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Nov 19, 2008
Focus: Children
Action Request: None at this time
Location: United States

Hi Susie,


Thank you so much for your VERY generous support.  My daughter Ella did get re-transplanted today and is currently recovering here at UCLA.  We are hopeful that this new liver will stay with her for the new life she now has.  Your support and outreach is truly amazing, and myself and my family are stunned and amazed at the fact that people unknown to us are willing to do something so significant to save our child’s life.  Thank you a million times!




Alert: California Baby Needs Human Liver Lobe NOW! 0 Blood Type.
130 pounds or less. MEDICAL EMERGENCY!

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Posted: Nov 19, 2008 3:10am
Nov 17, 2008
Focus: Children
Action Request: Write E-Mail
Location: United States
Don't know how to make this an ALERT instead of what Care2's classified it (as a blog).  This is an ALERT, and it's life-threateningly serious!

[So if you already received this, my apologies, but I wanted to try to make SURE this came across to everyone as an ALERT.]

Seriously, I'm emailing this to everybody, even if you live 3,000 miles away. Maybe there's a RICH person who can afford to fly out.  Maybe you know someone in Southern California who might be a donor.

This little baby Ella is at UCLA, in Westwood, California.


Best Friends is the animal sanctuary in Southern Utah. 


Don't know how to make this an ALERT instead of what Care2's classified it (as a blog).  This is an ALERT, and it's life-threateningly serious!

Forwarded Message:
Subj: My friend's baby needs a liver by this Wed.  Date: 11/17/2008 2:15:57 P.M. Pacific Standard Time From: To: Sent from the Internet (Details)
My friend Jennifer and her husband Doug have 24+ hours (this Wednesday 11/19) to find a liver for their nine month old baby. She was diagnosed with leukemia several months ago, and after intensive chemo had a liver transplant last Friday, which didn’t take.  

Ella is only 15 lbs so they need the left lobe from someone under 130 lbs with O blood type. No one in their family fits that category, so we’re sending a plea out to friends and family to see if anyone can help. Its a huge favor to ask of someone, but considering the circumstances, it’s absolutely necessary to ask everyone we know, otherwise Ella will die.

If you know of anyone who could and would be a likely candidate to help save Ella’s life, please contact Jennifer Fine IMMEDIATELY at

She is by her computer and hoping and praying to have Ella’s guardian angel contact her in time. Please contact her ONLY if you have a strong potential lead, as time is of the essence.


Important-Fw: BABY NEEDS HELP..L.A.,CA .: My friend's baby needs a liver by THISWEDNESDAY! 11/19/08
Tue, 18 Nov 2008 03:17:53 +0000
This is for Jennifer Krause's baby (works with Best Friends). It's life or death. Very sad!

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Subject: BABY NEEDS HELP..L.A.,CA .: My friend's baby needs a liver by THIS WEDNESDAY! 11/19/08
This human 9 month old baby needs a liver..CONTACT INFO BELOW..

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Posted: Nov 17, 2008 10:33pm
May 28, 2008
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Other
Location: United States

Oprah Winfrey

is repeating her exposé


puppy mills


Thursday, May 29, on ABC




For everyone who lives with an animal who has not been neutered or spayed -- or who knows someone who lives with an animal who has not been fixed -- or who buys (!?!) their cat(s) or dog(s) from a breeder or pet store -- YOU MUST WATCH THIS SHOW. 


It is time to educate yourself about this horrendous problem. 




Thank You

[From Kady Lane]

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Posted: May 28, 2008 1:30pm
May 21, 2008
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Other
Location: United States

Rory Freedman on Ellen 

"Skinny Bitch" 


 May 23  




From: Karen Coyne

Rory talked with Ellen for about 15 minutes (they taped the show yesterday, and it will air on Friday, 5/23).  


Ellen read Rory's book and is now vegan, hardcore!!  


Ellen called Oprah to ask about how to handle the "vegan" issue on television (meat/dairy industries have laws protecting them from free speech, etc.), and she found out that Oprah has also been vegan for the last two weeks.  This is really huge.  


