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Jul 13, 2010

My response to the Washington Post Article:

Here comes the first of the stories that will inundate America for months unless we chose to speak out about more and more people who are loosing benefits, homes, hope, faith in this Country.

Please contact your local news paper(s), congress people, anyone you can think of. More and more people are falling off the unemployment statistics making them invisible to everyone. Except to those who want them anywhere but in their towns, want them to have no food or help from groups nongovernmental or governmental. The people who are screaming about the lowering of property values from "bums" walking around or trying to catch a little sleep.

They are called smelly and dirty. They are. They have no where to bathe or clean their clothes. They are called parasites who are sucking "us" dry because they are lazy and don't want to work. They are called disgusting because they dumpster dive for food so they don't starve.  The are called crazy and they should be locked up.  Spend a year on the streets and then talk about all of the above.

What will those very Unchristians people say when their families their friends and they themselves wind up on the streets? Will they insist they aren't like "those people"? I'm sure they will.  What will they say about getting a job when they can't keep themselves and their clothes clean? What will they say when they try to get help at all those government agencies who's budget they radically cut, who they wanted closed and they are turned away because "we just don't have the funds any more?"

All of the "jobs" that are allegedly being taken by illegal aliens aren't taken by  Americans when they fall open but that will change. Scrubbing toilets for minimum wage is better than the alternatives.

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take anymore. When someone starts blaming illegals and lazy people who don't want to work, I will give them facts and figures. When politicians say what ther polls say they should instead of the truth I will speak out with facts and figures.

                                          WILL YOU?

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Posted: Jul 13, 2010 3:37pm
May 14, 2010

From The Portland Press Herald in Maine, Kelly Bouchard reports  the story of a Republican cacus group's search and destroy mission of a teacher's property as well as possible theft of the same.
Most local school systems, I 'm not aware of one that doesn't, encourage various groups to rent portions of school buildings for meetings after school. 

No one thought much about the Knox county cacus meeting at the school to discuss issues from their state convention.

No one expected the members of the cacus to steal things or to rifle through the contents of the eight grade class room.  Teacher Paul Clifford returned to school to discover a poster regarding the Labor Movement in the United States had been taken and replaced by a bumper sticker stating, "Working people vote Republican".

If you want to continue please click the link.

Is the lunacy being displayed by know-nothing groups contagious or is it strictly a Republican disease?

I would have thought that the Maine state party would have check to discover if workers in Main did actually vote Republican before insulting those who don't.

This is Maine for goodness sakes!  Mainers are known for many excellent qualities but I wasn't aware that a segment of the population performed crude neo-Nazis anti-free speech actions (I hope it’s only a segment) disguised as Republicans.  The leaders of the state party acted to staunch the damage done by writing an apology to all the teachers and students affected by the attack.

For me the capper was the Republicans who later called to complain about the boxed copies of Constitution of the United States in the room, because it had been printed by the ACLU.

The very first Amendment in the Bill of Rights, written by those Founding Fathers they are so fond of interpreting, the very first one guarantees the right of free speech. Have some radical right Tea Party/Republicans deciding that free speech is only allowed when the speech is what they deem to be politically correct?

That's how the Nazis and former Communist Party of Russian and their imprisoned satellite countries behaved.

I'm disgusted, glad their was an apology but have one last question.  Were the perpetrators censured, removed from cacus status?  Was anything done to emphasize what happened was so very wrong?  If so why wasn't that action publicized? It would have gone a long way to cool off tempers.

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Posted: May 14, 2010 10:39am


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