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May 18, 2010

Is there someone out there who's spreading bigotry and stupidity via the water?

The Montgomery county police chief has a vary valid point of view. I whole heartedly support it. His voice is logical and reasonable.  He's very definitely right and the situation from Davidson County backs it up. "Crime" in the Hispanic population here has gone down, because it's not reported, not because it really has. Now crimes that are discovered or are reported start with murder attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, assault with intent to ... well, you get the idea.

What happened in Davidson County?  The local county sheriff, Daron Hall is an early and enthusiastic supporter of the still controversial Federal 287(g) law. He was one of the first in the nation to implement it. From the sheriff's own website comes the news that "Metro Council voted to extend an agreement with the federal government that allows the Sheriff's Office to check the immigration status of people who come through the county jail. The Council voted 34-3 in favor of extending the 287(g) program."

I am intellectually stumped as to the reason these people can't see what is really happening, but the cynical, emotional side says the following.

Hispanics are so easy to point a finger at, for some reason. It’s still all right to do that you know.  White may be all right, black is ok but brown? Get out of town. 


Make sure to carry papers with you at all times, and then expect to go to jail anyway for presumed falsification of same.  Expect that a minor traffic violation, one that any one else would just get a ticket for, will get YOU thrown in jail on the presumption you are illegal, you are already in the system for previous crime and that you have forged papers.

See it's not really that it's illegal so much as driving, walking, or working while brown that's the problem.

I love the "Do I look illegal?" ads that are airing now.  It's a great counter to all this hysterical NIMBY crap.  It's not politic to express bigotry in public unless it's about illegal Hispanics.

These cretinous bigots should think if that’s possible without setting their brains on fire about, a few things.

Everybody pays taxes, everyone period. Under the table workers pay taxes. They're called sales tax, one of the most regressive taxes in the world.

No one, but no one walks into any public assistance program and automatically gets anything because they are Hispanic or from any other immigrant group period.

Want to know why I'd bet my last nickel on that?  I've had to apply for public assistance. The paperwork required is beyond ridiculous for just such reasons.  No papers no help.  Not the right kind of papers? No help. Not enough papers? No help.  So much information on so many forms was needed that I expected them to ask for my grandmother's birthmarks and locations too.

Illegal Hispanics are not wanted until the lawn needs mowing, you don't have to pay them nearly as much, what a bargain for you.

Illegal Hispanics are not wanted until the house needs cleaning, you don't have to pay them nearly as much, what a bargain for you.

Illegal Hispanics are not wanted until that patio/addition/outdoor kitchen etc. you wanted is actually being built; you don't have to pay them nearly as much, what a bargain for you.

Illegal Hispanics are not wanted until the kids or the grandparents need a nanny and you need the ego boost of being able to say you have one, you don't have to pay them nearly as much, what a bargain for you.

I'm sure I could go on for about 2 more printed pages but you get the point.

Why is it so hard to allow the extra small siphon of legal immigrants into this country to expand?  Fear because the US won't be run by white men?  About damn time.

When you corner someone who wants and need to feed their family they will do what they have to, to care for them. Are the bigots so weak they wouldn't do the same?

No I don't believe that all illegals should be automatically given citizenship.  Yes I think that criminals ALL criminals should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  For real crimes, serious crimes, not for running a stop sign on a slow down tap and go, not for littering not for anything that wouldn't count as jail time for a white with no previous record.

Reason, justice and sanity... fading daily from any where near you.

The Crone

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Posted: May 18, 2010 9:35am


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