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Jun 24, 2010

Link to the Egyptian God Ra-the Sun God

Make YOUR Psychic Connection to the Great Egyptian God Ra. See Pyramid Pictures. Read of Ra in Earth's Oldest Liturgy, the Pyramid Text [of Unas]. Then See and Read of Ra opening the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Wear the "Eye of Ra" to RESURRECT with Celestial Light. Even read of Scot Aaron's coma in Egypt. ... Connect with Ra!


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Posted: Jun 24, 2010 12:46am
Jun 17, 2010

Scot Aaron was asked to write blog-like pages connected to various spiritual topics.

Feel free to link to His Religion-Spirituality-Metaphysics Site.
There are some inspirational pages retelling of The Good Samaritan Story,

inspiration on Baptism with John the Baptist,

a Higher Law Unites East and West,
or population changes of World Religions.


Scot Aaron choose to share his appreciation for the World Relgions with a site on Hinduism and Buddhism. Connect with Ganesh, or Hanuman ...

He is also writing on Zodiac-Signs and Constellations, starting with the Aries Sign. . . Cancer Sign, Leo Sign ....

or the Planets, Venus . . . Mars


also a great article with da Vinci, Michelangelo . . .  on Art Inspiration


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Posted: Jun 17, 2010 1:20pm
Jun 14, 2010

New Article just posted on

Reverse the Black in Black Hole. Realize the Light of God's Infinite Intelligence

Take the words “Black Hole” literally and its an abyss, a &ldquooint of no return,” an unknown; OR, maybe the Buddhist “Nothingness,” no-thing,  the reverse of emptiness, fullness and infinite intelligence.  Does a Black Hole relate to mysticism and spiritual philosophies – the “Nothingness” foundation in Buddhism, or spiritual liberation Moksa in Hinduism? How can our consciousness connect to light and God’s Infinite Intelligence? Many imagine a "supermassive black hole" in the center of our galaxy. Some study Hawking [Stephen Hawking] and search for a baby black hole. I’ve even heard that we live in a Black Hole; each of us having an “Event Horizon.”  I see our symbolic Event Horizon as the soul learning about “good and evil” to heal negativity -- filled with Infinite Intelligence as we more intimately approach God. This is where we embody Light, becoming as God to circulate Infinite Intelligence. The endlessness of God’s Intelligence presents our feasting upon an eternal “Tree of Life.” 
...... link above for the full article on "Infinite Intelligence"

Keywords - Consciousness, Light, black hole, Hawking, Black Hole, Supermassive Black Hole, Alpha and Omega, Days of Creation, Singularity, Event Horizon, Soul, God  

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Posted: Jun 14, 2010 6:14pm
May 25, 2010

sharing a new article for Spiritual Astronomy....  on Creation...

Here is the opening

Creation is about creation – from an artist creating masterpieces to “The Creation” of Earth. What is our relationship with God, our “Creator,” and how does our spirituality, our consciousness, our onenesss with God contribute to Creation? Ultimately this article is inspired by the creation of Earth and our Cosmos based on the new Celestial Cosmology by Scot Aaron. To develop this spiritual model for cosmology, Scot Aaron first experienced “Creation,” in poetry, paintings, and music, combined with his shaman, mystical experiences connected to world travels, worship experiences and an academic degree in World Religion. Let’s explore our connection to Art (Music, Paintings, Writing) and “The Creation.”

please feel free to email your thoughts on it

let's Enlighten

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Posted: May 25, 2010 12:56pm
Apr 11, 2009


want New Music, a nonwestern style connected to modern classical, spoken word, ancient traditions of India, Native American chanting, and global spirituality? Shaman Strings is here to inspire, uplift, and potentially heal the soul.

Enjoy his new video “Holding the Breath.” Music is created, live in the moment with Scot and Govinda (note, supporting vocals are added by Beatrice in the studio).

happy easter, Scot

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Posted: Apr 11, 2009 2:22pm


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\\nNorthern California Beach Reading 500 CPM on 12/20/2013 - Fukushima Radiation Is Here. Via @ AGreenRoad. \\r\\nFr om Rense; \\\"The above video was taken today with an Inspector Plus Geiger counter by \\\'Dave\\\', giving readings on a Northern Californ...
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\\n\\n\\nAntimatter  \\n\\nAccording to wiki; \\\"A classic staple of science fiction and superhero stories, anti-matter  is matter composed of antiparticles, subatomic particles that have mostly exactly the same properties (mass, intrinsic angu...
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\\nAccording to NIRS; \\\"Marine life in all forms, from endangered manatees and sea turtles to essential microscopic organisms, is being harmed and killed by once-through cooling systems, used to remove waste heat at nuclear power stations. \\n\\nA t...
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\\n\\n\\n\\n\\n3/18/11: \\\"The source term provided to NARAC was: (1) 25% of the total fuel in unit 2 (SFP) released to the atmosphere, (2) 50% of the total spent fuel from unit 3 (SFP) was released to the atmosphere, and (3) 100% of the total spent fuel wa...
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\\n \\n Every nuclear reactor is a military industrial complex stocked up with 1300 weapons of mass destruction that if released for ANY reason, can wipe out all life on the planet, from just ONE nuclear reactor. If a Carrington Event happens, whic...
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\\n \\n \\n http://www.agreenroadproj A nuclear subcontractor ordered workers at Fukushima to cover their dosimeters with lead to lower official levels of radiation would be reported; allowing workers to work longer hours inside the plant. By...
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\\n\\r\\nFREE Community Event Presented by the Green Party of Sonoma County\\r\\n\\r\\nAn  ;Evening withGreen Party Candidate for GovernorLuis J. Rodriguez\\r\\n\\r\\nNico le Guerra(Donations will be collected for the Andy Lopez family)\\r\\n \\r\\n Broth...
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\\n It took one month after 3 reactors melted down and multiple spent fuel pools caught on fire and dried out to raise the Fukushima mega disaster rating to 7, despite the nuclear plant operators knowing within hours that 3 reactors had melted down, ef...
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\\n This is Miko Tsukamoto, who is an evacuee from Iwaki. She fled with her two kids. This is one the best and complete stories I have seen in a long time. Her words are subtitled in English. If you want to know EXACTLY what is going on in Fukushima (a...