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Nov 28, 2011

I MAY BE MISSING ONE or TWO!  (several are looking for Christmas sponsors)


1)  Easter Sunday 4 year old Cremello filly with cleft palate in sanctuary here

2) Misty 27 year old Arabian Mare arrived looking like a skeleton, slowly putting on weight.

3) Miss Lily we picked up west of Ft Worth, she was a pitifully skinny pot belly pig supposedly mini-pig; severely underfed & pregnant.

4) Miss Piggy picked up in Lucas Texas walking the streets,bad arthritis how she was walking around I do not know.  Potbelly pig

5) Lucy is little miss Potbelly pig, about 7 months old now, found in Dallas quite healthy.

6) Sissy is a 22 year old thoroughbred mare, sweet as anything but so broken down looking.

7) Daniel is a gelded jack (john) who arrived here intact, wild thing he is of unknown age but we believe he is at least in his 20's.

8) Sonny is a spotted jack, young still and lowest on the pecking order as donkey's go.

9) Dusty is a gelding jack approximately 5 or 6 years old, he was rehomed with us.

10) Meghan is a muscovy duck with a broken wing, such a cutie.

11) Inka is an 8 year old Peruvian Paso mare, just arrived here in great shape just needs work.

12) Annie is a 10 year old Red Bone Coonhound, very bossy & very sweet (loves attention)

13) Jack is a 10 year old Dachsund/Beagle cross who loves to hear himself complain about anything and everything (he grows on you)

14) Shadow is a approx 8 month old mutt who loves attention and needs a home of her own to guard.  Small girl about 25# (all her siblings died of Parvo in one morning save her)

15) Pixley is approx 7 month old Chihuahua/heeler mix, SUPER PLAYFUL and to smart for her own good.  Came down with Parvo, lost a sister to it and her brother got well after a huge fight (he now lives with some super people). 

16) Bullet is a 11 month old GSD/Pyrenees mix male, not good with birds, very sweet and shy, needs livestock to guard.

17) Rocky is 1 1/2 year old Great Pyrenees/Australian Shephered mix (neutered) super sweet, needs a job.

18) Brutus aka BOO (English Mastiff), came to us super skinny and afraid, due to his size and the fact of how afraid he was, he is here forever

19) Taffy is a 11 year old Quart Horse - barrel horse, her owner had broken his neck (not by her) and could no longer afford to care for her, she is here forever so he can see her.

20) Peach is a 18 year old PMU Belgian draft horse mare, arrived with dread locks and people shy, will live her forever.

21) Jeannie is a 18 year old PMU Percheron mare very laid back and loves to get treats she is here forever.

22) Jenny is a jennet donkey is of unknown age, still looking for a good home to guard livestock or just get treats.  

23) Petunia and Rosa are 9 year old jennet donkey with 4 month old baby jennet donkey.  Looking to live together somewhere.

24) Luna is about 10 months old, a hound dog mix; sweet silly and shy.

25) Chico is about 4 yrs old a maine coon SUPER loving, likes going outside.

26) Rizzle is about 6 yrs old a maine coon & bipolar (loving one minute etc..)

27) Smokey is 1 1/2 yrs old grey russian (?) Totally spazzes if anyone touches him other than me.

28) Sweet Pea is about 4 yrs old painted jennet, very easy to pet.

29) Samson is a 10 year old German Rottweiler whom we rescued from a killshelter with help of some wonderful people who donated cash and time.

30) Miss Chomps we picked up west of Ft Worth, she was a pitifully skinny pot belly pig supposedly mini-pig; severely underfed & pregnant.

31) A mated pair of parakeets with no names!

32) A matched pair of Diamond Doves

33) a Serama Rooster

34) Duchess a Great Pyrenees whom had one to many litters of puppies.

35) Max 10 year old Doberman likes to get in your face to tell you something he deems important.

36) Daisy is a 3 year old jennet who needs a job.

37) Ben is our Belgian stallion (he has been very sick this last week)

38) Maggie is our Belgian mare - boss horse with attitude

39) Ginger is our Belgian mare (SR & Ben's mom) 2nd in command

40) Gracie is our Belgian Brabant mare 5 yrs old and mother to Ben's first filly.

41) Bellarosa is Ben's first filly (or colt ever)

42) Sparkles is our friend Sherrii's appy mare whom loves to talk to you.

43) Fancy is our friend Sherrii's paint mare she adopted from us.

44) Buttercup is an old jennet donkey (mamma to Daisy & Sweet Pea)

45) Bobbers aka Bob manx cat who tolerates us and the others or swats us.

