuals of several western countries, including the US and England recognize the maritime blockade as an effective naval measure and set forth the various criteria that make a blockade valid, including the requirement of give due notice of the existence of the blockade.

5. In this vein, it should be noted that Israel publicized the existence of the blockade and the precise coordinates of such by means of the accepted international professional maritime channels. Israel also provided appropriate notification to the affected governments and to the organizers of the Gaza protest flotilla. Moreover, in real time, the ships participating in the protest flotilla were warned repeatedly that a maritime blockade is in effect.

6. Here, it should be noted that under customary law, knowledge of the blockade may be presumed once a blockade has been declared and appropriate notification has been granted, as above.

7. Under international maritime law, when a maritime blockade is in effect, no boats can enter the blockaded area. That includes both civilian and enemy vessels.

8. A State may take action to enforce a blockade. Any vessel that violates or attempts to violate a maritime blockade may be captured or even attacked under international law. The US Commander's Handbook on the Law of Naval Operations sets forth that a vessel is considered to be in attempt to breach a blockade from the time the vessel leaves its port with the intention of evading the blockade.

9. Here we should note that the protesters indicated their clear intention to violate the blockade by means of written and oral statements. Moreover, the route of these vessels indicated their clear intention to violate the blockade in violation of international law.

10. Given the protesters explicit intention to violate the naval blockade, Israel exercised its right under international law to enforce the blockade. It should be noted that prior to undertaking enforcement measures, explicit warnings were relayed directly to the captains of the vessels, expressing Israel's intent to exercise its right to enforce the blockade.

11. Israel had attempted to take control of the vessels participating in the flotilla by peaceful means and in an orderly fashion in order to enforce the blockade. Given the large number of vessels participating in the flotilla, an operational decision was made to undertake measures to enforce the blockade a certain distance from the area of the blockade.

12. Israeli personnel attempting to enforce the blockade were met with violence by the protesters and acted in self-defense to fend off such attacks.

Jewish Law

The harm done by speech is even worse than the harm done by stealing or by cheating someone financially: money lost can be repaid, but the harm done by speech can never be repaired. For this reason, some sources indicate that there is no forgiveness for lashon ha-ra (disparaging speech). This is probably hyperbole, but it illustrates the seriousness of improper speech. A Chasidic tale vividly illustrates the danger of improper speech: A man went about the community telling malicious lies about the rabbi. Later, he realized the wrong he had done, and began to feel remorse. He went to the rabbi and begged his forgiveness, saying he would do anything he could to make amends. The rabbi told the man, "Take a feather pillow, cut it open, and scatter the feathers to the winds." The man thought this was a strange request, but it was a simple enough task, and he did it gladly. When he returned to tell the rabbi that he had done it, the rabbi said, "Now, go and gather the feathers. Because you can no more make amends for the damage your words have done than you can recollect the feathers."

The person who listens to gossip is even worse than the person who tells it, because no harm could be done by gossip if no one listened to it. It has been said that lashon ha-ra (disparaging speech) kills three: the person who speaks it, the person who hears it, and the person about whom it is told. (Talmud Arachin 15b). The gravest of these sins of tale-bearing is lashon ha-ra (literally, "the evil tongue"), which involves discrediting a person or saying negative things about a person, even if those negative things are true. Indeed, true statements are even more damaging than false ones, because you can't defend yourself by disproving the negative statement if it's true! Some sources indicate that lashon ha-ra  (evil speech) is equal in seriousness to murder, idol worship, and incest/adultery (the only three sins that you may not violate even to save a life)

San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea, 12 June 1994:
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Apr 21, 2010