But even two powerful people like them would have a very difficult time up against the meat and  dairy industries, which are much more powerful than oil industries.  But this is definitely a leap toward compassion for animals, good health, prosperous environment, etc.  

Karen Coyne
President & CEO
The Compassion In Action (CIA) Club

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Posted: May 21, 2008 1:57pm
Oct 22, 2007
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Read
Location: United States
Please forward this to all your contacts and groups, and advise them if they can be on call for either evacuation, or loading/unloading the Gentle Barn animals when we finally can bring them back home, to email me:
We need loving people to come to Animal Acres and help feed and water our rescued rescues.  We need food!  We need bedding!  We need everything you can think of that goes with farm animals to make them comfortable, calm, and feeling safe.  So LOVE is a good thing to bring along, too!  If you come to Animal Acres, tell them Susie sent you; that way we'll know if this system's working.
I'd like getting emails so I can compile massive lists of who and what can do what.  We need folks on standby (always, not only now) in case Animal Acres needs to evacuate -- standby with trailers, trucks, the ability to load and unload panicked animals.  So email this to every group and person imaginable, so that they, in turn can email me with any and all information. 
And please thank all these people FOR me, okay? 
Thank you, everybody, who's been contacting me non-stop to offer help!  It's AMAZING how many of you love animals that much!!!!!!
With all my heart,


We want to thank everyone for their calls and emails regarding our situation, and for your commitment to the safety of the sanctuary animals. Currently, we are not in a fire zone, however, we are assisting Gentle Barn, another farm animal sanctuary, with their evacuation and temporary animal placement needs due to the fires in the Agua Dulce/Santa Clarita area. Fortunately, because of the dedication of volunteers and individuals who helped us buy animal transport trailers, WE WERE ABLE TO SAFELY EVACUATE ALL OF THEIR ANIMALS, and the animals are now being cared for at Animal Acres.

Given the state of emergency in southern California, it is clear that additional fire evacuation areas need to be established for farm animals, and we are focusing all our efforts on this over the next two weeks. We DESPERATELY need YOU to help with this effort.
PLEASE help by:

1. Coming to Animal Acres to help care for evacuated animals here. We need caregivers from 9 am. to 3 p.m. daily. No appointment is necessary. Directions may be found at

2. Volunteering to help set up an emergency evacuation area for the Animal Acres animals. We need volunteers to help put up fencing and other jobs. The more volunteers who can pitch-in, the sooner we can have a site ready for evacuation needs. Volunteers are needed EVERY DAY from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please call (661-269-5404) if you can join us, and let us know what day(s) you'll be joining us.

3. Donating for evacuation needs. We URGENTLY need funding for temporary housing sheds, evacuation site fencing and corrals, water troughs & water hoses - and we need to purchase one additional transport trailer to be able to evacuate all of the animals immediately. Your donation, in any amount, will means so much. Please click here to donate online.

On behalf of ALL of us at Animal Acres, and the animals who need our assistance at this difficult time, THANK YOU.

Lorri Bauston, President
Animal Acres
Animal Acres is a Los Angeles farmed animal sanctuary and compassionate living center directed by Farm Sanctuary co-founder Lorri Bauston. Thank you for your support.

© 2006-2007 Animal Acres. All rights reserved.
5200 Escondido Canyon Road Acton, CA 93510
Phone: 661.269.5404 Fax: 661.269.0194
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Posted: Oct 22, 2007 5:48pm
Aug 10, 2007
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Write Letter
Location: United States

Below is Joel Stein's anti-dog commentary from today's Los Angeles Times.  Link and story below.  This is from the OPINION section, so be sure to let him know YOUR opinion.  His email is at the bottom of the story.

I hate dog owners
The disproportionate outcry against Michael Vick proves it: Americans are way too irrational about canines.
August 10, 2007

Michael Vick is where you draw the line? "Pacman" Jones is allegedly slamming strippers' heads into the side of the stage, other athletes have been accused of domestic violence -- a few of murder -- but the guy who allegedly ran a dog-fighting ring gets a three-month public outcry? Are dogs more precious than women? Women who are strippers?

