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May 3, 2009

If you live in the United States, Lets see the State that has the most CARE2 members.

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Posted: May 3, 2009 1:22pm
May 3, 2009

What Groups do you belong to? What Causes do you support? What Interests you?
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Apr 7, 2009

Should DCFS decide or the Parents, when a child is mature enough to mow the lawn?

The ASRM, ASPS, AAP and AAOS offer the following tips to help prevent lawn mower-related injuries:

  • Children should be at least 12 years old before they operate any lawn mower, and at least 16 years old for a ride-on mower.
  • Children should never be passengers on ride-on mowers.
  • Always wear sturdy shoes while mowing – not sandals.
  • Young children should be at a safe distance from the area you are mowing.
  • Before mowing, pick up stones, toys and debris from the lawn to prevent injuries from flying objects.
  • Always wear eye and hearing protection.
  • Use a mower with a control that stops it from moving forward if the handle is released.
  • Never pull backward or mow in reverse unless absolutely necessary – carefully look for others behind you when you do.
  • Start and refuel mowers outdoors – not in a garage. Refuel with the motor turned off and cool.
  • Blade settings should be set by an adult only.
  • Wait for blades to stop completely before removing the grass catcher, unclogging the discharge chute, or crossing gravel roads.

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Mar 5, 2009

DCFS cannot thourghly investigate abuse or neglect because of the LAW. They have to rely on children, parents to be ignorant of the Law and participate willingly because they feel they have no choise.

In Illinois, the definition of abuse and neglect and the definition of mandated reporters and some of the “rules” for investigating and responding to abuse and neglect are spelled out in the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act (ANCRA) of 1975. This act has been amended numerous times and forms the basis for all child protection policies and activities throughout the State.
The last change to the "rule" was in 2006.

The definitions in ANCRA are not perfectly clear in helping mandated reporters (or DCFS investigators later) in distinguishing between inappropriate/undesirable parenting and those acts which constitute abuse and neglect. It is clear that there are many points at which judgments must be made.

Why are we letting DCFS tell us how to parent? Their manual even says it is a judgement. Even though DCFS is not yo take what is said or done personally, they can ruin families just because they had a bad day.

Reports of abuse and neglect have risen sharply nationwide.

The lack of specificity in the law and its definitions of abuse and neglect create many “gray areas”, leading to confusion for reporters. While this lack of specificity may make judgment about what must be reported unclear, it also allows for some flexibility in interpretation. This is important in covering all possible situations

DCFS require Professionals deemed as Mandated Reporters to "err on the side of caution"  In plain terms, Call the Hotline-Let them make judgement or you will face Felonies, Fines, Jail Time.

The investigation of abuse or neglect is necessarily very intrusive into family life. The state must exercise its authority cautiously and appropriately in order to respect the rights of parents. The guiding principle used is “minimally acceptable parenting standards.” The State has the authority to intervene in family life when basic standards of care and protection from harm are not met.

In all of DCFS's Procedure, Rules, Requests, ect they all make refrence that if Professionals, Parents, Children do not cooperate with DCFS and let them make judgements, Then You will be prosecuted. Their manuals are full of threats, interrogation tequiniques, judgements that they decide.

DCFS has become  "BIG BROTHER" and is attempting to tell everyone how to live.


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Posted: Mar 5, 2009 5:38pm
Mar 3, 2009

There are laws that protect us.

I am pondering the notion - Will a reform help or should we stand up for the actual Law and Abolish this Agency which has by their very own definition of Abuse and Neglect been abusing our children and neglecting our families.

Do we need to be spending more taxpayer dollars to take kids from their homes


Should this extra money go towards helping children and the elderly?


DCFS/CPS gets extra funding whenever a child is a Ward in the System.

My children are not numbers or wards, they are not property. My children are Human Beings.

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Posted: Mar 3, 2009 3:23pm
Mar 1, 2009

Department of Children and Family Services / Child Protection Services has been profiting from taking kids from their parents. While the actual perpetrators sill have control of our children.

DCFS has been using statements like - it's the law when if you look up the "law" they are referring to - it is ONLY stated in the DCFS/CPS Procedure Manual.

Actual "Law" requires a judge and a court order for most of the things they are doing to and with our children.


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Posted: Mar 1, 2009 5:51am


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