Netanyahu at his best
Even those who aren't particularly sympathetic to Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu, could get a good measure of satisfaction from this interview with British Television during the retaliation against Hamas' shelling of Israel.
The interviewer asked him: "How come so many more Palestinians have been killed in this conflict than Israelis?" (A nasty question if there ever was one!)
Netanyahu: "Are you sure that you want to start asking in that direction?" 
Interviewer: (Falling into the trap) Why not?
Netanyahu: "Because in World War II more Germans were killed than British and Americans combined, but there is no doubt in anyone's mind that the war was caused by Germany's aggression. And in response to the German blitz on London, the British wiped out the entire city of Dresden, burning to death more German civilians than the number of people killed in Hiroshima... Moreover, I could remind you that in 1944, when the R.A.F. tried to bomb the Gestapo Headquarters in
Copenhagen, some of the bombs missed their target and fell on a Danish children's hospital, killing 83 little children. Perhaps you have another question?" 
Apparently, Benjamin Netanyahu gave another interview and was asked about Israel's occupation of Arab lands. His response was, "It's our land". The reporter (CNN or the like) was stunned - read below "It's our land..." It's important information since we don't get fair and
accurate reporting from the media and facts tend to get lost in the jumble of daily events.
"Crash Course on the Arab-Israeli Conflict."
Here are overlooked facts in the current & past Middle East situation. These were compiled by a Christian university professor: 

BRIEF FACTS ON THE ISRAELI CONFLICT TODAY... (It takes just 1.5 minutes to read!)
It makes sense and it's not slanted. Jew and non-Jew -- it doesn't matter.

1. Nationhood and Jerusalem: Israel became a nation in 1312 BC, two thousand (2000) years before the rise of Islam.
2... Arab refugees in Israel began identifying themselves as part of a Palestinian people in 1967, two decades after the establishment of the modern State of Israel.
3. Since the Jewish conquest in 1272 BC, the Jews have had dominion over the land for one thousand (1000) years with a continuous presence in the land for the past 3,300 years.
4. The only Arab dominion since the conquest in 635 lasted no more than 22 years. 
5. For over 3,300 years, Jerusalem has been the Jewish capital.  Jerusalem has never been the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. Even when the Jordanians occupied Jerusalem, they never sought to make it their capital, and Arab leaders did not come to visit.
6. Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in Tanach, the Jewish Holy Scriptures.  Jerusalem is not mentioned even once in the Koran.
7. King David founded the city of Jerusalem. Mohammed never came to Jerusalem. 
8. Jews pray facing Jerusalem.  Muslims pray with their backs toward Jerusalem. 
9. Arab and Jewish Refugees: in 1948 the Arab refugees were encouraged to leave Israel by Arab leaders promising to purge the land of Jews.
 Sixty-eight percent left (many in fear of retaliation by their own brethren, the Arabs), without ever seeing an Israeli soldier. The ones who stayed were afforded the same peace, civility, and citizenship rights as everyone else.

10. The Jewish refugees were forced to flee from Arab lands due to Arab brutality, persecution and pogroms. 

11. The number of Arab refugees who left Israel in 1948 is estimated to be around 630,000. The number of Jewish refugees from Arab lands is estimated to be the same. 
12. Arab refugees were INTENTIONALLY not absorbed or integrated into the Arab lands to which they fled, despite the vast Arab territory. Out of the 100,000,000 refugees since World War II, theirs is the only refugee group in the world that has never been absorbed or integrated into their own people's lands. Jewish refugees were completely absorbed into Israel, a country no larger than the state of New Jersey...

13. The Arab-Israeli Conflict: the Arabs are represented by eight separate nations, not including the Palestinians. There is only one Jewish nation. The Arab nations initiated all five wars and lost.  Israel defended itself each time and won.
14. The PLO's Charter still calls for the destruction of the State of Israel. Israel has given the Palestinians most of the West Bank land, autonomy under the 
Palestinian Authority, and has supplied them.
15. Under Jordanian rule, Jewish holy sites were desecrated and the Jews were denied access to places of worship. Under Israeli rule, all Muslim and Christian sites have been preserved and made accessible to
people of all faiths. 
16. The UN Record on Israel and the Arabs: of the 175 Security Council resolutions passed before 1990, 97 were directed against Israel. 
17. Of the 690 General Assembly resolutions voted on before 1990, 429 were directed against Israel.
18. The UN was silent while 58 Jerusalem 
synagogues were destroyed by the Jordanians. 

