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Dec 8, 2006
Learn something new everyday,even if its how a beatle goes around a tree.
Drink green tea instead of soda,because green tea has antioxidants to protect you from getting cancer & cavities and it tastes good unlike soda which promotes cavities
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Posted: Dec 8, 2006 4:14pm
Nov 24, 2006

Garlic is a natural antioxidant like the drug antioxidants that the doctor gives you in the hospital when you have a very bad cold or an infection such as a urinary tract infection,and the doctor gives you the antibitic "doxicycline".Well garlic is a natural equivalent to "docicycline" and those other antibiotics and plus garlic is also good to get rid of your bad cholesterol,as some cholesterol is "good cholesterol",and garlic also helps your heart,and it helps to get rid of the germs in your body and it has lots of antioxidants in there like 'green tea'that fights and helps to prevent you from getting cancer.Therefore,eat lots of garlic in the raw form over rice,salads,etc. Also the capsule form of garlic is very good to get and swallow as it is odorless and it helps prevent tumors from growing and will make your health good along with other good eating habits so you can feel good.Buy food "organic" as much as possible because if has the less chemicals in there to harm your health.Look for and get the garlic capsules at Grocery natural food health food stores and at drug stores like Walgreens & CVS Pharmacy.Also almond has this mineral in there called 'latrile' that fights and helps to prevent you from getting cancer also.Therefore,eat almonds as much as you can also in salads,cereal,or just by theirself.

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Posted: Nov 24, 2006 2:06pm
Apr 19, 2006
Category: Breakfast & Brunch
Cuisine: Soul Food
Prep Time: Less than 15 min
Special Considerations: Low Carb
We Americans eat entirely too much meat. Meat taste good to an extent but we need to work on not eating so much meat because it promotes cancer and a much shortened life. Getting into cooking the meatless natural food and eating that alkalizes your body,and in turn takes away our acidic blood which is the root of your having bad health and pain. So I eat meat but I am eating more fish and I am working on becoming a vegetarian, and youall do the same. This is a tastey and healthy rendition of the classic blt.
 Step 1. Toast one slice of bread if you can.
 Step 2. Put a flax based mayo on the toasted slice and the untoasted.
 Step 3.  Cook 5 slices of soy bacon from "morningstar farms" or another brand from the grocery or natural market.
 Step 4. put sliced round onions on the bottom slice,and then lettuce on top of the onion, and put lots of sliced orgainc tomatoes on top of the lettuce,as tomatoes has lycopene which is very good for you and it fights cancer
   step 5. add jalapeno peppers

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Posted: Apr 19, 2006 2:47pm


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