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Sep 27, 2012

Suu Kyi’s Ambivalence Rebuked: OPEN LETTER TO DAW AUNG SAN SUU KYI

I’m forwarding another letter from the Kachin People to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Unfortunately it appears she has betrayed many of her staunchest supporters including the over 600 political prisoners who sacrificed their freedom for her. The Kachin people were excited about her arrival in the US so she could shed light in the genocide being committed in Kachin State by government troops in ‘Burma’s Secret War’. 10′s of thousands of Internally Displaced People also looked with hope to Suu Kyi, now they are screwed, and screwed big time. What happened Aunty Suu? What would your father say? more »



In defence of Suu Kyi, If you paid attention, she never had a chance to see the outside world without a Bilderberg member by her side. She has been courted by globalist thugs even before she was set free. Now she is courted by corporations and mining shills who are eager to exploit Kachinland for rare earth minerals, gold and uranium. Her speeches spew forth globalist crappola as if she were a corporatist rather than the iconic pro democracy advocate she once purported. Apparently she has betrayed everything she once stood for rendering her writings meaningless, at this juncture. Freedom From Fear or Freedom From Facts?


But it is also obvious her words are not hers for her mannerisms indicate a person still in bondage. Her speeches lack fluidity and confidence. I pray ‘Our Suu Kyi’ is still alive’ and only waiting for the right opportunity to make her stand against tyranny that continues to plague Burma. In any event I am forwarding a disheartened letter from my Jinghpaw brothers and sisters in an effort to share the real truth to the outside world and hopefully Suu Kyi.


A Letter From The Kachin People:


In response to your recent public comments in the United States regarding the conflict and human rights violations in Kachin State, Kachin communities world-wide would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit internally displaced people (IDP) forced to live in makeshift camps in Mai Ja Yang, Kachin State.


The government of Burma, which you are now an elected member of, broke the 17 year-long ceasefire in June 2011 to annex Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) controlled areas. From this time, the Burmese army has not only launched full-scale war against the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) but also committed genocide and other heinous human rights violations deliberately attacking innocent civilians. The direct military actions by the Burmese army in a clear violation of Geneva Conventions have resulted in the forced displacement of 100,000 Kachin civilians to date.


Human rights abuses committed by the Burmese army against our people include rape and gang-rape against women and even children, the elderly and disabled; killing many victims of sexual violence; arbitrary executions; torture; mutilations; beatings; forced labour; mortar bombing and burning of villages; looting of villages and other thefts; and use of child soldiers many of which constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity. Given the climate of violence, fear and suffering our people are enduring everyday, it is disheartening not to hear you speaking out against injustice for those who have been forcibly silent, instead you declared you have a soft spot for Tatmadaw that your father founded, the very institution that is responsible for such miseries.


As you and your fellow parliamentary members are well aware, the government of Burma is not providing emergency relief and is refusing to allow the free delivery of humanitarian aid to tens of thousands of internally displaced people in direct and open violation of international law. In your position as Chair of the Lower House of Parliament’s Rule of Law Committee you have the power to initiate and the responsibility to minimize the immense suffering of Kachin IDPs that includes women and young children who are suffering from malnutrition and other illnesses without sufficient medical or education facilities.


We Kachin had looked to you to speak out about the abuses being committed against our people at least based on humanitarian grounds as you were once silenced by the same regime and were eventually triumphant by unwavering voices of freedom. If you were to speak out, the international community would listen, all the people of Burma regardless of ethnicity or religion will stand up for the wholesale principles of democracy and human rights. As a renowned champion for human rights, by not condemning the abuses in Kachin State you are not only condoning the state-sanctioned violence, but you exemplified to the masses in the country that the notion of conditional human rights is tolerated.