19. The UN was silent while the Jordanians systematically desecrated the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives.
20. The UN was silent while the Jordanians enforced an apartheid-like a policy of preventing Jews from visiting the Temple Mount and the Western Wall
These are incredible times. We have to ask what our role should be.  What will we tell our grandchildren about what we did when there was a turning point in 
Jewish destiny, an opportunity to make a difference? 

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Apr 16, 2010

I often hear it said by anti Israel/anti zionists that America should stop giving aid to Israel. It seems to be first and foremost in their minds. Intrestingly, these people rarely have a problem with aid to an other country in the world. Ths article is written by a member of congress no less.

Israel Aid Pays U.S. Dividends That Exceed Cost: Steve Rothman

April 06, 2010, 9:30 PM EDT ,Commentary by Steve Rothman

April 7 (Bloomberg) -- The argument that American military aid to Israel is damaging to the U.S. is not only erroneous, it hurts the national security interests of this country and threatens the survival of Israel.U.S. support for Israel is essential, not only for Israel’s national security, but for America’s. Every bit of that support -- and more -- withstands all reasonable scrutiny.

Under the 2010 U.S. budget, about $75 billion, $65 billion and $3.25 billion will be spent on military operations and aid in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan during this fiscal year, respectively. Israel will receive $3 billion, in military aid only. There is no economic aid to Israel, other than loan guarantees that continue to be repaid in full and on time.

There isn’t enough space here to discuss the relative merits of the expenditures in these other countries, but we already know the critically important return the U.S. gets for helping its oldest, most trusted ally in the strategically important Middle East -- the most powerful military force in that region, the pro-U.S., pro-West and democratic Jewish state of Israel.

Here’s how.

First, it’s important to remember that about 70 percent of the $3 billion aid must be used by Israel to purchase American military equipment. This provides real support for U.S. high- tech defense jobs and contributes to maintaining our industrial base. This helps the U.S. stay at the very top in the manufacturing of our own cutting-edge military munitions, aircraft, vehicles, missiles and virtually every defensive and offensive weapon in the U.S. arsenal -- with the added contribution of Israel’s renowned technical know-how.

Research Cooperation

Second, the U.S. and Israel are jointly developing state- of-the-art missile defense capabilities in the David’s Sling and Arrow 3 systems. These two technologies build on the already successful Arrow 2, jointly developed by our two countries, which is already providing missile defense security to Israel and U.S. civilians and ground troops throughout the region. The knowledge the U.S. gains from these efforts also has a positive multiplier effect on applications to other U.S. military and non-military uses and U.S. jobs.

Third, given Israel’s strategic location on the Mediterranean, with access to the Red Sea and other vital international shipping and military lanes of commerce and traffic, it is critically important to the U.S. that Israel continues to serve as a port of call for our troops, ships, aircraft and intelligence operations.

Forward Base

Israel also has permitted the U.S. to stockpile arms, fuel, munitions and other supplies on its soil to be accessed whenever America needs them in the region.

Fourth, America’s special relationship with Israel provides the U.S. with real-time, minute-to-minute access to one of the best intelligence services in the world: Israel’s. With Israeli agents gathering intelligence and taking action throughout the Middle East and, literally, around the world, regarding al- Qaeda, Hezbollah, Iran and Hamas, among others, the U.S. receives invaluable information about anti-U.S. and terrorist organizations and regimes.

Fifth, imagine the additional terrible cost in U.S. blood, and the hundreds of billions more of American taxpayer dollars, if Saddam Hussein had developed nuclear weapons, or if Syria possessed them.

Then remember that it was Israel that destroyed the almost- completed nuclear reactor at Osirak, Iraq, in 1981 and Syria’s nuclear facility under construction at Deir-ez-Zor in 2007.

