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Jun 17, 2009
Focus: Drugs
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Do you know what a "meme" is? It is a unit of information, or a unit of "propaganda", if you will. "Memes", units of information, can be true or false; this one is TRUE.

I think the above "meme", NOT ALL DRUG 'USE' IS DRUG 'ABUSE', should be spread far & wide, like a "virus" if you will.

It corrects common mis-understandings, based on widely-spread mis-information and dis-information. People as you know, commonly speak as if ALL "drug use" was bad, evil, wicked, anti-social, sinful.........!

There is certainly nothing inherently "wrong" in being hedonistic, pleasure-loving, seeking relaxation or enhanced creativity or freedom from pain psychological or physical; all reasons, and many more, that some people use alcohol; and without necessarily becoming addicted or using it irresponsibly. EVERY indigenous culture that we know of, without exception, has used something in its environment to get "high", sometimes to "contact the Gods", sometimes for sheer pleasure; whether it was fermented juices or "magic" mushrooms or some herb or whatever. EVERY culture. In fact, it was Christian missionaries' contact with these, and their blatant attempts to stamp out the native cultures and religions, by going after their most sacred and meaningful acts, that has brought "drugs" their "bad rap" in the first place. {Except, of course, for "Christian" sacramental wine!!!!!}

As an example of the sheerest idiocy, even low-THC unsmokeable Industrial Hemp, falls under that same foolish, meaningless ban!!!!! And as well, the totally irrational ban on Medical Marijuana is DIRECTLY tied to the superstition and suspicion of Cannabis for ANY use!

Therefore, we need to introduce another meme that is really RADICAL under the present circumstances of lying to schoolkids and to the general public: this one:

There is such a thing as 'RESPONSIBLE DRUG USE'; there are such individuals as 'RESPONSIBLE DRUG USERS'. Yes, 'RESPONSIBLE' and 'DRUG USE' can go together!!! Just as in discussions about alcohol use {and abuse!}........

The unnecessary and punitive jail penalties for Cannabis use, have muddied the waters -- deliberately so.

In reality, Cannabis users are no more "criminals", no more "evil", than those who broke the Alcohol Prohibition Laws, widely ignored at the time, until the Amendment to the U.S. Constitution barring Alcohol Use {!} had to be repealed.

Stop superstition and suppression at their source!

Promote this meme EVERYWHERE:


Thank you for Pot Smoking.

{Oh, and you can start by writing to your Congressperson or your State Legislator, using that meme; even if they don't answer or never even see the letter, SOMEBODY, some Intern or office person, has the job of opening the mail! and they will get that meme too...... that is why it is best to write a letter -- or a postcard, even better -- in this instance. Better than an e-mail, for this purpose. And not really much trouble. Zip Code for the U.S. Senate is United States Senate, Washington DC, 20510. For Congress, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington D.C., 20515. Your letter will reach your Congresscritters, 2 Senators and 1 Representative from your Congressional District, with these addresses, if you get their names right!}

Remember, somewhere in your communication, write:



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