46) Merlin 8 months old Flame point polydactyl manx boy

47) Trixie is 8 months old Calico manx girl

48) Zeke is 9 years old Blue Heeler

49) Daughter is a 7 yr old Muscovy hen duck.

50) Sydney my chi-chi (chinese crested hairless/longhair chihuahua mix)

51) Waffles a very timid Chiweenie (Chihuahua/dachsund mix)

+ 6 assorted donkey's (2 jacks, 3 jennets and 1 baby jack) 


Plus lots more ducks, chickens and guineas.



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Posted: Nov 28, 2011 5:20pm
Nov 9, 2011

I try to think of things to send to you that will make you laugh but always fall short because there is so much DRAMA around us all the time; now when i say drama I mean the good and bad types.  

Here is a portion of a note I wrote to my facebook fans on our Lucky Duck page several months ago..  hope it makes you smile just imaginging it.

 Last week my pot belly pigs kept getting out (escape artists) but then what pig in her right mind would want to stay cooped up in a pig pen???    Needless to say we had several escapades with them especially when Annie (Red Bone Coon Hound - 9 years old and with arthritis to boot) discovered she could howl like a coon dog does!    She saw the pigs and the fun was on, while Annie was chasing them around, Zeke the blue heeler and Rocky the Aussie/Great Pyre mix was nipping at them chasing them this way and that; Brutus the English Mastiff and Jack the Beagle/Dachsund mix were barking and howling from the deck, the guineas were letting me know what was going on and I was bringing up the rear chasing the dogs that were chasing my pigs.. in amongst all the chaos of the day you could hear snort, squeel, oinks and me yelling "ANNIE NO, ZEKE STOP, ROCKY QUIT.. LILY, COME HERE LILY (sweetly) BRUTUS, JACK HUSH, DAMN IT JACK SHUT UP, ZEKE NO, ANNIE COME HERE etc... "

This went on for most of a couple of hours ( I might be stretching it a bit but I think you get the picture ) as soon as I got the pigs in, Lily would let them all out again.  Talk about a LOUD LOUD place with every farm animal sound known to man. (neighbor has cows)

I texted my husband to come home, I was TIRED. I had suggested that he and his son go fishing for a few hours, so they did.. but by this time I was pretty crabby.. he said "soon" I said "NOW please" so when he came home it was dark, I was out trying to rig up the gate on the pigs, I forgot what he said to me but I came back and snapped at him (this was all his fault afterall)!

So I marched right past him and promptly stepped in a big mud hole in my crocs, my white socks were ruined.. talk about indignant..   "


So that is what i have been up too, how about you?   


We have plenty of animals that need help, every penny is needed to buy food and hay.  Can you please donate $1.00 to help us out with them?
Our chipin link to help us out is at


Thank you


Pictured are Annie (who is now a 10 year old coon hound and Rocky is 2 now. 

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Posted: Nov 9, 2011 9:43pm
Oct 28, 2011

Please read and share this with everyone, this is not for Lucky Duck (although we always need your help) but for a very special man and his only family his dog Rascal.  

David & Rascal's Story

Thank you for reading and noting this very much needed news story.

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Posted: Oct 28, 2011 4:46pm
Oct 19, 2011

My friends on this very caring web-site; I wanted to let you know I have not forgotten you.  I've been for the past 2 weeks preparing to have a yardsale to benefit my animals it has plumb wore me out with little time to do much else.  You see it's not just about finding what to sell, I have to prepare my babies for viewing!  I love to show them off and tell their stories.

Saturday we received a very special mare into our family here; this will be her sanctuary and I'd really like to share her story with you.  So please PLEASE share this with everyone you know on or off of C2.

Misty's Story

Love to all

Kim & the LD Animal Clan

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Posted: Oct 19, 2011 10:39pm
Oct 4, 2011

In trying to help our animals we have to do fundraisers and we really appreciate all your help and sharing of our news and ideas.  
Please never feel bad if you can't help us, but when you can even $1.00 does really help.  Right now we have a raffle going on tickets are $2.00 a pc or 6 for $10.00  Please do share this though.

Unfortunately we can't offer this to those of you who are out of the USA, we wish we could and we know it's not really fair but shipping would take everything we make, so we hope you understand.

Buy your tickets to win this super nice gift basket; you can purchase them

1 - in person
2 - via using email address
3 - via US Postal mail (cash, check or Money Order)
LDHR c/o Kimberly Wright
4214 County Road 3323
Greenville, TX 75402

$2.00 each OR 6 for $10.00 Not bad for a gift basket valued at over $125.00

List of items in the basket:
Peppermint Cream Gift Set
Pedicure Set
Gingerspice Wishes Gift Set
Sun Care Set
Travel Miracle Set
Skin Refreshing Set
2 compacts with Mineral Colors
Beauty Fix It Set (brushes)
Eye Mineral Palette Coastal Colors

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Posted: Oct 4, 2011 10:52am
Sep 14, 2011

Good morning, afternoon or evening! 