Foiling IranAnd think about the many operations that Israel’s Defense Forces and intelligence agents have undertaken to foil, slow and disrupt Iran’s efforts to develop a nuclear weapons capability. A nuclear-armed Iran would threaten the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans in the region, all of Iran’s Arab neighbors, the world’s largest oil supplies and those who rely on that oil. It also would provide anti-U.S. terrorists with access to the most lethal Iranian technology and probably set off a nuclear arms race in the region.For about 2 percent of what the U.S. spends in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan this year, Americans can take pride in the return on our investment in aid to Israel.And with Israel’s truly invaluable assistance to America’s vital national security, we can take comfort that -- in actions seen in Tehran and Damascus and noticed by al-Qaeda and other anti-U.S. terrorists everywhere -- the U.S. is safer and made more secure because of the mutually dependent and beneficial relationship between the U.S. and Israel.(Steve Rothman is a Democratic congressman from New Jersey who serves on the House committees responsible for U.S. military and foreign aid. The opinions expressed are his own.).To contact the writer of this column:

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Mar 24, 2010

Did the west call hitler a peace partner? Did anyone think to force America or the UK into ludicracy consessions to woo Hitler to the peace table? Or even Turkey to stop building in it's capitol until the Armenians lands were restored. After all. The Armenians truely had legitimate claims. The had a recognised state, unlike the palestinians that never excepted any state offered. Maybe China should be slammed for it's building and its rule on desputed territories that are claimed by the Tibetan people. Who would dare? Tibetan monks (truely a peaceful people) were massacared. Yet the world hardly blinked an eye. The dali lama in exile from his own land. Ah that Israel should have such a partner to peace. How different would these lands be. Israeli's woud be clawing at the gates to gain peace with such as he. Ahhh that our neighbors were as he. But the reality are quite different and Israel's partner to peace lacks the beauty and wisdom of the Dali Lama and speaks a differnt tune. Nisan 9, 5770, 24 March 10 12:50 by Dr. Alex Grobman (Israelnationalnews .com) Vice President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Israel, ostensibly to renew negotiations between the Israel and the Arabs, demonstrates once again America’s failure to address the root causes of the conflict. Pressuring Israel to make concessions and condemning her for constructing homes in Jerusalem and in Yehuda and Shomron where Jews are legally permitted to build only encourages Arab intransigence, and convinces them to continue their war against the Jewish state. When will the U.S. insist that the Arabs stop incitement against Israel in their media, schools and mosques? When will the U.S. demand that Arabs stop abusing their own children by subjecting them to TV programs and music videos preaching hatred of Jews, encouraging martyrdom, and denying Israel’s existence? When will the U.S. insist the Arabs cease denying the historic connection of the Jews to the land of Israel? And when will the U.S. acknowledge that the Arabs have never recognized Israel’s right to exist? Since the days of the British Mandate, the Arabs have resorted to violence in an attempt to shape British and U.S. policy. The Palestinian Authority, which is wrongly viewed as moderate, glorifies terror. To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of Fatah, the largest faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the Palestinian Authority daily newspaper featured a special section praising terrorism and terrorists.1 The paper extolled the 1976 Savoy Operation during which terrorists captured the Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv and killed eight hostages and two soldiers. The bus hijacking by Dalal Mughrabi in 1978 in which 37 Israelis were murdered is described as a “Ribat (religious war).” A square in the Arab town of el-Bireh was recently named after Mughrabi. Fatah was applauded for firing missiles at Israeli cities from Lebanon during the 1980s. Accounts of ten senior terrorists, described as “heroic Shahids (Martyrs), were featured.2 Where is the outrage against Fatah and Hamas for manipulating their children by using alluring animated characters like Farfur, the Mickey Mouse character, Nahul, a bee and Assud, a bunny to that instill hatred against Jews and seek their destruction? “Kids fall in love with them, and then right in front of their eyes these characters …become shahids (martyrs for Allah),” notes Itamar Marcus, the director of Palestinian Media Watch. 3 Teaching children that Israel is “occupied Palestine” and that the Jews have usurped their land is another theme found on Hamas and Fatah television. During one month, each televised a program in which a group of children were dancing with large keys hanging around their necks. Hamas had the towns of Beit She’an, Haifa, Jerusalem, Ramle and Acre on their keys. Fatah’s keys had Haifa, Acre, Jaffa, Ramle and Jerusalem on them. To everyone the message was quite clear: the Arabs were the real owners of these cities, not the Jews.4 How will the Arabs rid their land of the Jews? The only way Hamas asserts is to kill them. Three different words were used by a Hamas children’s television program to describe how to purge the Jews from Arab land. All the Arabic expressions, Manhurin Naher, Nidbah- hom, Shaht mean slaughter. Nassur, the bear puppet, explained that the Jews must be “erased from our land.” To ensure the children understood precisely what this meant, the young host of the program added that “They’ll be slaughtered.”5 Hamas is clear that violence should not be directed against the Jews alone, since the U.S. is also their arch enemy. This message