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Jun 4, 2008
All around Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, on World Environment Day-5th June, everyone is doing their bit for the environment! In fact it has been going on all week!

Community Groups- are helping with revegetative work and holding a riverbank cleanup, reforestation, and conservation displays, planting native trees all over Hawkes Bay, participants are cycling from one place to another planting trees, en route and wearing vests with the slogan 'kick the habit to fight climate change'. Films are being screened along with people speaking. Government has funded gold coin buses to carry commuters around the cities, and thre is a seminar on 'Transitioning Hawkes Bay to a Low Energy Future'.

Local Government-have organised planting days, for schools, community groups and businesses. A composting workshop is in process, and the 4 libraries are introducing recyclable plastic and cloth bags. One library is holding a sculpture compettion, using recycled material as well as inviting people to participate in making a recycled Mosiac Mural. All libraries will also be displaying books on environmental themes.

Businesses-are sponsoring the Youth Enterprise business, Grow Green, screening Environmental films, giving away string bags, volunteering for an afternoon at a the Trees for Hawkes Bay nursery, and a young person group is launching their bioware business 'Grow Green', offering biodegradable food and drink packaging. Other businesses are also having tree plantings, doing advertising and offering compost workshops, and discount offers!

Schools-are creating peace paths, safe play areas and native plantings. Some are having Orchard plantings, integrated permaculture gardens and chook dome projects. One college is even establishing its own native nursery! Beautifying street frontages , vegetable  and herb planting, even an establishment of worm farms in these schools are part of the plan, and finally a playcentre is creating an edible garden, and doing some stream plantings.

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Posted: Jun 4, 2008 4:13pm


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