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Oct 6, 2012

I have not been able to get to Care 2 much in recent months because of a family tragedy and I find my message box is full so I must deal with it before I disappear for some much needed exercise and me time. I logged on this morning to find what I thought might be a friend introduction and found a nasty message on my blog feed from some holier than thou who should know better. The so-called introduction was a warning to me to delete all the entries in my news feed as they were spam with dangerous links. This is utter rubbish!

Now this man is old enough to know better and frankly I am too old to take it personally, but I am NOT in breach of TOS by using an RSS feed to a blogging site. If you don't like my articles (and some you may not like) just don't read them. I write about a variety of things, including music, how to play the guitar, educational articles, stories about my pets, poetry and every now and then I do write a product review page. This man took offence to such a page - one page out of 228, written over a 3 year period! Hardly spam on that time scale is it?  There is no need to read anything you do not have an interest in, including this message. 

I hope you are all well my friends, and eventually I hope to be back on Care 2 more fully!



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Posted: Oct 6, 2012 1:57am
Dec 31, 2011

Each year we start is a chance to begin anew, everything is bright and sparkly. I hope the joy and optimism the world shares on New Years Eve will light up your world for the whole year ahead! I hope it brings new friends, reunites and reconciles old friends and families and brings you all the happiness you deserve!
Happy New Year to all my friends!

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Posted: Dec 31, 2011 4:06am
Jul 4, 2010
This is just a thank you to all my friends on the Care 2 network. I have been so very busy with work, writing, family commitments and illnesses and recording, releasing and networking my songs that I just don't get here as much as I should. There are just not enough hours in the day! When I returned to all 503 messages today I didn't know where to start!

To those who sent ecards - I am still trying to view them all and send stars. For those whose birthdays passed me by, I do apologise profusely - I tried to do Easter, Christmas and 4th July this year - belated birthday wishes to those I missed and I hope EVERY day is as good as a birthday. New friends? Thank you! For those who sent green stars, if there was a button I could press to send you all a star I would!

I shall try to do better. there is so much love and friendship as well as activism on this network and believe me I KNOW how wonderful and supportive these friendships can be.

If you check out my profile there is a new video, made on request by an Australian friend on Twitter, if you enjoy my music check it out - if you prefer not, I won't mind....

Happy Fourth and thank you all!

With Love,


(Laetitia von Katzen)

PS If you are on Twitter you can follow me @Persimew for more up to date notes if you want to.
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Posted: Jul 4, 2010 4:05am
Oct 31, 2008


Dear Friend,
Thanks for all the jokes and ecards you have all sent me!
Happy Halloween!
Hope you enjoy this very slightly scary video I made using Colin's edited pics and "Edgar Allan Tadpole", recorded by Tadpole and Co in Lincoln in 1986....
And for the purists among you who might just want to see the poem and illustration....
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Posted: Oct 31, 2008 7:57am
Jun 26, 2007
Following this week’s heavy rainstorms, much of Lincolnshire was seriously affected by flooding last night. Many roads were inundated and impassable, villages cut off, schools closed due to power cuts, hundreds of homes and businesses flooded and many people were evacuated. The towns of Louth and Horncastle and villages of Langworth and Wainfleet were particularly affected, but many more are under threat. Homes were also flooded here in Lincoln and hundreds of people are currently being evacuated from Shuttleworth House flats at Stamp End Lock in Lincoln as firemen struggle to pump the water from the streets and workman attempt to sandbag the River. 

The pictures in this album were taken by myself today. Some of them are quite dramatic. All of them are copyright by myself, all rights reserved.