I understand that torturing animals, forcing them to fight and killing the losers isn't OK. Neither is keeping animals in minuscule pens where they live in the suffocating stink of their own feces and then chopping them up for bacon. Yes, I know you think dogs and horses are totally different from pigs and chickens, and also that unicorns and Hello Kitty and David Cassidy are superawesomedreamy too, but at some point you have to move on to a morality that doesn't revolve around glittery stickers.
The mass public shaming of the Atlanta Falcons' quarterback, who was indicted by the feds for running a dog-fighting league called the Bad Newz Kennels, has been way out of proportion. If social convention permits us to still root for Kobe Bryant, then maybe it's fair just to put Vick in some serious counseling if he promises to buy a pit bull a really enormous diamond ring.

Americans get completely irrational about dogs. Last month, crazy dog-show people blocked a state measure to force spaying and neutering of non-show dogs, proving not only that dog owners are NRA-crazy, but that, unbeknown to anyone, Bob Barker's power has limits. Last week, instead of daring to do the rational thing -- outlaw pit bull breeding -- the Los Angeles City Council decided to move forward with a plan to hire prison parolees to train the pit bulls that account for 40% of the dogs put down in L.A. shelters. I wonder if the council is also considering a plan to get ex-cons to run the toys-for-guns program.

I can't respect animals that prefer affection from a different species over their own kind. A man who shuns women to stare plaintively at cows and nuzzle up against them is called something less flattering than a "cow's best friend."

It's not that I hate dogs. I used to believe that I hated dogs. But now I realize that I'm apathetic about dogs, as I am about any animal that is not delicious. Dogs to me are a lot like flounder.

What I've come to realize is that what I really hate is you, the dog owner. Because you're the one who honestly believes that your dog is sentient and that he loves you. Your ego is so grandiose that you can't see that your dog is just using you. Yes, your dog loves you, but only in the way that Anna Nicole Smith loved old, rich men. Yet you honestly believe that your dog's love is particularly meaningful because your dog is special -- almost human, really. In fact, you think, he's an almost-human that happens to be a lot like you. He is a lot like you if you happen to assess colleagues by smelling their butts and enjoy publicly eating your own vomit.

While we've been shunning smokers because they annoy the rest of us, we keep inviting dog owners to terrorize us in new places. JetBlue lets you sit with an uncaged "companion dog," or, as I call it, a "reason to fly Southwest." Starwood Hotels include a whole page of dog items on their room service menu. Maybe I'm squeamish, but I don't like to order from kitchens that, alongside my eggs, are chopping up items referred to as kibbles or bits. And unless you run some sort of international fetching conglomerate, there's no reason to have dogs running around your office.

I agree with the members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals on only two things: that pranks should be pulled on rich old ladies in fur coats and that people shouldn't own pets. So I have a plan that I'm hoping they'll help me with, because they seem to have a lot of free time and access to their spokeswoman, Pam Anderson. Like the retirement communities that don't permit families with children, I want to build a town where animals aren't allowed. The streets will be poopless, the nights barkless, the legs unchafed from humping. And Pam Anderson will live in this dog-less town. I'm not sure how this will help, but I think having Pam around will be fun. She's the only one who might be willing to wear all those unused tiny dog sweaters.

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Posted: Aug 10, 2007 2:07pm
Jul 19, 2007
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Phone Call
Location: United States


I now have the official phone number for NFL Headquarters, based in New York City.
That number is: 

The switchboard hours are from 8:30AM to 7:00PM, Eastern Standard Time.

According to someone who told someone who told someone (sigh), there is now an option on their menu that asks if you wish to see Mike Vick SUSPENDED.
So please pass this number along to every single animal-lover you possibly can, and post it in all your groups, and ask each of those people to do the same, and to phone 1-212-450-2000 to demand that Mike Vick be suspended from the National Football League.

Thank you!

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Posted: Jul 19, 2007 9:13pm
Mar 31, 2007
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Donation
Location: United States
One of our local rescuers is traveling in Guatemala right now and a week ago she sent me an email asking for help in saving 4 street dogs she has befriended who are on the verge of  death. She is in a little village that is only accessible by boat. The animals on the mainland are also living under horrible circumstances but it is especially bad in the isolated area in which Minoo is staying. She has been trying to help many of the animals she has met but the 4 she has befriended need medical attention immediately. A Dog's Life Rescue wants to help Minoo save these dogs! We think we can do this but we need help.