against America is contained in a children’s song broadcast on Hamas TV: "Daddy gave me a present, a machine gun and a rifle. When I am a big boy, I will join the Liberation Army. The army of [Izz Al-Din] Al-Qassam (Hamas), which has taught us how to defend our homeland. Our homeland is precious, precious. We [are] victorious, victorious over America and Israel. [Improvises: ] Son of a bitch - what brought you to this land?"6 Peace with Israel is not the goal of the Palestinian Authority either. In an interview on PA TV, Fatah spokeswoman Kifah Radaydeh stated: “It has been said that we are negotiating for peace, but our goal has never been peace. Peace is a means; and the goal is Palestine. I do not negotiate in order to achieve peace. I negotiate for Palestine, in order to achieve a state."7 At a preliminary conference of the Palestinian Youth Parliament in Ramallah. Palestinian Authority president and Fatah chairman Mahmoud Abbas reiterated this point: “I say this clearly: I do not accept the Jewish State, call it what you will." Abbas was given a large framed map of "Palestine," covering the entire area of Israel.8 When PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, another Arab leader inexplicably presented in the West as a moderate, paid a condolence call to the family of Faiz Faraj, the terrorist who tried to stab an Israeli soldier in Hebron in February, he sent an important message to the Arabs that he supports terrorism. Instead of condemning violence, Fayyad denounced “in extremely harsh terms the action of the occupation forces carried out as part of the ongoing campaign to suppress the non-violent protests of residents in the various regions.”9 There is no subtlety in what the Arabs are saying or doing. When a sermon broadcast over PA TV under the control of Mahmoud Abbas calls for the destruction of the Jews because they are “the enemies Of Allah [and] enemies of humanity,”10 what alternative do the Arabs have but to to liberate their land through jihad? They have shown that they will use whatever means to defeat the Jews, even if it means poisoning the minds of their own children and sacrificing them in homicide bombings. Settlements have never been an impediment to peace, and never will be. They are used as tactic to dupe the gullible and as an excuse to attack the Jews. Israel’s first president Chaim Weizmann understood the fundamental reason for the Arab/Israeli conflict when he said, “The real opponents of Zionism can never be placated by any diplomatic formula: their objection to the Jews is that the Jews exist, and in this particular case, they exist in Palestine.” Dr. Alex Grobman’s latest book The Palestinian Right to Israel will be published by Balfour Books in April 2010. 1. Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, “Fatah prides itself on deadly terror attacks.” Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), (January 15, 2010). 2. Ibid; Khaled Abu Toameh, “Fatah holds ceremony naming square after terrorist.” Jerusalem Post. (March 15, 2010); Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, “Fatah officials celebrated popular inauguration of terrorist square.” PMW (March 14, 2010). Palestinian Authority TV began its broadcast on the 32nd anniversary of the terror attack by praising it as: "A glorious chapter in the history of the Palestinian people... [near Tel Aviv] in the heart of the occupation state. The operation shocked the occupation entity." Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, ““PA TV Interviews terrorist’s sister on anniversary of terror attack.”PMW (March 13, 2010) 3. Aryeh Dean Cohen, “Tube of Hatred” Jerusalem Post (August 10, 2009), Online Edition; Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, “Mickey Mouse Again: Disney Images adorn studio while mass murder is glorified.” Palestinian Media Watch (September 9, 2008); Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, “Hamas TV teaches kids to kill Jews,” PMW (September 23, 2009). 4. Ibid; Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, “PA still teaches kids that all of Israel is ‘occupied.’” PMW (October 19, 2009); Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, “Palestinian TV children’s quizzes teach that there is no Israel.” Palestinian Media Watch. (September 2, 2009); “Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV Children’s Puppet Show: ‘We Must Rise Against the Zionist Criminal, the Enemies of Allah, and Liberate Jerusalem and All the Holy Places.’” MEMRI. Special Dispatch 2864 (March 17, 2010). 5. Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, “Hamas TV teaches kids to kill Jews.” PMW (September 23, 2009). See “Palestinian Hate Education since Annapolis, taxpayersalliance. com (February 2, 1010). 6. Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, “Palestinian child sings about victory over Israel and the US: Daddy gave me a present, a machine gun and a rifle." PMW (February 8, 2010); see also Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, “PA TV news report: Child vows to ‘liberate Palestine’ with weapons” PMW (February 1, 2010). 7. Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, “Fatah official: “Our goal has never been peace. Peace is a means; the goal is Palestine.” PMW (July 12, 2009). 8. Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook,”Mahmoud Abbas: ‘I do not accept the Jewish state, call it what you will.” PMW (April 28, 2009); Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, “High school graduates at official Fatah ceremony: Haifa and Jaffa are ‘Palestine.’” PMW (August 4, 2009). 9. Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook,”PA Prime Minister honors dead terrorist with condolence visit.” PMW (February 14, 2010). 10. Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, “Jews are the enemies of Allah and humanity” “The Prophet says: ‘Kill the Jews.’” PMW (February 1, 2010). 11. Chaim Weizmann, Trial and Error: The Autobiography of Chaim Weizmann (New York: Harper and Brothers Publishers, 1949), 290.

