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Jun 3, 2010

It's been too long since I blogged about the crazyness outside my door, but life will bite you like that every once in a while.

The current list of outrages is long and ridiculous so let me get out my cynical fork and knife and we’ll dive right in.

BP is in the top ten; poor choices, poor moves and poor Tony Hayward's chances of getting "his life back" increased as speculation mounted that he could lose his job.


Call me cynical but if he does, "resign" I'm sure he'll be thrilled with his platinum parachute. Then he can go to another company and start all over again – just don’t let him speak in public unless it’s a prepared speech with no questions afterward.

Sara Palin (well now I feel like I'm swimming in the Gulf about 60 miles out, what a greasy bad taste in my mouth) thinks we should drill more wells, preferably in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 

While we are facing the greatest natural disaster in North American history she wants to destroy more of the world. Call me cynical but I think she really hates wild animals and she's getting a few more than 30 silver pieces from some company for her "drill baby drill" mantra.  Hmm could be.

Israel is painted as a Nazi country for their actions in attacking a ship in international waters. 

Call me cynical but if they planned the action to maximize the damage they’d do to their reputation they couldn't have done better.  If they thought this was a great idea they need a collective brain enema.  If they didn't think that and really thought the raid would go off in their favor, they better look for a traitor in their planning and public relations departments.   If they were concerned about supplies and equipment being a front for arms they definitely needed to wait, escort the ships in and then frisk them.  Then when they went to intercept flotilla, (preferably in broad daylight) they should have had every major news organization's reporter with them to document everything. They could have been heroes and offended that their waters were violated. Gee hindsight is more than 20/20 it sucks. Israel is pretty screwed no matter what they do, but when their ultra right wing conservative religious faction insists every man, woman and child in Gaza is a terrorist they aren’t helping themselves. It’s not the reality of the situation; it’s perception that shapes world opinion.

South Carolina is at it again.  Governor Mark K. Sanford (R) is a Bill Clinton in training apparently.  He said he has been with many women but didn’t cross the “ultimate line” until he met a dear, dear friend and then after 7 years of friendship it slipped into something a little more than friendly.  Now comes word from The Palmetto Sate that state Representative Nikki Haley (R) is also embroiled in a potential scandal with not one but two men.   


OH those crazy Republican kids, the shenanigans they get up to!  I guess being so repressed makes for horny, horny “servants of the people”.  What is it with that state?  Is it so boring that that's all they have to do? I seriously doubt it. Do they put hormones in the water?  Don't they know they’re already there?  But I do have to love the fact that they are equal opportunity sex scandal makers.  Guy's turn next, right?


The Catholic Church is excommunicating women.

Mercy is not strained in Shakespeare but the RC has another agenda.  The oldest of the old guard are feeling their mortality and with their ossified brains have seemingly just realized that women have developed spines and minds of their own.  Not only is there the, well the first word that sprang to mind was, abortion in Arizona and the tender mercy the RC Bishop offered when he automatically excommunicated the woman who received the abortion and Sister McBride.  Lisa Sowle Cahill, a professor of Catholic theology at Boston College, says, "The official church position would mandate that the correct solution would be to let both the mother and the child die."  Ah mercy, seems it’s reserved for men only in the RC church.  Doesn’t matter if they’re pedophiles, plain old child molesters or keep a concubine and child well hidden, paying them off for decades before getting caught.  Oh I forgot homosexual men seem to be equated to women in the RC vision of the world. Other than that it is fine do what you want – IF you’re a male.


Nashville brags about their lack of looting.

“Our flood is nothing like Katrina, we don’t loot here, well only a little.” Nashville and all of Middle Tennessee has a right to be proud of the response of its citizens who pitched in and helped friends, neighbors, and strangers.  They risked their lives in some cases and that is to be honored.  But they keep crowing about how few looters were found and how Katrina was horrible for looting. Katrina was horrible, but bragging about how much better you are than someone else isn’t cricket, and it demeans all the effort, toil and sacrifice that Tennessee’s citizens willingly gave.


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