At first this seemed impossible but little by little we have made progress. Minoo has pieced together most of the plan and found the means of transportation, but now we need to raise funds to make it all happen. The dogs will have to be transported by boat out of the remote area and then by car/bus 6 hrs to the nearest veterinarian. Once the dogs are stable they will travel two more hours to the only rescue that exists in Guatemala. Finally, all 4 will be loaded and transported by plane to the US where they will have a chance at an amazing life.

These poor dogs are very, very weak so this is urgent. Minoo is set to leave the country of Guatemala on April 3rd, so if these dogs' lives are to be saved we have to coordinate everything quickly. We've estimated that it will cost $450 for each dog's transportation (boat, car/bus, plane) and initial vet care which means that if we can raise $1800 we can save all 4 lives...which is amazing! If you can help by making a donation please do so thru Paypal at Every dime will go towards saving these animals and getting them to safety. This is their only chance. If  these dogs are left behind they will definitely die on the streets. Thank you for your support and care in helping us gives these dogs a chance. Please forward to anyone you may think can help.

With gratitude,
Julia Pennington and Allison Lange
A Dog's Life Rescue

Please tell her you got this from me, Susie, one of Minoo's good friends.  Thanks!

*Below is the email plea I received from Minoo and here are photos of one of the dogs...who is still on the street. She is not safe until we can get her out of there.


Hi Julia. In your e-mail the other day you said that you had brought one of your dogs back from Mexico. So because of that, I  wanted to get some advice from you. I´m flying from Guatemala City to Miami, and then from Miami to LA on April 3, so I don´t know if it´s different when you come in by plane (vs car), but do you know what the restrictions are for bringing dogs into the US? Of course I know we have lots of dogs that are being killed right at home in the USA. But´s the reason for my question: I'm in a town near the Belize border. Throughout Guatemala I´ve seen many sickly looking dogs, but here there's a female who is in the worst shape I've ever seen ANY being be in my entire life. She is so, so, so skinny, you can see every single bone in her body, and she´s mangy, and has open wounds/slashes that are getting infected. Plus, she´s infested with worms (big belly) and fleas. And it seems that a car or a person has hit her, because she has trouble walking. Anyhow, I put on gloves and spent a lot of time petting her, and I fed her and gave her water. Her tail was wagging the whole time. And I think that was the first time anyone had touched her in a long time. It broke my heart into tiny pieces. I feel so bad leaving her like this. The only way out of this town is by boat. They have no vets nearby - anywhere. I´ve made friends with a wonderful 15 year old American-raised local girl who I´m giving money to, so that she can continue feeding her, and I´m trying to find local groups to help her. I even looked into trying to find someone to euthanize her, but had no luck either. I guess I'm writing also because I know you guys would all understand. I do realize that it´s close to impossible for me to do a single damn thing, and that there´s others like her. I´ve just never seen anything like this, not even in Africa....
Thanks for listening...