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The Worst Case Scenario* Prof. Paul Eidelberg On March 19, the day after this report was nearing completion, Caroline Glick, The Jerusalem Post’s brilliant political analyst, published an article entitled “Obama’s war on Israel.” My present report goes a bit further. No reflection on her perspicacity. I just want to pursue the logic of Obama to its ultimate logical conclusion, even if he is a fraud or an Alice in Wonderland, as some believe. In deference to Glick, however, who takes Obama seriously—as one should—I will begin by quoting a salient aspect of her timely article. She writes: On [March 12], Obama ordered his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to present Netanyahu with a four-part ultimatum. First, Israel must cancel the approval of the housing units in Ramat Shlomo. Second, Israel must prohibit all construction for Jews in Jerusalem neighborhoods built since 1967. Third, Israel must make a gesture to the Palestinians to show them we want peace. Fourth, Israel must agree to negotiate all substantive issues, including the partition of Jerusalem (including the Jewish neighborhoods constructed since 1967 that are now home to more than half a million Israelis) and the immigration of millions of hostile foreign Arabs to Israel under the rubric of the so-called “right of return” … Only an idiot would fail to see in this ultimatum that Obama, like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wants to “wipe Israel off the map.” Seeing this, the Arabs have no need to engage in negotiations, which suggests to me that Obama is tacitly inviting them to eliminate Israel by war! Ponder this: Obama ordered a consignment of Joint Direct Attack Munitions already on its way to Israel to be diverted to the US Air Force base on the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia. Nor is this all. At the outset of his presidential campaign, I wrote that Obama’s slogan of CHANGE really meant “Regime Change.” A few months after the election, former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton reported that Obama is the first post-American president of the United States. Accordingly, Obama’s policy of distancing America from Israel and drawing the US closer to the Muslim world is a logical, political, and metaphysical consequence of his anti-American mentality. Even if Obama lives in fairyland, the stakes are too high to use ordinary criticism when speaking of such a president—holder of the most powerful office in the world. Obama’s anti-America and anti-Israel objectives are evident not only in his political statements and policies, but also in the attitude of some of his political appointments and advisers—court Jews as well as non-Jews. Among the latter, suffice to mention former President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, a crypto-Marxist. To this anti-Semite add Obama’s appointment of Samantha Power to the National Security Council, who proposed a US invasion of Israel on behalf of the Palestinians. Now ponder Obama’s disparagement of the American Declaration of Independence—whose “Higher Law” doctrine is rooted in the Torah. I deem this a war on America metaphysically equivalent to his war on Israel. If we juxtapose his early Muslim upbringing and current Muslim appeasement, logic indicates that Obama’s war on Israel and America is nothing less than a war against Western civilization in favor of Islam’s global ascendancy. Here is further evidence. Obama’s (absurd) reference to America as a Muslim state, his adulation of Islam at Cairo’s Al-Azhar University (the Harvard of the Middle East), his demotion of Judaism in his Inaugural Address, his indifference to Ahmadinejad’s maledictions “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” his bowing to Saudi King Abdullah—these and other signs are indicative of an insidious global agenda. It will not do to describe Obama as a closet Communist or to reveal his Muslim sympathies. We know of his anti-American and anti-Israel gurus such as Marxist Saul Alinsky, terrorist Bill Ayers, PLO-supporter and Saudi-connected Rashid Khalidi, “Nation of Islam” Jew-hater Louis Farrakhan, or “God damn America” preacher Jeremiah Wright—to mention only a few of Obama’s charming mentors. Professor of international relations Angelo Codevilla warns that Obama is conducting a “self-discrediting [hence anti-American] diplomacy toward Iran, Russia, North Korea, and China.” Add Syria, which aids insurgents in Iraq and ships Iranian missiles to Iran’s client Hezbollah in Lebanon. Obama is not only appeasing enemies and punishing friends; he is disarming America morally and militarily. Let me reiterate his “war on Israel.” Israel is not only America’s most steadfast ally, supplier of advanced technology and incomparable intelligence. Israel is the only outpost of Western