I wanted to invite you all to join me at my ONLINE Pampered Chef party - A Fundraiser to benefit our Lucky Duck Horse & Farm Animal Rescue.  

If you can't attend please share this invite with your family and friends, the more the merrier.

In order for us to get credit for your order use Lucky Ducks when you do your search and place your order. 


Here is the web-site and happy shopping


Thank you


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Posted: Sep 14, 2011 9:57am
Sep 11, 2011

I know I must sound like a broken record; but I can't stress enough our need for hay here, so many rescues and ranches need help here in Texas.

If you can help us at all please do, you can donate directly to our hay fund via
Some places are getting way to much rain, others like us are turning to dust and sand.  Our animals are suffering for this; it's hard to tell them we don't have it.  We can't take in anymore animals due to this huge problem, yet we have offered to help if any from the fire areas need a place to stay but they would have to help us purchase hay.  Sad to say but true.
I have begged & borrowed and will not steal; next Saturday we are having a benefit trail ride thanks to a young lady Rachael, we are hoping to get at least a small portion of donations towards our hay.  Not sure how many people will come due to the on going drought and wild fires.
The day before yesterday, I looked out over our pasture and saw smoke over the tree line (the other side of the 2 lane highway) but with the high winds it could have easily blew this way.  We have some AWESOME volunteer fire departments in this area and they got it out pretty quick but the fear is there.
I know people are short on funds these days but if you can send just $1.00 to us via our chipin link above or via postal mail to:
LDHR c/o Kimberly Wright
4214 County Road 3323
Greenville, Texas 75402
Thank you for taking us into consideration and thank you to all who have donated so far and who are yet too.  God Bless everyone on this 911 10th year anniversary.
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Posted: Sep 11, 2011 8:46am
Sep 8, 2011

Follow this link to see the newest news I have sent out, it includes a link to see what this is doing to Texas.

Thank you
Please share this newsletter
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Posted: Sep 8, 2011 8:37am
Sep 1, 2011
My husband just called me, he is a trucker (30 years in the industry) he just heard on the news today in Texas 251 counties our of 254 are under a burn ban and 90% of Texas is under some sort of a droubt!  Not good at all; considering our animals are mostly fed hay or a hay supplement along with feed.   Our pasture all 40 acres has no grass growing, we have weeds surviving this awful droubt and are dirt (which we prided ourselves of having great dirt in which our grass grew) is turning into dust and sand.  We have to overflow our water troughs so the horses & donkey's hooves don't crumble from dryness.  Because hay is at a premium $75.00 - 100.00 a bale if you can find good horse hay or $65.00 and up for crap hay, we are supplementing ours by feeding alfalfa cubes soaked in water.  They double their size so a bag can feed for a whole day.  I also add a bag of baby carrots or apple slices to their alfalfa mash, I add shredded beet pulp to my hard keepers also.  I have a 4 year old filly Easter with a cleft palate that needs to be fed good food and often due to most of her nourishment comes back out her nose or into her lungs.  
We are in a desperate situation for getting hay, we are starting a fundraiser by way of and you can find our need on or in our website, facebook page or twitter.
Please remember no amount is to small for us, 1 dollar goes along way especially when 100 people are giving.  So please won't you help us, you can see under my profile the video I made last night of Daisy (our jennet donkey) how the dust is kicked up by them just walking over the ground.
Lucky Duck has had one issue after another this year it seems.
First Bullet our 6 month old GSD/Great Pyre mix got his neck ripped open, vet bills for him were almost 400.00, then the puppies cam down with Parvo (we lost 5 in one day) then 3 more came down with Parvo week after week, we lost 1 of them and the other 2 fought hard.  I'm getting calls constantly to help with this horse or that dog, I am having to turn down more and more and try to help in other ways.  
With your donation we can help even more and keep our own rescued or re-homed animals good quality feedings like they deserve.
Won't you please share our need for help with all your family and friends and remember your local rescues or shelters can use your help too in many ways, not just monetarily.
You can donate directly via our website, or the link below.
Thank you
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Posted: Sep 1, 2011 10:42am
Sep 1, 2011

SO many animals, so many tales to tell. Let me share a few with you.  When donating to us, you are helping these animals.  Please bear with me as I add more pictures daily. 

Album: All animal rescue
SO many animals, so many tales to tell. Let me share a few w

by 12 new, 722 totalKimberly Wright (325)
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Posted: Sep 1, 2011 10:18am


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