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Jun 23, 2010

So Republicans and "Blue Dog" Democrats defeated the extenison of Jobless Benefits bill.  My most cynical and immediate response is "Of course! Poor people don't donate to campaigns and they don't have PAC's. So who cares how badly they get shafted?" Since June 1, the failure to help is affecting 903,000 people, well for now anyway.

"So what if people loose everything?  So what if they're on the streets, along with their children? So what if they can't buy food was clothes, get shelter? Get the homeless out of MY town! They aren't wanted here."

"No tent cities in our town!  Aren't there charity organizations to handle these kinds of problems?  Not my taxes!"

It sounds like the spirit of Ebenezer Scrooge has entered the hearts and mind of many Americans, yet they go to churches and think they are good people.

"Are there no prisons? "  (Yes now that people can illegally be thrown into them for debt. Of course in this "humane" day and age the whole family can't get in so apparently the rest can just starve.) 

"And the union workhouses - are they still in operation?"  (Not yet but wait. The powers that be, see wall street, big insurance, big banks and industry, will have to do something eventually or face the wrath of the people. You can't drive the people into this kind of growing despair and expect no consequences.)

And so many of these people claim this is a christian nation?  Read Matthew 5: 3-12 and tell me you can still believe it in light of what's happening in this country now.

I have the awful suspicion  that the Big Businesses that really own this country are trying to drive the wages here to the level of India, or any other third world country.

Just so they can rake in another billion for themselves.

Welcome to the world of William Gibson.  You might want to read  Neuromancer, Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive.

May the deity of your choice save us all.

About the picture... the people tried to find work in Colorado for two years.  They pawned their wedding rings for $15.00 and made it to California with 10 cents to spare.


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Posted: Jun 23, 2010 9:31am
May 28, 2010

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There's a movement coming, rising slowly but steadily.  It is a reaction to those who's virulent hatred is spewed  all over the papers, television and radio.  As a result, repeal of DADT is so very close to passage. It isn't over due, it's a never should have been.

John McCain, in a very tight race to stay in his job, has promised to filibuster until it goes away.  Just for the record, he's a former supporter of the bill.

In the meantime, the right wing wants the law completely repealed; apparently on the assumption that Americans will rise up and force it's reinstatement out of fear loathing and bigotry. For the first time in who knows how long, the right and left agree on something!  Hurray.

I read an article from April of this year, about the end of the stupidity that’s DADT will destroy military chaplaincy.  How sad for the chaplains who believe it and the people they will abandon as a result.

Chaplains are trained to serve all sorts of religions in the service.  Jewish Rabbis definitely aren't Christian but function and minister/priest when need.  Catholic priest are suppose to be anti-every other faith including what they consider heretics, i.e. any other church that claims to be Christian, yet they perform services for Methodist, Baptist, Buddhist etc.

Frankly I'm convinced they are afraid.  They are apparently too old to be flexible.  Curiously they are flexible for other beliefs.  It would seem that's as flexible as they can get.  But they aren't the only chaplains in service.  It seems it’s just the ones who are retired and those who disagree.

Wouldn't you love to know the number of active chaplains who oppose ending DADT?  I surely would. What about the number of Senators who are running scared of loosing their seats?

Yes, I’m agitating – again. Deal with it.

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Posted: May 28, 2010 12:04pm
May 17, 2010

While I can appreciate Richard Berman's right to make a buck and his misguided passion for the causes he espouses. (In my humble opinion) 

I decline to appreciate his devious and underhanded way of doing it through front groups. It is slimy and disgusting.  Stand up and say what you really mean or sit down and shut up.  Manipulative underhanded back biting lies, slander and libel have brought this country to an impasse. 

I decline to accept his manner of doing business and his right to continue to destroy the very country that he makes his millions from.

To me "mr." Evil and his ilk whether on the right OR left is not only wrong, but since it is destroying the ability to govern, to help America get back on it's feet, I consider this to be acts of terrorism.

Mr. Berman and the groups he had created and supports are fond of demanding that even possible terrorist be jailed without benefit of charges, bail, habeus corpus or any other of our defunct but cherished freedoms.

If this were indeed the America I grew up with, their hogwash would have never gotten any news play never mind been taken seriously.  But it's not.  So living with the new reality I say put them all in jail for terroristic acts.  The love it for others, wonder how they would love it for themselves.

Find out more through The Humane Society's in depth reporting on "mr."  Evil AKA Richard Berman

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Posted: May 17, 2010 10:51am


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