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May 18, 2010

Seeing the Body as Light

"We are the Light!"
Look to see how the body of consciousness circulates Celestial Light.
This new article is based on the new Celestial Cosmolgy and starts with the Pyramid Texts from anceint Egypt. We can see long traditions that ultimately connect our physical body to Celestail sources. It is as if the physical body is created to rise and circulate light throughtout the Celestial Sphere. Consider that our energies, the heights of our aware thoughts and feelings, embody and share the Light.  

Plug In, and Let's Enlighten Earth.

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Posted: May 18, 2010 1:13pm
May 17, 2010 is finally updating information related to Spiritual Astronomy and Scot Aaron's New Celestail Cosmology.

New Spiritual Astronomy links include:

Information on Stars( See stars from a Spiritual Perspective.)
The Celestial Body (Seeing the Body as Light)
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Posted: May 17, 2010 7:34am
Jul 6, 2007

Here you can peruse my credentials to teach Spiritual Astronomy.

[Again, these are my academic studies, scientific research, and spiritual endeavors, etc.]

Bibliography for the Celestial Cosmology
Bibliography for Earth and our Solar System
Bibliography for Understanding World Religions.
Some of Scot Aaron's
Travels and University Studies


My goal is to teach a few people Spiritual Astronomy … connecting their spiritual depths and breadths to Celestial Magnificence through our God-given eternal structure of Time and Space.

I am ultimately concerned with meta-physics. The physics or physical portion of this relies on clear, verifiable facts.

  • I will show how the Great Andromeda Galaxy and our Moon are established for us to work with time and space. (Andromeda Galaxy is the furthest light we can see with our natural eyes at 2.5 million light years. Our Moon is the furthest humans have physically traveled. Both provide significant Orbital Ratios.)
  • I will show how our verifiable cosmic structure clearly connects to our physical brains, and wave “lengths” of Visible Light.
  • I will present simple understandings and time-effective ways to work with our Earth reality around us. This includes “grounding” our most powerful Light, i.e. circulated in our thoughts for conscious contributions to consciousness.
  • Beyond our verifiable physical structure, I will show spiritually based understanding of our Solar System Planets, Creation, etc., grafted from ancient traditions. These rely on myths and major religious understandings, esp. ancient Egypt. These understandings are “models,” and I realize them as such; however, "models" (like mandalas) can assist in our daily lives.
  • I will announce (with complete clarity), "Spiritual Astronomy is Our Future!" What you will learn connects you to the eternities.
Always, Scot Aaron

P.S. This is the first time I am offering these developed teachings online. Some of my material will consist of short video presentations and written information from portions from two and half manuscripts.

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Posted: Jul 6, 2007 4:29pm
Jul 5, 2007

West Kennett Long Barrow, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire.
Reported 28th June.

Read the Care2 Group where members visited here.

The manifestation of this "Doors of Perception" Crop Circle corresponds to when I started my Spiritual Astronomy Group. Here I will teach a clear Cosmology based on Relativity Ratios, where we can "ground" the Light in Consciousness; and assist in fulfilling Earth's Destiny, with Awareness. Surely all Consciousness connects, bridging time and space with focus. Let us focus, realizing an incredible Reality in our Days ... and Nights.

This poem is dedicated to the "Doors of Perception" Crop Circle.

The Mysterious Simplicity

Look at grays to trace ladders between black and white,
Simple realities like prince and princess fantasies
Yet mix in primary colors to multiply dimensions
And be like a blind person with topographical maps
Repeating proverbs ‘we know what it all means’
Just jump into deep ends of swimming pools
Safe with chlorine and buoyed lanes for races,
Breaststrokes, butterflies, free style, and back
Four seemingly simple streams of consciousness
Yet then rub matching eyes after 8 hours of sleep …
Where were you then, friends, who know it all?

Suspend moments in diagrams of time and space
Heal pain in angles with straight and narrow doors
Full of extending overlap, triangles, circles, squares
Baring complex souls, complete with colorful faces
Places together in spaces for our fascinating maze
Inside of child simplicities, wiping wrinkles away
Say it one more time, ‘we are so precious today’
Create new ones of us like a Newborn page
Constructing vibrant gardens full of sunshine scents
Secrets taking us back and forth inside and out
Galaxies with those spaceship gates through the mind

Bow and respect each and every ancient prophet
Giving mustard seeds to extend significant branches
Completing Trees of Faith with ample intelligence
Knowing Earth is Ripe, ready to move mountains
Marry wisdom in all great religions to our Light
Revealing God is alive with compassion, and grace.

by Scot Aaron July 5, 07
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Posted: Jul 5, 2007 6:44am


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