SUSIE'S NOTE:  Then there's this post from Minoo to us.....
My friend Shauna and I took a shuttle bus to Antigua today. I could not get through to Xenii by phone, so I decided to do the next best thing. It was a 6 hour ride, but we're here!! I'm going to look into buying a local pre-paid cell phone tomorrow, because I think I may need it over the next few days in case we run into any issues during the transfer. I'm looking into this tomorrow, and will call to give you the phone number if it works out.
So our plan is to go to the dog rescue tomorrow and see if we can borrow a carrier or two from them, or see if they can point us in the right direction to buy one in Guatemala City. If all goes well, I'd like to try to head back up to Livingston on Sunday. I'm still worried about the trip back to the rescue for the dog, but I'm also worried about leaving her there. If the carrier thing is impossible here, I'll let you know to see if you guys can send me one!
I can't get through to American Airlines from here, and wanted to try and see how many dogs a passenger can bring. I'm currently on the April 3rd flight from Guatemala City to Miami, and then Miami to LA. I used a free Advantage ticket, so I don't know if that will make a difference. If you could find out for me whether it'd be possible for me to add a dog (or 2 or 3) to my ticket, that'd be great (and how much it would cost). The other ones are strong enough to make the flight for sure, but my main girl is the one who I have doubts about. I asked Jacky to name her by the way, since she's the only human being who's ever given the poor girl love (and that's only been since Jacky moved back to Guatemala from the US a year or so ago).
If I did succeed in bringing some of the starving ones, would you be able to help find fosters? Of course, I'd take one or two myself.
On a personal note, I really am struggling with all this because a part of me feels guilty making all this fuss, when in my own back yard (east valley) there are so many dogs who are being killed every week...Damn it....
Now that I'm in a city, I'm going to see if I can transfer the photos to send to you.
In the last few days, Shauna and I have come up with a very exciting plan to help the people and animals of Guatemala through a mobile clinic named after my baby dog who died on Feb 15, Zorba. We want to set up a non-profit/NGO in Zorba's memory and run a mobile clinic, where she (as a human doc) will do vaccinations for children, and basic med care, and a vet who we bring along will help vaccinate, medicate and spay/neuter the street dogs and cats (as well as anybody else's). She's done this sort of thing before in Ethiopia, and we've discussed some of the long-term goals, as well as some details. We want to use Livingston as our pilot project, since both the people and the animals there are the worst we've seen in Guatemala. So hopefully later on this year, we'll be able to come back to do that. Of course, if it were up to me, I'd only do animal stuff (don't tell anybody I said that =)  but Shauna made a good point....she said that this way, the people won't resent us, because it'll benefit them directly as well.  We are temporarily calling it the Zorba Memorial Clinic: Salud para Todos (health for all). I'd love to tell you all about our idea when I'm back, and would love any and all collaboration and help!!! There's a lot more to it, including educational puppet programs on both the humane education and preventive medicine front....
I'll update you tomorrow on the rescue, since I have easy e-mail access here.

SUSIE'S NOTE:  Followed by today's post from Minoo to us.........
Actually, it's not that cheap here. I think you were here a really long time ago. And I'm pretty good at haggling. The issue is transporting dogs. If I were just taking a boat myself, it would cost me about $2 in the lancha collectiva. But we have to hire a private boat round trip, and one that would be alright transporting four crates of dogs (some boat operators refuse to have dogs in their boats - even in crates). Jacky is the one who has found the boat for us, and she is a local Guatemalan. It'll cost between $50 and $100 depending on the size of the crates (which will determine the size of the boat). I'm taking $100 to be on the safe side. And in the case of the bus, it would cost me about $10 to go on my own in a second class bus, or about $5 for a chicken bus. They don't allow animals (other than chicken) on either of those buses, unless I agree for the animal to be strapped to the rack on top of the bus - which is obviously not happening. So I have to get a private minibus that can fit four dog crates INSIDE the bus, plus a driver who's willing to leave at 5am and get back at 11pm - and on top of everything, gas costs about US$2 - 2.50 a gallon. So all that makes it expensive. Everyone charges 1500 quetzales for the roundtrip. I found one guy who'll do it for 1300, but I'll tip him since he also agreed to take me to Xenii's to pick up the crates (that alone is a 200 quetzal trip), come with me on the boat ride (since carrying 4 carriers of dogs by myself won't be easy), and to drive 14 hours in one day (7 hours each way). And he's going to drop the dogs off at the vet's office, and then drop me off.
My own trip has cost me only $600 since I stay at cheap hostels and take chicken buses everywhere. But believe it or not, I've already spent over $200 of my money just on the dog stuff. And that's for things I didn't even include in the e-mail below. Just making a local call costs $1 for each five minutes (it's more expensive than that from a pay phone), so I keep needing to get more money for the cell phone to coordinate everything. It seems like I'll have to take money out of my credit card for the rest of the stuff. I also need to pay the vet for the treatment, which be a lot since our one girl is in such bad shape. So I'll probably need to take out close to $1,500 to cover everything. Whatever you raise would help, and if you don't, then I'll just pay off my credit card later myself....No biggee....When I get back, I have to raise the cost of two roundtrip tickets to pick them up in a couple months and fly them back to the US. It's almost impossible to find homes for them here.
- me.