We are concerned by your comments at the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom, June 2012, when you stated that there was a need to establish the facts of the root cause of the Kachin conflict. Further, in your meeting with the Burmese Community in the USA on 22nd September, you stated: “Basically, what is it that I have to strongly condemn? If it is a human rights violation as well as any acts of breaching the rule of law then I will strongly condemn.” You are yet to take a stance on the human rights abuses taking place in Kachin State, your statement, combined with the comments you made at the LSE gives the impression to the people of Burma and international community that you do not believe human rights abuses are taking place.


Many international human rights organisations including Human Rights Watch, and international media including the BBC have reported and verified that heinous abuses are committed against the Kachin population by the Burmese army. In March 2012 the United Nations Special Rapporteur stated he had reports of:


“…attacks against civilian populations, extrajudicial killings, internal displacement, the use of human shields and forced labour, and the confiscation and destruction of property. He has also received reports of gang rapes by army soldiers, although the numbers provided by different sources vary. In the report of the Secretary-General on conflict-related sexual violence, it was noted that as many as 32 women and girls throughout Kachin State were allegedly raped by the military between June and August 2011.”


Given the seriousness of the situation outlined above we invite you to visit Mai Ja Yang, where the majority of the IDPs are taking refuge and protection by the KIO. You will be able to hear directly from the victims about the human rights abuses that have been committed against them. You will see for yourself the suffering caused by the Burmese government’s refusal to allow humanitarian aid into these areas. As you often refer to your father General Aung San in your political speeches, we do hope that you uphold his promise for the Union of Burma where all ethnic people including Burman will be equal. As an elected MP and daughter of General Aung San, talk of “unity” while staying silent on the suffering of the ethnic masses will only polarize the country further.


All of those who believe in the cause of human rights and democracy in our country must work together. We must all make efforts to restore trust, and therefore in the spirit of Panglong we extend this invitation to you. You are now able to travel all over the world and speak openly to large audiences. We request that you also travel to Mai Ja Yang in Kachin State, and witness first-hand what is taking place in Kachin State to advocate for the ordinary citizens who are suffering at the hands of their own government. We have trust in you that you will recognize the urgency and importance of this request and not refuse the invitation.


The undersigned Kachin organizations

1.    All Kachin Students and Youth Union (AKSYU)

2.    Kachin Canadian Association

3.    Kachin Women’s Association Thailand (KWAT)

4.    Kachin National Organization (KNO)

5.    Kachin Association of Australia (KAA)

6.    Kachin Centre-Thailand

7.    Kachin Refugee Committee- Malaysia (KRC)

8.    Kachin National Organization (KNO-Japan)

9.    Kachin National Organization (KNO-Denmark)

10. Kachin Christian Fellowship (KCF-Denmark)

11. Kachin National Organization (KNO-USA)

12. Kachin National Organization (KNO-United Kingdom)

13. Kachin National Organization (KNO-India)

14. Kachin National Organization (KNO-Malaysia)

15. Kachin National Organization (KNO-Australia)

16. Kachin Community in United Kingdom

17. Kachin Community in Sweden (KCS

18. Kachin Community in Netherlands (KCNL

19. Kachin Association Norway  

20. Kachin Alliance (USA)

21. Pan Kachin Development Society (PKDS

22. Queensland Kachin Community

23. Singapore Kachin Community

For more information, please contact:

·         Gumsan (USA), 001 ( )443 415 8683

·         Dr. Nawmai Maran (USA), 001 ( ) 402 990 2553

·         Naw San (Thailand), +66 (0) 848119594

·         Moon Nay Li (Thailand), +66 (0) 856251912

·         Hkahpa Tu Sadan (UK), Mobile: +44 (0) 7538 258961


Your Devil’s Advocate



© 2012, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.

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Posted: Sep 27, 2012 9:06am
Mar 8, 2011

New Pod Cast at, Mingalaba Show !
Mingalaba Show
News and Entertainmment Show for Burma and the World

Democracy for Burma Special

Right side RSS Feeds folks! >

Here are two sites out of Burma I think everyone should have. Facebook; “Just Do It Against Military Dictatorship” and the “National League for Democracy Official Site”, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s site, by the way.