civilization in the Middle East. The loss of Jerusalem would ignite Islam’s long smoldering ambition to establish a Muslim world order. Admittedly, every American administration since Nixon and Kissinger has pressed Israel to risk its existence—it’s called taking “risks for peace”—by conceding geostrategic assets to the PLO, the wiliest spearhead of Islam. The American government, conned into believing the PLO represents “moderation,” secretly and openly bankrolled this Fatah-led mafia during the past two decades. Of course, this is nothing compared to the Carter-Brzezinski subversion of the Shah of Iran, which facilitated the Iranian Revolution the return of the Parisian-exiled Ayatollah Khomeini to Teheran. America’s ruling class—its policy-making, opinion-making, and military elites—is now being led by an Islamophile, an enemy of America. This ruling class, thanks to America’s misnamed “higher” education, is not only ignorant of the true nature of Islam; it is also ignorant of, or has never internalized, the classics of statecraft and war. Tainted by multicultural relativism, this backward ruling class cannot even see that while there are “moderate Muslims,” Islam is anything but moderate. This ruling class cannot address the fact that what it misleadingly calls Muslim “extremists” increasingly dominates Islamdom. Indeed, these Islamic-true Muslims are spreading throughout American democracy where they exploit a mindless liberalism or tolerance of “diversity.” Thus, to paraphrase Codevilla, when a Muslim shouts “Allahu Akhbar,” as did U.S Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan as he shot 51 colleagues as Fort Hood, Texas, the official reaction revealed the stupefied and pusillanimous character of America’s ruling class—oliticians and journalists and even high-ranking military officers. After the shootings, President Obama warned against “jumping to conclusions,” and Army Chief of Staff George Casey added, “it would be a greater tragedy if diversity became a casualty here.” Codevilla comments: “Never mind that Hasan identified himself on his business card as “SoA” (a soldier of Allah). Official obscurantism makes Obama’s appeasement of Iran all the more fearful. Armed with nuclear tipped ballistic missiles, Iran could control the oil resources of the Middle East, emasculate Europe, totally collapse the American economy, and even resurrect the Persian Empire—the startling conclusion of Robert Baer, former CIA operative in the Middle East. An American president who praises Islam and displays contempt for America’s Founding Fathers now constitutes an existential threat to Western Civilization. This worst case scenario will be dismissed as scare-mongering. But whoever thought PLO chief Yasser Arafat, an Arab terrorist expelled from Lebanon, holed up in Tunis, without Iranian oil or arms, without even a minute fraction of Iran’s population and territory—who ever dreamed that this villain would become a mortal threat to Israel by gaining worldwide support for a PLO state in Israel’s heartland—and with the endorsement of Binyamin Netanyahu?! If the despicable PLO could accomplish this objective, it would be foolhardy to dismiss my worst case scenario. As many scholars have warned, the West is involved in a clash of civilizations with Islam. We are in a world war having metaphysical significance. This war will not be won or even waged by democracies steeped in multicultural relativism. The trial of Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders exemplifies the decadence of such democracies. Recall how they treated the gallant Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci, who dared tell the truth about Islam in her book The Rage and the Pride. Recall how a Swiss judge issued an arrest warrant for her alleged violations of the Swiss criminal code and requested the Italian government to either prosecute or extradite her. Recall how an Italian judge ordered Fallaci to stand trial on charges of "defaming Islam" in her book The Force of Reason, most notably for her reference to Islam as "a pool that never purifies." But there is more. Note Europe’s permissive immigration laws, the influx of millions of prolific anti-Western and economically ruinous Muslim immigrants—a sociological disaster documented by Michael Radu, Europe’s Ghost: Tolerance, Jihadism, and the Crisis of the West (2009). Fearful of the canard of “racism,” and animated by a perverted humanitarianism that permits the immigration even of Muslim terrorists expelled by Arab countries, England and Europe are committing national and cultural suicide. This madness is invading the United States and it has anti-Semitic consequences for Israel. A countermovement to preserve Western Civilization is urgently needed. I will discuss this matter in a future article. Some people may want to send this article to Caroline Glick.