(c) Lisa Gabriel 26th June 2007

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Posted: Jun 26, 2007 10:11am
Nov 7, 2005

November Sun

November sun streams through the trees;
Quicksilver Essence – life, rebirth –
Emerald, gold and jade the leaves –
And silver – eulogy for Mother Earth.
Rubies – holly berries – dance aflame
Within a rich crowned canopy of thorns
And amethyst, dark liquor long since drained.
Sun through sapphire dapples velvet lawns….
Freedom gives us Grace to conquer pain.
Life is for living! Gladly now I see
How impotent the Sun is without rain,
At One with Love, content to simply Be….
As letting go has drawn me close to You
How can I fail to dance through Life anew!
© Lisa Gabriel, 7th November 2005
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Posted: Nov 7, 2005 8:41am
Oct 30, 2005
Those of you who know me will know me as a writer . When I write my poems, I go within to find a sense of peace and One-ness that I find gives me more strength often in the everyday world. If I fought for what I believe without doing so, I would feel drained. But my words mean nothing if I also do not act.
We are living in a world that we have damaged by our own actions. Global warming is real and we are the instruments of its making. We are seeing the evidence of this in Florida right now!
How many of you are aware really outside Florida what is really happening there? Well, I have pasted in some emails from my dear friend Dreama that tell you…. Read them, then please do something to help.
What can you do?
Firstly, aid is DESPERATELY  needed. One link Dreama gave me is  for quick online donations. This is something you can all do, whether from the USA, Britain or any other country. All it would take is for everyone to make some sort of donation – even if all you can afford is a dollar. Donating on line couldn’t be any easier.
Secondly, put pressure on the US government to help their own people instead of interfering in the Middle East. Iraq was an unnecessary mess and how many more billions must be spent before that is recognised? Put pressure on the British government not to back any further military incursions into the Middle East. Forget the oil and think about the people!
Thirdly, look to your own lifestyles. How much energy do you waste? How much do you throw away? What share of the Earth’s resources do you intend your children to have? When you have done that, write to your senators, governors and your President if you are in America, if not, then write anyway.

Put pressure on the governments of the world, especially the USA, to investigate alternative energy sources, sign up to Kyoto, develop an energy economy that does not run on sending the world’s oil up in smoke and make global warming even worse.
You are seeing the worsening weather in the US, in Florida, Texas, Mexico…. the conditions are terrifying. Here in Europe the Seasons are getting unpredictable.
Politicians will not act unless they are pressured into it. So write to them, all of you. Do not leave it to the few, because the few can be silenced or ignored, the many cannot!

It is our problem. It is our world. If we want this world to hold a future for the children we bear and educate, the animals we rescue and nurture, the sick and disabled we care for and cherish, and ourselves it can no longer be left to the few….

I wrote these words this morning…. Give them meaning, act, pass the message, go within, find the strength, and come out fighting for your future in the Name of Love….
Dream on,
Dare Bolder Dreams, and, dreaming, grow….
With love to all,

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From: "Governor Jeb Bush" <>
To: "Governor Jeb Bush" <>
Sent: Saturday, October 29, 2005 9:55 AM
Subject: Governor Jeb Bush's IN THE NEWS... Friday, October 28, 2005

For those E-Newsletter recipients who have Adobe Acrobat reader, Governor
Bush's e-newsletter is available in .PDF format by clicking here:

The text version of the e-newsletter is below.


Throughout the week, President George W. Bush, U.S. Department of Homeland
Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, Acting FEMA Director David Paulison and
members of the State Emergency Response Team joined me in visiting South
Florida areas impacted by Hurricane Wilma.  Recovery will take time, but
Floridians should rest assured that local, state and federal officials are
working as one team, to address the needs of Floridians.  The federal
government has already declared many of our counties eligible for federal
individual assistance to aid in the recovery, including: Lee, Collier,
Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Hendry and
Glades County.

During these challenging times, Floridians must continue working together
and helping one another.  For information on the response and hurricane
preparedness, please visit  To make a donation
toward the recovery effort, go to

 Copyright(c) 2005 State of Florida

If you would like to change your subscription or unsubscribe, please go to:


Photo op time for them all, would have been nice if they all blue tarped a
roof, oh wait too much hard work and labor for them all, 22 now dead in
South Florida and those numbers are due to climb. Well, I am madder than a
hornet and this gal ain't going to be silenced and to bad today is a
Saturday as I would be burning them all up on the phone lines as I did
yesterday. But yeah, all of you just stay focused on the Karl Rove and Damn
Scooter Libby indictments and just let us all die down here in South
Florida, go save those 4 legged animals but the blood of all of the dead
down here will also be on all of your hands. Red Cross has gone broke and
had to borrow to date 340 million dollars just to help with some basic
needs and all other charity orgs. are about to go broke as all monies have
been spent on Pakistan, Asian Tsunami relief, Katrina and Rita and still 1.5
million down here without power. Do any of you care? Gee, maybe you might be
just like our government! Sorry if this is angry but I am fed up with lack
of response and quit sending me any animal petitions now as I am now the
voice for all of Hurricane Wilma's victims, and the dead now and their loved
ones and I am now attacking all major TV news media as gee, we are lucky if
we even get a brief mention. How many have to die down here before it
becomes newsworthy? UNACCEPTABLE and let me tell you all this, I am on a
political warpath and even if it kills me, it will be a job well done! How
many you would even dare to be a voice for us down here in South Florida, I
am certain not many, I do know that about most of you. Well, if that should
be the case, then no amount of Clorox will wash the blood of the dead and
dying down here off of any of your hands.
May all of you be blessed and you and all of your loved ones kept safe from
harm, Dreama Wellington, Florida
Hi Dreama, I just got my power back too. We were pretty much in the thick of it here in Broward (I live in Plantation) and this was the scariest thing I've ever been thru and I've been in a big CA quake! Fortunately, miraculously, I had no damage. I live on the 4th floor of a condo and couldn't shutter up. I stayed with my sister a few blocks away and didn't know what I'd find when I got home, but I was truly blessed, many of my neighbors lost windows and one almost lost their entire balcony! It took hours to clear the streets to just get the 3 blocks to my apt afterwards. I parked parallel to her house and trees came down EVERYWHERE, but fortunately they seem to have only blown over it rather than fall on it, so no damage. Just a little water in my balcony at home. My friends and neighbors were not nearly so lucky, one coworker lost her roof and the ceiling actually fell in on her. She's not hurt badly, but most are still without power, our boil-water restriction was lifted yesterday and power for me came on last night. Everyone on the next blocks, including sis, is still without, many without water at all. They've done a pretty fair job of clearing the streets, but it will be a very long time before this city is put back together, and power may not come back for some until 11/22! I watched a battery powered tv and was a bit livid that not much attention has been paid to what's going on here. I saw a local newscast about a nursing home for cancer patients in Miramar where they hadn't had food or water since before the hurricane and no one had checked on them!! And personal stories could fill volumes. I work for the city, and we were distributing water and ice at Heritage Park Wed. water ran out before I got there, ice ran out after an hour, no one knew when the next shipment would come and there was a line miles long waiting. They were still in line when I left. The Red Cross was there and one of the girls said she was absolutely shocked that after Katrina they hadn't learned anything. FEMA should just be totally dismantled. The same horror stories about local first responders having to wait for FEMA approval to do anything and the total mismanagement was like deja vu all over again! Well, I could go on and on, but this has been an exhausting ordeal and it's not anywhere near over for most of us. Right now I'm just so thankful to get into a hot shower, I may sit under it until I'm totally pruned-out!! Glad you made it though ok!! I'm not usually happy to see storms go anywhere, but I must confess I was REAL happy to see Beta go anywhere else! Let's just hope the rest of hurricane season, lord, it's still another month!, goes by very, very quietly! xoxo Terri

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Posted: Oct 30, 2005 11:04am
Oct 30, 2005
My latest poem, several days in the gestation....


One Dream

Come now
Within the well of silence;
Time to hold each heart
At peace with Life….
See how the Stars shine on?
The Rain falls sweet?
The Air breathes Joy to taste?
All Life is in me
All is One, none stand alone,
Come now, come Life, make haste….
Come Life
Within the Heart of giving
Learn to sing awhile
In tune with Love….
Pure Love can never die;
It only grows
So, radiant, let it shine
Love has no end, no limit
If we own its Call to Freedom,
Forge no chains on heart and mind….
Come Love
Take up the Call to One-ness;
All shall find new Joy –
At One with Dreams….
There find eternal Light!
See how it shines so brightly?
We shall know no tender separation –
Past illusions fade – dream on,
Dare bolder Dreams, and dreaming grow….
© Lisa Gabriel, 29th October 2005
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Posted: Oct 30, 2005 7:52am


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