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Posted: Mar 8, 2011 3:27am
Mar 4, 2011
Burma: In the Crosshairs of Revolution

Posted in Asia with tags Burma News, Facebook Burma Revolution, Myanmar News, struggle for democracy news on March 4, 2011 by buffalohair

It did not take long for other nations struggling with tyranny to get wind of the evolution in the Mid-East. Predictably, Facebook has become host to yet another rallying cry for freedom and democracy, this time it’s Burma. China has already gotten the world and though news out of the red dragon is sparse it is clear that China is on the cusp of change. With China on the brink of total pandemonium, Burma is also prime for revolt. After all, Burma already had an election that was sponsored by Than Shwe himself. The people already have spoken with better than 85% going to the National League for Democracy and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. And this was a true 85% of the national vote not 70% of the 30% of the population that actually voted in the latest shame election sponsored by the junta. Than Shwe and his bogus political parties relished in a shallow victory that did not fool anyone for everyone knew it was all nothing more than political Kabuki. But where was the free world then?

Read more »

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Posted: Mar 4, 2011 1:40pm
Apr 23, 2010
Than Shwe Blames Others in Bombing but Fools No One.
Posted in Asia with tags Burma, Chinese, Earth Changes, Kachin, Mecchadihtti Than Shwe, Myanmar, Myitsone Dam, Tatmadaw, Thingyan, Time of Change on April 22, 2010 by buffalohair

Likened to leaving your drivers license and identification card at a crime scene Gen. Than Shwe’s goons used military ordinance to bomb and kill civilians at the Myitsone dam project and during the Thingyan Celebration. Than Shwe’s flagrant attempt to taint the relationship between the Kachin and Chinese backfired and only intensified the bond between the two. Revenge for not attending the junta sponsored celebration was the normal kneejerk response the junta was infamous for. If it were not for the shameful loss of life these events would be a hilarious misadventures featured on “America’s Dumbest Criminals”. Now you can add buffoonery to the list of antics perpetrated by these lackluster criminals of South Asia. Like they say, “Stupid is as stupid does”

Frantic to show face Than Shwe has been filling media outlets with propaganda and in some cases news stories contradicted each other in his futile attempt to focus blame on others. Innocent people were arrested in Than Shwe’s cover-up operation with more arrests to come in the future. But the reality of what happened was common knowledge almost from the moment of the first explosion. Than Shwe has become a victim of habit and for the Burmese population this series of bombings was just another cheap tactic to keep people artificially at odds with one another. Just a day in the lives of the innocent people held in bondage for the crime of being born during Than Shwe’s tenure. How far beyond stupid is that?

Than Shwe is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but this latest bombing antic was stupid even by his standards. The lack of cunning and calculation which used to be his signature revealed the desperation and fear he truly possesses at this juncture. The plot was not well thought out since the use of military ordinance clearly identifying him and his thugs. With everyone in the pro democracy movement under close surveillance where even their bowel movements are recorded gathering military weapons would have met dire consequences at the onset. But to blame pro democracy groups outside of the country was purely an act of a mentally disturbed man.  Maybe the disease he is dying from is already taking its toll on his thought processes. Small wonder his generals are waiting for him to die. They will not follow his orders whence he is dead no matter how many of Burma’s assets he gives away in his feeble efforts to buy protection for his loved ones.

Apparently the stars are not going his way since omen after omen foretell of much more dire consequences that lay in store for Generalissimo Than Shwe, his family and Burma’s criminal regime. He may be able to lie and murder people on Earth but he can’t lie nor impress the spirits on the other side who eagerly awaits his arrival. In fact whence he crosses over he will be stripped of everything and will be like a babe in the woods, alone, vulnerable and ripe for exploitation. The price he will pay will be an eternity of rape and horrific suffering. Squeal like pig Than Shwe. Everything comes full circle and Than Shwe has only begun his downward spiral. But like most happy endings he will be far from alone since spirits are also waiting for his cronies and allies who’ve financed his reign of terror.