SUSIE'S NOTE:  And then this one.....
Hi everyone. Finally, I'm getting a chance to sit down and write you guys to fill you in....
Shauna had to return to the US on Tuesday because of her job situation. She was risking losing the job, so she took a last minute flight. I made my way down to Antigua, where I am now, and have been trying to coordinate everything from here. Everything is harder to do since Semana Santa (Holy Week) is in a few days, and the whole town seems focused on nothing else. A lot of people are off from work, so everything is happening even slower.
After a million phone calls and inquiries, looks like things are finally under way. I went to the clinic of a vet named Dr. Linares yesterday. Despite it being Semana Santa, he's agreed to board the dogs and treat them!! He's really nice. Not as good as Dr. Kelly of course, but he's really good by Guatemalan standards (their vets aren't that great here). He's charging only 40 quetzales a day for boarding, which is about $20 a day for all four. He will be giving them all a bath, treating their mange, putting revolution on them, deworming them, and in some cases, suturing up all their cuts and slashes, suctioning their abcesses, and starting them on antibiotics. All that costs extra of course. And that's just the basic stuff. Depending on which dog I succeed in finding tomorrow, there will be more issues. I'm sure our one girl (who we're either calling Jackie, after Jacky the girl who's helping, or "Ria" - meaning little river - after the Rio Dulce near Livingston), will definitely need other treatments like fluids and an IV. That's assuming she survives the boat and car trips back down to Antigua. God, I hope so.
I'm picking up a carrier today from a woman here in Antigua. I'm hoping to get three other carriers from Xenii tomorrow at 6am. If she only has two, then I'm going to have the fourth dog ride in the dog, without a carrier. Xenii has given me the go-ahead for four dogs, so I'm bringing four dogs down one way or another. I'm also trying to get some blankets and leashes, and a water bowl.
So the plan is that Daniel (the driver) is picking me up between 5 and 5:30 am tomorrow morning. We're going the opposite direction, to Xenii's shelter first, to pick up the supplies. Then we're heading northeast on a 7 hour drive to Puerto Barrios. We'll leave the van there, and catch the private boat to Livingston (1/2 ride by speed boat). We have to be discreet there and park the boat in the private dock - which I hope will be possible. I don't want the whole town to see us at the public dock. Then I have to go around town searching for the ones I remember being the hungriest and worst off. I already have four in mind, one of course being the girl I sent you the photo of. I have to get some food to lure them down to the dock with. Once everyone is in the carrier, we'll take off and take the boat back. That's the trickiest part - to get them out without incident. Once we're back in Puerto Barrios, I know I'll be so relieved. Then we have a 7 hour ride back. We'll come back to Antigua, and settle them into Dr. Linares' clinic. I'll go over to the clinic on Monday to check on everyone, and make sure that everything they need is being done. From Monday night onwards, I'll be spending the nights at Xenii's shelter since there's no rooms in Antigua during Semana Santa. I'll be helping Xenni with general shelter stuff, but also in building the housing for dogs. I'll probably still take the bus to the clinic from Xenii's to visit with the dogs during the day for at least a couple hours (three bus changes and an hour ride on a chicken bus). I know the poor babies will be so confused. Though I'm sure they'll also be relieved to have ample food and water, and to NOT be kicked by anyone!! The dogs will be boarded at Dr Linares´ place until we can move them to Xenii's shelter.
The thing with the housing at Xenii for the Livingston dogs is that there aren't many laborers working next week, so it might get delayed. I met a couple of very sweet ex-Peace Corps guys, one of whom used to work in construction in the US (and who said he MIGHT ride up to Livingston with us to help!). So I'm trying to see if I can talk them into helping out with the construction. Livingston is hot and humid, and at sea level since it's along the Caribbean. That's what the dogs are used to. Xenii's shelter, on the other hand, is at a very high altitude in the highlands, in the woods, with cold nights. So the shelter we build has to accomodate for the climatic difference so that they don't get sicker....Remember, that their immune systems are already extremely compromised. I don't think their bodies can take much more!
I´m really hoping that we're able to finish building the shelter soon, so that I can get the dogs transferred and settled into it before I leave. But I don't know how that'll work, since there's only three options for my return - April 3, 6, 18. Everything else is totally booked. The 18th is too late, since I need to get back for my LAUSD project, so I'm aiming for the 6th. Worse comes to worse, I'm going to have to ask Xenii to do the transfer for me once I'm gone. I hope that won't be the case though. I'll be transporting to dogs for Xenii on my return - most likely to Florida....
Our main issue here now is money. I'm taking about $1500 out of my credit card to pay for everything. But it's hard to know how much everything will be, since the vet bill is an unknown. So whatever money you guys are able to raise will be great!! I know Julia has already raised 200 of it - thanks, Julia!!! Bobby has my account number, so if you guys deposit anything, let me know so I can keep track of it.
Please keep your fingers crossed for us tomorrow. I'll call one of you from Puerto Barrios once I have the dogs. It's going to be so painful to leave the others behind, and take only four. But at least I'll be able to take four, thanks to Xenii. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be able to take any.
I think the dogs will be ready to come to the US in a month or two, once their various infections are cleared and once they've put on weight. I bought more memory for Shauna's camera since her memory stick was full. So I'm going to take more photos of all the dogs, in case we can post them online and find people to foster or even adopt them beforehand. If you guys know anybody who can donate air mileage, please remember that we can use those as well, since we'll need two people to fly back to pick up the dogs. And it's about $100 or so for the paperwork....
Anyhow, I'll e-mail you with another update on Monday!!
Thanks to everyone for your support = )