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UNDERSTAND WHAT IS BEING DISCUSSED. The numbers below do not include the 300,000 Israeli's living in other parts of the west bank. In 2006 8000 Israeli's were removed from their homes when Israel pulled out of Gaza. Most never rebuilt their lives. Logically. How will Israel remove the residence numbering around 1/2 million. Who will do it? Who will pay for it?

Jerusalem Neighborhoods: Old and New
 by Hillel Fendel
( Jerusalem was named Israel's capital, as it had been during King David's time, after the War of Independence in 1948-9. During and prior to the war, there had been talk of internationalizing the Old City and environs, but the plan was never implemented due to opposition from both the Jewish and Arab parties.

Alongside Israel's capital in the western half of the city was eastern Jerusalem, annexed by Jordan in 1950; a wall and barbed wire divided the city in two. By 1967, the population of Jewish Jerusalem had grown to 260,000. Among its most famous neighborhoods were then Me’ah She’arim, Rehavia, Emek Refaim/German Colony, Geulah, Givat Sha’ul, Beit HaKerem, Kiryat Moshe and Talpiyot.

Other notable neighborhoods include Ein Kerem, Katamon, Yemin Moshe, Nahlaot, Romema and Machaneh Yehuda, and the newer Har Nof and Bayit V’gan.

The Six Day War in 1967 marked Israel's successful military response to the deployment of several Arab national military forces threatening to “drive the Jews into the sea.” The war saw the Old City of Jerusalem come under Jewish control for the first time since the destruction of the Second Temple 1,900 years before. Together with the Old City, Israel regained all of the area west of the Jordan River, known as Judea and Samaria.

Israel then expanded the borders of its historic capital, and built in its old-new areas the following neighborhoods:

* Ramat Eshkol (the first to be built), French Hill, and Sanhedria Murchevet, all not far from the center of town;

* Ramot (population: approximately 40,000), Ramat Shlomo (18,000), N’vei Yaakov (a recreation of the neighborhood that existed there before 1948; 20,000 people), Pisgat Ze’ev (42,000), and the Atarot industrial zone in the north;

* Gilo (population: 40,000), East Talpiyot (15,000), and Har Homa (11,000)  in the southeast;

* Mt. Scopus and Mt. of Olives to the east.

Within 13 years after the Six Day War, the population of Jerusalem had increased by well over 55%, growing to nearly 410,000. It continued growing at a fast clip: In 1990, there were over 524,000 people, and 657,000 in the year 2000. The current population is close to 780,000.

The newly-approved 1,600 units to be built in Ramat Shlomo are slated to fill some of the area between Ramat Shlomo and Ramat Eshkol/Sanhedria.

Click here to see a map of the new neighborhoods of Jerusalem.


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