As for Than Shwe’s family, forget about it paisan for they are toast almost from the time his heart stops beating. The rage felt by the Tatmadaw for his punk kids and his seedy bride guarantee their days are numbered as well. Earth Changes will reward not only Than Shwe but other bogus politicians who’ve preyed on their citizens for material wealth. Unlike the world who continues to ignore Burma as well as their nuclear program the Time of Change will distribute retribution to every corner of the globe. Than Shwe like other leaders unwittingly wrote the final chapter in the book of the dead and soon their blood will mingle with the sewage from which they came.

I smell ngapi, guess that means its dinner time. Hope they made me some tea leaf salad. Don’t you just love a happy ending?

Your Devil’s Advocate


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Posted: Apr 23, 2010 3:27am
Sep 7, 2009
Than Shwe’s Ultimatum
Posted in Asia with tags 2009, Buddhist Monks, Burma, Oct 2, Than Shwe on September 7, 2009 by buffalohair

Oct 2

October 2nd has become the iconic day of reckoning for General Than Shwe of Burma. According to sources within Burma Than Shwe has until 12 noon on October 2, 2009 to make a formal apology for the incarceration, beating and murder of Buddhist monks during a peaceful demonstration. If he refuses he will be excommunicated from the Buddhist faith. In essence Than Shwe will be stripped of his most powerful weapon in keeping a nation divided, religion. If he is no longer a Buddhist he can no longer purport the need to rape and murder Christians under the banner of Buddhism.

Without Buddhism to hide behind he will have to find a new excuse for his continued campaign of Burmanization and the wholesale slaughter of all ethnic minorities in Burma. It still astounds the imagination how he managed to justify torture, rape and murder then claim to be Buddhist in the first place. But with a woefully inept United Nations and the continued impotent response from the so called free world, Than Shwe continues his exercise in eugenics unabated. Many corporate controlled media groups have also turned a deaf ear on the plight of Burma for the most part as well.

The October 2nd deadline was proclaimed by the monks yet very little has been mentioned about it in the mainstream press. In the meantime the Burmese military has been beefing up its forces “just in case” of a new and more powerful uprising. Timing is everything since Than Shwe has opened up the battlement lines to the north and has declared war on ceasefire groups who refuse to be border cops. It’s ironic that Senator Jim “One World Order” Webb was making nice with Than Shwe while his goons advanced on Kokang and other ethnic groups. He should have taken a stroll in one of the many under supplied and over filled refugee centers along the border, provided they are not being shelled by the Burmese military.

With the help of the “liars press” bold faced lies about the meeting circulated around the world as Webb made libelous statements about Daw Aung Suu Kyi. John “the moron” Yettaw made grandiose and thinly veiled lies about his encounter with Aung Suu Kyi then made public his book writing aspirations. I can see the book store now, protesters all around with posters and chants. Then there is John making a hasty retreat out the back door. Daw Aung Suu Kyi has long since decried the false and lascivious statements the dumb duo made. As far as Burma’s democracy was concerned, Jim’s visit was a giant step backward. Yettaw’s visit was catastrophic but “with no regrets”, in his words.

With Daewoo investing billions in Burma as of this writing it is clear the worldwide corporate agenda quietly moved forward. Burma, locked in the throws of indentured servitude, continues to be raped by outsiders. Than Shwe betrayed Burma sold her to the corporate world, the ultimate money laundering scheme. Globalization is colonization on a planetary scale and Burma is to rich in natural resources to ignore. It is obvious the fate of Burma has been determined by others. Than Shwe is just a pawn and a scapegoat to the ones who bought him years ago. In all reality sanctions have not been honored from the corporate world. Merger after merger internationally has laced a web of unscrupulously divisive criminals who’ve also managed to bypass U.S. monopoly laws.

