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Mar 23, 2007
Spring a leak within your soul
Pink and blue a swirl to know
Colors mixed until all is black
A conscious is what you might lack
Going through life with out a care
Bout the world just over there

All hope is lost without your faith
Pouring out without good bait
What I wonder is your fate

In the dark you can not see
Every open possibility
So that door slammed in your face
That is no reason to turn away from grace
Just beyond the horizon lies
An open window big and wide
Waiting upon you to jump through and slide

Life’s perfection an illusion to you
Cause you are painting in the wrong hue
Many colors fill this realm
Choice is yours just take the helm

Regret is something serves no one well
Is indeed a wonderful path to living hell
Learn the lesson learn it well
Escape from your time in hell
You need not choose here to dwell
No reason for you to not live well

Choose to share your love with me
Be a beacon of harmony
Share your fortune with the world
Let kindness spring forth from you
Check out a new and beautiful view
That can spring from inside of you

Pick up your sword.Stand your ground
Let faith and hope resound
It will pick you up off the ground
Peace within you will abound

Joy Rubi
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Posted: Mar 23, 2007 12:50am
Mar 23, 2007
Baby Puppy 

Waking to a stormy day

Baby puppy of only seventy pounds
Really a sweet and adorable hound 
Terrified a and shaking
Thunder storm has her quaking 
Can not leave her alone
Her terror has her chilled to the bone 
So I am up early
We cuddle up close
Because her mommy loves her the very most 

Joy Rubi
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Posted: Mar 23, 2007 12:37am
Mar 23, 2007
The Lemon Tree 

Just a little treeStanding all alone
Bringing sour fruit
To this life of mine 
Accept this I will
I’ll add some aspirin
With some honey
Use it to heal my ills 
Make it up with sugar
Yummy Lemonade 
Those sour little lemons
Off that lonely little tree
Becoming sweet for me 

Joy Rubi
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Posted: Mar 23, 2007 12:24am
Mar 23, 2007

Hot and Soapy


Water cascading down my spine

Hands wander as I let out a small whine


My body felt cold but now it’s hot

Come here playa man show me what you got


Soap me up good

Just like you should


Hot and soapy feels so good to be wet

Hot and soapy is what I need to get


Soap you up good

Wish I could


No your not here with me

No idea where you might be


So once again I am showering alone

Sometimes I wish I was where you called home


Joy Rubi


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Posted: Mar 23, 2007 12:19am
Nov 20, 2006
Beautiful Reiki People HealingSharing EnergyJoining Love Change the WorldHeal the Wounds Share the Love Individual GrowthUniversal CommunitySpiritual Yoga Joy Rubi11/18/06
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Posted: Nov 20, 2006 7:24am
Nov 20, 2006
Waiting Waiting,Night after night I sit hereWaiting Will I ever be forgiven for my sins?I don't know WaitingSitting here night after nightWaiting Will my love return to me one day?I don't know Waiting Just sitting here Waiting Can I ever forgive myself?I don't know Waiting Another dawn is on the horizonYet here I sitWaiting Just Waiting One day I hope to be loved againWill he come back?Will someone new come along?I don't know Waiting39 weeks have passedStill here I sitWaiting Each day I get strongerEach day I am more aliveEach day I am surer I will survive Waiting Seems like forever Waiting My heart was so brokenMy spirit was broken tooOn the heal nowI breathe without forcing myself to  Waiting For evermoreWaiting Be Love to myselfBe kind to myselfBe myself No more Waiting No more Waiting No more WaitingFor the rest of this life I am all that I needI am I will beI am all that I needI am me again Bright, Beautiful, BodaciousIntelligent, Interesting, IndividualTalented, Tenacious, TantalizingCharming, Creative, CurvaceousHumorous, Hot, Hilarious I am what you wish you had A woman like no other A woman filled with love A woman that stands up for herself and othersI am a woman, a bitch, a lover like no otherIt has taken 48 weeksI have lost a childI have cried 3 rivers worthI am me againYou are gone for good HELLO WORLD I AM BACK…!!! I dedicate this to every woman that has lost it all; love, child, self, may we always find our way back to ourselves.  For we are all Beautiful! Joy Rubi


I have posted this piece here before but am reposting it for 2 reasons, 1 st I have had several requests for it and that is the most important reason.  If it helps someone out there to know that they are not alone and it makes a differance to you wonderful.  2nd I recieved a request to publish it while I was in Florida and have decided to allow the publication of it at this time.  Sending you all loving positive energy and blessings,  JoyLet us never forget with out the rain the flowers can not grow, the grass is not green, there are no rainbows and most of all we die for we are 98 percent water!
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Posted: Nov 20, 2006 7:14am
Nov 20, 2006
          The Messenger As she sits in her serine solitude she breathes in the crisp ocean air.  Others walk by, but she doesn’t see or hear them.  The world is hers.  It is filled with her love and positive energy.  Her love for her friends and family people that she would kill or die for; her love has no beginning and no end.  Yet she sits here alone because she alone in this physical illusion that we call life.  It is not that she is far from home for she is a humble servant with no desire to roam.  Each day she wakes grateful, not grateful for the physical life which she is currently living within this illusion, but grateful for the beautiful blessing of being a servant.  The humble servant of Mother and Father God she learned long ago that she was a messenger.  For there loving unconditional eternal blessing she is ever thankful and humble.  As she communes with Mother Earth in this time in this place, beyond all time beyond all space she feels everything and nothing she is complete.  One day she hopes for the blessing of a man that loves and adores her.  Looking forward to one day having children that look like their daddy and laugh like her.  Yet nothing is as important as the message.  Nothing one has ever taken her as high as delivering the message.  Love is all there is, love is all that is important, love can cure all ills, and love is the only way home.  So if you are reading this please take her message forward to your family, friends, and everyone you meet Love is all, anytime you are lost love will come to you if you open your heart you will find that love is waiting for you to accept it into your heart and life.  Mother and Father God love you beyond all time beyond all space, you can not disappoint them, and you can not hide from them, and as much as you might try to deny them they will never deny you, or leave you behind.  You are loved and all you have to do is open your heart to know it.   I hope you will have a bright, beautiful, and blessed week, Joy Rubi 11/20/06 I dedicate this to all the beautiful spirits that I had the privilege of sharing time and space with this weekend.  I met some of you traveling, some of you on the beach, some of you at the Reiki training and some of you while sharing nourishment with my beautiful spiritual sister Deanna.  Thank you all for being part of a spectacular experience.      
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Posted: Nov 20, 2006 1:03am


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