SUSIE'S NOTE:  And, finally, this brief post this evening.........
Dear friends,
As most of you know, I had come for what I thought was to be a relaxing trip to Guatemala, to give myself a chance to get away for a while - mainly hoping that it would help me heal from the loss of my sweet Zorba. While here, I found myself getting involved in a rescue operation instead! Anyhow, I'm forwarding an e-mail plea sent out by Julia Pennington, whose group has graciously taken the lead on this and given me 100% support. Please feel free to forward this to anyone who you think might be able to help....And if you think you can offer any financial assistance, please contact Julia's group directly.

You can also contact me, Susie (, and I will GLADLY forward on anything to the right person.  This is a highly desperate situation -- with so much hope in sight -- but money is now the major issue, and right away! 

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Posted: Mar 31, 2007 7:44pm
Oct 3, 2006
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States
please, please, please forward to everyone!!!!!!

Eat a roach, go to head of line
Magic Mountain promotion still on despite protests

BY CAROL ROCK, Staff Writer

VALENCIA, CALIFORNIA (SANTA CLARITA)  - Bugged about long waits in line at Magic Mountain? Chew on this.

Customers willing to eat a live 3-inch-long Madagascar hissing cockroach will be escorted to the front of the line at both the Tatsu roller coaster and Brutal Planet attraction during opening weekend of Fright Fest at the same Six Flags California park that is trying to change its image to attract a family crowd.

"We have 10 cockroaches per ride for anyone willing to try it," said park spokeswoman Connie Lujan.

Six Flags is hoping eager guests will bite at the new promotion offered at several of its theme parks across the nation - including Magic Mountain - despite protests from animal-rights groups.

"The wait is usually an hour or more," Lujan said. "If they do it, they get a front-of-the-line pass for them and three friends."

Lujan said that "dining" opportunities will be held at 7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday nights only, adding that all participants will have to sign waivers affirming that they are not allergic to shellfish.

"If they are they might have an allergic reaction to the cockroach," she said.

The campaign has attracted the attention of the animal-rights group, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, which has launched an online petition to be sent to Six Flags CEO Mark Shapiro.

"This much-maligned invertebrate possesses keen senses, a quite docile temperament and an amazing evolutionary history," the petition reads. "Six Flags is meant to be a place for family fun, not a


place to teach children insensitivity to animals."

The group hoped to garner 1,000 signatures but only came up with 255.

"When people started hearing about this, we were ambushed by calls from all over the country from people who wanted to do something about it," said PETA spokeswoman Jackie Vergerio. "It's good to know that people are aware that cruelty is cruelty. We have not organized a formal PETA demonstration, but I would not be surprised if PETA members in the area are planning a protest."