Of the top 100 economies of the world at least half are corporations. Imagine corporations with a GDP larger then 80% of the nations of the world. One day you will drive around in a cute Nano by Tata Motors of India. Just don’t forget that Tata Motors is building a facility in Burma for the sole purpose of building medium to heavy trucks for Burma’s Military. The cute little Nano would be soaked in human blood and the suffering of an enslaved nation. The corporate web is all encompassing though.
 Two English institutions, Land Rover and Jaguar, now share the tainted resume’ in epic human carnage for Tata Motors is their parent company. From Mrs. Beasley’s Cookies to that cool Daewoo big screen TV, corporations doing business with Than Shwe stock our shelves. So when people say sanctions have not worked it’s because they were not enforced in earnest in the first place. In our complacency we’ve become unwitting benefactors of tyranny not only in Burma, but around the world. Lusting for the cheapest price we forget the price that is paid in human suffering.

The world has done nothing to ease Burma’s pain. The cowardly United Nations has exercised selective justice and all but ignored Burma year after year. Feel good speeches, fruitless visits and spineless sanctions have bought the people of Burma nothing but more broken promises. Now the monks of Burma have made their position known as they take destiny into their own hands. Than Shwe must apologies to the Buddhist Monks for the cruel treatment and murder of holy people from a faith he proclaims to be. He has until October 2nd of 2009 at 12 noon Rangoon time. If he ignores this request he will be excommunicated from all of Buddhism. In turn the junta has increased surveillance and security around monasteries and Buddhist enclaves across the country. The fused has been lit as a nation under siege braces for the future. And the world is oblivious.

Your Devil’s Advocate

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Posted: Sep 7, 2009 6:44pm
Apr 23, 2009

Arrests Continue in Burma

Posted in Asia with tags Democracy, Than Shwe, Aung San Suu Kyi, Tyranny on April 23, 2009 by buffalohair

Than Shwe has decided to restrict the types of prayers a person can make in his latest act of tyranny. He arrested *National League for Democracy members for praying for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi to assert his authority in religion. The road map to Burma’s new future already has pot holes and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt it will dead end in more repression.

There is no future and his road map looks more like a guided tour of hell since he has decided to act like a G*D and dictate what people can pray for. Clearly democracy will not have a place within his vision of future Burma and arresting people for the content of their prayers is shear madness. As cancer spreads throughout his body it may very well be exacting a toll on his brain since this insanity at its best.

Rape and murder continues to be the rule as reports of more atrocities manage to make their way to the outside world. Than Shwe’s henchmen in the State Peace and Development Counsel raped a **13 year old girl in the Papun District and continue their rain of murder on Karen villagers. It is business as usual for the criminal regime who continues to commit crimes against humanity with impunity.

Other arrests continue in secret as people disappear from the streets and placed in distant jungle prisons. Eventually the Burmese government will have arrested all the opposition to the pending 2010 election. It is believed that the people who disappear without public knowledge are simple being killed to put an end to the opposition of his illegal elections. The brutality of his criminal regime has no boundaries and has escalated with a vengeance in an effort to thwart efforts the opposition to him and his band of criminals.

Pro junta businessmen who’ve benefited from the corrupt military junta have become spies against the people of Burma. They have also used their new status to intimidate and threaten citizens. They identify people as pro democracy advocate causing innocent people to be arrested and persecuted to satisfy vendettas. There is no question they will use their positions to eliminate competition as they lie about businessmen as well. These businessmen will undoubtedly be added to the list of criminals who will stand trial for crimes against humanity as well. Than Shwe’s legacy will convict his minions long after he dies from the cancer that is consuming his body. Destiny awaits and justice will be served.



Your Devil’s Advocate


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Posted: Apr 23, 2009 3:53pm


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