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Nov 17, 2012
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Devils marching "Sinners" down to Hell!

At any moment, Nigeria's parliament could pass one of the harshest anti-gay laws the world has ever seen.

10 years in prison for living with someone of the same sex
10 years in prison for supporting the idea of a pride march
14 years in prison for trying to have a wedding

All Out is working closely with the following partner organisations in Nigeria:

Changing Attitude Nigeria, Improved Youth Health Initiative, Initiative for Advancement of Humanity, International Center for Advocacy on Right to Health, Sexual Minorities Against AIDS in Nigeria, The Initiative for Equal Rights, The Initiative for Improved Male Health, Nigerian LGBTIs in the Diaspora Against Anti-Same Sex Laws.


This is NO SURPRISE after the Kill the Gays Bill pending in the Ugandan Parliament.

There are also SIMILAR BILLS BEING INTRODUCED in other African countries such as Kenya, Zambia and others.
It is IMPORTANT TO NOTE, that ALL these bills ORIGINATED with American - AMERICAN! - fundamentalist Evangelical "Christians". Yes, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE HOMOPHOBIC GENOCIDAL BILLS. Our AMERICAN exports!
Research now being done into African history before the coming of European Colonialists and Missionaries, does NOT turn up homophobia in Native African traditions - not even among African Muslims before the coming of European colonialists! This research is still going on...

These homophobic Genocidal bills, originate from the group known as The Family or the "C" street group, headquartered in Washington D.C. This group also sponsors a "National Prayer Breakfast" to which the President and members of Congress are invited!
People like Pastor Scott Lively, and others, have TRAVELED for this purpose to African countries where they have CONTACTS, or make contacts, thru Christian missionary churches there.
They tell the Africans that this IS NECESSARY for Christians, to fight "the Gay menace".
They GIVE HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY to aspiring African politicians who will promote this agenda! thus giving these politicians HUGE ADVANTAGES in poor countries with new and shaky Democracies...
As American Churches, this money given is of course all TAX-FREE... the American Churches can raise it any way they want to!
Aspiring, and unscrupulous, African Politicians quickly see where the money is, and their POWER...
Politicians such as David Barati, in Uganda, whose"weird" {she says} interview with Rachel Maddow is on youtube.

IMPORTANT TO TELL PEOPLE THIS IS ENTIRELY, AND I MEAN ENTIRELY, THE AMERICAN RELIGIOUS RIGHT'S DOING. Since they are LOSING here, they are going to the "fringes" where they CAN win - then "flushed with Victory" they say they intend to BRING THE FIGHT BACK TO THE US AGAIN. THAT is their strategy.

Since being Gay is as old as the Human race, and older, found among all sorts of primates and other animals! - of course there have been Gay people in Africa since the beginning!

African rulers of powerful African kingdoms were known to be Gay or Bisexual. {Some of these rulers were Women.}
European missionaries, explorers and Colonial administrators were SHOCKED, all over the world, by the "ungodly, un-Christian" manifestations of sexuality they encountered.

The first laws against Gays were passed by European colonial administrators, spurred on by the Missionaries. But they were very selectively enforced, against people whom the govt wanted to "get" for some other reason. They had little effect on the culture, possibly. Anyway, there were, and still are, in big cities Gay bars and Gay entertainers just like anywhere else in the world.
People in these African countries, especially Gay people, are now researching their own history to set the record straight. This research is ongoing. There are a lot of LIES to reveal and combat.

The LIE perpetrated by the American Evangelical Homophobes going into Africa with their deadly agenda, is, that "BEING GAY IS A EUROPEAN IMPORT". They thus appeal to some Africans' NATIONAL PRIDE to "get rid of Gays and FOREIGN INFLUENCE". This is what the unscrupulous African politicians financially supported by The Family, are saying to advance their program. COULD ANYTHING BE MORE IRONIC?????

It is HOMOPHOBIA that is in reality the "foreign, Western, European, non-African" import!!!
But, people deluged by propaganda, and from their own Churches!, don't "get" the Irony... or the facts.

Apr 27, 2012

Every week I send a "comment" of mine, to President Obama at the White House. {For all the good it does! Oh well, I think SOMEbody reads those -- an Intern or someone like that. Well, it might get thru to someone.} {I also send a postcard on some issue -- a different one. For all the good THAT does! Oh well, same thing, it must be read by some Intern or somebody, SOMEwhere! So I keep on doing it.....}

Here is the one I just sent this week, in regard to the notorious KONY 2012 video:

The American Public is too wise to be stampeded into yet ANOTHER endless War, this time in Uganda, the Sudan and Africa, for Africom and control of Africa's Natural Resources and Oil. That inaccurate and irresponsible film KONY 2012, is NOT going to fool very many of the people very much of the time. It is so much PROPAGANDA for another - yet another! - War we DON'T WANT. We KNOW it will not be a "limited" engagement in either time, or in numbers of troops or "advisors". After all, that is just how things started in VietNam, isn't it? We have learned SOMEthing from that.... And we DON'T want The Family, who sponsored the film, to dictate Foreign Policy... This manipulative "hard sell" film is NOT selling us!

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Posted: Apr 27, 2012 4:59pm


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