The promotion was scheduled to be held at 12 of Six Flags' 30 amusement and water parks, but the Washington Post reported that the Six Flags park in Largo, Md., has declined to participate, citing its focus on attracting families with children.

Six Flags has put Magic Mountain and neighboring Hurricane Harbor on the market in a company effort to tackle debt. Before the sale was announced, company officials talked of the need to attract families rather than the teen crowd in hopes of boosting profits.




I have three phone numbers for Magic Mountain.

I also have addresses. 

See below........


GUEST RELATIONS:  661-255-4103

MAIN LINE:  661-255-4100

HUMAN RESOURCES:  661-255-4800



Six Flags Magic Mountain
26101 Magic Mountain Parkway
Valencia, California 91355
Del Holland, General Manager



Corporate Offices

1540 Broadway, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10036

924 Avenue J East
Grand Prairie, Texas 75050

or email us at




I also think the reporter should be admonished for making light of this!




Visibility: Everyone
Posted: Oct 3, 2006 4:41pm
Sep 6, 2006
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Read
Location: United States

To view an online version of this email, click here.

Dear Members & Friends,


ANYTHING TO DECLARE? It’s going to look a bit unusual to the customs officer when two Best Friends volunteers arrive in Beirut. Their baggage consists almost entirely of … kitten food!


Really! Lebanon has RUN OUT OF KITTEN FOOD altogether. Maggie from BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the only humane society in the entire country, called us yesterday in an emergency. No kitten food. And nothing available from other countries in the region.


We tried our connections in other countries, too – Turkey, Cyprus, Greece. Nothing! And while there’re tons, literally, just across the border in Israel, it’s impossible to bring it in from there, either. We’re aiming to set up a supply from Western Europe, but that will take time. And the kittens can’t wait.


So when our veterinarian and vet tech arrive, they’ll be carrying 175 pounds of kitten food – just enough to keep the younger cats eating for the next week or two – and lots of medicine and other veterinary supplies for both cats and dogs.


It’s all part of the continuing urgency to get 300 dogs and cats to safe new homes. (There are still people threatening to poison the dogs at their temporary refuge.)


That means getting them out of the country and into good new homes. Then Maggie and her colleagues can rebuild their damaged shelters and get back to their lifesaving humane work.


** And that’s why we need your help so urgently at **



LIFTING THE BLOCKADE. Almost 10,000 of you signed the Petition to the Israeli Government to lift its blockade of Lebanon, at least for this emergency evacuation. And tomorrow, Thursday, they are lifting it altogether. (There were petitions from other humanitarian organizations, and they all came together at the right time. So many thanks to all who took part in this.)


And the companies that will be helping fly the dogs and cats out of the country are almost ready, too. 




The Best Friends Emergency Fund has collected $145,351 since we started getting requests for help from rescue groups in Lebanon and Israel. Of this, $58,322 has gone for the direct care of the animals in the region. It’s been a huge help. And we’re now saving as much as possible to pay for the evacuation and adoption effort.


But we’re estimating an additional $200 for each dog or cat brought out of the country. So any amount, large or small, that you can contribute, will be a great help.




*  Your DONATION, large or small, to this effort, is urgent and much appreciated. Just go to


*  Please FORWARD THIS E-MAIL to people you know who may be able to help. The more caring people we can reach right now, the better.


*  We also have public service spots airing on TV and radio, asking people to contribute to the fund. You can watch these ads on the Best Friends website at, and ask friends and family to do the same.


As you know, we’ll be bringing all 300 dogs and cats to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for health and behavior checks, before placing them in their new homes. And if you’d like to be one of those homes, please check out the adoption tab at


There’s more news and updates every day on the Best Friends website at


Between us all, we can really pull this one off. As well as this being A GIFT OF LIFE to these homeless pets, it’s also A MESSAGE OF PEACE AND CARING to all the people of the region.


So please help now, and thank you so much for being part of this critical rescue.


Michael Mountain

Best Friends

This email was sent by: Best Friends Animal Society
5001 Angel Canyon Road, Kanab, UT 84741

Visibility: Everyone
Posted: Sep 6, 2006 5:35pm


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